Author: Jayne Castle

ILLUSION TOWN by Jayne Castle

ILLUSION TOWN by Jayne Castle

ILLUSION TOWN by Jayne CastleIllusion Town by Jayne Castle
Series: Harmony World
Published by Berkley Publishing Group Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Hannah West is a native of Illusion Town and a shop owner.  She also has an online business as a finder of lost items due to her very unusual talent.  Hannah has worked hard for all she has, and now she is on the hunt to discover her past, because her parents were killed when she was very young.  Hannah normally never meets her clients in real life, much less go out on a date with them, however, one client has gained her interest, and she finds herself giving in and agreeing to a date.


Elias Coppersmith is in charge of his family’s R & D department.  He also has an unusual talent to find hot stones and discover their properties.  First, Elias found Hannah and hired her to locate a ring that has been missing from his family for many, many years.  Not long after she found and returned his ring to him, Elias started working her to accept a date from him.  After all, he wasn’t a client anymore.


The night of their date changed their lives, both in the near future and maybe even long term.  They woke up after their date in a hotel, married, and with little memory of what happened the night before.  Following the clues, they slowly begin to piece together the events and attack that unfolded, which led to their hasty marriage.  Not sure which of them was the focus of the attack, Elias and Hannah hurry to take care of an emergency which originally changed their date into a work event, during which they learned just how good of a team they really are.  Their teamship will be important as they return to Illusion Town only to discover that Hannah was the focus of the original attack, and she is still in danger.  Elias isn’t about to let anything happen to Hannah and they once again work together to discover just what and who is behind the attacks on Hannah.  While hunting those answers, Elias and Hannah are quickly learning that the curious interest that led to the date is fast becoming a passion as hot as the stones that can be found in Harmony.  Answers are coming fast and furious now, but will they find the last one in time to save Hannah from a killer from her past?


Harmony is a wondrous world anyway, but even natural wonders must step aside for the human need to play and gamble hard.  That is exactly what Illusion Town is on Harmony (think Las Vegas).  It is in this surrounding that Elias and Hannah discover each other, unmask a killer, and find a passion that leads to a deep love.  I had to giggle as I watched Hannah and Elias wake up to find themselves married and with no memory about the night before.  Then again, when you are in a place known for playing hard and fast easy marriages, it could happen.  I really enjoyed watching as they learned exactly what had them entering into their marriage.  I also loved following along as they defeated not one or even two groups out to stop them, but also a mastermind that was behind more than just the danger to Hannah.  Of course, I fell for Hannah’s dust bunny friend—because, Hello! It is Harmony.


Illusion Town is a fast-paced story filled with suspense and danger with equal parts of humor and passion.  I have loved all of the stories based on Harmony and this new sub-series in the world was no exception.  I can’t wait to learn even more about this fantastical area of Harmony and those who live there.  The intriguing plot and characters and this new part of a well-loved world is why I’m Joyfully Recommending Illusion Town as a must-read.

SIREN’S CALL by Jayne Castle

SIREN’S CALL by Jayne Castle

SIREN’S CALL by Jayne CastleSiren's Call by Jayne Castle
Series: Harmony #16
Published by Jove Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Ella Morgan is a powerful talent, but it’s one she keeps very secret, and only her family knows just what her talent really is. Ella now uses her talent in a much lower concentration as a dream counselor. Once again, it’s wedding season and Ella’s calendar is full as she is the bridesmaid of choice by her friends at their weddings.  Ella would love to register with a match making agency, but knowing she will have to lie about her talent has Ella accepting that she will never be the bride.  After all, just who would willingly marry a full blown siren?


Rafe Coppersmith is also a powerful talent, one that is very useful to his powerful family.  He can find and figure out how to make alien objects work because he understands hot crystal and quartz and most of the alien artifacts are made out of quartz and crystal.  Because Rafe doesn’t really fit into the family business, he also freelances for the FBPI and the Guild task force when needed.  It was one of those jobs that brought Rafe into contact with Ella.


Ella was helping a distressed dust bunny when she met Rafe, and then he just disappeared out of her life for months.  However, the dust bunny became hers and helped Ella move her business into the bigtime.  Now Rafe is back, and he wants Ella to come to Rainshadow Island to help with a contact that his family has there.  Rafe figured out what Ella was when they first met, and it only intrigued him, but circumstances kept him away.  However, Rafe is more than willing to take up where he left if only Ella will agree.  Ella agrees to help Rafe with his mission, but she has no intention of letting him into her heart.  Danger meets Rafe and Ella as soon as they step onto the island, and it only gets stranger as they get going.  Now, not only are they dealing with the danger created by the ancient aliens, but they are dealing with a fringe group—one that isn’t quite what it appears. Rafe and Ella have fallen deeply in love, but there will be no happy ever after for them until they defeat both of the dangers facing them.


