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SPELL FALL by Jacob Z. Flores

SPELL FALL by Jacob Z. FloresSpell Fall by Jacob Z. Flores
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
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High school senior Drake Carpenter has learned the hard way that life isn’t always fair.  The loss of his parents and leaving his Texas home was difficult.  At least his Aunt Millie was there for him.  And he held his own against a snotty senior called Mason Blackmoor.


Everything changed once more when Drake discovered the world of magic through Mason, the boy he fell in love with.  Tragedy struck again when evil beings murdered his beloved Aunt Milly.  It seems as though every time Drake turns around something awful or fantastic is going on.  If someone had told Drake a year ago that he’d be surrounded by warlocks and other beings who care for him, never mind Mason who loves Drake with his entire heart, the teen wouldn’t have believed it.


At the moment the Blackmoor family and their lovers, including Drake, are searching for an evil stronger than anything they’ve come across so far.  Oh, and there’s a new boy at school, Will Hopkins who Drake feels kind of sorry for and Mason doesn’t trust.  The one certainty is knowing that together they are stronger and able to face any evil.  Before long new revelations are going to strain their love to the nth degree. Seems it’s time to prove their bond yet again.


Deliciously dark and incredibly loving Spell Fall is finally here.  Book four in the highly absorbing series The Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge returns readers to their action packed magical world once more.  The newly revealed secrets are unbelievable.  Totally addictive, Spell Fall keeps readers on the edge of their seats.  And the series never disappoints with great characters and always imaginative storylines.  Drake and Mason are impossible to resist.  Curl up and relax with Spell Fall.


UNDERCOVER BOYFRIEND by Jacob Z. FloresUndercover Boyfriend by Jacob Z. Flores
Series: One Fine Day
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
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Comic book artist Marty Valdez is caught between a loving, nosy family and the white lies he’s told to keep them off his back.  Dating Christian had been a disaster as the guy kept cheating until Marty finally had enough and ended their relationship.  To keep his family from nagging him about his single status Marty invented Tim Drake, underwear model.  With his sister’s impending wedding everyone expects Marty to bring Tim as his date.


FBI Special Agent Luke Myers has managed to infiltrate El Dragon’s cartel in San Antonio.  A meeting with one of the cartel’s henchmen however doesn’t go so well.  After barely escaping with his life Luke realizes that someone in the local FBI office has to be a mole.


Under less than ideal circumstances Luke and Marty meet and come to a wild agreement since both are desperate for help.  The agent needs a place to lie low until he can figure out who he can trust.  Marty needs someone to accompany him to his sister’s wedding.  Their unlikely introduction doesn’t begin to cover what happens next.


Undercover Boyfriend tells an irresistible and utterly charming tale of secrets, white lies, and love at first sight.  The main characters are refreshingly interesting and their chemistry is realistic.  A slightly ludicrous plotline and the obvious secrets don’t detract in any way from the enjoyment of this story.  A wacky love story perhaps, but Undercover Boyfriend is pure fun.

SOUL STRUCK by Jacob Z. Flores

SOUL STRUCK by Jacob Z. FloresSoul Struck by Jacob Z. Flores
Series: The Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge #3
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Pierce Blackmoor is having a really rough time these days.  His world has been turned upside down.  He was always the strongest sibling growing up and as the oldest it’s his right to be the best.  Recent events however have given middle brother Thad and baby brother Mason a much increased power burst which has left Pierce the weak link, at least in his eyes.


As the most powerful Warlock family the Blackmoor’s are charged with doing their part to protect the Gate, which is the source of all magic.  Along with the strongest witch and wizard families it is their duty to keep the Gate safe.  The Conclave who govern the three factions have charged them with protecting the Gate from an evil threat bent on total destruction.  Recent battles with their enemy are what gave Thad and Mason more effective magical talent, as well as partners to love.


During a magical temper tantrum with his brothers Pierce inadvertently injures the emissary of the Beast King who has come to beg help from the Conclave.  A virus is killing the shifters on their island of Aeaea and without magical aid they will all perish.


The exact opposite of the hot headed warlock, Kale Aquilo is a shy, gentle shifter. He’s come for help and that’s exactly what Pierce volunteers, regardless of his current lack of confidence.  As they investigate and realize the shifter illness points to their enemy Pierce and Kale are drawn to each other.  When Kale’s life is threatened the warlock will do anything to save his very own shifter.  Anything at all.


