Author: Jennifer Chance

CAPTURED by Jennifer Chance

CAPTURED by Jennifer ChanceCaptured by Jennifer Chance
Series: Gowns & Crowns #2
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Elewyn Publishing


Lauren Grant likes to live by her own rules and with plenty of money at her disposal she has been able to do that.  However, now that her friend is marrying the Prince of Garronia she is stuck in the country for the foreseeable future.  Staying in one place for a long amount of time is no good for Lauren because that means the man she’s running from will be able to find her.


Dimitri Korba is a captain in the Garroinia National Security Force.  The last thing he needs is a rich debutante screwing with his life but he can’t seem to stop himself from trying to protect Ms. Grant. Dimitri lost his best friend the former Prince of Garronia and the loss haunts him daily. When he discovers that Lauren is really in danger he will do whatever it takes to protect her but will he lose his heart in the process?


Jennifer Chance ups the ante with the second Gowns & Crowns novel, Captured.  Lauren and Dimitri turn the heat way up in Captured!  These two sizzle as they spar and as they hit the sheets.  Lauren is the epitome of feisty and she really gives Dimitri a run for his money.  I got a kick out of her antics but really felt for her as her true situation was revealed.


Ms. Chance cranks up the suspense with Captured. I love a great suspenseful angle thrown together with a passionate romance and you definitely get that with Captured.  I fell hard for Dimitri! He’s a sexy alpha male and has a big heart.  The scenes that deal with the loss of his friend are beautiful and I’m so excited about the light shed on this mystery.  It looks like the next book will expand on this and I cannot wait!  If you’re looking for fairy tale adventure full of heat and heart you should pick up Captured today!

COURTED by Jennifer Chance

COURTED by Jennifer ChanceCourted by Jennifer Chance
Series: Gowns & Crowns #1
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Elewyn Publishing


Emmaline Aurora Grace Andrews has been experiencing a difficult life of late.  Thankfully, she has great friends that sweep her off on a European vacation.  She has trouble relaxing with everything going on at home until she bumps into one very sexy Garronian male.


The last thing Prince Kristos of Garronia wants is the celebrity and prestige that comes with being the next King of his country.  He wants to continue to be a captain in Garronia’s military but the death of his older brother changed everything.  Mourning and responsibility has made Kristos miserable.  However, he’s found a light at the end of his dark tunnel in the form of one American sweetheart.  Will he be able to claim Emmaline’s heart?


Jennifer Chance’s Courted is a sweet romance filled with fairy tale fantasies come true!  I fell in love with the characters and the country of Garronia immediately.  Emmaline and Kristos share a heroic first meeting that creates a scorching love at first sight story.


In Courted, Emmaline and Kristos both have intense and emotional histories that set up this lovely romantic adventure. I enjoyed the fact that Ms. Chance gives us a grown-up fairy tale escapade and sets up a grand world with a clever continuing story for the next books.

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