Author: Dee Tenorio

WANTED by Dee Tenorio

WANTED by Dee Tenorio
by Dee Tenorio

Series: Deadly Secrets #2
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC Genres: Suspense
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Former Marine Rick Trelane came back from war scarred inside and out, only to find his hometown overrun by a violent motorcycle club.  Although the biggest threat to his home has now been eradicated, Rick still cannot find peace.  The lone bright spot in his life is his friendship with Whitney Peterson.  That friendship is one Rick will do anything to protect – even deny their growing mutual attraction to one another.


Then a dead body shows up and all signs point to Whitney being the prime suspect.  It becomes clear that the woman Rick thought he knew inside and out has secrets, ones he’ll have to uncover if he is to protect her from an unknown danger.  The closer he and Whitney get, the harder it is for Rick to deny his true feelings for her.  But if a killer has his or her way, neither Rick nor Whitney will live long enough to see if their relationship can survive turning from friends to lovers.


Wanted is dark and dangerous with a healthy dose of sexy goodness thrown in.  Dee Tenorio knows how to blend suspense and steam, and this second Deadly Secrets novel has both in spades.


Rick is a hot as hell undersheriff who has held those he cares about the most at a distance since returning from war.  He’s scarred physically and mentally from his time as a Marine and he truly believes he can’t be the kind of man Whitney deserves.  Of course, he’s completely wrong, and Whitney sees right through his shields to the man within.  She’s smart, kind, and giving – wonderful characteristics that endeared her to me as a reader but qualities that shine all the more brightly once you see what she has survived.  Rick isn’t the only one with horrors in his past and one of the great things about Wanted was watching both he and Whitney heal over the course of the story.


Individually, Rick and Whitney are fantastic characters, but as a couple they’re dynamite.  I love a good friends-to-lovers tale and Wanted is an excellent one.  Ms. Tenorio infuses their burgeoning romantic relationship with heartfelt emotion and serious steam – what’s not to love?


Outside of Rick and Whitney’s romance there is a murder mystery that adds a great amount of suspense to the story.  Bodies are turning up in Marketta and Whitney is the prime suspect.  I loved watching the pieces of the puzzle fit together and Ms. Tenorio does an incredible job of keeping the action engaging while seamlessly blending the suspense with the romance.  Wanted is every bit as good as the fantastic first Deadly Secrets novel, Convicted.  I love this series and I hope we get to return to Marketta soon – there’s an intriguing medical examiner whose story I desperately want to read!

TRUST IN ME by Dee Tenorio

TRUST IN ME by Dee Tenorio

TRUST IN ME by Dee Tenorio
Trust In Me
by Dee Tenorio

Series: Rancho del Cielo #5
Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Shayna

Sometimes falling in love is the easy part...A Rancho del Cielo RomanceLocke Jackman is single, childless...and he has a bad case of empty nest syndrome. For years, as he fought tooth and nail to keep his brothers and sisters together after his parents died, his entire life was focused on his responsibilities. Now his siblings have all moved on with their lives, and there’s no one around to distract him from his overpowering attraction to his sister’s best friend. Their mutual desire is stunning...but then again, so are the secrets keeping them apart. Susie Packard’s nightmarish marriage taught her what happens when she gives in to her weakness for powerful men. Too bad the big, stoic frowner across the street—the one who sets her bells jangling just by breathing—has her in his sights. Try as she might to keep her emotional distance, Locke is determinedly knocking down all her walls. But as much as she wants to be the woman he needs, she knows better than most—passion may have its rewards, but every secret has its price. Warning: This book contains a hot, modern-day Viking seducing his way to the heart of his woman, a stubborn lingerie designer with a world of secrets and a very deep bathtub... Enjoy!


As a young man, Locke Jackman’s future was forever changed when his parents died and he gave up his college career to raise his six younger siblings.  Now that his brothers and sister have all grown up and moved out of the house, Locke is at loose ends.  With an empty house and no distractions, he is no longer able to ignore his sister’s best friend, sexy lingerie store owner Susie Packard.

Susie has it bad for Locke, but she’s been badly burned by love before and has no intention of ever putting herself in a position to be hurt again.  Still, there’s no denying her feelings for Locke and when the sexual tension between them boils over, the consequences have Susie running scared.

Can Locke convince Susie to trust him, in their love, or will the ghosts of her past destroy any chance they have at happiness?

Trust in Me is the most heartbreakingly beautiful book I’ve read this year.  Just when I think I can’t love Dee Tenorio’s work any more than I already do, she delivers a story that blows me away.  Trust in Me is love, trust, passion, poignancy, and, well, life all rolled into one.

Susie’s a smart, successful woman who I’d love to have as a friend.  She’s been hit hard by life and is achingly vulnerable because of it.  I won’t reveal much for fear of spoiling the story, but suffice it to say that even though she pushes Locke away, she has valid reasons for her fears.  Locke has his work cut out for him convincing Susie to “trust in him,” but his doing so made for one heck of a story.  And speaking of Locke… If I had to pick a favorite hero of Ms. Tenorio’s, Locke would be it.  Outwardly he’s all strength, but his commanding presence covers a marshmallow center.  He’s spent years raising and watching over his siblings, but now that they’ve all moved out and are living their own lives, Locke is a bit lost.  He has so much love to give that my heart broke for him ten times over while reading Trust in Me.  He and Susie are an amazing couple — one of Ms. Tenorio’s best, and that’s saying a lot.

Trust in Me brought tears to my eyes a couple of times, but since Ms. Tenorio packs a number of surprises in the book, I can’t say much about the plot without spoiling it for the reader.  I will say that fans of the Rancho del Cielo series will delight in seeing more of the boisterous, loving Jackman family, particularly Amanda of The Virgin’s Revenge and the elder twins, Dean and Daniel.  My only complaint is that I finished Trust in Me wanting more Rancho del Cielo books, more Jackman family stories.  Ms. Tenorio made me want to be part of the Jackman clan (I admit, I have crushes on Dean and Spencer) and I can only hope that readers won’t have to say good-bye to them anytime soon.

Locke and Susie’s journey to the happily ever after they so deserve is an engaging, emotional experience.  Trust me when I say that Trust in Me is a book you do not want to miss!

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