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SINS OF A WOLF by Jessica Lee

SINS OF A WOLF by Jessica LeeSins of a Wolf by Jessica Lee
Series: KinKaid Wolf Pack #4
Published by Self Published Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Author

Sent packing by the wolf shifter clan of his birth, Aydin Michaels lands within the NW Cascade Mountains where the KinKaid pack resides.  Head enforcer Landry Michaels is Aydin’s cousin and the plan is to try to temper the wolf’s reckless behavior or send him home where he won’t be welcome.  The choice is Aydin’s.


Retired Green Beret Zachery ‘Sin’ Sinclair is on the road and on the run.  The best part of a miserable childhood involves siblings Anthony and Rachael, but right now he’s putting as much distance between them as possible.  Rachel needs his discretion which has Anthony on the warpath and looking for Sin.  Until Rachel gets the courage to spill her secrets it’s best for Sin to stay as far away as possible.


Once again Aydin’s irresponsible behavior lands him in a whopper of a mess after accidentally biting a human during a bar fight.  To make amends to the pack Aydin manages to track down Sin in a motel.  Arriving as the change is about to begin Aydin tells an unbelieving Sin that the life he knew is gone.  Sin has enough problems already, but he can’t deny what’s happening before his eyes.  And neither Sin nor Aydin can deny the overwhelming carnal lust they feel.  Both refuse to admit to an emotional bond growing stronger by the minute.


Aydin’s hoping that Sin will stay with the KinKaid pack.  Sin needs to get back on the road.  Separating could destroy them. What a mess.


Fingers will burn from the scorching hot heat in Sins of a Wolf.  Author Jessica Lee knows exactly how to write a steamy encounter – taking a relationship from simmer to sizzle in the juiciest way.  Two stubborn men butt heads on every issue except the obvious.  Sin’s issues with his friends bring more headaches to this unlikely match.  Sins of a Wolf is incredibly hot and luckily their storyline is more than simple filler.  Sin and Aydin’s love story is frustrating and intense and definitely entertaining.


BREAKING THE ICE by Jessica LeeBreaking the Ice by Jessica Lee
Series: Ariel Estates #3
Published by Respendence Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Both parents dead as traitors to the lion pride of Ariel Estates is the legacy Mikah Malloy has been left with.  Innocent of any wrongdoing on his part Mikah is nonetheless feeling like a pariah to the pride.  Mikah is sinking further and futher into depression.  He can’t see a way of redeeming the family name or making a life for himself at Ariel Estates.


The Haven wolf pack in Alaska has a strong Alpha and twin sons, each worthy of someday taking over.  Josh is the diplomat, whereas Gideon, his older brother by minutes, exudes power.  Long ago Gideon decided that his brother would make a better alpha for the pack and plans to explore the rest of the country, the sooner the better.


When lion alpha Silas Murdoch and his mate take a trip to Alaska Mikah is invited along for a change of scenery.  Meeting Gideon for the first time is a life changing event for both shifters.  Their chemistry is off the charts.  Unfortunately their luck is hampered by a terrible tragedy within the pack.  Someone is killing the Haven pack and the lovers are front and center for all the pain and sorrow that follows.


The third installment in the popular Ariel Estates series brings together an emotionally damaged lion shifter and a restless wolf shifter in Breaking the Ice.  Mikah is justified in his depression after his parents’ actions.  Atonement and salvation are found with a wolf shifter dealing with his own issues.  The emotional fallout from a horrific act is strongly felt in this intense tale.  Dealing with their pain is one part of Breaking the Ice.  Luckily their love and commitment is a much more important part of this story.


IN THE PRIDE’S BEST INTEREST by Jessica LeeIn the Pride's Best Interest by Jessica Lee
Series: Ariel Estates #2
Published by Respendence Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Two years of caring for his cancer stricken mother has taken a toll on Shayne Matthews.  Her recent death was sadness and a blessing.  A hiking trip in the Smokey Mountains seemed like a way to clear his head until Shayne found himself completely lost.  Coming across a tall fence Shayne damns the consequences and climbs over which lands him in hot water and a cell.


As the Secretary of Ariel Estates, Eli Novak is the lion shifter in charge whenever Alpha Silas Murdoch is away.  After interrogating their human prisoner Eli decides the human is harmless and agrees to let him go.  Their brief meeting shouldn’t matter in the least yet Eli is unable to forget Shayne no matter how hard he tries.


