Author: Bailey Bradford

ONE TOO MANY by Bailey Bradford

ONE TOO MANY by Bailey BradfordOne To Many by Bailey Bradford
Series: Mystic Tattoos #1
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

Happy Birthday to me! Yeah, it would be a whole lot better without the raging hangover Casey Allen is dealing with.  Turning forty is okay with Casey.  Feeling like death, not so much.


The successful company, Good to Go Green is Casey’s baby and he’s loving every minute making it what it is today, even if that means working non-stop. Life is good.   If only his mom would stop nagging Casey to settle down with a good man and have some kids.  She’s already got some from his siblings, but apparently she won’t be content until Casey adds to the bunch.


Lying naked in bed Casey realizes his chest hurts as much as his head.  He’s horrified to discover cellophane covering a brand new tattoo.  His first thought: Mom is going to kill me.  His second thought: he forgets as a sexy, gorgeous stranger appears in his bedroom doorway.  Something strange is happening because Casey can’t remember meeting Ed Kirby.  He doesn’t remember a taxi ride and he sure as hell doesn’t remember going to a tattoo shop.  This is turning out to be the weirdest birthday yet.

And mom is going to kill him.  Maybe the hot intruder will protect him…


Quirky and endearing One Too Many proves to be a lively, entertaining story.  Engaging main characters solve a mystical mystery with charm, wit, and romance.  Casey and Ed attempt to unravel the meaning of the tattoo and discover more than they bargained for in One Too Many.  There may not be any real surprises here, but One Too Many is nonetheless a sweet, sexy read to enjoy.

RESCUED by Bailey Bradford

RESCUED by Bailey BradfordRescued by Bailey Bradford
Series: Southwestern Shifters #1
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

Thanks to loving grandparents Gabriel Staley has a good home in Shasta where he earns an income as a web designer.  Though it hurt to realize how bigoted his parents were when Gabe came out he had the support of his grandparents and a few good friends in town.


Childhood friend Deputy Todd Benson and town vet Dr. Adam Soames, along with Gabe do their best to rescue abandoned dogs before Sheriff Kaufman gets a hold of them.  The gay hating sheriff seems to relish destroying them as soon as he finds them.  Gabe has even built kennels on his property to house the animals until he can find them new homes.


An emergency call from the deputy sends Gabe to an elderly lady’s home to rescue a wounded wolf.  The injured animal has been shot, but they’ve got to move fast before the sheriff hears about the wolf.  Gabe feels an intense need to protect the animal, something stronger that he can’t explain.


Shifter Mika Blackwell is on his own after being kicked out of his pack.   Alpha Zane refuses to tolerate a gay shifter so Mika is sent packing from the only home he’s ever known.  On his own and wounded during a moment of consciousness Mika realizes that his savior is also his mate.  Explaining his nature and the meaning of mates is going to be an interesting conversation.


Solid friendships and fated mates introduce a terrific new series.  The first installment in the Southwestern Shifters books, Rescued offers engaging characters, scorching hot sex, and a mystery to solve.  Gabe and Mika’s relationship is primal and bold.  A secondary drama in the plotline gives readers time to cool off from the intense romance.  Rescued has a well balanced sensual romance and a story of caring friends who matter to each other.


BLUE MOON RISING by Bailey Bradford

BLUE MOON RISING by Bailey BradfordBlue Moon Rising by Bailey Bradford
Series: Coyote's Call #3
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing



Texas Ranger Abraham Evans hovered between life and death.  That much he knew.  He also knew that he’d been shot.  Whether he was imaging it or the drugs were causing delusions Abraham believed he’d died.  He was ready to let go, he wanted to, yet something held him however slimly tethered to the Earth.


When Abraham finally awoke he knew that more than a few days had passed.  The doctors admitted his career as a Texas Ranger was over due to the extensive damage he’d suffered.  He’d probably never have full use of his hand again.  The life Abraham had mapped out was gone.


