Author: Ellen Cross


Throwaway Mate
by Ellen Cross

Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Science Fiction
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Unloved and despised by his parents his entire life Aiden was grateful for the tenderness his brother and sister showed.  Aiden’s unusual talent with anything mechanical and the money he brought in was the only time they noticed him at all.  The day slavers took Aiden from his home was an entirely new horror.


Nine long months of hell on the planet R526 began.  Aiden, a handful of women, and several dozens of children were forced to hunt through garbage for tech.  Whenever he could sneak away Aiden worked on a derelict space junker until the day he and the other slaves escaped.


Managing to limp through space with its precious cargo to the planet Brylon, Aiden is barely able to land.  Between the decaying ship and Aiden’s injuries during the escape they are lucky to arrive in one piece.  Aiden’s last act is to lock himself in the cockpit and pray for death.  It’s time to end a life no one will miss.  Or so Aiden believes.


A powerfully wrenching, emotional journey is told in Throwaway Mate.  Such sorrow and heartache is felt within the pages of Aiden’s story.  His hero is discovered in the form of a medic on Brylon.  Their romance twists and engages the reader throughout.  The triumph of their relationship, as well as other surprises, make Throwaway Mate a real page turner.  Shoulder the pain and share the joy of this riveting tale.


Shifting the Veil
by Ellen Cross

Series: Preternatural Rescue Centre #9
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: Gay, Menage, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

The Halloween season has arrived.  A time for human trick or treats and a time when all others know the Veil between worlds is thinnest.  Hopefully it will also be an opportunity for the guardians to locate a missing member of their team.


Something told merman Morgan to dive through the portal the dark Mages were shoving their captive shifters and themselves into before it closed.  The guardians managed to save the caged peregrine falcon shifter from the same fate, but they were too late to stop any others.


At least Morgan managed the feat sight unseen.  After scaling the enemy compound Morgan comes across the last person he expects to see, Toby.  The mixed vampire, shadowkin/Elf has been telepathically helping the guardians for some time from his cell within the compound.  He refuses Morgan’s attempt at freeing him, saying that he’s still needed in the enemy camp.  It’s not time for him, but the merman must free the shifters before they can be used again.  The significance of the shifters to Morgan becomes apparent the moment he locates their cells.  Freedom is the goal.  By any means necessary.


An endearing romance comes alive.  Enjoy the adventure in Shifting the Veil, the ninth installment in the popular Preternatural Rescue Centre series.  Noble Morgan deals with one loving mate and another very prickly mate as the guardians battle the ultimate evil.  The merman is challenged time and again to prove his love with patience and passion. This addictive series keeps getting better and better with each new book.


Sacrificing It All
by Ellen Cross

Series: Preternatural Rescue Centre #11
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Prematurely ripped from his mother’s womb and raised by an evil shadowkin/Elf and his Mage disciples Toby has never known the simplest kindness in his life.  His only solace are the telepathic glimpses of the future and the whispers of contact with the guardians Toby manages to make.  Someday he will be saved.  Someday he will be granted peace within the arms of the angel Raziel, his mate.


The shadowkin Mages released a plague within the population of Preter before the guardians could stop them.  They are doing everything within their power to find a cure, but so far their attempts have proved unsuccessful.


The moment of freedom finally comes for Toby.  It is utter joy to be held by the angel fate decreed his own.  Unfortunately Toby is also aware of the price he will chose to pay in order to save everyone afflicted by the plague.  The choice is simple. The outcome bittersweet and final.


Sacrificing It All is the kickass ending to a wonderful series.  This story gives readers everything they’ve been waiting for in the climatic ending to the Preternatural Rescue Centre arc.  Author Ellen Cross writes a twisty, sexy, and suspenseful series which culminates in this heart wrenching, poignant end.  Raziel and Toby’s romance is exactly what fans are hoping to read.  The characters breathe life into each of their stories while the plotlines are always first rate. An absorbing, satisfying ending, Sacrificing It All neatly wraps up the tales of the guardians and the shadowkin.  Absolutely addictive fun.


Soothing His Tempest
by Ellen Cross

Series: Preternatural Rescue Centre #8
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

It is up to Lucien, an Elemental, to direct the storm and the violent lightning so the guardians can rescue one of their own from the clutches of the shadowkin and the dark Mages.  During the mission a lightning strike accidentally grazes a peregrine falcon in the sky.  In a heroic effort Lucien manages to catch the injured bird of prey as it spirals to the ground.


