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SEAL OF MY DREAMS ANTHOLOGYSEAL of My Dreams by Alison Brennan, Barbara Samuel, Christie Ridgeway, Cindy Gerard, Elle Kennedy, Gennita Low, Helen Branna, HelenKay Dimon, Jamie Alden, Jo Leigh, Kylie Brant, Leslie Kelly, Loreth Ann White, Marliss Melton, Robyn Carr, Roxanne St. Claire, Stephanie Bond, Stephanie Tyler, Tara Janzen
Genres: Collections & Anthologies, Contemporary
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Reviewed by Miranda

Honor, duty, courage, passion . . . the men of the Navy SEALs are a special breed of hero, and in these stories by eighteen top romance authors the SEALs are celebrated not only as symbols of devoted service to their country but as the kind of man every woman wants to love. They'll rescue a damsel in distress and her lap dog, too. They'll battle hometown dramas and international bad guys. When it comes to giving away their hearts, they'll risk everything. All proceeds from sales of SEAL of My Dreams goes to the Veterans Research Corporation, a non-profit fundraiser for veterans' medical research. Among them, the authors of SEAL of My Dreams have won dozens of writing awards including multiple RITAs from Romance Writers of America. Their nearly 600 published novels have sold at least 25 million copies worldwide. The SEAL of My Dreams roster includes many of the best-known authors in modern romance fiction. In addition, many have strong family connections to the servicemen and women of our nation's military, and many specialize in novels featuring heroes and heroines from all branches of service. Visit the authors at

