Author: Beth Cornelison

UNDER FIRE by Beth Cornelison

UNDER FIRE by Beth Cornelison

UNDER FIRE by Beth CornelisonUnder Fire by Beth Cornelison
Genres: Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Samhain Publishing


Kidnapped by terrorists wanting governmental research secrets from him, scientist Jackson McKay finds himself fighting for his life and the life of his eight-year-old daughter. He escapes his captives on top of a mountain that’s engulfed with flames from a raging wildfire. Eluding his captives while trying to escape the fires of the burning mountain and find his way back to the cabin where his daughter is held seems impossible until he stumbles upon Lauren Michaels.


Lauren, a smokejumper, finds she’s fighting more than fires as she quickly becomes involved with helping Jackson off the burning mountain. Lauren, never one to run from danger, finds her adrenaline levels thrown into overdrive not only from the fire and running from terrorists, but also from the feelings Jackson is awakening inside of her.


When I opened this book and saw it was over three hundred pages, I thought this would take a while to read. I was wrong. Under Fire opens up emotionally charged, and the tension and suspense continues through to the last page. Along the journey, secrets are revealed and new conflicts arise. This is a fantastic novel and Beth Cornelison is a fantastic suspense writer. Her characters were so well-written that they all felt like major characters, no matter how small their presence in the book was. None of her characters were one-dimensional. Even the terrorists had hearts and conjured feelings of sympathy from me. The relationship between Lauren and Jackson, which evolved from a need to expend built-up tension, did not take away from the high suspense and intrigue of the story. Under Fire is an exhilarating, high tension story and Ms. Cornelison’s side effect warnings of racing pulse, missed sleep, and nail-biting have been scientifically proven. I enjoyed every word of Under Fire and I Joyfully Recommend it.



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