Author: Charlie Richards


For thirty some years wolf shifter Parker Jones had a loving relationship with the human Donnie.  Fate proved cruel and took Donnie from him with cancer.  Though decades have since passed the wolf continues to grieve for his lost love.   At the weekly shifter pack poker night everyone is invited, including the new vampireContinue Reading


Vampire Enforcer Tate Locklear volunteers his time and strength to a newly formed pack manly comprised of damaged and scarred shifter victims rescued from one bad situation or another.  Though Tate was content with his coven he’s hoping that a change and some challenges will shake him out of his funk.   Clouded leopard shifterContinue Reading

FOR THE LOVE OF A WOLF by Charlie Richards

Volunteer firefighter Stake Dolan knows how to fight fires with great skill.  What he doesn’t know how to do is keep his mouth shut.  Dolan spends so much time with his foot in his mouth he’s learned how to hop quite well.  The worst of it is that he doesn’t understand half the time what’sContinue Reading

FOR A DRAGON’S SEDUCTION by Charlie Richards

In the guise of a clan herald, Kaiser of Pratt gathers information vital to the safety of those living in Karstelle Valley.  These humans must not discover the way into the valley of the dragon castes.  It would be devastating to both sides.   As black dragons Kaiser and Perth are trained in the artContinue Reading


Dingo shifter Lucius and his two half brothers finally have a reason to look forward to each day.  Their brutal, cruel Alpha and his cronies were removed from power by order of the Council.  An honorable, kind new leader and his mate are now in charge and willing to add any mistreated or displaced shiftersContinue Reading

CLAIMING THE HUNTER by Charlie Richards

In the aftermath of his sister’s death at the hands of a shifter Jeremiah Tully channels his grief into destroying other feral shifters. During an encounter with a female protecting her young Jeremiah comes close to dying from his wounds. Lying in a hospital bed Jeremiah is beginning to re-evaluate his future when Roger andContinue Reading


After months in a coma Walter Blackhorse awakens to a totally new reality where gargoyles and shifters live and love alongside humans.  Before his coma the Shoshone Indian worked in a traveling oddity circus where he did his best to help the mistreated creatures, but it was never enough.  On the day they were raidedContinue Reading

BRANDING AN ICY HEART by Charlie Richards

Surviving a vicious attack, Remy Smithson has insisted on attending the trial to see justice served to the animals who almost killed him.  They will serve time, while Remy will always need a cane to walk, even with the extensive therapy he’s endured.   Agreeing to attend a party with friends at a fancy estateContinue Reading

FOR A DRAGON’S HEALING by Charlie Richards

It’s an eye opening experience for Achaius McCord to be living amongst dragons in Karstelle Valley.  The McCord family fled to the valley when their chieftain planned to send Achaius’s daughter to another clan rather than allow her to marry the young man she’d always loved.  His son Ross found love in the valley withContinue Reading


It is the duty of the black dragon clan to gather intelligence and insure the safety of all the dragons in Karstelle Valley.  Two such black dragons, Kaiser and Perth, are awaiting the return of Chieftain MacDuffan to his homestead.  While Kaiser is willing to use any means necessary to gather information Perth, on theContinue Reading

KORT’S TREASURE by Charlie Richards

The few relationships Mace Capston had had thus far in no way prepared him for the violent actions of his boyfriend Jessup Santiago.  They’d had a few dates that went well, but Jessup suddenly became too demanding which set off alarms for Mace.  When he tried to call a halt Jessup retaliated by breaking hisContinue Reading


True to his Kodiak bear shifter nature, Hessian ‘Hess’ Roshburg is an easy going, rambling kind of guy.  Too much of an Alpha without wanting the responsibility it entailed, Hess left home and his family long ago.   At the moment he’s in Stone Ridge, Colorado to visit his old friend Dillan Shoreman, a felineContinue Reading

TEMPTING THE BEAR by Charlie Richards

Big and burly Wren Cleaver runs the successful diner Goldy’s Burgers and Bites.  He is also known for his tender heart and giving people in need a helping hand.  Recently his goddaughter Penelope Grath became enamored with a man twice her age that lives within the mysterious Falias Estates on the outskirts of town.  UsuallyContinue Reading

SHARING A DEMON’S BOND by Charlie Richards

Adopted by the vampire coven at the tender age of six the human Peter Connelly is completely comfortable with the different paranormal groups.  He has made a good life for himself with responsibilities, friends, and the added benefit of a truly varied sex life.   On a side trip to a diner one afternoon PeterContinue Reading

PINT-SIZED PROTECTOR by Charlie Richards

Recently a team from the Stone Ridge pack freed more than a dozen kidnapped, traumatized shifters from a hidden laboratory in Russia.  On their return to Colorado most recuperated and left, though a few joined their pack.  One troubled shifter, an Andean mountain cat has yet to show his human side.  So far he’s refusedContinue Reading


Nathan Hanson is well aware of vampires, shifters, and all the rest of the things that go bump in the night since his father bonded with one of them.  The lumberyard driver recently broke free from a controlling girlfriend and embraced his true sexuality.  Not everyone at work is happy with Nathan’s choices but they’veContinue Reading

MORE THAN PATIENT by Charlie Richards

Embracing the reputation as a ladies man since puberty, Brock Sanchez had his world turned upside down by an encounter with a male vampire.  His introduction to Garner Vorzman at a Christmas party evolved into an unexpected night of passion.  It should have been nothing more than a one night stand as far as BrockContinue Reading


Borscht Kuznetsov and his many siblings left their old coven’s restrictive rules to strike out on their own to form a separate coven.  Their two youngest brothers have found their beloved and live in Paris and the U.S. while the family coven remains in Russia.   Superior surveillance equipment alerts the family to four intrudersContinue Reading

PAWS FOR CHANGE by Charlie Richards

Several years ago Derek Sommers sided with his parents when they turned their back on his younger gay brother Deke.  Always regretting his actions Deke was never aware that their father blackmailed Derek into agreeing with them.   His father’s announcement of Derek’s upcoming nuptials with a detestable woman is the last straw.  Derek’s workedContinue Reading

HAPPY FURRY NEW YEAR by Charlie Richards

Wolf shifter Rowan St. Paul is truly happy his friends are finding their mates.  Begrudging others isn’t part of the high school history teacher’s makeup, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t feeling a little jealous.  Hopefully he will find his fated mate soon.   Forced to repeat his senior year after he’s caught hacking intoContinue Reading

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