“Coming Home” by Jami Alden
Nick DeMarco left home years ago to serve his country.  He’s avoided his hometown like the plague because of his first love Sarah Decker.  Sarah wasn’t cool with Nick joining the Navy. She wanted him to be something he never could.  After he left she moved on.  He’s been reluctant to return ever since but he can’t avoid the most heartbreaking return of all.  Nick’s homecoming is marred by the death of his mother.  She was a beloved member of the community and everyone shows up to remember her including Sarah.  Nick and Sarah have grown in many ways since they broke up.  Have they grown enough to see past all the unimportant and find the love that never died? 
“Coming Home” is a wonderful story of love lost and love regained.  Jami Alden gives the reader a brief but beautiful romance.  It’s easy to tell that Nick and Sarah still have what it takes to make a hot couple.  I would love to read more about these two!
“Baby I’m Back” by Stephanie Bond
Southern Roads Novella
Barry Ballantine lost more than his leg in Afghanistan.  He’s returning to his hometown of Sweetness, Georgia to say goodbye to a great friend.  While he waits to lay his friend to rest he seeks the help of the town physical therapist.  Lora Jansen was known as Metal Face to Barry and his friends during high school but she sure showed him.  He has trouble keeping his hands off the beauty during his physical therapy sessions.  He doesn’t need Lora complicating his life.  He has no plans to stay in Sweetness.  Barry’s not through serving his country but sometimes you can’t walk away from love.
“Baby I’m Back” is possibly the sweetest story ever!  I absolutely love this story! It’s got romance, humor and it totally made me cry!  Barry and Lora are so sweet and I think I just fell in love with the town of Sweetness! I can’t wait to visit this town again!!
“SEALed Fates” by Kylie Brant
Cort Ramsey, a Navy Seal, returned to his family’s ranch in Montana after serving his country in Pakistan.  Tending his father’s ranch isn’t exactly what he wants to do with his life but he knows things could be much worse.  Not only did he lose his leg but his brother to the war.  There hasn’t been anything that has inspired Cort lately.  Fortunately for him things are about to change.  Emma Watkins Cunningham is on the run.  Her late husband’s family wants her kids and their willing to do anything to get them.  This has Emma running to one of the last places she felt safe; the town she grew up in.  Cort knows a woman in distress when he sees one and he’s going to do whatever it takes to make sure Emma and her children are safe!
“SEALed Fates” is a sweet suspenseful treat!  Cort makes me melt! He’s such a sweetheart. When Emma and Colt kiss…phew that was hot!  Emma’s kids are adorable and so funny! I love little molly’s declaration that Colt’s not a seal because he doesn’t have flippers or a ball!  Kylie Brant has delivered a fantastic romance with “SEALed Fates.”
“Going Dark” by Helen Brenna
Chief Petty Officer Nate Griggs thought he had something special brewing with Kaley Andrews in Virginia Beach.  How sad to discover Kaley is really photojournalist Carly Danson and she was doing an undercover investigative piece on his Navy Seal team’s recent mission for a popular television show.  The fun just keeps coming when, while on a mission, Nate discovers Carly is being held captive by Somali soldiers.  She might not be his favorite person but he will do whatever he can to save her and he may just find out the real reason she used him.
“Going Dark” is a mile a minute thrill ride.  The action never stops in Helen Brenna’s “Going Dark.”  Nate and Carly are sizzling together.  Their passion for each other is impossible to ignore as they try to get out of the country alive.
“Finding Home” by HelenKay Dimon
Navy Seal Lieutenant Commander Hal Robertson is on the island of Erites to do a little reconnaissance.  The word is a revolt is coming and the American Ambassador and his people may be in danger.  Megan White is prepared to make Erites her new home.  The island is beautiful and the people have been so nice to her.  Her world comes crashing down as an attack is launched on the American contingent.  Being on the run with her own personal hero has left Megan with deep feelings for her savior.  Will she ever see him again or will her hero sail off never to be seen again?
“Finding Home” is an exciting story about outrunning the enemy and finding where you belong.  I love the scenes when Megan and Hal are sharing personal information.  They are so simple and sincere.  HelenKay Dimon’s “Finding Home” is a keeper.
“SEALed With A Kiss” by Cindy Gerard
Black Ops, Inc, Book 6.5
Luke Coulter and his wife Valentina are taking their long awaited honeymoon.  The island of Palau is a beautiful destination for some fun in the sun and some awesome diving for Luke.  A tragic accident happens that could cost Luke his life.  Val will have to face her fears and push her body’s boundaries to save her warrior husband.  Can this beauty save her Navy Seal?
“SEALed With A Kiss” is a sexy story.  Luke and Val so obviously in love share some lovely moments on their honeymoon until things go awry.  The scenes where Luke is trapped are intense and Val’s emotions are palpable.  I felt like shouting a giant YES! at the end.
“Panama Jack” by Tara Janzen
Jack Corday has been on special assignment to cover a sexy secret agents rear for a few weeks.  There is just something about this woman wearing mud and camo that gets Jack going and he has yet to learn her name.  Lani Powell has been tracking surface-to-air missiles for months and she finally has a lead but she will need Jack more than ever as the enemy closes in.  Can these two fierce warriors make it out of Panama alive?
“Panama Jack” is a funny and sexy blitz through the streets of Panama.  Jack and Lani are equals on and off the battlefield.  Tara Janzen’s “Panama Jack” is an action packed romance.
“Wrapped and SEALed” by Leslie Kelly
Tanner Bourdreau gets roped into playing Santa at the Veteran’s assisted living center by his gram.  His search for the doctor of his dreams will have to wait.  Dr. Jessica D’Angelo gazes into the eyes of Santa and is shocked to see the man she’s been dreaming of for three years. They met on the battlefield but lasting memories were made.  Can they find romance back on safe soil?
“Wrapped and SEALed” fun, flirty and freaking fantastic!  I love this sweet read! Gram left a lasting and loving impression.  Tanner and Jessica are so great I really love these two. “Wrapped and SEALed” is a great holiday romance.
“Worth the Risk” by Elle Kennedy
Jason Anders walked away from Skylark Springs and everyone in it including the love of his life, Callie Carraway.  After years of serving his country it’s time to go back and get the woman he never stopped loving.  Has Callie moved on? Is it possible for her to forgive him for walking away all those years ago?
“Worth the Risk” takes risks in the romance department.  Callie and Jason have explosive chemistry but I just wasn’t feeling how easily she folded.  I definitely didn’t like his ultimatum. This is an okay story but it’s not my favorite.
“Twenty-One Hours” by Alison Kent
