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PURSUED BY THE VISCOUNT by Carole MortimerPursued by the Viscount by Carole Mortimer
Series: Regency Unlaced #4
Published by Self Published Genres: Historical
Source: Author


Lady Rachel Shaw’s awful marriage was finally over upon the death of her husband.  Believing that she may have finally found her life to be beginning, Rachel reveals things to an intimate via the written word…letters.  However, Rachel soon discovers that your deepest most intimate secrets and desires should never be put to paper.  She now has to scramble to jump fences that her cruel blackmailer has placed before her, or risk her and her child’s future in the ton.

Amateur sleuth, Lucien Brooke, Viscount Brooketon, doesn’t take on foolish endeavors, but he can see that Rachel is a woman that has suffered more than anyone could dare imagine.  Seeing beyond the face she presents to the ton, Lucien agrees to help her regain her letters, but he never thought he’d loose his heart to the young widow in the bargain.

Pursued by the Viscount is a short, steamy hot read with a dash of curiosity thrown in to break up the scenes between Lucien and Rachel.  Pursued by the Viscount was a quick read, but it offered a little more depth in character development and fears as both Lucien and Rachel worked to find their joint path.

SAVAGE ALPHA by Carole Mortimer

SAVAGE ALPHA by Carole MortimerSavage Alpha by Carole Mortimer
Series: Alpha #8
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher

Former Special Forces and current operative at Grayson Security Jonas Grayfeather is trying to wrap his head around an unusual job.  Business rival Gabriel Knight, owner of Knight Security wants to hire him.  Gabriel is calling in a favor owed from their days in the military to gain Jonas’s compliance.


Actress Lily Knight is used to receiving fan mail, the favorable, the odd, and the not so pleasant.  Recently someone began sending her increasingly threatening letters and the tone has become more and more stalker like.


Though furious that her four older brothers have gotten involved Lily isn’t an idiot and agrees to meet with Jonas.  They clash like lightning.  Adding fuel to the fire, Jonas won’t back down from his stubborn client’s reckless disregard for her safety.  Lily soon learns that actions have consequences after two deaths at the theatre become possible links to her stalker.  Before lightning strikes twice Lily and Jonas must unmask a killer.


Sensuality and drama ignite for two in the electric tale Savage Alpha.  A stubborn actress butts heads with an enigmatic security expert.  Book eight in the explosive Alpha series blazes a trail of murder and sexual chemistry.  Fans of these books will love this latest installment, new readers will be hooked.  This sizzling storyline thoroughly entertains as Lily and Jonas clash and love and catch a murderer.

WARRIOR ALPHA by Carole Mortimer

WARRIOR ALPHA by Carole MortimerWarrior Alpha by Carole Mortimer
Series: Alpha #6
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
Source: Author

A childhood on the streets of Moscow followed by years of struggle in London made Nikolai Volkov into a distrustful loner.  As Head of Security for Gregori Markovic his job was extremely dangerous at times.  At least it used to be when Markovic’s father ran the business.  These days everything is legitimate though Gregori is still considered one of the Russian crime lords.  And because of that Nikolai will accompany his boss to a meeting in New York City where all the Russian family leaders are gathering.


Nikolai is a private, complicated man who’s truly pissed when he discovers Gregori has hired a bodyguard from Grayson Security for the upcoming meeting.  Word on the street is that someone wants to get to Gregori by killing his security head and best friend.


It’s up to Daisy Redmond to protect Nikolai by pretending to be his girlfriend.  Chafing at the need for a bodyguard and the undeniable chemistry between them, Nikolai and Daisy eventually give in and enjoy a passionate night together.  Afterwards they vow to put that night firmly in the past, return to London and go their own way.


Weeks later neither Nikolai nor Daisy have forgotten and when they come face to face once more…all bets are off.


The latest installment in the wildly popular Alpha series literally detonates with emotional passion in Warrior Alpha.  Intense, exciting characters.  Set within a tense storyline Nikolai and Daisy are high maintenance, risk takers who sizzle and pop together.  The Warrior Alpha plot simply strikes the match.  Another fine fast paced complicated romance from author Carole Mortimer.  Don’t mess with this Alpha.

