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HUNGER by Eve Langlais, Kate Douglas, A. C. Arthur

HUNGER by Eve Langlais, Kate Douglas, A. C. ArthurHunger by A. C. Arthur, Eve Langlais, Kate Douglas
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by St. Martin's Press

“The Alpha’s Mate by Eve Langlais”


Big, Bad powerful Alpha Fabian Garoux isn’t living up to his arrogant, self serving reputation.  Diving into a raging river alongside his pack leads to saving a drowning damsel in distress, which is completely out of character for the lycan.


Successfully grabbing hold of the tied up, sinking female Fabian is then greeted by a hail of bullets from the two goons on shore shooting at them.  Ducking and swimming back to his side of the shoreline Fabian is given a ‘thank you’ and little else.  It seems the woman can’t remember who she is after getting kicked in the head. But she quickly shows herself to be a feisty, mouthy female. Surprisingly Fabian finds her a refreshing change from the usual women he deals with in life.


The more time the Alpha spends with her, the more conflicted the confirmed bachelor becomes.  Fabian’s human half fears he’s met his match.  His lycan half isn’t helping at all by wanting to take her to bed and mate.  But first thing’s first.  Someone is definitely intent on killing her and they still don’t have a clue as to who the mystery woman could be.  Except, Fabian knows she is his mate.


The wickedly sensuous anthology Hunger perfectly incorporates three top notch passionate adventures.  Award winning authors Eve Langlais, Kate Douglas and A.C. Arthur present a trio of sexy lycan love stories.


Eve Langlais’s offering “The Alpha’s Mate” treats readers to a fast paced, high octane romance.  Wonderful chemistry between the characters, witty dialogue, and a slick plotline entertain from the first page to the last.  Also on board are “Dangerous” by Kate Douglas and “Bound to the Wolf” by A.C. Arthur.  Enjoy the wild ride that is Hunger.

TANGLED by Kate Douglas

TANGLED by Kate DouglasTangled by Kate Douglas
Genres: Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by St. Martin's Press


Cassie Phillips just moved into the small cottage on the Tangled Vines vineyard, but where for most people it would be a cute new home, for Cassie it’s a reminder of all she lost.  Cassie grew up in the much larger farmhouse on the vineyard that her family owned until bad decisions by her ailing father placed the entire property and winery all but into bankruptcy. Cassie is torn between being thankful to the new owner while hating him for buying the winery and also for giving her a job as the wine maker.  But it might take a lot of time before she is comfortable and friendly with both the new owner and new vineyard manager.


Nathan (Nate) Dunagan is newly hired to be the vineyard manager for Tangled Vines Dry Creek Valley vineyards. And to give him an awesome start, he arrives late and can’t get in because of a dead phone.  Taking matters into his own hands, Nate works his way in and looks for the live-in wine maker to let him into his new home.  Meeting Cassie gives Nate warm tingles and a case of mild frostbite as Cassie is not ready to welcome Nate with open arms but she does give him the run-down of the vineyard and the farmhouse.


The first day Nate learns why Cassie was so cool, and he works on thawing her out with his charm.  Cassie wasn’t ready to warm up to Nate, but something about him pulled her and even she can’t deny the passion that has sprung up between them.  Besides figuring out a way to work together, Cassie also needs to make sure her father has all he needs and that he never understands what happened because of his deepening Alzheimer’s.  He would be devastated that the winery and vineyard were lost.  Cassie and Nate notice some strange things going on around both the vineyard and Cassie’s father.  Cassie’s father was with the secret service before he retired and bought the vineyard, and it appears he might be reliving that part of his life when Cassie and Nate visit him.  Or is he?  Danger and strange things suddenly seem to be surrounding them both in and out of the property.  As Nate and Cassie try to figure out what is going on, they discover their passion has turned into love and that the danger is a holdover from an old situation.  The ultimate love and trust are going to win the night when the danger comes up close and personal. The outcome will be both love won and love lost when daybreak arrives.


