Author: Bellora Quinn

Demon Familiar by Bellora Quinn & Sadie Rose Bermingham

Demon Familiar by Bellora Quinn & Sadie Rose BerminghamDemon Familiar by Bellora Quinn, Sadie Rose Bermingham
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

The love of his mother is the one thing keeping Neil Markovic sane and whole.   His father however is something else, a cruel sorcerer whose sole interest lies in gaining more and more power. Half human, half sorcerer Neil does his best to stay off his father’s radar. 

After work one fateful evening Neil arrives home to find Bone Men, magical assassins, holding onto his mom.  They murder her before his eyes and then come after Neil. Escaping in the fancy Maserati his father gifted his mom Neil’s first thought is to sell the car for cash and get out of town.  

Driving onto the scrap dealer’s yard Neil meets Malachai Valentine, an Irish born leprechaun prince booted from his homeland and his boss Mercurio, a gremlin.  They don’t want anything to do with the fancy car or its owner at first. Bone Men, a sorcerer and human cops who are blaming Neil for his mother’s death are all after the Halfling.  The bounty on Neil’s head is mighty tempting but Mal simply can’t ignore what is happening between them. As the two grow closer their survival odds lower.
A fantastical tale comes to life in Demon Familiar, the first book in an exciting new series.  This rich storyline is full of imagination; hidden twists of mystery add spice to Demon Familiar.  The romance between Neil and Mal builds slowly but steadily; totally satisfies by the end.  Unique in so many ways, the world created in this story will thoroughly captivate readers.

KELLEN’S AWAKENING by Bellora Quinn & Angel Martinez

KELLEN’S AWAKENING by Bellora Quinn & Angel MartinezKellen's Awakening by Angel Martinez, Bellora Quinn
Series: AURA #3
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

The catastrophe at Berkley, where scientists experimented with tech and magic, caused Random Anomalous Events to periodically appear.  An Event resulted in beings of legend and myth to fall from their dimension into Earth’s reality.  Thus AURA was created – the Agency of Unnatural Resettlement and Assimilation – manned by human and others.


The NYC division of AURA is run by fae Captain Val Hartgrove whose human lover Quinn controls powerful magic.  At the moment members of the division are taking bets as to whether centaur Sergeant Ness and flighty incubus medic Sinistrus will last as a couple.  It’s a surprise to everyone that they’ve made it this long.  Apparently they truly do love each other.


Pixie Kellen is also on the medical team.  He’s a quiet loner who Sin loves to ruffle.  There’s something secretive about the pixie that rubs the incubus wrong.  He doesn’t have time to figure Kellen out right now because the Events are dropping more and more dangerous and powerful beings into this world.  Something strange is going on. Something worse than ever before.  Finding out whose responsible is the only way to stop the madness before someone dies.


The fantastic AURA series continues to deliver complex action packed, emotionally charged tales of love and adventure, death, and destruction.  Book three blazes forth with Kellen’s Awakening.  A clever blend of tender feelings and ruthless objectives bulldozes full steam ahead.  Kellen is the key to it all while Sin will become the catalyst.  Another AURA page turner, Kellen’s Awakening will have readers laughing and crying.  This series never disappoints.

FLAX’S PURSUIT by Bellora Quinn & Angel Martinez

FLAX’S PURSUIT by Bellora Quinn & Angel Martinez

FLAX’S PURSUIT by Bellora Quinn & Angel MartinezFlax's Pursuit by Angel Martinez, Bellora Quinn
Series: AURA #2
Genres: Gay, Menage, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Totally Bound


A bizarre accident caused by scientists at Berkley tears a hole in reality.  Strange creatures of myth and fairy tale literally drop from their reality into our own without rhythm or reason.  It was termed RARE or Random Anomalous Reality Events.  To deal with these beings who are torn from their lives into ours AURA is created to help them – the Agency of Unnatural Resettlement and Assimilation.


