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ROCK STEADY by Dawn Ryder

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ROCK STEADY by Dawn RyderRock Steady by Dawn Ryder
Series: Rock Band #2
Published by Sourcebooks Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher


I haven’t read much of Dawn Ryder’s work but I just recently started her Unbroken Heroes series and loved it so I wanted to try her Rock Band series. Rock Steady is the second book in the series and I haven’t read the previous one, but I didn’t fall in love with Rock Steady like I hoped I would.


If you’ve read the previous book, Rock Me Two Times, you are familiar with the characters, but it if you are like me and starting in the middle you are just getting to know everyone for the first time. I have to say I had a hard time warming up to them and actually understanding them. In this story we meet Ramsey who comes off as god’s gift to women. He gets drunk and sleeps with a groupie only to discover she got back at him by taking him to get a tattoo of cherry blossoms. To me this sounded a little far-fetched, I mean could it could happen? Sure, anything is possible but getting a tattoo would sure as hell sober me up pretty fast.


After the whole getting the tattoo thing he meets up with the rest of his band, Toxsin and they agree he needs to get it fixed as soon as possible (duh) and they look for a tattoo shop that is open twenty four hours and there Ramsey meets Jewel, who will be his tattoo artist.


Jewel went to college and graduated with a marketing degree but she loves art so she is working in a tattoo shop. She is damn good at what she does, but her boss has a say so in what jobs she takes. When the band walks in the shop looking for someone to cover up the cherry blossoms on Ramsey, Jewel takes the job and covers it up with a bad ass tattoo. The next day her boss lets her go because he is jealous that she did the tattoo and didn’t call him which totally pissed me off but she gets a better opportunity. Ramsey offers her to go on tour with him and the band to expand the tattoo over the next four weeks and Jewel agrees. Sparks start flying between them, but Jewel is hesitant to get involved with Ramsey because of his reputation.


Honestly, this characters or the storyline did nothing for me. I didn’t understand them or their way of handling things. One minute Ramsey is a total womanizer and then the next he acts like a savior. His personalities were giving me whiplash through the entire story. Jewel I found a little on the annoying side, but I did appreciate her characters fire and drive to want to be the best and make it on her own no matter the cost.


As far as the Rock Band series goes I think I will have to pass on the upcoming books and stick with the Unbroken Heroes series. I may not have totally fell in love with Rock Steady but that doesn’t mean others won’t.


FTC Disclosure: The publisher, author, book tour company has provided me with a copy of this book for review or I have purchased it with my own funds. The opinions I share are mine and not influenced by the publisher, author, or book tour company if received for review.

DANGEROUS TO KNOW by Dawn RyderDangerous to Know by Dawn Ryder
Series: Unbroken Heroes #1
Published by St. Martin's Press Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher


Dangerous to Know is the first book in the Unbroken Series by Dawn Ryder and I found it really hard to put down. Every once in a while I like to dive into a romantic suspense book and Dangerous to Know just hit the spot for me. This series is about an elite Special Ops team that does everything you could ever imagine and the men in this series are just drool worthy. From the very beginning I could tell Ms. Ryder was going to give me something special and she did. Normally in many romantic suspense stories you have to guess who the bad guys are but in Dangerous to Know Ms. Ryder hands them over in the very beginning and finding out the why is just as fun as the guessing.


Dangerous to Know is interesting, dangerous and downright sexy! The story starts off  with knowing who sold the intel instead of readers trying to figure it out which captured my attention right away. Zoe’s brother is wondering who is selling classified intel on upcoming missions and the details of those missions. The story then jumps to Zoe meeting two men in a bar not knowing that she is about to become part of a undercover mission to see if her or a member of her family is in fact the one doing the selling of intel. And oh boy does it get juicy!


While Mercer is getting close to Zoe on many levels he doesn’t believe she is actually the one behind what is going on and his suspicions are proved true when Zoe is shot at in her own house. Of course it takes Mercer a little more time to piece things together but the more time he spends with the feisty Zoe and her damn bird the harder he begins to fall and he will do anything to keep her safe.


I didn’t have many problems with this story but the one problem I did find that was bothering me was I felt there were too many povs going on. Not only do we get Zoe and Mercer’s but also the men who are behind this whole shit storm and that’s just to name a few. I did find myself feeling a little frustrated during the other povs because, honestly, it didn’t really change how I was seeing the story and you can simply follow what’s going on.


Mercer and Zoe’s relationship didn’t start off easy, but the way Mercer had to gain her trust by hopping into her bed was just wrong on so many levels but helped kept the story going on how he was trying to earn that trust. Zoe didn’t trust Mercer for many reasons and was hurt when she found out who he really was and what he was doing. From the moment they met they had some really great attraction and I could tell it really affected them both. The secondary characters show some really good potential for the upcoming books in this series that already I am adding to my read list and not waiting patiently for.


The love scenes are hot so you have been warned. It’s not just one drawn out love scene but many, and they are detailed to the point I even thought about turning the air on as it was getting steamy. Zoe and Mercer can’t keep their hands off one another even with danger lurking around corners. But with these two I could feel the deep emotions flowing from them both and knew that it wasn’t just sex, it was turning into something greater and more powerful between them.


Dangerous to Know doesn’t end on a cliffhanger. Yippee! But it does set up for the next book which I am very eager to read at this moment. You won’t want to miss this action packed romance with twists and turns that will make your heart pound.

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