Taking the unconscious falcon back to the guardians’ bunker for healing the group is stunned to see the peregrine is in fact a shifter.  But no one is more surprised than Lucien as he recognizes Perry, his childhood best friend.


Perry tells the group of being used by the dark Mages in some kind of horrible ceremony.  He also tells them of three other shifters who desperately need to be saved too.


As they search for the others Perry and Lucien renew their friendship and know that they are meant to be together as mates.  What no one saw coming was the danger still following the falcon.  When Perry goes missing Lucien is frantic to save his love.  He will unleash a storm of epic proportions to save the shifter he’s fallen for.


A danger packed drama.  Readers are drawn into Soothing His Tempest as Lucien uses the power of the storm to save Perry from harm.  Torn apart as young love began, the Elemental and the shifter find happiness as adults in this sexy, tender tale.  The guardians’ battle against evil continues in the eighth Preternatural Rescue Centre story.  Each love story in the series is intertwined with their fight and should be read in order to truly enjoy.  Embrace the romance and deny the darkness in Soothing His Tempest.


Stealing Enchantments
by Ellen Cross

Series: Preternatural Rescue Centre #7
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Since the destruction of the Delta Rehabilitation Centre the guardians’ bunker has served as a halfway home for the centre’s displaced victims.  Among the group are a whole bunch of water sprites who are irritating little brats as far as leprechaun guardian Shamus is concerned.


One in particular is even more of a brat and Shamus is certain that Zee is stealing into the leprechaun’s personal rooms, taking his things.  Someone’s stolen his most prized possession, his soul stone and Shamus needs it back, the sooner the better.


Everyone in the bunker is watching the sparks fly between Shamus and Zee.  Both protest feelings of animosity towards each other, yet when the leprechaun goes missing it is the water sprite who leads the charge for his rescue.  Anyone in the way had better move.


Frustration turns sexual between a cheeky water sprite and a guardian leprechaun in Stealing Enchantments.  Their bickering and their individual secrets manage to make Stealing Enchantments a total blast.  Fans of the series will love the seventh installment in the Preternatural Rescue Centre while new readers would be better off starting at the first book.  Investing in these characters can’t be helped with this exciting series.  Each book is better than the last.

WINGS OF EXILE by Ellen Cross

Shadowkin and dark Mage leader Denzel’s recent explosion of evil has left a jagged tear in the Veil.  Beings of heaven above will do their part to heal the damage and stop banished creatures from escaping their fate.  Gregorian angel Dorian and an apprentice are tasked with observing the after effects of the damage.  Continue Reading


Lee doesn’t know how long he’s been imprisoned. At this point he’s lost track of time.  He’s been sealed in a room with a hatch at the floor that allows a sandwich and water once a day.  A glimpse of a hand is his only contact with the outside world. His last memory of beingContinue Reading


For more than a year omega wolf shifter Grant has taken care of his 13 year old sister Kaylie.  Barely out of his teens Grant was forced to take charge after their small farm was attacked by shadowkin.  Their parents died while giving Grant and Kaylie the time to escape.  On the run the siblingsContinue Reading


The guardians are doing everything possible to chip away at dark elf Denzel’s powerbase.  To that end when they get the opportunity to do some damage guardian vampire Dante volunteers for the job.  Unfortunately the enemy is alerted to Dante’s arrival and flees.   Dante may be too late to stop the entire structure fromContinue Reading


Five years ago Adam lost the love of his life to an aneurysm.  It was so senseless. Declan went to sleep and never woke.  They may not have been mates in the truest sense but their love was real.  With the holidays approaching Adam knows it’s past time to get rid of the old ChristmasContinue Reading

FRACTURED by Ellen Cross

The guardians have been singled out to fight the shadowkin whose sole purpose is to cause death and destruction.  Intel gathered let the guardians know that Denzel, a dark elf is the shadowkin leader bent on twisting life to his evil will.  Davis Briggs, a black cougar shifter is a guardian determined to save andContinue Reading


Playboy, naughty boy dingo shifter Farron got into hot water with Fate herself because of his less than exemplary behavior.  As penance Farron is charged with matching up mates and goes by the ignoble name of Fairy Fuck Father.   Ben grew up in the foster system with a group of boys who became hisContinue Reading

DELTA BLUES by Ellen Cross

Thought to be extinct by shifter society, the few remaining Dire Wolves covertly protect by guarding the veil between worlds every Samhain.  The team is also sent to investigate when shifters are suspected of abusing their laws and their people. Alpha Gray and the Dire Wolf team are sent to the town of Praeter toContinue Reading

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