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WARLOCK UNBOUND by Dana Marie Bell

WARLOCK UNBOUND by Dana Marie BellWarlock Unbound by Dana Marie Bell
Series: Heart's Desire #4
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Paranormal
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Daniel Beckett is the last of the Beckett brothers (wizards and werewolves) to cast the spell that will bring his mate to him.  For weeks now, Daniel has been fighting his brother’s demands that he cast the spell with everything he is worth..  It’s not that Daniel doesn’t know who that spell will bring to him or that he doesn’t want her with him, it’s that he just knows that by calling her, it will start something that could lead to everyone’s doom.  But, finally, he has to give in and cast the spell, and hope.


Kerry Andrews also knows that she is Daniel’s mate, and she has acknowledged their attraction to each other long ago.  But as a human and a nurse, she has no sway in the world that Daniel lives in even though Kerry has been getting help from one of the most powerful women wizards around, who is her best friend’s grandmother.  Kerry has almost given up hope that Daniel will ever call her to his side when she just knows it has to happen.


What should have been a simple spell to bring Daniel and Kerry together, instead starts off a chain reaction that will put not only Kerry in danger, but will also reveal a hidden part of Kerry’s background that will have the potential to put her in even more danger than being targeted by the last of the evil Godwin warlock men.  Daniel and Kerry will have to work fast and believe in their love strongly to end not only all the treats to Kerry’s life, but also the Godwin threat to all each of the Beckett’s holds dear.  It comes down to a deadly fight of good power versus evil power, and the winners will win it all and, as normal, it appears that evil has stacked the deck.


Two lovers will fight not only for their right to a loving future, but for their very lives and those of their loved ones in Warlock Unbound.  It seems like I waited forever to see Daniel finally accept Kerry as his mate, and I was happy to see him finally do it.  I wasn’t surprised to learn that the Godwin wizard brothers had made a preemptive strike in this final round of their war against the Becketts.  However, I loved watching as all the Becketts and their mates came together to help Daniel and Kerry with their fights and to help them discover a way that Daniel and Kerry could be together forever.  While I enjoyed the final battle that ended the Godwin threat, I really loved being a fly on the wall on the family Samhain celebration the best.  I can safely say that the next generation of Becketts will keep everyone on their toes even more than these brothers.  Warlock Unbound is full of suspense and passion, with the perfect touches of humor and family bonding that will keep you turning the pages to see what will happen next.

THE WIZARD KING by Dana Marie Bell

THE WIZARD KING by Dana Marie BellThe Wizard King by Dana Marie Bell
Series: Heart's Desire #3
Published by Samhain Publishing on June 17th 2014
Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

The toughest battle he’s ever faced is convincing her she’s the queen of his soul. Heart’s Desire, Book 3Gareth Beckett takes the wizard throne in three days, and the woman who stole his heart is missing. Hoping with everything in him that it will call her back to his side, he casts the Beckett mate spell. One minute, Genevieve Godwin is knocking on Gareth’s door to tell him she’s had a vision warning of a threat to his life. The next, she’s pinned to his sofa, trying to explain her recent absence to one very irate werewolf wizard. Ever since Gen was forced to use her warlock powers to save him, he’s barely made eye contact. And now he wants her to be his queen? She’s a Hecate’s Own, not a princess. Her place is on the trail of evil—especially her own brothers—to bring them to justice, not sipping tea and making small talk. Gareth is determined to keep her at his side, and not only to keep her safe. Between scheming courtiers, the threat of the Godwin brothers and Gen’s insistence that she be allowed to continue her work as one of Hecate’s Own, Gareth is about to lose his mind. It will take a powerful combination of witch, wizard and warlock to stop the magical coup d’état that could destroy them all. Warning: This title contains explicit sex, graphic language, and a king who can’t live without his queen.

Gareth Beckett is a wizard and a werewolf – one who is about to be crowned as Wizard King.  But Gareth isn’t about to go anywhere until his mate shows up and he is determined that she will be crowned with him.  Gareth is positive he knows who is mate is, but he has started a spell his family has that will bring his mate to him – he just has to wait until she shows up so he can claim her forever.


Genevieve Godwin is one of Hecate’s Own and she isn’t a witch or a wizard but a warlock – a type of magic user who is looked down on by the others.  She knows that Gareth hates her and her family but she has to see him one more time to tell him of a vision she has had.  Genevieve is literally a woman without a family or home because she helped kill her father and is on the hunt to bring down her brothers for their evil acts and the other side of her family despises her for being a warlock.  Being one of Hecate’s Own has placed Genevieve on a lonely path, one that is about to get less lonely and a lot more confusing.


Gareth and Genevieve are headed to the Wizard court and as soon as they arrive Gareth is crowned King of the Wizards and Genevieve his consort.  However, all isn’t well in the court as several of the older women have an issue with Genevieve and the fact that she has been accepted into the court and they are not quiet about it.  On top of that, Genevieve is still hunting her brothers to bring them to justice.  Gareth isn’t about to let a few busy bodies deny him of his mate or cause chaos in his court and he really isn’t about to let Genevieve go off on a deadly mission to bring her brothers to justice.  The love between them is just budding and growing, yet that connection is what will keep them safe as they confront not only the nastiness lurking in the Wizard court as well as of the worse warlocks out to destroy Gareth and his brothers.  The Beckett brothers and their mates stick together and watch each other’s backs.  Will that be enough to keep Gareth and Genevieve alive to complete their missions and to have the future just waiting for them?


