Author: Elle Kennedy

THE MISTAKE by Elle Kennedy

THE MISTAKE by Elle Kennedy

THE MISTAKE by Elle KennedyThe Mistake by Elle Kennedy
Genres: New Adult
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Self Published


Elle Kennedy returns readers back to Briar University in the second installment in the Off- Campus series with The Mistake. I can’t say this enough but I am head over heels in love with this series. As soon as I finished reading The Deal, I jumped right into The Mistake and never looked back.


John Logan has it bad for his best friend’s girl, Hannah. Since Garrett and her have been together John has thrown himself into endless hookups. This is junior year at Briar University and it’s almost time for him to step into the role that has been planned out since he was in high school even though he doesn’t want to. One night he decides to go and visit a friend in the dorms only to knock on the wrong door and meet freshman Grace Ivers. After spending some time with her he knows she is cool to hang out with but he doesn’t want a relationship but she was the distraction he needed to get over Hannah. After he makes that careless remark Grace pushes him away. Logan spends the summer calling and texting but when they still go unanswered it’s time to step up the plan of winning Grace back only it’s not going to be as easy as it seems.


After being humiliated with the encounter with Logan, Grace is determined not to make the same mistakes this year. While she is still attracted to him she knows nothing will come from it. But when Logan starts planning to win her back she decides she isn’t going to make it easy and gives him a list to complete for a date. Will Logan complete the list and win Grace over or will he lose her forever?


The Mistake is a funny, sexy and a little emotional read that kept me wanting more. With The Mistake being a New Adult romance I was expecting un-relatable characters that were filled with drama, but I was pleasantly surprised how real the characters felt and while there is some drama it’s not overly done and broken up with humor. Ms. Kennedy is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors with each book I read. Ms. Kennedy’s writing is smooth and she has a talent for writing characters that seem so well put together on the surface but underneath are more complex.


After reading about John Logan in The Deal I couldn’t wait to find out what his story was and I have to say I was a little shocked. He comes off as sexy, funny and of course talented yet his family situation is holding him back from what he really wants but it’s his turn to put his dreams on hold for his family. Grace was sweet and on the shy side but I loved the growth of her character. After the summer that she was apart from Logan I could see the change in her to having more confidence and her calling all the shots for once.


The Mistake has a slowly building romance with lots of laugh out loud moments and great sexual tension. One of the things I loved most about The Mistake was the list that Grace put together. Not only was I surprised that Logan took the time to do them but really put his heart into them even though his friends were gladly giving him a hard time.


While I did enjoy reading The Mistake I didn’t fall head over heels as I did with the other installments in this series but I still liked it all the same. Once again I have to highly not only recommend The Mistake but the entire Off- Campus series. The characters are fun, sexy and witty and Ms. Kennedy did an excellent job on telling each and every story. Already I am looking forward to reading more by Ms. Kennedy in the future and hoping there is more Off- Campus stories to come.

THE DEAL by Elle Kennedy

THE DEAL by Elle Kennedy

THE DEAL by Elle KennedyThe Deal by Elle Kennedy
Genres: New Adult
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Self Published


After reading The Score and The Goal by Elle Kennedy I knew that someday soon I would start from the beginning in the Off- Campus series and I am so glad the time came sooner rather than later. To be honest this is my first series by Ms. Kennedy and hands down I am already in love with it. Normally I shy away from New Adult but The Deal was just adorable and had me grinning from ear to ear.


Hannah Wells has a crush on the new transfer student Justin who just so happens to be in her ethics class but there is just one problem; Justin doesn’t know she exists. When the majority of her ethics class receives a c or lower her professor requires those students to retake the test, but Hannah isn’t one of them. After class she drops her books and no one other than the captain of the hockey team, Garrett Graham, helps her pick them up, sneaking a look at her grade. When he asks Hannah to tutor him, she says no because she doesn’t have the time but what she is about to find out is that Garrett is stubborn and won’t give up until she gives in.


Garrett Graham might be the captain of the hockey team and he generally makes good grades but after his recent F on his ethics test he knows not only will he be benched but his GPA will be in jeopardy. After finding out Hannah has gotten an A he sets out to convince her to tutor him for one week just to start. After finding out about her crush on Justin, Garrett has a plan. He proposes that they date so Justin will notice her but Garrett’s plan starts to back fire on him. Before he knows it he’s falling for Hannah, he just hopes he doesn’t mess it up.


The Deal is funny, cute, entertaining and sexy. I liked these two characters in The Score right away but in The Deal I actually fell in love with them. Garrett was smart, funny and relentless in pursing Hannah to tutor him. Hannah had a good head on her shoulders and had a sarcastic side that I really enjoyed. One thing that stood out was that Hannah and Garrett are friends for most of the book before they move into the relationship part. They talk, joke around and really do hit it off. When they both start to have lustful feelings for one another I was like yes finally they are going to be a couple but it isn’t an easy road for them. Both Garrett and Hannah have some dark pasts that they will have to overcome but if they stick together they will make it through it.


