Author: Julie Moffett

NO LIVING SOUL by Julie Moffett

NO LIVING SOUL by Julie Moffett

NO LIVING SOUL by Julie MoffettNo Living Soul by Julie Moffett
Series: Lexi Carmichael #9
Published by Carina Press Source: Publisher



When Elvis Zimmerman and his twin brother, Xavier, received a strange and totally unexpected package from their father, the one who disappeared many, many years ago from their lives, Lexi and her boyfriend Slash agree to go to Egypt with Elvis to find him.  Usually the Zimmerman twins are in total agreement on what they do, but this has divided them.  Xavier is of the opinion  that their father does not deserve any of their time or attention, while Elvis has questions he wants answers to, and the only way to get them is to follow the clues from the package.  Of course, the timing is horrible as Xavier and Basha’s wedding is just around the corner.


After the decision was made to go, Lexi and Elvis and the fourth member of their team are caught off guard when they are almost killed by men who are after the same package that the elder Zimmerman sent.  What a way to start their journey.  Tracking down Elvis’ father isn’t all that hard, but finding him is a bit trickier, especially as the danger is ramping up the closer they come to both solving the mystery that started all of this and finding the Zimmerman twin’s father.  In order to keep mankind safe from an ancient curse, all of the team members will need to use all of their individual skills to defeat the bad guys and get home in time for the wedding.


Lexi, Slash, and Elvis descend into Egypt in order to solve an ancient mystery and located Elvis’ father in No Living Soul.  Usually it’s Lexi who is the lightening rod, but in this case it’s the Zimmerman twins and their father who went his own way long ago.  However, Lexi isn’t about to let one of her best friends go into what has already been determined as a dangerous situation without backup.  I was amazed at how divided Elvis and Xavier were on solving this particular mystery, yet I wasn’t as I learned more on how and why their father went away.  I loved how for Lexi the hardest part was telling her best friend and the person she was about to maid of honor for, that she was going to Egypt with Elvis.  I will say I was very happy that Slash went along, while I’m wondering about the fourth member of their team.  I really enjoyed watching as all four not only tracked down Elvis and Xavier’s father and managed to once again save the world from danger, this time an ancient one, while proving that good will always defeat bad when you have Lexi and her crew on board.


For anyone who has loved the Lexi Carmichael mysteries like I have, No Living Soul is a perfect continuation of the series.  If you have not dipped your toe in, then this is a perfect place to dive in—of course I’m betting you will want to go back and see just how all of the characters came together.  In this latest adventure, I seriously loved how we went back into ancient Egyptian legends and combined them with the modern technology.  No Living Soul had me guessing with every page on what would be discovered next and how they would get over the hurdle thrown at them.  By the end of the book, I had to Joyfully Recommend it because of the mystery and suspense.  And then you have the wonderful characters and how they interact.  Talk about the full deal.



NO STRINGS ATTACHED by Julie MoffettNo Strings Attached by Julie Moffett
Series: Lexi Carmichael #8
Published by Carina Press Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Source: Publisher


Lexi is at a large computer conference, both as an attendee and as a speaker.  Speaking on hacking and the good and bad reasons to do so is something Lexi can do with her hands tied behind her back.  However, at this same time, Lexi is trying to do the most nerve-racking thing she has ever done—arrange her best friend’s bachelorette party. This is so not in Lexi’s comfort zone, but she will do anything for her best friend.


While at the conference, Lexi takes a few minutes to try and get a handle on putting this party together and accidentally stumbles across an information exchange which leads her to discover a planned hack into a government database.  Lexi immediately contacts the one person she knows who can discover exactly what is getting hacked and by whom—her boyfriend, Slash.  Slash and Lexi follow the hack and discover this isn’t just a simple hack, but an attempt to bring down a part of the U.S. government.  Desperate times bring in desperate measures, so Lexi and Slash bring-in her friends, the Zimmerman twins, and together they must not only stop the destruction that this hack caused, but also stop those behind it permanently, which will send an even bigger message.  The clock is running when and when it hits zero, will Lexi and her friends come out the winners or not?  Oh, and don’t forget about that bachelor party.  It’s a one for the ages!


What to do when mistaken identity reveals a serious threat to the U.S. government?  Well, if your name is Lexi Carmichael, then you attack it head-on with your seriously sexy boyfriend and other friends in No Strings Attached.  Even with the stakes so high, I think that Lexi was almost happy to have something to take her mind off the bachelor party she is supposed to be planning.  I loved watching as Lexi, Slash, and the twins follow the clues and then formulate a way to defeat the group and those behind them who arranged the hack and all it comprised of.  I was almost as freaked as Lexi was when the last stakes measure was talked about and then it was figured out how to set it up.  Even better, all the suspense was offset with the funny parts concerning the wedding and bachelor/bachelorette parties.  I found that both parts were equally attention-grabbing, but for very different reasons.