Wizards are not supposed to acknowledge warlocks much less mate with one, but you can’t stop destiny and that is exactly what Gareth and Genevieve face in The Wizard King.  I have no idea what Gareth would have done is some other woman would have shown up after his spell besides Genevieve but luckily we don’t have to worry about that.  I thought the spell/curse on the Beckett brothers was bad but when you put that against the pure bigotry in the wizard court I think it is the lesser evil.  I felt bad that Genevieve is the one who has to deal with her brothers and yet I think it will lift a huge weight off her shoulders when it’s done.  The love between Gareth and Genevieve might have been fast but it is defiantly strong and I know will only grow stronger as time goes on.  I also can’t wait to see how the life in the Wizard court goes on now that Gareth has made his first acts as the king.  Somehow I think this will be worse for them than Genevieve’s brothers ever could be.  The Wizard King is full of suspense, loving passion and deep bigotry, all of which had me flipping the pages fast and furiously to see what would happen next.

HECATE’S OWN by Dana Marie Bell

HECATE’S OWN by Dana Marie BellHecate's Own by Dana Marie Bell
Series: Heart's Desire #2
Published by Samhain Publishing on 2013-04-09
Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

When a wolf is hot for a witch, the sparks can be downright dangerous. Heart’s Desire, Book 2Zachary Beckett has finally done something right. He saved his brother’s life, and his reward is a ticket to Cleveland to train as a witch. Except every spell he casts wreaks havoc—until he’s banished to the children’s classroom. At least his teacher is easy on the eyes. It isn’t long before the heat is rising, and it has nothing to do with a bubbling cauldron. Jo has never met a walking Karma bomb like Zachary. His blue eyes haunt her, his body is made for sin, and his magic? The less said about that the better. But Jo is determined to help him, even if she has to fight their mutual attraction, tooth and nail. When Zach discovers he’s been operating under a hex, he and Jo come together in a blazing-hot ritual to break its hold and reveal Zach’s destiny to fight evil. But the old enemy who cast the spell won’t give up until every Beckett male is stripped of his mate. Which could leave Zach to howl in agony forever—and doom Jo to a fate worse than death. Warning: This novel contains explicit sex, graphic language, a sexy, awkward, blue-eyed wolf-witch and a woman who can make his dreams come true.

Zachary Beckett grew up in a family of wizards always being thought of as a very weak magical being.  Because the men of Zachary’s family are also werewolves, it is a shock when they all learn that Zachary isn’t a weak wizard but a strong witch.  Witches have to learn their craft very different from wizards, so Zachary is sent to the Witches court to be taught.  However, something seems to go very wrong when Zachary tries even the simplest of spells and yet he was able to save his brother’s life with a very strong and intense spell not that long ago.  Just what is Zachary and can he learn before he loses all hope to ever gain control of his magic.

Jo Yashodhar is the teacher for the juvenile witches and she is a member of the royal court.  Not long after Zachary arrives at the court, his track record is not good and he is finally bounced into her class.  Jo is at her wits end when even her youngest students seem to be able to control their magic better than Zachary can.  It makes no sense to Jo and finally she loses her temper when Zachary latest mess involves the royal family itself.  She tells him to go, just go and Zachary decides to do that.

Jo can’t get over her unease when she can’t locate Zachary and it just gets worse the more she learns about him.  Things that she should have found out about before lead her to a theory on why Zachary has so many problems with his magic.  If she is right, Zachary is much stronger than anyone at court realized and they might have harmed him rather than helped.  Zachary is more than surprised when Jo shows up at his brother’s house and even more surprised to realize she is his fated mate.  Zachary tries to turn Jo away until his family and his wolf convince him to listen to her theory.  Maybe, just maybe, Zachary is much more than a witch and super strong when it matters; and it matters now because the Becketts’ enemies have kidnapped Jo and it will take all the Beckett brothers to help save her.  But it will mostly take Zachary and Jo’s belief in his powers to make sure they can have the bright future their love deserves.

Court life all but destroys a werewolf/witch’s belief in himself until a teacher proves to him the truth and in doing so they discover a love not to be denied.  Hecate’s Own brings Zachary and Jo together in a very bumpy road of magical discovery and passion.  As I watched Zachary get more and more discouraged, I so wanted to smack some of those court idiots, but I guess it was all worth it when he went back and proved just who and what he was.  I wondered if Jo would be as bad as the others until she proved her belief in Zachary by following him and making him and his family listen to her and the truth.  The identity of the person Jo brought in to help Zachary was very interesting knowing the Becketts’ past.  When Jo was kidnapped, I had no doubt that Zachary would triumph and bring Jo home safe and sound.  I had to laugh as I read about Zachary’s return to the Court and how they reacted to him now.  I can’t wait until the next Beckett brother finds his mate.  Hecate’s Own takes magic, shape shifting and suspense and wraps it up in humor to make this a keeper in my opinion.

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