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STEEL TRAP by L. M. Somerton

STEEL TRAP by L. M. SomertonSteel Trap by L. M. Somerton
Series: Wyverns #5
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Nelson Jeremiah Hatchet, aka Hatchet, is a big, bad member of the Wyvern motorcycle gang.  He causes mayhem and breaks the law.  Trouble written all over him.  The cover works to protect him and the Wyverns from anyone knowing the good they do.


The gang follows the commands of the mysterious Horatio Trap who seems to see all and know all before everyone.  His go-between is the equally enigmatic Mr. Smith who supplies them with everything necessary for their undercover work.


Over the past months Hatchet’s been on a slow burn waiting for the moment to pounce on the elusive Mr. Smith.  The biker is trying to tell himself that simple lust is at play, but he knows he’s fooling himself after one night with Mr. Smith in his bed.


Their latest assignment involves a drug cartel operating in Phoenix using slave labor.  To get in with the dealer Hatchet will have to kill the man posing as a buyer- Mr. Smith.  All of the Wyverns will be there to back them up.  Hatchet just wishes he could stop worrying about a part-time bed warmer in harm’s way.


Black continues to hide its white hat in Steel Trap where exhilarating twists and scorching hot loving returns in the fifth book in The Wyverns series.  Gritty, intense characters once more carry a dangerous plotline to an exciting climax.  Raw sexual encounters flame bright between Hatchet and Mr. Smith.  Fans will eagerly devour Steel Trap and new readers will become equally addicted to this wonderful series.

ELEMENTAL HOPE by L. M. Somerton

ELEMENTAL HOPE by L. M. SomertonElemental Hope by L. M. Somerton
Series: Warlocks #2
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Evrain Brookes is possibly the most powerful new warlock the world has ever seen.  He wouldn’t be as strong however without his lover Dominic Castine, a human gardener who Evrain needs as a conduit to channel his gift.  Their relationship is growing by leaps and bounds alongside their ability to work magic.


Recently they were able to stop an evil warlock whose thirst for domination endangered everyone.  Unfortunately, the Octis Coven, a group of witches are now aware of Evrain and they will stop at nothing to acquire the young warlock’s blood for their own use.


Word has reached the lovers that the warlock they already battled and the Octis Coven have joined forces.  Getting a hold of either Evrain or Dominic would be very bad.  Capturing them both could prove deadly.  Being smart and being safe may be asking too much of the cocky young warlock.  Hopefully Evrain’s desire to protect Dominic will keep them safe from harm.


Passion and drama go hand in hand in Elemental Hope, the second book in the Warlocks series.  Intense romance explodes from the pages as Evrain and Dominic further explore the bounds of their love.  Suspense from the get go, twists and turns throughout treat readers to a wonderful story.  Elemental Hope can easily be read as a standalone tale, yet the intricate plotline benefits from firsthand knowledge of book one.  A potent brew of magical love, Elemental Hope absolutely satisfies the reader’s thirst for a great story.

SAND TRAP by L. M. Somerton

SAND TRAP by L. M. SomertonSand Trap by L. M. Somerton
Series: Wyverns #4
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

The Wyverns motorcycle gang is having a little down time for a change.  Everyone thinks they are this big bad gang, but they are actually the good guys, well for the most part.


Since everything is quiet gang member Francis Redway aka Crow is going to make a move on their newest recruit Shelton.  Crow’s been circling around the intriguing little dude for a while, wondering how he’d respond to the biker’s dominant sexual personality.


Shelton eagerly agrees to a dessert trip to get to know Crow better.  All is going well.  Not even a violent dust storm that blows up stops them.  Unfortunately, after the storm Shelton wanders out when he sees something that wasn’t meant to be uncovered.  Desperate men don’t want their secrets known.  It will be up to Crow and the rest of the Wyverns to save one of their own before the worst can happen to their new recruit.


Dive back into the wild and dangerous world of The Wyverns in Sand Trap.  Book four in the popular, gritty series focuses on their latest initiate and the savage Crow.  Their Dom/sub relationship has more to do with emotional bonds than physical BDSM acts  and works well toward their developing romance.  Steamy sex and a tense climax culminate in a very entertaining tale.  Great chemistry and lots of fast paced action make Sand Trap a solid addition to this series.