A wildfire is bearing down on Crow Hill.  Teri Stokes is heading to her parents to help them pack up as much as possible.  How shocking to discover Shane Gregor her first crush and the boy that caused her greatest humiliation standing on the front lines protecting her parents home.  Shane has a lot of regrets and he’s about to start making up for them.  He’s had feelings for Teri for sixteen years and it’s time to go after what he really wants.
I’m in love with “Twenty-One Hours!”  Alison Kent hits a homerun with this delightful harrowing romance.  Shane and Teri are so steamy together they put the wildfire to shame!
“Not Waving But Drowning” by Jo Leigh
Dan Hogan is home after a rough tour.  He needs to get himself straight and he can only think of one person that might help him with that, Renee.  Renee Crocker is a true crime writer and his best friend.  She needs help with some cabin repairs and has enlisted Dan’s help but it doesn’t take long for her to figure out something is wrong with her long time friend.  Can Renee smooth away all of Dan’s worries?
“Not Waving But Drowning” is all about timing and when is the right time to fall in love.  I found this story to be one of hope and learning to lean on those you love.  It can be incredibly hard to turn your fear and worries over to another person; that kind of trust is true love.
“Her Secret Pirate” by Gennita Low
A Crossfire SEAL Story
As she is on a good will mission delivering food, Rebecca Powers and her father the Ambassador to India become trapped on a ship while pirates try to find them.  Zodenko “Zone” Zonovich and his seal team are tasked with rescuing the Ambassador and all the innocents aboard but there is only one innocent he cares about: Rebecca.
“Her Secret Pirate” is a steamy suspenseful treat.  Rebecca and Zone have enough fire between them to light the darkened ship. There are some great action sequences in “Her Secret Pirate.”   Gennita Low keeps things quick and hot in this romance.
“SEALed by Fate” by Marliss Melton
Lieutenant Sam Sasserville is on an operation he’s dubbed “Dumb Broad.”  If it wasn’t for this crazy Senator’s daughter, he would be on an important mission instead of dragging her butt out of danger.  Madison Scott lives to help others.  As an aid worker, she is sometimes the only thing standing between the innocent and rebels.  Madison isn’t happy to discover daddy’s having her pulled out of Matamoros.  Even more disturbing are the feelings her arrogant rescuer provokes as he orders her not to put herself in danger ever again.
“SEALed by Fate” is a thrilling non-stop hit! I am dying to know what happens next between this fiery couple.  “SEALed by Fate” definitely revs the reader up and leaves you wanting more! Lots of action and witty banter!
“Signed, SEALed, Delivered…I’m Yours” by Christie Ridgway
Thanksgiving with her uncle turned out to be a dangerous affair for Mandy Warner.  Chief Special Operator Josh Frye has been tasked with rescuing Mandy.  He never expected to fall in love over a little small talk while waiting out rebels with bombs.  Mandy is looking for a partner, someone to come home to every night.  Can this Seal convince Mandy he’s her man?
“Signed SEALed, Delivered…I’m Yours” is an awesome and delicious treat.  Mandy and Josh are perfect together.  Everything about this story is very intimate and I just love how it ended!
“Dog Heart” by Barbara Samuel
Staff Sergeant Thor, a combat dog, lost his partner in battle.  Now his partner’s best friend and Seal teammate, Marcus Stone, is doing whatever he can to help Thor heal from his wounds and the trauma.  Jessie, the love of Marcus’ life, always had a way with animals.  Her reaction to his enlistment was unfortunate.  Five years without her has been painful.  As Jessie works to relieve Thor’s pain, she and Marcus start realizing this may be the only second chance they’re going to get.  Can these long lost lovers make it work?
“Dog Heart” is all about love, honor and second chances.  This story spoke to me.  To be able to understand the depth of pain a soldier or combat dog may feel is enlightening.  I was rooting for Thor as well as Marcus and Jessie.  It’s amazing to say but I could feel Thor’s pain and trepidation while reading “Dog Heart.” This is a special story.
“Whirlwind” by Roxanne St. Claire
Billie Jo Taylor has been in hiding with her dog Nutmeg.  Hurricane Damien is really compromising her hiding spot.  Thankfully the antique watch she just bought is her ticket out of here but first she has to survive the storm.  Lieutenant Richard M. Stone is on a personal mission to get back a family heirloom.  This Navy Seal never expected to face down one hot-headed female, a nutso dog, a knife-wielding killer and a hurricane just to get what he came for.  This may turn out to be the mission that changes his life or ends it.
“Whirlwind” is jam-packed with intense scenes, fierce chemistry, and a crazy but lovable dog. This story is fast and thrilling.  There is such clarity in the descriptions I felt I was dropped right in the middle of the action.  I would love to read more of this couple’s story.
“Holding Tight” by Stephanie Tyler
Hard to Hold Series, Book 3.5
It is two days before Christmas and Jamie is ready to give birth to her baby boy but she needs her midwife and husband Chris.  Chief Petty Officer Chris Waldron got his midwife talents from his beloved mother.  He is trying his hardest to get his job done and get back to the states. Will he get home to his very pregnant wife in time?
“Holding Tight” is all about family and love.  This story is so sweet! Now I’m dying to go and read all of the Hard to Hold books.  I just love Stephanie Tyler’s characters!  There is nothing as beautiful as a Christmas birth! Prepare to oooh and awww.
“Letters to Ellie” by Loreth Anne White
As Ellie Winters is closing her radio show, she gets a call that takes her back to her first love. When Ellie was nineteen she fell hard for Flynn Traeborn; they were going to be together forever.  Then tragedy struck.  Flynn’s chopper went down in a routine accident.  He has been MIA for the last fifteen years.  Maddox McDonough has a tough message to deliver.  He has letters to Ellie from her dead love Flynn.  Max and Flynn were POW’s until recently.  All Max has wanted is to give closure to the woman that kept him alive.
“Letters to Ellie” is a powerful heart-wrenching story.  I was overwhelmed with emotion while reading “Letters to Ellie.”  I have been touched in a profound way by the brilliant story written by Loreth Anne White.  “Letters to Ellie” will be forever a favorite of mine!
SEAL of My Dreams is an absolutely magnificent collection of stories.  I cannot think of a better way to honor the world’s veterans and show our support.  Robyn Carr contributes a beautiful and touching forward to SEAL of My Dreams.  I do not think I have ever read anything that has given me such hope and faith in people as SEAL of My Dreams has.  The men, women and animals of our armed services should be honored and have the best care when they come home.  I love that the proceeds from SEAL of My Dreams go to the Veteran’s Research Corporation, a non-profit foundation that supports veteran’s medical research.  To the authors that make up the stunning SEAL of My Dreams I applaud you for creating such beautiful art that made me laugh and cry while stoking the fires of romance.