RENEGADE ALPHA by Carole Mortimer

RENEGADE ALPHA by Carole MortimerRenegade Alpha by Carole Mortimer
Series: Alpha #5
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
Source: Author

Six months ago Caroline ‘Callie’ Morgan survived an art gallery robbery and the murder of the gallery owner, her boyfriend.  Beaten, threatened, and traumatized she fled London for the southern town of Cornwall to heal.  Her father, Major Peter Morgan retired his commission in the army to help her.  Without Callie’s knowledge the Major pursed leads to hunt down the identity of the murderous thief.


When Callie’s father goes missing she gathers her strength and heads back to London and Grayson Security.  At one time each of the men at Grayson Security was trained by her father.  If something is wrong this is the firm that can help Callie find her father.


It’s a Saturday and the only one in the office is Lijah Smith, just back from a difficult kidnapping case.  He’s exhausted and cranky.  The last thing Lijah wants to deal with is a stranger wandering through Grayson Security even if she’s hot.  Once her identity is known Lijah pulls out all the stops to find the man he considers a father.  Sparks are flying, dangerous secrets are being revealed, and the race is on to find the Major and expose a killer.


Fast paced action and smoldering chemistry leaps off the page in Renegade Alpha.  Author Carole Mortimer pens a sensual cat and mouse game in the fifth Alpha Series installment.  Intense characters butt heads and sizzle sexually as they unravel a deadly mystery in the taut drama.  Callie lives by rules, Lijah loves to break them.  This series keeps getting better and better.  Renegade Alpha blends a clever whodunit with passion.  Scores on all counts.

MIDNIGHT ALPHA by Carole Mortimer

MIDNIGHT ALPHA by Carole MortimerMidnight Alpha by Carole Mortimer
Series: Alphas #4
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher

The London underground is divided between the Montgomery family and the Markovic family who decided a truce was better business than all out war.  With the recent passing of Dimitri Markovic his son Gregori has taken over the family ventures.  Though ruthless in his own way the new Markovic leader is nothing like his sire and plans to move into legitimate business.


Five years ago Katya Markovic acquiesced to her father’s pressure to marry Sergei Orlov, the son of a NYC criminal family.  She came home briefly for her father’s funeral but since that day Gregori has had difficulty contacting her and he’s worried.


Years honed from a life in the UK Special Forces unit Dair Grayson runs an elite security firm, including protection for the Montgomery family.  In a show of respect and to circumvent questions from the Orlov family Gregori Markovic asks Dair to locate his sister and make sure she’s alright.


Infiltrating Harmony View Clinic is simple.  Rescuing her proves easier than getting Kat to open up and tell Dair what’s going on.  At one time Kat had a massive crush on Dair.  Can she trust this stranger now with her secrets?  Telling him the truth could get them both killed.


Midnight Alpha seductively draws the reader into a wild ride of twists and turns.  The well written drama flows beautifully as suspense builds page by page.  Kat’s story of a poor little rich girl is justified.  Dair is all man no matter the situation.  Their romance has boulder size problems, yet neither is willing to give up.  An intelligent, sensuous story Midnight Alpha keeps the reader completely engaged.  Smooth, adult, and so fun.

DARK ALPHA by Carole Mortimer

The night Lucien Montgomery and his cousin Dair were ambushed by one of his father’s rivals was a wake-up call for them both.  As soon as their injuries healed Lucien quietly vanished.  Once Dair was well enough he joined the military.   Reinventing himself in New York, Lucien Wynter was born and used his intellectContinue Reading

CHRISTMAS ALPHA by Carole Mortimer

World renowned Irish photographer Finn Devlin left London for the wilds of the Welsh countryside four months ago.  Finding out that his girlfriend Moira was also seeing an elderly married man put an end to their relationship as far as Finn was concerned.  Moira however didn’t see it that way and made an ugly sceneContinue Reading

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