Author: Kathy Love

THE FANGOVER by Erin McCarthy & Kathy Love

THE FANGOVER by Erin McCarthy & Kathy Love
The Fangover
by Erin McCarthy, Kathy Love

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When rock-god vampire Johnny Malone commits suicide, the rest of The Impalers gather for an Irish wake and jam session to send their bandmate off in style. But alcohol-laced blood and grief make for one hell of a combination…   When her brother, Johnny, dies, Stella Malone’s grief lands her in the buff arms of The Impalers’ bass player. While her tryst with Wyatt had some serious bite, Stella isn’t looking for a relationship, especially after a tipsy argument leads to her getting stuck in bat form at the wake. The rest of the hungover Impalers are in no shape to help her, meaning that Stella’s one night stand is the only one who can help her figure out what really happened last night. Only Wyatt doesn’t have a clue what happened last night, either, nor does he know that Stella is the bat currently dive-bombing his head. But he does have her purse and that has to be a start, right? Or not.   On the other hand, there is a priest passed out in the bathtub and an alcoholic parrot squawking about a chapel of love...   Which might explain the ring on Berto Cortez’s finger. How did a night of rock ’n’ roll debauchery result in him turning sexy washboard player Katie Lambert into a vampire and then marrying her? He wouldn’t. He couldn’t. But he can’t quite remember, exactly. Which means these four friends turned amnesiac couples have only one choice: hit the famed Bourbon Street for some answers…

The unthinkable has happened. Johnny Malone, the drummer of the vampire rock band The Impalers, has committed suicide.  The rest of the band and his sister are stunned but decide to send Johnny off with a rocking Irish wake and that begins the night that no one can remember and the search to find out just what happened.


Stella Malone and Wyatt Axelrod (Johnny’s sister and a band member) are not only trying to figure out what happened to Johnny to cause him to do such a drastic deed, but also trying to work out the desire that suddenly flamed up between them.  Wyatt has always had feelings for Stella but knew that nothing would probably ever happen about them based on Stella’s attitude towards him.  When Stella gives Wyatt an opening, he acts on it.  Now he has to find out if Stella really does want anything more than a couple of hot sessions with him.  Stella is totally confused by not only Johnny’s actions, but her sudden feelings for Wyatt.  As they work together to figure out the details of their forgotten night, they also discover just what their future might be and if love really is in the cards for them.


Berto Cortez, another member of the Impalers, wakes up from the wake to someone screaming and a wedding ring on his hand.  The screaming is coming from Katie Lambert, a member of a day band in the bar they both play at, who has woken up a vampire and with a wedding ring also.  Did they really get married last night?  And who changed Katie over and why?  Those are just a couple of the questions that Berto and Katie try and figure out all while discovering that the attraction they held for each other just might have blossomed into a love that could last forever.  Following the clues to learn just who might have married them, what was behind it and how Katie’s change into a vampire worked into it all, leads to confusion, hurt feelings and finally the truth of what was behind the night no one at the wake can seem to remember.  But does it lead to a lifetime of love between Berto and Katie?


An Irish wake in New Orleans leads to many questions and a hunt by two couples on just what happened in The Fangover.  As the band members and others who attended Johnny’s wake struggle to figure out just what happened that night, the journey leads to several humorous situations and many misunderstandings.  I was very amused as I started following everyone on their search for answers and also hoped that Stella and Wyatt and Berto and Katie would not only find their answers but also discover that their love was the kind that would last their entire long lifetimes.  I will say that as their journeys went on, the humor became very slapstick and simplistic.  I will say that I enjoyed the unexpected twist at the end.  If you love movies like The Hangover, a touch of fun, paranormal and romance, then this series is for you.  I personally enjoy two of those three, but I found that the way the humor went just was not to my personal taste.  The Fangover takes an entire rock band and especially two couples on a journey of discovery – both of their forgotten night and to a lasting love.

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