Recently a battle with a deadly lich queen left the ranks of officers at AURA badly decimated, including the loss of their leader.  Elf Valerian Hartgrove has tentatively taken on the position and responsibilities as the new acting Captain.  His human lover Quinn also agreed to jump from larceny to legitimate employment at AURA.  Bursting with magical power Quinn will no doubt become a valuable asset once he can truly control his gift.


The latest event brings a pair of battle Elves onto the streets of Tokyo.  Sage Blackdrake and Ash Bloodroot were fighting an enemy with swords one minute and dropped onto a city street the next.  Understandably disoriented the Elf lovers are at least at the moment very dangerous.


To stop a disaster in the making young Elf Officer Flax Wolfheart, a skilled hunter and tracker for AURA is sent through their version of a wormhole to Tokyo.  Flax is a good warrior and valued team member.  His unfortunate infatuation with Val is a bit of a problem, especially now that he’s been told to train Quinn, but aside from that he’s a very good officer.


With so few officers left and the new recruits green it’s all hands on deck which is weighing Flax down.  He’s responsible for bringing in the battle ready Elves, training Quinn, and working with Quinn to find a killer turning humans to stone.  And no one is aware that he has a sealed record of drug abuse and rehab.  The young Elf seeks the Captain’s approval as well.  But at what cost is the question.


Complications abound and an Elf begins to make all the wrong moves in Flax’s Pursuit, the second intense story in the refreshingly unique AURA series.  Twists and turns and spooky killers pop up to fuel Flax’s Pursuit.  The lead characters are quite a handful, yet each has their own strong, vibrant voice exactly at the right time.  This original storyline intrigues and keeps the reader thoroughly engaged.  Hooked from beginning to end I Joyfully recommend Flax’s Pursuit.  Seriously addicting.

QUINN’S GAMBIT by Angel Martinez & Bellora Quinn

QUINN’S GAMBIT by Angel Martinez
& Bellora Quinn

QUINN’S GAMBIT by Angel Martinez & Bellora QuinnQuinn's Gambit by Angel Martinez, Bellora Quinn
Series: AURA #1
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing


AURA, otherwise known as the Agency of Unnatural Resettlement and Assimilation, was created in response to a disaster at Berkley which ripped apart the human understanding of our world.  Scientists titled it RARE or Random Anomalous Reality Events.  These two long winded alphabet names are a way of dealing with creatures of folklore or nightmares suddenly showing up in our lives.   They didn’t want to be dropped into our world any more than we knew what to do with them.  But with no way back AURA was necessary.


In his own world Valerian was a warrior prince among his elf brethren.  His brave steed suffered a horrible death and the elf was badly injured when they fell into our reality.  After healing Valerian made peace with his new life and accepted a position at AURA.  Val became an officer to help others dealing with the same situation.


Though there are any number of strangers or oddities landing in our world there are also humans, born and bred here who possess their own magical abilities.  One of those is a mage called Quinten.  The native New Yorker had a difficult childhood and later Quinn’s surrogate parent made any interest in his sexuality too terrifying to explore.  The betrayal destroyed any chance at trusting another.


An event drops a female dryad literally on top of Quinn in Central Park and the young mage proves he’s not quite as heartless as he projects to others by taking her to AURA.  Little does he know that first encounter with a stoic elf officer will set in motion a future Quinn never saw coming.  Destiny in the form of a rigid warrior prince.


Quinn’s Gambit tells a veritable rich written feast with the otherworldly fantasy set in a contemporary storyline. Drama and suspense builds from the start while the romance between Val and Quinn slowly develops into a passionate love.  Yet, it’s unsure whether their feelings will solidify until the end and keeps the reader guessing.  This first book in the AURA series features a strong paranormal influence, great character development, and a truly exciting, tense plotline.  I Joyfully recommend Quinn’s Gambit.  Kudos to authors Angel Martinez and Bellora Quinn for their inventive storytelling skills.

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