Author: J.D. Tyler

BLACK MOON by J. D. Tyler

BLACK MOON by J. D. Tyler
Black Moon
by J.D. Tyler

Published by Penguin Genres: Paranormal
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A group of former Navy SEALS, the Alpha Pack is a top-secret team of wolf shifters with Psy powers combating the greatest dangers in the world. But sometimes those dangers are more intimate than they bargained for… Ever since he saved Dr. Mackenzie Grant’s life, panther shifter and sorcerer Kalen Black has had trouble keeping the beautiful doctor out of his thoughts, and his heart. The brush with death awakened an intense passion between them—one that for the first time had the notorious loner letting down his guard. With the Alpha Pack battling an evil Fae who is slowly gaining control over Kalen’s mind, Kalen can no longer trust his own actions, and he breaks off his affair with Mackenzie in order to keep her safe. But when Mackenzie learns that she is carrying Kalen’s child, no amount of danger will keep her away from the man she loves. To protect his mate and unborn child, Kalen will have to battle a terrible evil, unleash the full fury of his power, and risk destroying them all…

Dr. Mackenzie (Mac) Grant works in the infirmary, which does a lot more than just heal wounded members of the Alpha Pack, a top-secret team of wolf shifters with Psy powers who work with the government to keep the world safe.  She and the other doctors also help them adjust to difficult situations and give them all the backup they can.  For Mac even getting to work there was a feat as her father is a member of the military who knows all about who and what the Pack is and he wasn’t real happy when Mac won the job.  Mac became very, very close to one of the new members of the Alpha Pack – a young, powerful and gothic Sorcerer.


Kalen Black is a mixture of many backgrounds; first he is a can shift into a jaguar and he is also a sorcerer even though his control over his powers isn’t the best right now.  Kalen hasn’t had the best of lives in his short 20 something years and he was on his own and roaming when the Alpha Pack found him and made him a part of their unit.  Now Kalen isn’t sure if he is better off with his new situation compared to his old one, but when he and Mac had an unforgettable night together it changed something in Kalen.


Kalen knows that Mac is his mate, but rather than let her know or even the other pack members, Kalen works on driving her away to protect her.  Kalen knows that something dark is within him and it seems to be coming out now and he refuses to have the darkness ruin the sweetness he found in Mac.  Mac has no idea why Kalen has suddenly turned her away but she isn’t about to let him get away with it, especially now that she has learned there is a reason to become even closer to him.  As Kalen fights to learn more about that darkness, he discovers things about himself that can not only put himself and Mac in danger but the entire Alpha Pack.  On the WTF mode, Kalen learns that he has family and it’s very close to him right now.  Unfortunately, those family members are also light and dark.  Mac believes in Kalen and his ability to defeat that darkness with love and support, now she just has to convince him, her father and the pack commander.  It has come down to a final battle of good against bad or light and dark in Kalen’s mind.  When the night is over, has Kalen defeated that darkness trying to turn him as black as his eyeliner or has he finally proven himself with the light and earned his right to finally experience all the love that Mac is offering him?


The battle between good and evil has changed involving species who have feet in the paranormal world fighting side by side with humans.  Within this battleground, a young human doctor and a gothic sorcerer fight for their love against all the odds in Black Moon.  I thought it was bad enough that Kalen had to fight the darkness invading his mind but when I saw he also had to prove himself to the very men who should have his back – I was outraged for him.  I enjoyed watching Mac standing up not only to Kalen, but also her father and even the Alpha Pack members when they were downing Kalen.  There were several times when I wasn’t sure if Kalen would come out of the darkness and survive in the light, even with the huge reason to do so that Mac had given him.  There were several times that I wanted to bounce a few of the pack members against a wall to knock some sense in them, but even that was taken care of by the time I turned the last page.  Kalen and Mac have more than earned the right to their happiness in my mind with this battle for Kalen’s life.  I will be watching to see how they grow in the future books.  Black Moon is intense with emotions and has a large suspense factor added in, when I add that in to Mac and Kalen’s journey to their ultimate happy ending, I found it to be an excellent addition to any paranormal library. 


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