A frantic dust bunny unintentionally brings two strong talents together and helps them find a lasting love in Siren’s Call.  I loved how Ella took on a distressed dust bunny and that move seemed to be the first action that triggered all the others and eventually brought Ella her dream wedding to Rafe.  Although, I have to say their path to the wedding was both suspenseful and passionate, with lots of humor tossed in.  Just what the mission was that brought Rafe back into Ella’s life I won’t say, but you will love it.  I really enjoyed watching as Ella fought with all she was worth against the passion until I almost started to wonder if Rafe would get the girl along with capturing all the bad guys and uncovering the real reason for the fringe group.  I will say that the eventual wedding that Ella and Rafe had was the event of the season overall that Ella had ever appeared in and even the dust bunnies who were invited and showed up also had a grand time.


For those of us who have fallen under the spell of Harmony and all of its inhabitants and especially those adorable dust bunnies (until you see both their sets of eyes) Siren’s Call is a must read.  I also have loved just how the Rainshadow Island arc is rolling out and all that we are learning about this mysterious world and the aliens who once lived on it.  Once again, Ms. Castle (Ms. Krentz) has created a story that you will love to just get lost in.  I know I did.  For all of these reasons, I have made this a Joyfully Recommended Read.

THE HOT ZONE by Jayne Castle

THE HOT ZONE by Jayne CastleThe Hot Zone by Jayne Castle
Series: Rainshadow #3
Published by Jove Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Sedona Snow escaped to Rainshadow Island after first being kidnapped and learned that her new husband didn’t waste any time dissolving their marriage and moving on.  Sedona is used to being left, as a child of an unsanctioned union she was abandoned by both sides of her parent’s families once she was eighteen.  Now she lives alone with her companion/sidekick, Lyle, her rescuing dust bunny.  Halloween is coming and it seems that everyone on the Island is sort of waiting – the kids for the Halloween celebrations and the adults for what will happen next within the mysterious preserve.  For Sedona, she is using up all her good intentions dealing with the hunters who have come to the Island to work in and under the preserve.


Cyrus Jones is the newly hired Guild boss to manage all of the hunters and the ghost wrangling that they will do.  His first inkling that he and the hunters might not be welcomed by everyone is from the woman manning the front desk when he checks into his hotel.  It seems that she wants to send him to another hotel when all the hunters are staying at this one.  His next clue is his cabin – not exactly something a Guild boss would expect to be given.  Cyrus is willing to put up with that and more to find out what it is about Sedona is calling to him.


Sedona’s gift is very unusual and she’s determined that no one in this newly founded guild on the Island will learn what it is.  That lasts just a few hours when circumstances throw her into Cyrus’ arms and his cabin.  It seems even Lyle is plotting against her keeping this secret.  Yet when a new drug shows up and her ex-husband reappears out of the mists, it seems that both events are aimed at Sedona and her gift. The mystery of what is going on just gets stranger as Cyrus and Sedona discover a passion that isn’t just a smattering of lust.  When Cyrus and Sedona think they have most of the answers and the danger is over, betrayal strikes and places Sedona into the deadliest of dangers. It’s going to take Cyrus and Lyle using their wits and knowledge to find Sedona in time.  Love just found Cyrus and Sedona but will the past destroy them before they get the chance to explore all that is in front of them?


An island of oddities has once again brought two people who don’t quite fit in anywhere together in a strong and hot passion – if they can survive the danger out to tear them apart.  Cyrus and Sedona will discover that the strength of love and teamwork can defeat even the worst of betrayals in The Hot Zone.  I really love how the Rainshadow series is bringing those that just don’t seem to fit anywhere else, together in love.  This time it was Cyrus and Sedona who learned that even those with the oddest gifts can find love as they join the other social outcasts on Rainshadow Island.  I love watching as Cyrus patiently showed Sedona that not all Guild bosses were horrible people.  Even as they teamed up to learn just what was going on below the preserve and made the island just a bit safer for those living there.  Of course, Lyle followed in the best dust bunny example of caring for his chosen human and making sure she was safe and well loved. I absolutely adore those dust bunnies. Seeing how the past so greatly affected Sedona the past few years and brought her into the worst kind of danger had me wanting those behind the betrayals to get what they deserved and I think they did – with much help from Cryus and Lyle. I can tell that the future will be filled with wonderful adventures for Lyle, Sedona and Cyrus. The Hot Zone is very hot both in passion and suspense with touches of humor and danger to keep the story rounded out.  There are still huge portions of the preserve on Rainshadow Island that need to be discovered and I can’t wait to see which couple will find the next answers on what the aliens left behind.