I seriously didn’t want to put the book down to go to bed or work, which should tell you just how good it is.  I also loved that we learn so much about Slash in this book and that yet again, Slash and Lexi’s relationship takes a huge step forward.

No Strings Attached takes the Lexi Carmichael series another step up with the great suspense, friendships, and love with all the characters.  I loved the drama that keeps you on the edge the entire book, both the suspense-filled and the humor-filled.  These are just a few reasons that I had to put No Strings Attached on the Joyfully Recommended list. If you haven’t been reading this series, I would suggest that you start at the beginning, because part of the charm of these books is watching the characters grow as they go on.

NO ROOM FOR ERROR by Julie Moffett

NO ROOM FOR ERROR by Julie MoffettNo Room for Error by Julie Moffett
Series: Lexi Carmichael #7
Published by Carina Press Genres: Mystery & Detective, Suspense
Source: Publisher

Lexi Carmichael is still coming down from her last adventure, and she is enjoying her time with her boyfriend, the sexy and mysterious Slash.  Both are talented hackers, but while Lexi works for a private investigation and security company, Slash works for the NAS.  When Lexi is asked to take on a new mission, which concerns a major advance in technology and an invention by two of her friends, the Zimmerman twins, of course, she agrees.  This case will take Lexi, her best friend Basia, and her boss, Finn, into another country to safeguard the invention and the manufacturing of it.


Lexi and Slash have a couple of close calls just before she leaves, but it’s unsure just who was the target.  Lexi and everyone take off as scheduled, but that is the last thing that goes as expected.  First, they are hijacked, then they crash, are hunted through a jungle, and then they are kidnapped.  Through it all, Lexi keeps everyone going with the deep knowledge and belief that the Zimmerman twins and Slash will be tracking them down and will get them out.  It’s certainly not a cakewalk, but Lexi is not going to let this invention get into the wrong hands, nor is she going to let anyone harm her friends.  Just before she left, Slash teased Lexi that she had a dark cloud that followed her, but she knows that he is the bright lining in her dark cloud, if there is one.  It appears that the good team has finally won, and they will all be safe now, or will even more betrayal be the final end of Lexi’s adventures and her love of Slash?


A self-proclaimed geek girl has yet another adventure in which she must put her wits against those who are trying to defeat her. Only this time, there is no computer or laptop helping Lexi win the day.  Instead, she, Basha, and Finn must use their wits to stay one step ahead of those hunting them, while knowing that technology is helping those looking for them to bring them home safely.  I have loved Lexi from her first appearance, but this is the first time I have seen her have to win without the use of any computer.  It only showed me just how much she has grown and learned to trust her confidence when challenged.  I loved watching how this journey progressed, and I have to admit I was putting as much faith in Slash and the Zimmerman twins as Lexi was as the pages were turned.


No Room for Error is an action-packed adventure, which really does pit good against evil.  If you are anything like me, you will find yourself cheering and rooting for Lexi and her friends and cursing those looking to harm them. I also must admit that I loved the depth of love and trust that grows between Lexi and Slash by the time the last page is turned.  I also admit to laughing as Lexi finds herself in yet another situation, but this one born of the love of her best friend.  I can’t wait to see how this will turn out.  No Room for Error is a must-read for any Lexi lovers.

NO MONEY DOWN by Julie Moffett

NO MONEY DOWN by Julie MoffettNo Money Down by Julie Moffett
Series: Lexi Carmichael #2.5
Published by Carina Press Genres: Action & Adventure, Mystery & Detective
Source: Publisher


Lexi Carmichael, a computer specialist with the NSA, has finally agreed to go on a vacation with her best friend, Basia.  Lexi even agreed to let Basia pick where they would go and plan most of the vacation.  So, it’s no surprise to Lexi that she arrives at a resort with lots of annoying people, sun, and other things that really are not Lexi’s idea of a good time.  But Lexi is doing her best to try and have a good time for Basia.


Then Lexi meets two men who will become her next best friends, Elvis and Xavier Zimmerman, two names that Lexi knows from her computer/hacker connections as geniuses.  They can talk to Lexi in a language that she can not only understand, but can relate to: hacking, programming, and computer games.  Things are really looking up, and then Lexi stumbles into a mystery that gains her attention from the Secret Service and others, all because of another clumsy accident she is involved in.  Now, Lexi, Basia, and the twins have to figure out the clues and find whatever it is that everyone is looking for before they have unexpected accidents.


