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THE STRIKE OF HOT IRON by Charlie Richards

THE STRIKE OF HOT IRON by Charlie Richards
The Strike of Hot Iron
by Charlie Richards

Series: Loving Nip #13
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Blacksmith Abner Johnson is one of the small number of humans who are well aware of the paranormal world.  The recent death of his sister and the unwanted attentions of a vampire have made Abner reassess his life.  A fresh start at a new coven out West is the answer.


Rescued after years and years of abuse by the pack Alpha and his cronies, the dingo shifter Pascal has ironically settled in at a vampire coven.  Of course, it helps that his two brothers are mated to coven members.  If only his brothers would understand and accept that Pascal has certain sexual needs for submission.


The very last thing Abner is looking for is a relationship with a shifter.  What he doesn’t understand and Pascal is too shy to articulate is the incredible force behind true mates.  Fighting fate is pointless.  Try telling that to the stubborn human.


A truly difficult relationship unfolds in The Strike of Hot Iron.  Hard headed Abner is the epitome of trouble for a sweet natured submissive shifter.  Miscommunication is the problem, as usual.  Between Abner’s refusal to unbend and Pascal’s inability to tell his mate the truth major headaches insure.  The cold human and tenderhearted shifter doesn’t seem like a good pairing, but The Strike of Hot Iron is able to give readers a ‘feel good’ worthwhile ending.


Succumbing to His Nature
by Charlie Richards

Series: Wolves of Stone Ridge #41
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Abandoned as a child Adisa Derringer was found and raised by the Horseman of War. When Adisa grew up he chose a career as an Enforcer for the Shifter Council.  At the moment he’s in the doghouse for not following the orders of a narrow minded, arrogant council member.  Lucky for Adisa that council member Grandis is willing to request his services.


Reports have reached the Shifter Council which must be looked into involving the Stone Ridge pack.  An anonymous source is saying that Alpha Declan McIntire and his pack is getting power hungry.  Councilman Grandis must investigate the claim.


Adisa and Grandis aren’t there long before a problem arises, a big problem in the form of a feral shifter recently rescued after years of captivity.  The huge wolf is so messed up and so aggressive he’s unable to shift to human.  And he’s Adisa’s mate who’s now torn between protecting his charge or getting through to his mate.  The timing certainly sucks.


A multi-layered plotline showcases a wild and bumpy ride titled Succumbing to His Nature.  The incredibly popular Wolves of Stone Ridge series celebrates book 41 with special shifter mates involved in a tangled adventure.  Satisfying from start to finish.  Succumbing to His Nature adds another winner to a very long list.


The Priest's Perspective
by Charlie Richards

Series: Loving Nip #14
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Giles Corsair joined a secretive group known as the Priests to rid the world of demons.  It was also a way to get out from under his controlling mother’s rigid rule.  Believing he’s come across a nest of demons Giles becomes the one captured.  He refuses to accept that he’s found an innocent coven of vampires rather than the evil demons he’s expected to destroy.


It is coming upon the thousandth year of life for Thanach.  On this very special anniversary the demon will be rewarded for his service to the Horseman of War.  Thanach will be given an amina to bond with, someone meant for him alone.


The Horseman of War sends Thanach on a mission to Earth, to the home of Master Dante’s coven.   Following an unexpected, intoxicating scent the demon is led to the basement cell of the Priest Giles.  The duty of a Priest is to destroy demons.  Nobody ever told Giles about vampires or the true purpose of demons, let alone what fate has in store for the human…


The Priest’s Perspective is completely upended in the latest drama from the popular series.  Snatching at wisps of hope and lots of patience Thanach has his hands full with the stubborn human in this unlikely romance.  As usual, with this series the characters are what keep the plotlines fresh and entertaining.  Enjoy The Priest’s Perspective for all the right reasons, the story completely satisfies.

RETURN TO BIKER LANE by Charlie Richards

RETURN TO BIKER LANE by Charlie Richards
Return to Biker Lane
by Charlie Richards

Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Years ago, Jethro Gunther took a chance on a relationship with another man.  Unfortunately, it blew up in his face and he moved to Sturgis and started a new life, as a straight man.  His motorcycle shop is considered to be the best in town after a decade of hard work and honest dealings with bikers.


Pygmy hippo shifter Wilhelm Smith is a recent addition to Alpha Kontra Belikov’s motorcycle gang.  Traveling the world year after year has grown stale.  He yearns for the company of others and the hope of finding his mate at long last.


Luck has finally found Wil.  Too bad his mate is so far in the closet he can’t even see the door.


Past hurts are healed in Return to Biker Lane.   A difficult relationship takes a huge toll on the main characters in the twenty first book of A Paranormal Love’s series.  Fans of the series will enjoy reuniting with the characters they’ve grown to love.  Introducing Wil and his human mate Jethro is a welcome return.  As ever it is the characters who keep Return to Biker Lane a fresh and enjoyable read.  Charming as always.


Earning His Stallions Trust
by Charlie Richards

Series: Paranormal's Love #21
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Horse shifter Nolan has had an incredibly difficult number of years before his recuperation in a gargoyle mansion.  It began when he was brutally beaten and forced from his herd after declaring his sexuality. The injuries were so severe Nolan permanently lost his sense of smell. Fate twisted his life again when the shifter was captured and experimented on by scientists.  Rescued at last, Nolan’s mental state takes a hit because of two troublemaking gargoyles. When all is said and done the equine shifter retreats to the room he’s given and rarely leaves, if at all.


