Author: Becky Black

DREAM FOR ME by Becky Black

DREAM FOR ME by Becky Black
Dream For Me
by Becky Black

Published by Loose Id Genres: MM, Science Fiction
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Reviewed by Lisa

In the future the human society has changed.  Other than a small period of wakeful rest humans do not sleep.  Well, except for a very few hundred or so worldwide.  They are considered a rare anomaly to be studied and watched.


Two years of requests and finally neurobiologist Akshay ‘Shay’ Mistry receives word that the last American ‘sleeper’ is coming to the Denver Science Institute for his study program.  At Shay’s first introduction to Jacob Garcia the good doctor has to remind himself he’s already in a relationship.


As the study progresses and Shay gets to know the taciturn man he comes to realize that the novelty of being a sleeper isn’t quite so exceptional.  Jacob is a lonely, distrustful man whose very life is controlled by the government.  The longer they are together the closer they inexplicably grow.


Breaking off with his lover is easier than Shay expected.  Getting involved with the secretive sleeper is much harder.  Especially when Shay learns that Jacob has an agenda of his own and loving the doctor won’t stop something already in motion.


Reading Dream for Me is an eerie, exciting adventure.  A character driven romance set within a sci-fi mystery Dream for Me demands attention.  An unlikely love story filled with secrets and conspiracies comes to life.  Watch as a belligerent sleeper and a shy scientist fall in love in a world that doesn’t have dreams.  Totally original, Dream for Me catches your imagination and holds tight.

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