A California vineyard is the centerpiece when two new co-workers discover that the best type of togetherness is love in Tangled.  Nate and Cassie came together at a tough time for Cassie, but it turns out that Nate and their new boos were godsends to her.  I really enjoyed watching as Cassie came to terms with her situation and realized that she could either stay a bit remote and become bitter or accept the past that was beyond her control and grab into the passion between her and Nate.  There were several times I wanted to just hug Cassie’s father and in the end he is the one that gave me a sad smile while at the same time I was cheering for Nate and Cassie.  I hope that eventually we learn more about their mysterious boss.  Tangled is a short, but engaging story of passion and suspense that is a great start to a new series set in California’s wine country.

AWAKENED by Kate Douglas

AWAKENED by Kate DouglasAwakened by Kate Douglas
Series: Intimate Relations #3
Genres: Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by St. Martin's Press


Mandy Moore loves living with her sister and their new roommate, Marc, and she also loves her job as a barista.  Mandy actually fell for a guy she watched from the window of the coffee shop where she worked as he rode by on his bicycle. Later, she learned that the guy was a multimillionaire and one of the most eligible bachelors.  She knew she would never be able to act on her crush. Then, of all things, he moved in their house.


Marc Reed has worked hard to be where he is, and he did not have anything close to an easy or carefree childhood.  Now, he has more money than he dreamed of, and Marc tries to take care of those he considers friends and family of the heart. Mandy and her sister definitely fall into both of those categories, although what he feels for Mandy is much different than what he feels for her sister.  Marc is attracted to Mandy and has been from the beginning, yet they are always surrounded by friends, and he wonders if he will ever get the chance to find out just how Mandy feels.


Mandy can’t believe that once she and Marc are finally left alone for more than a few minutes they both figure out that their sparks are mutual.  Marc ends up telling Mandy his deepest and darkest secret, even though he’s afraid that she will walk away from him once she learns of it.  Exactly the opposite happens.  Mandy knows dang good and well that Marc would never hurt a fly, so she is determined to help him find the truth of the reoccurring nightmares he has.  This starts a journey which uncovers a cold-blooded murder, and it also begins a hunt for the victim. At the same time, Marc and Mandy are working at keeping his companies going, helping to plan their best friend’s wedding, and learning about each other as their passion deepens into love.  Danger follows Mandy and Marc to his vineyard, and Marc learns another reason why he might have been drawn to that area when he originally bought the land.  The answers finally fall together and deadly danger attempts to destroy the love that Mandy and Marc have found.  Help from friends, and an unexpected place, win the night and give Marc and Mandy their chance to have the bright future directly ahead of them.


A private man with deep secrets finds his match in a sunny, outgoing woman, who just happens to be his new roommate in Awakened.  I just knew that Mandy and Marc would have to finally get their chance after all of the others found their own loves.  I was shocked to learn all that Marc held within him for so many years and how he was still able to do so much in his businesses.  I found Mandy was the absolute perfect person to love Marc—she was his direct opposite in so many things, and yet they were perfectly matched.  The journey to unravel Marc’s dreams/nightmares and then to find the proof was full of suspense and deadly danger by the time the end came.  I loved where that last bit of help came from at the moment Marc and Mandy could have lost everything.  I really did love how this book ended for all of the friends and that it tied all the parties together.  Awakened takes suspense and passion and twists them together with touches of humor and deep friendship for a great and satisfying end.

REDEMPTION by Kate Douglas

REDEMPTION by Kate DouglasRedemption by Kate Douglas
Series: Intimate Relations #2
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by St. Martin's Press


Lola Monroe is a receptionist at a modeling agency.  That is, until she is fired for arguing with her boss on whether a certain model scammed the agency—a model who just happens to be her friend and roommate.  However, except for the worry on income, Lola has no regret leaving that job.  It is just the first of the life-altering changes that will come to Lola in the next day or so.


Ben Lowell is a soldier who has been hiding from himself and his family because of a past action of which he couldn’t face the outcome.  But after several years, Ben has to face the destruction he caused.  First, he has to find his younger brother, something easier said than done. Ben doesn’t locate his brother right away, but he is sent to his girlfriend, and when he goes to introduce himself, he comes face-to-face with Lola and her sister—An interesting start to say the least.