One of the clutches most trustworthy guards Craven spends his waking hours out of doors.  Even meals are taken outside.  Craven is rarely seen within the walls of the mansion by choice.


One fateful night the horse shifter and the gargoyle come face to face by accident.  Without his sense of smell Nolan is unable to scent his mate. Craven, of course, doesn’t understand why his mate doesn’t recognize him.  Poor Nolan has been traumatized and lied to and mistreated.  Who can blame him for his fears…


A heart-breaking tale turns around as one gargoyle will be Earning His Stallion’s Trust.  Book twenty-one in the A Paranormal’s Love series offers an emotionally tender tale of redemption.  It’s the power of love every time.  Enjoy the endearing romance.  Nolan deserves all the love Craven can give in this sweet and sexy story.

THE OTTER’S TALE by Charlie Richards

The decision to leave home within the Amazon became easy for giant otter shifter Jerome Laguna once his family was targeted.  Life under a bigoted Alpha was difficult for him, but involving his family crossed a line so Jerome chose to leave before the situation escalated further.   College student Aziel Boltson recently had hisContinue Reading

COUNTING ON A CROW’S WING by Charlie Richards

Entering the human realm on a dare after a night with friends at Court the fae prince Lord Elron Paxton finds himself in trouble.  A momentary lapse of judgment has landed Elron deep in hot water.  The fae has awakened with a sore head surrounded by young human men who are also trapped in theContinue Reading

THE HATED FINN by Charlie Richards

For the last couple of years Finn O’Riley has sent regular shipments to Crystal Lake Pharmaceuticals.  They are his biggest client and typically sent payment right away, but for some reason the check is late and he can’t get a hold of his contact.  Finn needs to know if there’s a problem and if he’sContinue Reading


Bow hunter Gideon Ruck has seen many strange things over the years outside his home on Stone Ridge in the Colorado Rockies.  Things that can’t be explained or figured out logically.  Gideon has chosen to keep what he’s seen to himself.  After all, without concrete proof who would believe him?   Though Gideon has neverContinue Reading


Everyone in the Stone Ridge pack is horrified as they figure out how long the bongo shifter they recently rescued had been captured.  Stolen from his herd and subjected to illegal experimentation by scientists without a conscious, the shifter has maintained his bongo form for more than half a century.   Somewhat plump, geeky DrakoContinue Reading

by Charlie Richards

Each demon assigned to a Horseman is required to serve his Master for a thousand years before being rewarded with an amina, a mate.  In service to the Horseman of War, the demon Belial was kept from finding his amina the first time by the demons of another Horseman.  At two thousand years of ageContinue Reading


At a hundred and thirty the gargoyle Sumak is ready to leave kitchen chores behind and become a guard at the mansion his clutch calls home.  Granted the opportunity by Chieftain Maelgwn the young gargoyle is walking the perimeter of the estate when he spies a human jogging on a trail. Sumak is almost overcomeContinue Reading

FOR A DRAGON’S CONTROL by Charlie Richards

Weary of Chieftan Goth MacGree’s desire to destroy the clan living in Karstelle Valley, they dispatch a handful of their people to make a pact with his son Ryder MacGree.  An old friend living in the valley uses deception to lure the heir into meeting with them.  Luckily Ryder is willing to acknowledge the needContinue Reading

COERCING QUINN by Charlie Richards

College age boa constrictor shifter Taolma Rabenau is quietly living with a gargoyle clutch at their mansion outside a small Colorado town.  After years and years of searching for his biological father, his efforts were rewarded when members of the clutch saved his dad from a traveling side show where the shifter was being held,Continue Reading


For a thousand years the demon Abyzou has faithfully served his master – the Horseman Pestilence.  Spreading disease and infection Abyzou has done his master’s bidding.  It is time to be rewarded for his diligence by granting him an amina, someone to form a soul bond with which will anchor Abyzou to the earth.  Continue Reading


Vadim Kuznetsov is one of the last in his family coven to remain single.  He has yet to find his beloved like most of his family has done. It’s also been quite a while since Vadim has indulged in sex.  The vampire is large, very large – all over.  In the past, lovers have complainedContinue Reading


Simeon of Anstram is well aware he’s broken an important rule.  Once he returns to his home in Karstelle Valley Simeon will have to answer for his decision to leave the safety of the valley.  It couldn’t be helped however.  As a blue dragon Simeon is a historian, a seeker of knowledge, and in orderContinue Reading


School teacher Wayne Thorpe’s career comes to a screeching halt late on a Friday afternoon.  All because of a vengeful ex-boyfriend.  Pictures have been sent to several board members, nude shots of Wayne.  Taken in a way that he appears to be awake and consenting, though in truth he was asleep and unaware.  An investigationContinue Reading


Sergeant Armand Zeroni had barely been back to base forty-eight hours after a grueling deployment before the strangest thing happened.  Armand awoke in a bed he didn’t recognize, in a room he didn’t know.  Even crazier was finding General Jackson Parker tied to a chair in another room down the hall.  Releasing his superior theContinue Reading


A little flock of recently rescued avian shifters are finding their way in the world.  Some prefer to stay within the confines of the home given to them by the Stone Ridge pack Alpha, reading and watching the television, but others are literally spreading their wings experiencing everything the area has to offer.   HectorContinue Reading

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