When they meet once more the feeling is electric.  A mating between a lion shifter and a human isn’t possible.  At least it shouldn’t be.  As Eli and Shayne throw caution to the wind enemies of the Alpha take advantage of the situation.  Soon the passion will be outweighed by the unimaginable danger to Ariel Estates.


In the Pride’s Best Interest shines a light on a forbidden love.  The second installment of the Ariel Estates series turns racial prejudice on its side when a human and a lion shifter fall for each other.  Emotions run high and hot between Shayne and Eli in this dramatic tale.  Sensual and spirited In the Pride’s Best Interest offers readers intrigue and romance.  No matter how hard Eli fights it, love wins in the end.

ON THIN ICE by Jessica Lee

ON THIN ICE by Jessica LeeOn Thin Ice by Jessica Lee
Series: Ariel Estates #1
Published by Respendence Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


A hunting trip in Alaska was supposed to be an enjoyable outing for Alpha Silas Murdoch and his security team.  Leaving behind the responsibility of Ariel Estates for a few days shouldn’t have had repercussions, but it did when his head of security tried to assassinate their leader on the flight home.  Left for dead in the wreckage of the plane crash Silas was able to survive because of his lion shifter genes.


Wolf shifter Dr. Theo Lucas was living in self imposed isolation far away from the Haven pack.  His cabin in the wilds of Alaska gave him the time to come to terms with the tragic death of his lover.  Though the two weren’t mates Theo was having a hard time getting over the loss.


Finding another shifter clinging to life near a plane crash Theo is able to use his medical skills to save the life of the unknown shifter.  The only thing Theo knows for sure is that the shifter is feline.  As Silas heals the two become aware of what fate has handed them.  But how will others handle the mating of a wolf and a lion?  Silas doesn’t know if others were involved in the plan for his demise and the last thing he wants to do is put Theo in harm’s way.  It’s too late to take things slowly.


Out of the flames of tragedy an alpha and his mate land On Thin Ice.  The dramatic romance unfolds for unlikely lovers in book one of the Ariel Estates series.  Mixing a sweet romance with suspense, danger, and later hot loving keeps the story moving briskly along.  Engaging characters battle the shifter version of prejudice and hatred with strength and love.  Silas and Theo find each other On Thin Ice and triumph.

BLOODLINES by Jessica Lee

BLOODLINES by Jessica LeeBloodlines by Jessica Lee
Series: Kinkaid Wolf Pack Trilogy #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Erotic, Gay, Paranormal
Source: Author

As the only son to the Alpha of the KinKaid pack, it is Evin KinKaid’s destiny to marry, become Alpha of his pack, and continue the KinKaid bloodline with full-blooded offspring.  But, there is one problem, Evin is gay.  Once Evin’s secret comes to light, his father banishes from the pack for being a disgrace to their bloodline.


To appease his father, Mason Thorne II has given up on his dream of music and to down play his gay lifestyle.  Instead, he is being groomed to take over as CEO of his families multi-million dollar company.


An unforeseen car accident causes Evin and Mason’s paths to cross.  Sparks instantly fly and a relationship evolves.  However, the past refuses to allow the couple to live happily ever after.  Will Evin and Mason’s love survive?


I found Bloodlines to be a great novella that grabbed my attention from the start and held me tightly until the very end.  The plot is filled with non-stop drama and passionate M/M love scenes.  The characters are very well-written.  I was hanging on the edge of my seat with pure excitement with the turn of each page.  I so love M/M romance where the main characters are not confused about their sexual desires.  Instead, their concerns revolve around how their sexual preference plays a key part in their everyday lives and the continuous battle against the obstacles they faced because of it.  I love the courage of Evin and Mason as they stand their ground as individuals and as a couple.  This is one tale not to be missed.


Bloodlines is the first in the KinKaid Wolf Pack trilogy and it packs a massive punch!


HEAT RISING by Jessica Lee

Heat Rising is book three in the KinKaid Wolf Pack sequence and should be read in release date order for historical content.   Rosa KinKaid, twin sister to the Alpha, is going into her shifter heat for the first time and she is determined to handle it on her own.  However, things are not goingContinue Reading

MAKE ME by Jessica Lee

Make Me is the sequel to Bloodlines and should be read in the order of release date.   Have you ever wished that your favorite characters storyline to continue after their happily-ever-after?  If so, then you are in for a treat with Make Me.  Evin and Mason are once again featured as the main coupleContinue Reading

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