Author: Kim Fielding

EQUIPOISE by Kim Fielding

EQUIPOISE by Kim FieldingEquipoise by Kim Fielding
Series: Ennek Trilogy #3
Published by DSP Publications Genres: Fantasy, MM

Surviving two mighty magical conflicts Ennek is utterly exhausted and more powerful than ever while his lover Miner worries about the consequences of their actions.  It appears everywhere they go they are forced to alter the lives of those they meet.


Homesick and tired of wandering they decide to return to Praesidium.  The time has come for the second son of the Chief and the former slave condemned to Stasis to take what they’ve learned on their travels and try to change the rigid laws back home.  They hope to attempt the impossible and free bond slaves, alter outdated laws, and most importantly ask the Chief to see what could be in Praesidium.  Ennek and Miner are willing to risk their love for the greater good of their people.  If they survive their first steps anything is possible.


An incredibly intense, riveting adventure comes to a fantastic conclusion in Equipoise.  This unique blend of drama, action, and sensuality is bound together with a pulse pounding ending.  Well drawn emotionally strong characters strengthen an intelligent plotline set within an alternate world.  From the first page to the last Ennek and Miner’s primal, lusty love rings true.  Equipoise delivers a powerful and compelling romance where anything is possible when love is involved.

FLUX by Kim Fielding

FLUX by Kim FieldingFlux by Kim Fielding
Series: Ennek Trilogy #2
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Publisher

Fleeing for their lives Ennek, the ruling Chief’s second son and Miner, a traitor released from Statis, are crossing the seas aboard the Eclipse bound for a foreign coastline.  With his newly discovered wizard powers Ennek is having the time of his life, especially since he has an affinity for water.  Frozen in Statis for centuries Miner chooses to stay in their cabin, avoiding the water as much as possible, while also hiding the collar around his neck proclaiming him a slave.


During the voyage the Eclipse is attacked by pirates.  Forcibly parted Ennek and Miner believe the worst.  But it soon becomes clear that destiny is not done with the lovers.  As they weigh their options between one fateful decision and another Ennek and Miner draw closer.  If they manage to survive each trial their love will know no bounds.


Book two in the intense Ennek Trilogy pull the heartstrings tight.  Flux challenges the lovers – emotionally and physically.  Deliciously addictive Ennek and Miner’s deep soul stirring love shines through, even when they are frustrated with each other.  Flux guides the reader into their romance and doesn’t let go.

STASIS by Kim Fielding

STASIS by Kim FieldingStasis by Kim Fielding
Series: Ennek Trilogy #1
Published by DSP Publications Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Publisher

The city-state of Praesidium is considered one of the most powerful and profitable in all the known lands.  Their success is in large part due to strict laws and rules which the Chief and the wizard carry out.  The current Chief is a no nonsense, rigid widower with two sons, his heir Larkin and Ennek, the spare.  Thelius is their powerful, secretive wizard.  Law breakers become bond-slaves, the more heinous criminals are sent into Stasis, a deathlike state.


For the most part once Ennek completed his studies he was left to his own devices, especially after his mother’s suicide.  As a young man Ennek spent most of his time drinking and gambling.  Well aware that relations between men is strictly forbidden he’s chosen to forgo any relationship altogether.


Ennek finally finds purpose in life when Larkin assigns him the responsibility of Portmaster for their city-state.  His days are filled with business rather than trouble.  At last Ennek has a worthy purpose.  The only difficulty in his life is the dreams of Stasis he cannot control.  Less than a handful of times Ennek has witnessed those in Stasis.  One in particular stands out to him, the prisoner has even opened his eyes and moved which should be impossible.  His decision to retrieve the prisoner has repercussions that cost Ennek more than he can spare.  His soul and that of the prisoner Miner.  All will be required of them both in the end.


Author Kim Fielding lays the foundation for a fantastical alternative world that alternates with wonder and chills.  Ennek’s story rings with conviction whether he’s a wastrel or a hero.  Stasis thoroughly entertains.  This reality comes alive, between Ennek and the other characters, as well as the rich, descriptive storyline Stasis literally breathes itself into the pages.  There is an overwhelming sense of tension, angst, and the spirit to succeed in Stasis.  Absolutely riveting.  But beware, there is a cliffhanger.

LOVE CAN’T CONQUER by Kim Fielding

LOVE CAN’T CONQUER by Kim FieldingLove Can't Conquer by Kim Fielding
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Jeremy Cox was raised in a tiny, backwater town in rural Kansas.  Childhood was a time of endurance as he was bullied relentlessly for his small stature and superior intelligence.  Ambivalent parents didn’t care.  In high school Jeremy had a quiet connection with older student Keith Moor, but that boy’s suicide left another dent in his tattered psyche.  Jeremy’s saving grace was an out of state college scholarship.


Years of mental institutions forced upon him by his parents left its mark on Qayin Hill.  When Qayin broke free to live his own life he chose to exist below the grid and drifted from state to state.  A musty basement apartment and a minimum wage job in Portland is the most responsible Qayin’s ever managed.  It may also be a fool’s dream but Qayin is taking classes to achieve a college degree one semester at a time.


In his early forties, the Chief park ranger is satisfied with the life he’s carved out.  Jeremy loves the park system in Portland where he’s paid to hike and explore the flora and fauna with visitors every day.  He can occasionally also help young runaways and throwaways find a safe place.  And most of the time he’s too busy to dwell on his ex-lover Donnie.  The breakup nearly destroyed him and still haunts his dreams.  His recent introduction to an unusual named man gives Jeremy hope for the future.  Jeremy loves to untangle complex people and Qayin feels special.  Suddenly life is sweeter.


Love Can’t Conquer showcases the strength of the human spirit.  A miserable childhood didn’t break Jeremy; instead it made him an honorable, strong man.  Out of the ashes of despair Qayin is desperately trying to succeed.  Their journey apart and together in Love Can’t Conquer is a triumph.  You will want to devour this emotionally intense, gut wrenching love story.

THE PILLAR by Kim Fielding

THE PILLAR by Kim FieldingThe Pillar by Kim Fielding
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Historical, MM
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

The town of Zidar prides itself on following many time honored traditions in a place where Christians and Muslims are able to live in relative peace. One such tradition concerns punishment at the town pillar.  Those found guilty are whipped and left for dead.  If they survive the ordeal the matter is over.  In the case of a slave being punished at the pillar, they are freed if they survive.


Years ago Faris was flogged for thievery and left to die at the pillar.  The healer cut him down, took him home and saved his life though Faris would always bear severe scars.  The elderly healer sees something in the orphaned thief and gives him the chance nobody else ever had.  Over time Faris learns everything his mentor can teach him about herbs and healing.  After his beloved mentor passed Faris becomes the town healer and follows the tradition of releasing those sentenced to the pillar.


Faris swore he wouldn’t continue the tradition after what happened the last time, but there he was on that cold, wet night cutting down the large, badly injured man with the obvious scars of wearing a slave collar.  It does take all of Faris’s formidable skills to save Boro from the flogging, as well as injuries and starvation caused by his previous master.  Once on the road to recovery the lonely healer discovers a kindred spirit in the arms of Boro, a captured soldier turned slave.  As Faris and Boro begin to accept the gift of finding each other, though under harsh circumstances, the ex-slave’s old master comes calling.  And guess what he wants back…


A simple tale gathers strength and evolves into a moral, honest romance in The Pillar.  Author Kim Fielding paints a moody, introspective story of redemption and love for readers to embrace.  Faris is a man of many layers, a complex man who saves Boro which saves them both in the end.  Enjoy The Pillar, a complicated, fascinating story that proves the power of love on so many levels.

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