I really did love The Deal and was glad I decided to take the time to start from the very beginning. Ms Kennedy is no longer a new author to me but an author I will be keeping my eyes out for. Her stories are funny, romantic and contain characters I couldn’t help but love. I highly recommend picking up The Deal if you haven’t done so yet, trust me you won’t be disappointed.

THE GOAL by Elle Kennedy

THE GOAL by Elle Kennedy

THE GOAL by Elle KennedyThe Goal by Elle Kennedy
Series: Off Campus #4
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Self Published


I’m a little late to the Elle Kennedy fan club, but after reading The Score and loving it so much I really couldn’t wait to get my hands on The Goal. When it finally showed up in my inbox I couldn’t decide if I should read it right away or save it for some strange reason, but in the end reading it right away won and naturally I was happy I decided on that. In the latest installment of the Off Campus Series, Ms. Kennedy brings together two very unlikely matches that had me captivated from the first page and their story was one happily ever after that was sweet.


The Goal takes place parallel to Dean and Allie’s story in The Score which was a big plus for me because while I was reading The Score I had so many questions about Tucker and where he was when Dean was falling for Allie and finally I got my answers and loved seeing a new point of view of everything that was going on.
Sabrina James is known as “the bitch” and that might be true, but she has goals and in order to achieve them she has to work two jobs to save money so she can go to Harvard Law School. Living with her nana and gross step father is just a stepping stone in her life. And having a relationship? Forget it. No time. But hook ups are on her list. After meeting Tucker one night after her girlfriends ask her to come out with them, Sabrina knows it will just be one night and offers Tucker a no strings and no phone numbers relationship. But there is just one problem; after their one night Sabrina can’t forget him and his persistence in dating her is winning her over slowly. In order for Sabrina and Tucker to actually have a shot Sabrina must trust him and trust is hard for her. Can she finally let down her walls and have it all?

John Tucker knows a hockey career isn’t in his future, but he has his own goals. After his father passed away when he was little, his mom did everything she could to make sure he had everything he wanted and once he graduates he is moving back to Texas to start his own business and to help his mom out. But after meeting Sabrina he knows things are about to get interesting. What he doesn’t plan on is how they are going to change completely. Tucker knew he wanted Sabrina at first sight but he doesn’t understand why she won’t agree to at least one date with him, but he can see in order to win her over, he will have to show her he can be trusted and be there for her even when the best laid plans are changed.

Going from The Score to The Goal right away I could see the difference in the male characters. Tucker was definitely more of a nester of sorts. He wants to date and he wants a family when the time is right, sure he speaks about having hook ups at times but in the long run he wants what his parents had and I found him refreshingly sweet. I really enjoyed his persistence in wanting to date Sabrina even though she keeps turning him down but as the story started to progress I wanted to say “Tucker forget her I will take you” because damn this man was just wow!


Sabrina took a little longer for me to really like. After reading about her and Dean I was kind of iffy she was going to be a good heroine but once I started to read more of her story I couldn’t help but start to like her character. Does she come off as a bitch? Sometimes. But I also enjoyed the other side of her. I could see she was driven and caring but couldn’t really let herself go the way other college kids were because of her past and home life. I wouldn’t say I felt bad for her but I did feel for her and was glad Tucker is the one she ended up with in the end.


Sabrina and Tucker really heat up the pages. The first time they are together was explosive and even they were shaken up by their first encounter, but when it was over I was really shocked that Sabrina wanted nothing to do with him again. I mean, when it’s good don’t you want more? It takes some time but these two were opposites and I really liked how Sabrina not only starts to want more of Tucker in the bedroom but looks forward to spending time with him and his sexy southern drawl.


The Goal is written in dual povs which helped with it feeling more realistic. Ms. Kennedy really brought her A -game with The Goal, it was funny, sweet, and really kept me wanting more! The emotional parts really got to me and I was glad this story had those parts because it showed whatever your plan it isn’t always set in stone and Tucker and Sabrina go through it all, but the one thing that stuck was them having each other’s back even though things weren’t easy on either of them.


If you read the previous stories, don’t worry there are many moments when the crew is all together. I really did love this group of friends and how much they cared for one another. This is a group of friends that no matter what life throws at them and the paths that they take they will always be there for one another.

Is this the last book in the Off Campus series? For a moment I thought so but towards the end we learn more about Fitzy and a certain someone who will be attending Briar next year who has Fitzy ready to run for the hills or drink more beer at least. Ms. Kennedy has a plan and for that I am excited since I just started this series and I’m not ready to let go of these characters just yet. Or maybe it will turn into a spin-off series because some of the younger players are added in the mix a little more in The Goal. Either way I know I’ll be reading and that’s why I have to recommend The Goal to everyone.