Lola knows that a face can hide all sorts of things and while Ben isn’t one of the beautiful people she sees in her daily life, for some reason she allows Ben into her house.  Later, Ben and Lola get closer when she learns just why Ben is really here and what happened all those years ago.  Now firmly in Ben’s corner, Lola is surprised to find herself falling for the rough and ready soldier.  Just as it appears Ben might be able to begin the next part of his life without any guilt, Ben discovers that he is being watched and so are the girls.  Ben has no idea why he should be under watch or why the FBI is going to get involved however, what he does know is that nothing is going to harm Lola or her sister or anyone else in his personal circle.  As the facts become clear, the threads unravel not only why Ben is being watched, but that a good friend has also been mixed into the nastiness unknowingly.  The plot is becoming clear and Ben is just the man to make sure all the bad guys are caught and that all his friends and especially Lola, his love, are safe when the dust clears.


A soldier with a guilt ridden past meets a down-to-earth woman just as passion and suspense descends upon them in Redemption.  I loved how Lola gave it to her petty little boss when he suddenly decided to change facts, because there was money involved.  I also loved how she also helped Ben as he came to make things right after running for many, many years.  Ben might not have acted honorably on a certain night, but he is finally ready to set the facts straight and move forward with his life.  Ben and Lola might have been an unlikely couple at first for me, yet I came to love them together as the book rolled along.  As I turned the last page and found out not only the entire truth that tore Ben and his brother apart, but also just who was behind the danger to Ben and the others, I wanted to see the next story right away.  Besides hoping who the next couple will be in that book, I also want to see how the first two couples are doing.  Redemption is an unusual love story with a second chance thread that has touches of suspense, passion, brotherly love and, of course, a great love story.

INTIMATE by Kate Douglas

INTIMATE by Kate DouglasIntimate by Kate Douglas
Series: Intimate Relations #1
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by St. Martin's Press


Jacob “Jake” Lowell is a well-known photographer who is hunting for the perfect model for a new assignment he has.  The client is a friend, but also a wealthy person who is in the process of kicking-off two new projects.  One of them is very intimate jewelry and Jake knows exactly the type of model he needs, if he can just find her.  He is down to his last agency when lightning strikes and she appears in front of him.


Kaz Kazanov is a model with great business sense, but when something happens that could have gotten the boss behind a shoot in trouble, somehow it ends up with Kaz losing not only that modeling job, but also her modeling agency.  Kaz is beyond furious when she storms out to see her roommate, totally missing the other person in the room.  Kaz is wondering what she is going to do when she gets a phone call with an offer that could be the answer to her job questions, if she can trust such good fortune.


Jake and Kaz immediately take off to get to the winery where the pictures will be taken. It doesn’t take long before they feel attracted to the other and with the atmosphere that happens for the shots to get the correct feeling that attraction quickly moves to passion.  However, while this is going on, some strange accidents and messages begin to happen.  Jake is afraid he knows where they stem from—a very dark secret from his past—but he can’t figure out how could be behind them or why.  Life is definitely fast-moving and so is the romance between Kaz and Jake, and it seems like everything both of them come into contact with professionally is turning to gold.  Yet, just as the jewelry kickoff is about to happen, the very reason Jake and Kaz met, hurtful misunderstanding places both Kaz and Jake into deadly danger.  Time is of the essence and Kaz’s life is in the balance.  Will Jake be in time?


What starts out as a horrible day turns into a blessing and then a romance when a model and a photographer just click a shoot in Intimate.  I could tell it was just meant to be when Jake walked into the same agency that Kaz was about to go storming out of.  I thought their romance was just like a dream during their original shoot and loved watching it as it went along.  When I learned of Jake’s past background, I hurt as he was forced to live it again, but I cheered when Kaz accepted all of him.  Another cheer happened when Kaz and Jake won the day and came out the winners—both personally and professionally.  Intimate has a quiet erotic feel that just wraps around you with the additions of humor, friendship, and suspense.

CLAIMED BY THE MATE by Kate Douglas & A.C. Arthur

Claimed by the Mate by A. C. Arthur, Kate Douglas Genres: Paranormal Reviewed by:AuthorPublished by St. Martin’s Press Feral Passions by Kate Douglas   Dr. Chereza Dubios, known as Cherry, reluctantly agreed to join her younger sister and her best friend on a last minute, for her, vacation at a place called Feral Passions.  It’sContinue Reading

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