Author: Jo Tannah


ROYAL GUARDIAN by Jo TannahRoyal Guardian by Jo Tannah
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

Genetically engineered Lando Garr and his companions Bradan and Adnah trained literally from birth to become Guardians.  The enhanced males will protect the royal line on the planet Oryon, starting with King Arzhur and his beloved son Prince Kallen.  Too many years of inbreeding within the royal family however have finally caught up with them.  The young prince is slowly dying and there’s nothing they can do about it.


On an assigned mission to save the inhabitants of a planet about to implode Lando digs up an egg of unknown origin.  Testing by Oryon scientists conclude the egg harmless, yet when Lando gifts the object to Prince Kallen something incredible happens.  A lizard like creature emerges and somehow bonds with the dying royal.


Prince Kallen and his symbiont Bobik are unlike anything they’ve dealt with.  As for Lando his one concern is for the prince who he’s cared for and loved since the beginning of time.  Their prince is no longer dying.  Others will need another way to destroy the future ruler of Oryon.


Compassion gives way to awe in the exciting new Rise of the Symbiont series beginning with Royal Guardian.  The foundation is laid for a fascinating, original science fiction tale with guardians, symbionts, and more.  Thoroughly entertaining from start to finish.  Royal Guardian has an emotional edge along with the drama and tender romance which keeps the reader invested in the story.  Looking forward to what happens next.


OBJECTIFIED by Jo TannahObjectified by Jo Tannah
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books


Billionaire Paul Howell is extremely savvy when it comes to people trying to use him, especially where sex is concerned.  Those wanting to be seen on his arm or dating Paul don’t last long at the best of times, posers don’t last a night.  As the owner of CyNapse, one of the leading IT companies in the world, Paul is well aware of what people see in him and want from him.


A career as a model begun in childhood cast a necessary shell around Arjan Kerchner’s heart.  No one seemed to bother to look beyond the beautiful face to see the intelligent mind within.  Eventually Arjan tired of the false, plastic promises and chose to devote his life to what he loved.  Associate Chemistry Professor at Seattle University Arjan is exactly where he wants to be, teaching and inspiring the next generation.  The money he made as a model simply wasn’t worth the hassles and fawning fans.


A chance meeting at a crowded bar must be fate.  Paul doesn’t believe in love at first sight yet from the moment he spies Arjan at a corner booth surrounded by papers and books he’s instantly hooked.  Whatever it takes he wants to get to know Arjan who’s understandably gun shy when someone tries to sweep him off his feet.


Slowly but surely the one time model unthaws and allows the charming billionaire to have his way.  As Paul and Arjan get to truly know each other, make mistakes, and fall further in love neither is aware that someone has already staked out the gorgeous retired model as his own.  Someone who won’t take kindly to stealing his love, at least in his eyes.


Two prince charmings and a stalker are set on a dangerous collision course in Objectified.  Engaging main characters and an unknown dark shadow give the story solid motivating twists in the extremely satisfying romance.  Intelligent dialogue brings further depth to Objectified, along with great pacing and a slick plotline.  The creepy stalker allows the happily ever after tale the right amount of tension.  Great love, great evil equals great entertainment.

COMPELLED by Jo Tannah

COMPELLED by Jo TannahCompelled by Jo Tannah
Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

A native of the planet X’aron, where dreams aid in finding a true mate, Q’lan is put to the test when his soul mate is found on Earth.  The first time they touch awareness Q’lan reaches out to Ryan and they connect.


The Earth is toxic to Q’lan.  But given that he will only have a single mate in his long lifetime the alien accepts the difficult task ahead of him.  Q’lan will have three and only three chances to persuade Ryan to join him on X’aron and leave his life on Earth behind.  The alternative condemns them both.


Imagination takes flight as a unique true love unfolds in Compelled.  Emotional highs and despondent lows mark this original tale.  Between the steady presence of Q’lan and the heartache Ryan suffers lies a difficult journey.  A quick otherworldly story Compelled twists and races towards a satisfying conclusion.

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