A vacation just beginning to turn into a fun event takes a turn to the dangerous side in No Money Down.  I have long wondered just how Lexi met and became so close to Elvis and Xavier.  I should have known it would involve one of the infamous accidents that Lexi has become known for, at least to me.  I will totally admit to laughing just as she become “closer” to one of them.  Watching just how quickly Lexi and the twins became close friends and a team that could work together foretold what the future would bring.  And through it all was Basia, the only person who can keep Lexi’s feet and head on earth and not just engaged in the ether that computer geniuses live in.  No Money Down shows just how Lexi got together with the Zimmerman twins and became such close friends.  It is a  story filled with classic Lexi Carmichael humor, mishaps, and suspense that always seems to involve one government agency or another.



NO WOMAN LEFT BEHIND by Julie MoffettNo Woman Left Behind by Julie Moffett
Series: Lexi Carmichael #6
Published by Carina Press Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Source: Publisher


Not long ago, Lexi and one of her best friends, Elvis Zimmerman, stopped a madman and cybercriminal intent on using a special high school and the internet to bring down part of the U.S. infrastructure.  While they stopped the current mission, Johannes Broodryk, said madman, got away.  But right this minute, Lexi has a much more dangerous mission to complete—a dinner with her parents and her new and only boyfriend.


Dinner doesn’t go quite as planned, unless you are expecting bullets with your salad.  As that nightmare becomes clear, Lexi discovers that Johannes Broodryk isn’t about to accept defeat from a couple of young geeks.  He is issued an invitation that Lexi cannot refuse: to solve his clues and to save the life of Elvis, who has been kidnapped.  With Elvis’ life on the line, Lexi sees no other way than to go on this hunt, even when her boyfriend, Slash, is adamantly against it.


Lexi is now off on a mission with the help of the U.S. government and her own team of Navy Seals.  The government wants Broodryk and his latest attempt to destroy the U.S. and other nations brought down.  Lexi is going to save Elvis and if she can also bring down Broodryk at the same time, then it’s a double score.  On her hunt, Lexi comes to respect all that it means to be a Seal and sees herself and the Seals as a team as she places herself and them in danger to solve the clues that will get her to Elvis.  It all comes down to who has the best moves, Lexi and her Seals or Broodryk and his assassins. When it comes to who is smarter about computers and the internet… Do you really want to vote against Lexi and her friends?


When a self-addressed girl geek must decide to rescue a friend or stay safe, there really is no question of going after the friend—especially if her name is Lexi Carmichael.  In No Woman Left Behind, Lexi and all of those around her will learn just how far good friends will go to keep those they love safe.  While I could see why Slash was so against Lexi taking up the challenge of rescuing Elvis, I was very happy to see how this first fight between Lexi and Slash worked out.  I have loved watching Lexi grow during the previous books in this series, but I truly believe that she grew the most during her adventures in No Woman Left Behind.


Not only did Lexi accept that she was putting her life in danger, but also that both she and Elvis could be killed at any time.  I really enjoyed watching as Lexi came to know the Seal team that was assigned to her and then seemed to just automatically put them within her friend-shield to keep safe, if possible. She really didn’t care that they were trained to be in dangerous situations; If she saw a way to lessen the danger then that was what Lexi did.  There are so many places in this book that I would love to discuss in detail, but, in the end, I decided that anything more would just give too much away.  All I can say is, I read this book in one sitting and did not regret the lost sleep.  There are many aspects of love within Lexi’s adventure this time, she’s surrounded by deadly danger, and there’s just the right touch of humor to keep things from getting too tense.  I can’t recommend this story enough, even by Joyfully Recommending it as a must-read—for those who have fallen for Lexi and for those who love military stories—No Woman Left Behind has something for everyone, I believe.

NO BIZ LIKE SHOW BIZ by Julie Moffett

Lexi Carmichael is still recovering from her last job in Rome, but all this time off is driving her up the wall. Being at home is giving her way too much time to think about her love life and the two men in it.  So Lexi takes the solution that any geek genius would, sheContinue Reading



Lexi Carmichael has a new assignment, and it will involve reliving a dreaded time of her childhood—high school.  After all, as a smart female geek, Lexi had no social skills or friends the entire time unless you count her computer.  Life really didn’t get enjoyable until Lexi entered into college.  Now, in order to trackContinue Reading

NO PLACE LIKE ROME by Julie Moffett

NO PLACE LIKE ROME by Julie Moffett

Lexi Carmichael is a self proclaimed geek girl who is still struggling to find her way in society.  Yet, put her in front of a computer and give her a quest and she is extraordinary and usually finds what she is looking for.  Right now, Lexi is off to Rome with Slash – a mysteryContinue Reading

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