It seemed like forever and a day before doctors were willing to release Abraham.  His cold as ice parents mistakenly believed he’d come home with them, but Abraham knew it was more about his trust fund than interest in his well being.  He had decided to give the little town of Del Rey a shot because of the people who lived there.  Abraham knew that Miller Hudson and his lover Gideon Wells genuinely wanted him there and had offered him a place to stay.  It was also where Roman Jonas called home.  Something about the damaged young man calls to the injured ex-Ranger and nothing on Earth will keep him from finally being near Roman.  And unraveling whatever they are hiding in their small town.  It is giving Abraham a reason to live.


Mysteries and secrets, this is one man’s journey during a Blue Moon Rising.  Author Bailey Bradford deftly touches on near death experiences, traumatic abuse, and life altering situations without ever losing focus of the prize, a loving romance.  Whether spiritual or paranormal in nature, Blue Moon Rising thoroughly engages the reader’s attention.  The characters’ intense love story is a wild roller coaster ride.  All in all Abraham and Roman’s story is an emotionally empowering.

BEARLY THERE by Bailey Bradford

BEARLY THERE by Bailey BradfordBearly There by Bailey Bradford
Series: City Shifters #1
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

At one time Kevin Kelly was a cocky, mouthy idiot.  The day finally came when he said exactly the wrong thing to the wrong person.  Infuriating a curandera resulted in Kevin becoming cursed.   From that day on his life spiraled downward.  Worse than losing every job or begging someone for a couch to sleep on the pronghorn shifter is unable to shift.


Black bear shifter Jagger Osterman is overworked and stressed.  The ad campaign his department is responsible for is difficult enough to figure out.  His jerk of a boss makes everything worse.  His home life isn’t much better ever since his sister Syn became too afraid to leave her house.


On his birthday the office gets Jagger a singing telegram, which doesn’t work out well after his boss walks into the department.  That’s the first time he meets Kevin, the second is when the luckless young man arrives at Syn’s house with another job. Now he’s a carpenter come to fix her porch.  There’s something besides pity that draws Jagger to Kevin.  Maybe, just maybe with Jagger’s help Kevin can finally break the curse.  Please.


The City Shifters series begins with Bearly There, a sexy and magical love story.  Kevin has paid for his crimes over and over.  With Jagger by his side they have a chance in this charming tale.  Dealing with the challenge is the mostly difficult, occasionally funny task they are set to perform.  Luckily for them the bear and the pronghorn are more than ready in this entertaining romance.

RETROGRADE by Bailey Bradford

RETROGRADE by Bailey BradfordRetrograde by Bailey Bradford
Series: Southwestern Shifters #11
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

Alpha Anax Marcus Criswell and his mate Nathan Grant are taking a momentary breather after recently defending their New Mexico pack yet again.  Threats may have quieted down but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot going on within their pack.  The decision to become fathers had been weighed up and with the pack doctor Shania offering her help the countdown has begun.  Before long they will be holding their children for the first time.


Since the births are a ways off and the annual gathering of every Alpha Anax on the planet won’t be for a few weeks Marcus and Nathan decide to take a mini vacation.  Though there are objections from their guards the two stand firm and quietly leave for the Grand Canyon on their own.


Not more than a handful of days pass on their trip before trouble finds the true mates in the form of Asher, a starving teen wolf who desperately needs help, yet is hesitant to ask for it.  The young wolf has some big surprises in store for the Alpha and his mate.  And that’s only the beginning because the other Alpha Anaxs are beginning to arrive.


Book eleven in the Southwestern Shifters series offers another exciting adventure in Retrograde.  Mates Marcus and Nathan use their brains rather than brawn with excellent results.  When they aren’t being smart, they are exploring each other in great detail.  This storyline twists and turns with major plot points.  One thing is certain, the Southwestern Shifters series is never, ever dull.  Retrograde bounces and dips.  Hold on for all the action.  A fan wouldn’t hurt either.


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DON’T STAKE MY LIFE ON IT by Bailey Bradford

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IN FROM THE COLD by Bailey Bradford

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RUN WITH THE MOON by Bailey Bradford

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EXODUS by Bailey Bradford

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HOME by Bailey Bradford

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RIDING AND REGRETS by Bailey Bradford

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HUNT by Bailey Bradford

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HIDE by Bailey Bradford

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JUSTICE by Bailey Bradford

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NISCHAL by Bailey Bradford

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