Author: Belladonna Bordeaux

THE PERFECT GIFT by Belladonna Bordeaux

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
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THE PERFECT GIFT by Belladonna BordeauxThe Perfect Gift by Belladonna Bordeaux
Published by Cobblestone Genres: Erotic, Science Fiction
Reviewed by Jo

It’s Christmas Eve and Jasmine Kincaid is working in her bar hoping that her friend/lover Kristoff will suddenly appear to keep her company this night.  For Jasmine, it’s going to be a hard night and few days as it’s the first Christmas holiday without her father.  The New Year is coming and Jasmine knows it’s time for her to make a major change in her life and has taken steps towards it already, but now isn’t sure what her next moves will be.  Being able to discuss it with Kristoff and being with him, at least one more time, will make it a perfect holiday for Jasmine.

Commander Kris ‘Toff isn’t an Earthling or even from Earth; something he has never found a way to tell Jasmine.  Being in charge of a ship which patrols the Omega Intergalactic Trading Route makes it long stretches of time between the times he can escape to Earth and meet with Jasmine.  However, this last tour has help Kris make a decision – that he wants Jasmine, his mate, with him always and to show her the stars up close and personal.

Jasmine is overjoyed when Kristoff shows up and she hurries to close down the bar.  Both Jasmine and Kris have things to tell the other, but their passion comes first and only afterward does Jasmine tell Kris her secret – she has sold the bar.  That single sentence takes away Kris’ last concern about Jasmine agreeing to go with him.  Now it’s time to tell her the real truth about his job, his heritage and most importantly, his love.  When Jasmine has a chance to take it all in, will she let her heart rule and follow Kris to the stars or will this shock actually end all of Kris’ dreams and hopes and tear Jasmine away from him forever?

An unexpected breakdown allows a star commander to meet his Earthling mate and passion flairs. The problem – she has no idea about the universe around her.   In The Perfect Gift can Kris and Jasmine find the words and emotions to make this Christmas Eve one they will remember forever?  Left on her own after her father’s death, Jasmine has decided to make a serious change in the direction of her life, what she doesn’t know, but selling the family bar was the first step.  Kris met Jasmine when his ship had an unexpected breakdown and he came down to Earth while it was being repaired.  Discovering his mate on this backwards planet had Kris going through his options during his time away from Jasmine.  I enjoyed watching as Kris showed Jasmine not only their current passion but what the future with him would mean – if she could just find the trust to make the leap to the stars with him.  I will admit to a couple uneasy moments while Jasmine struggled with what Kris told her.  However, I really wasn’t surprised when Jasmine determined that traveling the stars with Kris was just the future she had been searching for.  The Perfect Gift is a lovely holiday story full of passion and that leap when heart takes over from the head and you reach out for the love and the forever just waiting for you.

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