LAST MAN STANDING by Cindy GerardLast Man Standing by Cindy Gerard
Series: Black Ops #7
Genres: Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pocket

Reviewed by Miranda

The final “powerfully intense” (Romantic Times) Black Ops, Inc. novel from New York Times bestseller Cindy Gerard, featuring a covert private security team and electrifying romantic suspense.Black Ops, Inc. operative Joe Green is determined to bring to justice the man responsible for former team member Bryan Tompkins’s death. He’s convinced the ambush that killed Bryan was no coincidence, but a setup. Unsure of the consequences of the battle he’s about to start, Joe distances himself from both his Black Ops, Inc. team members and the woman he loves, Bryan’s sister, Stephanie Tompkins. But Stephanie knows there must be some reason Joe broke it off, and when she hears Joe’s charged with a murder in Sierra Leone, she wastes no time in breaking him out of prison. Then they must unravel the mystery behind the ambush, and bring resolution to a long-ago betrayal….


Black Ops Operative Joe Green is on a solo mission for revenge. Joe has been searching for those responsible for his friend¡¦s death and he is finally on the verge of getting some answers. He knows that this mission could be his last but he¡¦s determined to do right by his beloved friend Bryan. There is some unfinished business Joe must take care of before he leaves for perhaps his final mission. Unfortunately, he must break the heart of the woman he loves.

Stephanie Tompkins loves Joe Green with all her heart. When he gives her the brush off she knows something is up and it doesn¡¦t take her long to discover that Joe is on a suicide mission for revenge. Well, Stephanie has already lost her brother she is not about to watch the man she loves die as well. 

Joe falls into his nemesis¡¦ trap and lands himself in prison in Sierra Leone. Knowing he will never come out alive his only peace comes from thoughts of Stephanie but that peace is soon shattered when the woman he loves shows up at his cell door. Her determination to save the man she loves only puts her in danger and Joe can¡¦t stand the thought of losing Stephanie. Now they must fight together to stop the evil plot they landed in the middle of. Can Joe let Stephanie get out of Sierra Leone alive and get revenge? Find out who will be the Last Man Standing and if love will conquer all evil in Cindy Gerard¡¦s latest Black Ops Novel!

