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RUNNING FROM THE PAST by Katie ReusRunning from the Past by Katie Reus
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Source: Author


Miami socialite Emma Garcia is used to running to sales not from gun wielding psychos.  But when she witnesses her fiancé murder two women she has no choice.  Luckily, she finds a job as a horse farm chef in the middle of nowhere.  However, she never expected to find herself attracted to her hot boss.


Caleb Ryder is a wealthy ex-Marine.  He owns a horse farm and is in desperate need of a chef for his employees.  Caleb has a feeling the young lady applying for the job is lying about who she really is but he hires her anyway. Emma proves to be an exceptional chef.  He cannot resist her food or her body.


Someone get me a fan! Katie Reus sets the pages on fire with Emma and Caleb in Running from the Past.  These two are on fire with sexual chemistry.  Caleb is the perfect Alpha male to protect Emma’s body and heart. He is one of those sexy types that turn you on when he goes above and beyond for his woman.  Emma is a strong woman.  She learns just how strong she can be when she is able to be free in this new life with Caleb.  Loads of suspenseful moments and blistering scenes make Running from the Past a Joyfully Recommended Read! I could not put this down once I started!



BOUND TO DANGER by Katie ReusBound to Danger by Katie Reus
Series: Deadly Ops #2
Published by Signet Eclipse on 2014-08-05
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense, Thrillers
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Miranda

At a benefit dinner, community activist Maria Cervantes overhears two men plotting a terrorist attack that could rock Miami to its core. But before she can alert authorities, she’s almost killed in a massive explosion—and wakes up in a hospital with no memory of what happened. As the sole survivor of the attack, she is now a person of interest to the NSA—and especially to Agent Cade O’Reilly. Because Maria is the one woman Cade has never been able to forget. Years ago, they were closer than either was willing to admit—until Cade disappeared when Maria needed him most. Now he’s sticking by her, whether she likes it or not. Because the memories locked inside her mind could hold vital clues to the next attack. Because terrorists want her dead—and because he never wants to let her go again.

JRBestof2Maria Cervantes is known around Miami as a community activist.  Unfortunately, at the latest charity event Maria overhears the wrong conversation.  As Maria attempts to get help the party is blown to bits.  Being the only survivor Maria is a hot commodity among the good guys and bad guys.  The bad want her dead and one very hot NSA agent wants to keep her alive for personal and professional reasons.


Agent Cade O’Reilly has carried a torch for Maria for a long time.  She was there for him like no other could be when he served overseas.  But tragedy took him away from her and now a different kind of tragedy brings them back together.  Maria doesn’t know who is out to get her.  Cade is going to do whatever it takes to keep her safe and figure out the next target before it’s too late.


Katie Reus knows how to get the adrenaline pumping with her latest Deadly Ops. novel, Bound to Danger.  While this is the second book in Ms. Reus’ Deadly Ops novels it can be read as a standalone.  Before reading Bound to Danger make sure you are ready for high stakes action, drama and a romance to bet your life on.


Maria Cervantes is a smart and likable character.  She walks into danger unwittingly, suffers unimaginable loss, but keeps fighting against those that are hunting her down.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she has one strong and handsome man of honor ready to defend her.  Cade O’Reilly is a man who knows what he wants and makes it clear he’s going to get it.  He has this effortless way of asserting his dominance.  He isn’t arrogant like most Alpha types which I liked.  Don’t get me wrong I love the “I am Man hear me roar” type of Alpha but there was something subtle about Cade that I really enjoyed.  It didn’t hurt that these characters were backed up with a great plot.  I don’t really care for the villain’s point of view but it works here.  It helps to heighten the dramatic tension.


If you are like me and never found a summer blockbuster to fall in love with Bound to Danger is for you.  Katie Reus’ Bound to Danger packs tons of intensity into her latest Deadly Ops novel.  I started this read after searching Netflix, Amazon and Hulu for something filled with action and romance with no luck.  Bound to Danger exceeded my high expectations and if you are in need of an entertaining read this is the book for you!


Bound to Danger is a Joyfully Recommended Read!

AVENGER’S HEAT by Katie Reus

AVENGER’S HEAT by Katie ReusAvenger's Heat by Katie Reus
Published by Signet Eclipse Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Miranda

Erin Flynn is a tough woman! She suffered unspeakable atrocities at the hands of people that were supposed to protect her.  Recovering physically wasn’t quite as hard as recovering emotionally.  Becoming an Enforcer has driven Erin the past year. As an Enforcer it is her duty to protect others from harm.  She has been given her first assignment since becoming an Enforcer and it is going to take her to New Orleans. Unfortunately, the guy she has been trying to keep her distance from has been assigned to go with her.


Noah Campbell has been fighting his mating instinct since he found Erin battered and beaten a year ago.  If he could hunt down the people that hurt her he would obliterate them.  Erin is an Enforcer and he respects that but there is nothing that could keep him from following her wherever she is assigned.


Things get dicey as Erin and Noah arrive in New Orleans.  It doesn’t help that Noah’s estranged father is Alpha of the territory.  Wolves and vampires collide making Erin’s first Enforcer assignment more difficult. To make matters more difficult Erin is fighting her intense attraction to Noah.  Will she find the bad guy before she loses her heart to Noah?


Author Katie Reus continues her brilliant Moon Shifter series with Avenger’s Heat.  Erin Flynn is a favorite character of mine.  She is powerful and so complex. She is the perfect match for Noah.  His strength of character is part of what makes him perfect for Erin.  He wants the best for his woman and he is going to make sure she gets it!  Avenger’s Heat is full of heady emotions and fantastic suspenseful action.  In this story, New Orleans is a character itself; a stunning background for all of the danger and mystery that rapidly unfolds.