The third stunning installment in the fantastical Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge series, Soul Struck absolutely satisfies. His own worst enemy, Pierce is struggling with identity issues he’s heaping on himself.  The shifter Kale is the perfect counterpoint in this intense drama.  Soul Struck could be read as a standalone story, but to truly empathize with the family dynamics readers would profit from reading this series in order.  Chilling, dark moments are balanced against a spirited love story.  Enjoy Soul Struck.  This series does not disappoint.

BLOOD TIED by Jacob Z. Flores

BLOOD TIED by Jacob Z. FloresBlood Tied by Jacob Z. Flores
Series: The Warlock Brothers of Havenwood #2
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Middle brother Thad Blackmoor is the warlock his family leans on for responsible behavior and arcane knowledge since the loss of his mother.  Between his warlock family, the Proctor witches and the Stonewall wizards they are charged with protecting the Gate, the place where all magic resides.


The Sabbat is near so it’s about time to go home.  There’s no question in Thad’s mind that his dad and brothers are waiting for him to get them organized for the ceremony.  He’d planned to leave school in plenty of time, but a very hot night with a newcomer messed up his schedule and now he’s late.


Minutes from home, Thad encounters a banshee on a murderous rage and a gorgeous fire fairy in trouble.  Using his magical skills Thad handles the situation and saves Prince Aiden Teine, who thanks the warlock before going through the veil to Otherworld.


Apparently fate has something powerful in store for Thad.  The warlock he slept with at school, Ben Crane is in his home.  Banshees interrupt their sacred ceremony and Aiden makes another appearance.   Unknown deadly forces are gathering and at the center of it all – Thad.


Return for another heart pounding Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge story in Blood Tied.  Rigid, sensible Thad is called upon to save the day this time.  Bone chilling suspense compels the reader to finish Blood Tied in one sitting.  A skillful blend of riveting drama, potent passion, and edgy intensity, Blood Tied is addictive.  One warning however, Blood Tied can be read as a standalone twisty romance, but an important subplot is ruined if you haven’t read this series in order.  Can’t wait for eldest brother Pierce’s book…

SPELL BOUND by Jacob Z. Flores

SPELL BOUND by Jacob Z. Flores

SPELL BOUND by Jacob Z. FloresSpell Bound by Jacob Z. Flores
Series: The Warlock Brothers of Havenwood #1
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Havenbridge is a picturesque, lovely town in Massachusetts.  The human population is unaware of the existence of the Gate within their town, the power base of all magic.  It is protected by the three most gifted families from each sect, the Witches, the Wizards, and the Warlocks.  Each family balances the other and the magic they guard.


Mason Blackmoor is the tough guy at Havenbridge High School.  Everyone does their best to avoid the teen and his friends.  His rep is fearsome though honestly he’s never actually hurt anyone.  What they don’t realize is that Mason is a warlock.  He lives at Blackmoor Manor with two older brothers and his father who each control powerful magic.  Mason unfortunately has yet to discover his own gift.  With so much power in the Manor it was heartbreaking to lose Mason’s mother to cancer six months ago.


No one in memory has stood up to Mason until the new transfer student Drake Carpenter arrives in town.  They can’t seem to be in the same room together without trash talking each other.  But at the same time they cannot stand to spend time apart.


As Mason and Drake continue to argue one minute and secretly lust the next a horrifying discovery is made.  Someone is viciously murdering people they know.  The Gate is in danger.  Everything happening is wrapped up in Mason and the teen from Texas.  In the end will it be a choice between protecting the Gate or protecting their love?  Through all the secrets and misunderstandings Mason and Drake must stand together or all is lost.


Every high school has a ‘bad boy’.  At Havenbridge it is irresistible Mason Blackmoor, the bad boy warlock.  Feel yourself drawn into the drama and watch the magical mysteries unfold in Spell Bound.  Drake Carpenter’s arrival seems to be the catalyst that sets everything in motion.  Both teens appear to be strong and tough yet hide fragile hearts.  Their teen relationship is well written, sexual attraction deftly handled.  Amazing emotional highs and lows keep the reader engaged in this first book of The Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge.  A most definite page turner, Spell Bound is spell binding.  I Joyfully recommend Spell Bound.  This is edge of the seat entertaining.

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