DECEPTION COVE by Jayne Castle

DECEPTION COVE by Jayne Castle

DECEPTION COVE by Jayne CastleDeception Cove by Jayne Castle
Series: Rainshadow #2
Published by Penguin on 2013-08-27
Genres: Paranormal

Reviewed by Jo

In the world of Harmony, Rainshadow Island is home to a mysterious preserve, secrets that have been kept for centuries, and a treasure worth killing for... As a light-talent, Alice North has the rare ability to make things disappear, including herself—a gift that comes in handy during her magic act with her dust bunny Houdini. Business mogul Drake Sebastian is day-blind, since his sight was nearly destroyed in a lab accident. But he’s the one man who can see Alice when she disappears—and he needs her. On Rainshadow Island, two dangerous Old World crystals are missing, igniting a paranormal storm. Drake thinks Alice is the key to finding them, and proposes they head there, but only after a Marriage of Convenience. Alice’s honeymoon on Rainshadow is guaranteed to be memorable, as the island—and the passion between her and Drake—is about to explode...


Alice North has been on the run for what seems like forever, but it’s actually only been since her disastrous attempt at a marriage.  While on her so-called honeymoon, Alice learned that the man she married had been hiding some serious intentions and that her heritage was much fuller than Alice ever imagined.  Like many on her planet, Alice is a talent but it seems like her talent is only for stagecraft.  That is until a night were Alice and her dust bunny partner, Houdini, meet her destiny.

Drake Sebastian is on a hunt for the one woman who might be able to help his company and family find two mysterious stones that could mean life and death to the people and animals that reside on Rainshadow Island.  Drake is the head of the Sebastian businesses and is also a scientist, but he is now day blind because of a lab incident.  Well day blind is the easiest way to describe what Drake now sees and one thing he can see very well is Alice – no matter what she is doing.

Alice agrees to accompany Drake to Rainshadow Island, the place of her first horrible attempt at a honeymoon, and to put a bow on it, they are obtaining a Marriage of Convenience.  That is why Alice is having a sense of déjà vu when she and Drake take off for the island.  But that is where the similarities end.  There is a stifling, and potentially deadly, fog that covers the island now.  Drake, Alice and Houdini, of course, make it on to the island to discover that things have seriously been turned upside down.  Some of the answers come to Drake and Alice pretty fast, but they only lead to more questions.  On top of this, the attraction between Drake and Alice is proving to be almost as hot as the atmosphere around them. With the help of the residents still on the island, Drake and Alice will have to not only find those missing crystals, but also capture the people behind the actions which cause the changes on the island before it’s too late to save anything or anyone.

It’s a trio of mysteries, an island, two crystals and a hot fog, that bring two unlikely people together in a journey of discovery and love.  Deception Cove brought Alice and Drake together in a search for the cause of the changes to Rainshadow Island and also the people behind them.  Along the way, they discover that their attraction quickly changed into passion and that the Marriage of Convenience they started their journey with would not be enough.  I loved how Drake instantly came to Alice’s defense and how they became such a firm team so quickly.  I found that both of them had baggage in their past that could have destroyed any chance they had for a future, and yet I watched as they overcame each and every hurdle in their way.  I also loved just how they solved the main mysteries and also captured the mad mastermind behind it all.  I just couldn’t write a review on one of Ms. Castle’s books, if I didn’t mention the dust bunnies.  In this case it was Houdini.  With each book I learn more about these funny and caring animals who have both a playful and predator side.  I know that if you have a dust bunny on your side, the other side should just wave the white flag of defeat. 

Deception Cove is fully of suspense, passion and discoveries that both answer and leave more questions.  I fell for Drake and Alice instantly and love that yet another wonderful couple has found their place in a fantastic world in which talents, ghost hunters and dust bunnies live.  I can’t wait for the next venture into this world.  To say that I Joyfully Recommend this book as a must read it putting it almost too simply, but I do whole heartedly.

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