Love couples that set the pages on fire with their wit and chemistry then Avenger’s Heat is for you! This Moon Shifter novel is impressive and dazzling.


MATING INSTINCT by Katie ReusMating Instinct by Katie Reus
Series: Moon Shifter #3
Published by Penguin on 2013-03-05
Genres: Paranormal

As the beast within struggles to break free, he must learn to be what she needs... Surviving for centuries, powerful lupine shifter Jayce Kazan managed to stay away from humans until he met Kat Saburova and was consumed by the need to protect her. But while Jayce shared his passion with the human seer, he refused to make her his bondmate—a refusal that caused the end of their relationship. A year later, an attack that left Kat near death has resulted in another lupine shifter turning her. Furious that he wasn’t the one to save her, Jayce is determined to show Kat that he is the one she should rely on. But the newly turned shifter is still traumatized and worried that she’ll hurt those she loves, unless she can learn to control her inner wolf. And as Jayce struggles to protect Kat from her own worst instincts and convince her to rekindle their love, the extremists who almost killed her are looking to finish the job…


Jayce Kazan may be the revered and feared enforcer for the North America Lupine council but one woman has the power to bring him to his knees. Unfortunately for Jayce he made the stupid decision to leave the woman he loves because being with him will make her a target and as a human she was more vulnerable. However, things have changed. The woman he loves was brutally attacked and now she is wolf like him.

Kat has had a brutal year. The love of her life ditched her because she’s human and then she suffered through a devastating kidnapping attack from the Anti-Paranormal League. Now she must learn to live with her new wolf instincts with her ex stalking her every move. Kat wants to strike back against those who harmed her but it’s hard to do with Jayce sticking his nose in her business. He left her after all and if he thinks he can have her now that she is a wolf he’s deluded. 

When vicious attacks on humans point to the local pack Jayce is out to discover the culprit especially when he finds a link to Kat. Jayce will do anything to protect Kat from harm but will he be able to win her heart back? 

I can sum up Katie Reus’ Mating Instinct in three little letters…WOW! I am continually blown away by Ms. Reus’ Moon Shifter series. When I open the pages I feel like I’m visiting family. I become immersed in the story so deeply that I feel like I am amidst the characters joining in on the action. 

I love Ms. Reus’ characters! Jayce and Kat rock Mating Instinct! There are so many emotions between these two you can feel the firestorm brewing and when the passion explodes between them…well let’s just say it’s spectacular. Whether it’s their emotions or their heat between the sheets, Jayce and Kat sizzle! However, it is their battle with their emotions that makes this story sensational. 

The Moon Shifter series has great potential. There are so many characters that I cannot wait to read more about. Ms. Reus does a wonderful job of integrating characters into her stories slowly letting us get to know them. There is so much sexual tension going on at the Armstrong/Cordona Pack compound. I look forward to seeing these potential couples find romance.

Mating Instinct gives the reader an outstanding plot and more importantly unparalleled romance. This series keeps getting better and better and I love Joyfully Recommending it!



ALPHA INSTINCT by Katie ReusAlpha Instinct by Katie Reus
Series: Moon Shifters #1
Published by Penguin on 2012-02-07
Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Miranda

Ana Cordona has been a strong leader for the lupine shifters who survived after all the males and most of the females in her pack were mysteriously poisoned. As tough as she is, with no Alpha male, the pack is vulnerable to the devious shifter Sean Taggart, who wants to claim both their ranch and Ana as his own. When Connor Armstrong comes back into her life, promising protection, it’s almost enough to make Ana forget how he walked out on her before—and reluctantly accept his offer to mate. The minute Connor sees Ana again, it reawakens a raw hunger. He must have her for his bondmate—his wolf cries out for it. But his human side knows he must proceed with caution because of their complicated past. If he is to truly have her body and soul, he must go beyond his burning desire and win back her heart. Whatever it takes, he is determined not to leave her side again. But Taggart and his rival pack are not their only enemies. A human element in town is targeting shifters. Their plan not only threatens Ana and Connor’s future, but the lives of the entire pack...


Ana Cordona has watched almost everyone she loves die in the last few months. Her back has been viciously attacked, poisoned by an unknown person. All of the men and pregnant females of her pack are now gone and the remaining members of her pack are vulnerable and more danger is headed her way.

Connor Armstrong is a wolf shifter of the warrior class. He has loved Ana since he met her over fifty years ago but he had to leave her then. Now he’s back to claim what is his and protect her from those that seek to harm her but first he must convince Ana to mate with him.

As Ana and Connor try to learn to live with each other evil is in their midst. Will they be able to survive and will they do it together?

OMG, Katie Reus’ Alpha Instinct will Rock Your World! Ms. Reus throws her readers into the action in a fast and furious fashion. Ana and Connor are two characters that have enough passion between them to burn the pages up. From the first moment when Connor emerges onto the pages Alpha Instinct comes alive! It’s impossible for the reader to stop flipping the pages. I was able to form an instant connection with these characters. I needed to devour this story because I could not wait to find out what happened with Ana, Connor and the Pack. Not only was I able to form a connection with the hero and heroine but the secondary characters as well. I am literally aching to get my hands on the next story!

Ms. Reus’ top-notch writing skills make Alpha Instinct a winner! Laughter, lust and love are plentiful in Alpha Instinct. One thing Ms. Reus does remarkably well is convey her characters intense emotions. There is a lot of drama, suspense and hot sex in Alpha Instinct and the reader is able to experience every detail with the characters because of Ms. Reus’ fantastic prose.

Intense passion, action and emotion turn Alpha Instinct into a must buy! Add this to your To Be Read pile immediately. The Moon Shifter series is here to stay!! It’s my new favorite shifter series and I cannot wait to tell everyone about it! I am Joyfully Recommending it!

Alpha Instinct is powerful and simply superb!


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