Get ready for edge of your seat action and passionate romance in Last Man Standing. Cindy Gerard out does herself with the seventh Black Ops novel! Ms. Gerard¡¦s characters are larger than life in Last Man Standing! I¡¦m in love with Joe and Stephanie! Joe is a man on a mission with a fierce determination to get justice for his friend. You can absolutely feel the pain in Joe and his need to pursue revenge for his friend. 

I was gripped by the powerful emotions dripping from the first pages of Last Man Standing. The connection between Stephanie and Joe is potent. It is obvious that Joe is a virile soldier on a mission, but what I love about this book is the fact that Stephanie shows her true colors. She is pushed to extremes as the story unfolds and she learns what she is truly capable of. So far in life Stephanie has thought of herself as one type of person but she quickly learns that with the right motivation she can do anything. I think this is so important because in life a lot of the time we go through it thinking we are a certain type of person meant to do a certain thing. In actuality a person should never close the door on new possibilities for themselves because under the right circumstances we are capable of anything we set our minds and hearts to. Stephanie proves she is capable to the man she loves and most importantly herself. 

Last Man Standing is a stunning drama-filled romance with heart-stopping action to boot! From the mean streets of Sierra Leone to the blistering wilds of Minnesota Last Man Standing takes the reader on one hell of a fantastic adventure. The book also revisits some of our favorite Black Ops characters. This book can be read as a stand-alone novel. It is the seventh book in the series but you can completely enjoy this novel without reading the rest. I will say however that the Black Ops crew gets some resolution to an incident that brought all of these characters to where they are now. If you have been following these fabulous characters since the beginning then Last Man Standing definitely has some bittersweet undertones.

I will be waiting impatiently for the next Black Ops novel because there are two very sexy operatives I¡¦d like to get to know better in the future ƒº. I look forward to seeing whose story is told next. 

Last Man Standing is what I call first-class romantic suspense and I¡¦m Joyfully Recommending it!

KILLING TIME by Cindy Gerard

KILLING TIME by Cindy Gerard

KILLING TIME by Cindy GerardKilling Time by Cindy Gerard
Series: One-Eyed Jacks #1
Genres: Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pocket

Reviewed by Miranda

“We can do this easy,” she whispered close to his ear as he groaned in agony, “or it can go real hard on you.” Well, of course he wasn’t going to go easy. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cindy Gerard plunges readers into the heart of a seductive contest of wills between a hard-living hero and a beautiful rogue operative who is on a mission to dig up the secrets of his past. Tension sizzles in this pulse-pounding first adventure in Gerard’s action-packed new series as Eva Salinas lures Mike Brown from the sultry streets of Lima, Peru, to the desolate Idaho wilderness on the hunt for the cold-blooded traitor behind a fatal military operation that haunts them both.


Mike Brown’s life has been pretty much downhill since an op went disastrously bad in Afghanistan. He lost friends and came back home a disgrace. He’s reserved one day a year to mourn what could have been and drink himself into a stupor; unfortunately that’s the day someone decides to use his weakness against him.

CIA Attorney Eva Salinas is seeking the truth surrounding her husband’s death in Afghanistan. When a file shows up on her desk, she is driven to seek out her husband’s former teammate Mike Brown for answers and if she has to torture them out of him she will. 

Mike is weak against her seductions and she has him tied to her bed before he knows what hits him. Too bad there is someone else out there determined to stop Eva. As Mike and Eva come under attack they must lean on each other if they want to get out of this situation alive.

Will Mike once and for all discover the truth about his last mission? Will he find love along the way? As Mike and Eva team up to find the truth they find more than they ever bargained for but will they get out of it alive?

Cindy Gerard’s Killing Time is jam-packed with superior action and sublime romance! It’s the perfect start to a new series that’s guaranteed to keep readers thoroughly entertained! Eva and Mike are two strong characters; the type you want to stand behind. The plot of Killing Time is superfast! I just love Ms. Gerard’s timing she knows how to keep her readers hearts a-pumping! I’m so excited to be jumping into the world of the One-Eyed Jacks! Killing Time gives us a wonderful base for new stories to bounce off of. The men of the One-Eyed Jacks are rough, tough and oh so delectable. There is nothing better than a hot military man seeking redemption with a sexy woman by his side. Eva and Mike are bloody hot together whether they are fighting or mixing it up in the bedroom. These two really make Killing Time an A++ romance!! Don’t miss out on this Joyfully Recommended Read!

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