Author: Jackie Ashenden


THE BIG, BAD BILLIONAIRE by Jackie AshendenThe Big, Bad Billionaire by Jackie Ashenden
Series: DeSantis Brothers
Published by Swerve Genres: Contemporary, Erotic
Source: Publisher


Billionaire CEO Rafe DeSantis is taking want he wants and he wants Ms. Ella Hart.  Rafe has a few anger issues. He was sent away when he was young because his parents couldn’t be bothered with him.  He left one crappy situation and landed in a worse one.  He’s all grown up and back for revenge.

Ella Hart hasn’t had the easiest life.  She lost both her parents within months of each other, became the ward of the DeSantis family and went to live with her grandmother.  She threw herself into her passion for dance.  Now she wants to attend a summer dance program in Europe but to get the funds for the trip she must go through her guardian.  Ella soon finds that Rafe DeSantis is now her guardian and he has specific requirements before he will release the money to her.

Rafe has Ella where he’s always wanted her but will his plan to seduce her end the way he’s always dreamed, or will the big bad wolf end up all alone?

Author Jackie Ashenden’s reimagining of Little Red Riding Hood is not your average fairytale.  The Big, Bad Billionaire is sexy in the sweetest of ways. Initially, I was afraid that Rafe was going to be a complete ass.  He’s an aggressive alpha with a hankering for revenge.  It soon becomes clear that Rafe’s feelings for Ella are quite intense.  He doesn’t handle his feelings like most would.  Most would ask the girl they are attracted to out on a date but Rafe decides to use extortion instead.

Ella is a quiet and reserved young woman trying to figure out life.  She is taken aback by Rafe’s proposal and the feelings he provokes within her.  It’s easy to feel deeply for both lonely characters.  The attraction between them is sensual and titillating and the plot is swift and enthralling.  The Big, Bad Billionaire is one fairytale you don’t want to miss. Prepare to be hot and bothered by one sexy alpha and the innocent little red riding hood in The Big, Bad Billionaire.


MAKE YOU MINE by Jackie Ashenden

MAKE YOU MINE by Jackie AshendenMake You Mine by Jackie Ashenden
Series: Nine Circles #2
Published by St. Martin's Press Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Source: Publisher


Alex St. James makes the very difficult decision to confront his past. A decision that has been a very long time coming. In order to make this plan work he needs his body guard Katya Ivanov to play the part of his girlfriend. As former Russian military, playing a rich man’s girlfriend is not exactly something Katya feels comfortable with but when Alex offers to help her fulfil a promise she has no choice but to agree. As danger and conspiracy surrounds them Alex and Katya find the attraction that has always simmered below the surface bubbles to the top. Can they survive the danger and make a future together or will the past pull them apart?


Make You Mine is the second story in Jackie Ashenden’s Nine Circles Novels. Having read and thoroughly enjoyed the first book, Mine To Take, I was ecstatic when I discovered that Alex’s story was next. Through the book Alex infuriated me, broke my heart and made me fall in love. Add Kayta with her promise that could change everything and Make You Mine is a ride that I never wanted to end!!

MINE TO TAKE by Jackie Ashenden

MINE TO TAKE by Jackie AshendenMine to Take by Jackie Ashenden
Series: Nine Circles #1
Published by St. Martin's Press Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher


Gabriel Wolf has thought of nothing but revenge against the man who ruined his mother’s life, his own father. Now the time is finally here. But in order to finally make him pay he is forced to use his father’s step-daughter. Honor St. James isn’t stupid, she knows that Gabriel is a ruthless man but that doesn’t stop her from falling in love with him. What is unexpected is that Gabriel finds himself falling for her too. When it comes to down to a choice will Gabriel chose Honor and the love she offers him or the revenge he’s been planning forever?


This is my first book by Jackie Ashenden but she’s going on my “must be read” list right now! Wow! Gabriel and Honor’s story kept me turning pages, wanting them both to get over the past and accept that they were meant to be together. Add to this the other members of the Nine Circles and Jackie Ashenden has reeled me in!! Mine to Take should be every romance lovers list of books!

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