THE SCORE by Elle Kennedy

THE SCORE by Elle Kennedy

THE SCORE by Elle KennedyThe Score by Elle Kennedy
Series: Off Campus #3
Genres: New Adult
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Self Published

Reviewed by Dani

I’m not a lover of hockey and I’m just getting into the New Adult genre but I have to say The Score was just wow! Once I stared it I stayed up just to finish because this is just one of the books where I just had to know the outcome before I went to sleep. New Adult stories might not be for everyone but I truly believe that if you read The Score you won’t be disappointed.


Allie just broke up with her boyfriend of three years and he isn’t taking it well. Sure they have broken up a few times in the past but they always got back together but this time Allie is really done. When her ex texts her that he is stopping by to talk, Allie knows she can’t let that happen or she will take him back, so she calls her best friend who offers up her boyfriend’s room for the weekend since they will be out of town. It’s a good plan until she comes face to face with Dean who looks like he’s getting ready to participate in a threesome. Allie knows Dean is only out for a good time but as the night progresses and the drinks start to flow she wonders if this will be the best or the worst mistake of her life.


After one drunken night with Allie, Dean can’t get her off his mind. While she says there will not be a repeat performance “little Dean” isn’t getting the memo and only gets hard around her which is frustrating him to no end. Easy hookups? Bye-bye. Now Dean is out to convince Allie to have a little fun, but there are a few problems standing in the way. Allie is a nester and, well, Dean’s last relationship in high school didn’t end well so he tells everyone up front what the score is. Allie knows what she is getting into but the problem is that Dean doesn’t realize that the more time he spends with her the harder he will fall.


Hands down I just loved this book and I can’t stress that enough. I loved the whole player turned one woman man scenario and Elle Kennedy did it so well. At first I was like I don’t know if I am going to like Dean because he seems like a cocky asshole but as the story went on I couldn’t help but gush over him. He wasn’t the type for flowers, hearts and sweet kisses but I’ll be damned if he didn’t do some of the sweetest and unexpected things at times. The change in Dean just after a few pages of his pursuit of Allie was unexpected but remarkable.


Both these characters had multiple strengths and weakness and the way Kennedy had them play off one another was just perfect. Their interactions are funny and nearly had me in tears from laughing so much. There is a twilight reference between Dean and one of his friends that had me DYING!! And a bathroom scene with a dildo that had me chuckling so hard I had tears streaming down my face it was that funny. While this story had great humor it also had a lot of steamy scenes. When these two have their first night together I have to say I was pretty bummed with the lack of details but Kennedy made up for it in the long run with little flashbacks. Trust me, when reading, have a cold glass of ice water next to you because Allie and Dean are scorching HOT!


Not only is this my first book in the Off- Campus series but also by Kennedy and I really enjoyed it. I loved seeing the changes in Dean throughout the entire book and the growth his character showed. After reading The Score I will be going back to start from the very beginning and I am already looking forward to more books in the future. If you are looking for humor, heart, sexy and something that will have you up all night I am highly recommending everyone to read this one!

HIM by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

HIM by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

HIM by Sarina Bowen & Elle KennedyHim by Elle Kennedy, Sarina Bowen
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Self Published

Born with the proverbial silver spoon Bostonian Ryan ‘Wes’ Wesley had the best of everything growing up.  Excellent schools, private hockey coaches, everything except love from his insensitive parents.  He had a trophy mother more interested in heading charity foundations and a father who only cared when Wes made hockey winning headlines.  Each year Wes looked forward to six weeks of hockey camp with his best friend.  Those were the weeks Wes cherished every year.


The youngest of six boisterous children, California native Jamie Canning was the oddball in his football mad family.  Well aware his parents didn’t have extra money Jamie was always grateful to be sent to summer hockey camp.  It’s also the one time he got to see his best friend every year.


At their very last summer camp before heading off to college and responsibility a silly bet turns ugly.  One cuts off all contact and the other is left wondering what went so wrong.


Four years later Wes and Jamie meet again on the ice in their final collage hockey championship.  Unanswered questions hang over them both.  Acknowledging their bond is easy, starting over not so much.


Incredibly poignant.  Insightful, yet also lusty.  Him is the total package.  Told in first person point of view Wes and Jamie take turns telling their story.  Authors Bowen and Kennedy fan the flames and deliver a masterfully written character driven romance.  There’s just enough hockey talk to draw the reader onto the ice and into the locker room without going overboard.  Humor, intelligent dialogue, and sensual loving lands Him on the keeper shelf.  I Joyfully recommend Him. Wes and Jamie’s story is one to cherish.



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