BINDING THE EDGES by L. M. SomertonBinding the Edges by L. M. Somerton
Series: Tales from the Edge #8
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Recently Oliver was instrumental in stopping a psychopath from committing murder at the hospital where he works as a nurse.  At the time Olly was cool and calm.  Since then the sweet submissive has had problems getting past the whole episode.  Without the love, support, and strength of Joe, his Dom, there’s no telling how he’d be able to deal with it.


The couple, along with Dominant Heath and his partner Aiden, run The Edge, a highly successful business that allows people to explore the BDSM lifestyle.  Their tenth anniversary is coming soon and the plan is to throw a huge party.  It’s bad enough that Olly is suffering from nightmares over what happened, getting everything perfect for the party is throwing him further into a major meltdown.


Taking a break from party planning with Aiden, the sub runs into the last person he expects to find on the private beach, his number one nemesis Mark Vickery.  A brutal, vicious man bent on revenge against Olly, the man who blew the whistle on his deviant behavior.  It’s a race against time for Joe and their friends to find Olly and stop Mark for good.


A terrific blend of action, drama, and sensuality Binding the Edges brings heart pounding danger to life.  Emotional tension plays out as Olly comes to grips with what happened in the near past and what he’s faced with now.  The well crafted characters are riveting, the plotline intelligent, and the climax satisfying as Olly learns the true meaning of friendship.  The Tales from the Edge series never disappoints and Olly, well, he’s one in a million.


TAGGING MACKENZIE by L. M. SomertonTagging Mackenzie by L. M. Somerton
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Popular underground BDSM club Chain of Thorns is a safe place for submissive Mackenzie ‘Kenzie’ Soames to explore his sexuality.  It is also a great place for Kenzie to moon over Dominant Steele Denton who so far hasn’t given Kenzie the time of day.


After another night of being rejected by Steele the sub takes matters into his own hands and decides to follow through on a risky plan.  No one in town is aware that Kenzie is also the notorious graffiti artist Cuffs.  Stealthily he paints an extremely suggestive erotic design on the outside wall of Design Rebellion, the motorcycle design shop solely owned by Steele Denton.


As Kenzie finishes his own brand of artwork he’s unaware that Steele has caught him on his security monitor.  The sub’s first mistake is causing trouble. The second is getting caught red handed.  At last Kenzie is in Steele’s hands.


Tagging Mackenzie cleverly jumpstarts a provocative relationship between a stubborn Dom and a needy submissive.  Kenzie and his dream Dom discover how right they truly are in this personal, passionate exploration.  Beyond hot, their BDSM desires are explored in Tagging Mackenzie.  The one negative in their erotic journey is that it’s over way too soon.

STROKE RATE by L. M. Somerton

STROKE RATE by L. M. Somerton

University student Benedict Astor splits his time equally between his life at the nearby campus studying literature and enjoying his passion for rowing at the Okeanos Rowing Club.  Ben has negotiated free use of the boats after hours and a small flat above the boathouse in exchange for taking care of the boats for clubContinue Reading

DRIVEN TO THE EDGE by L. M. Somerton

Ten years of outstanding success.  The Edge is about to celebrate a well earned anniversary.  Co-owners Joe Dexter and Heath Anders allowed their business to evolve from corporate training courses into an elite military training facility, while at the same time offering exclusive weekend BDSM classes for those in the lifestyle.  Along the way DominantContinue Reading

ELEMENTAL LOVE by L. M. Somerton

On his twenty-first birthday Evrain Brookes discovered that he’s been living a lie.  A lie of omission perhaps, but a lie nonetheless.  Evrain had gone from believing himself a normal young man to finding out he’s a warlock destined to control great magical power.   Leaving his parents and young sisters behind in Scotland, EvrainContinue Reading

SCORCHED EDGES by L. M. Somerton

Several months past fireman Salter ‘Beau’ Beauman was on hand after the Temple Church bombing attack, digging through the rubble searching for survivors.  Among the lucky ones was Marty Standish, a top government analyst desperately looking for his boss and mentor.   Not one for immediate gratification and willing to enjoy a challenge Beau hasContinue Reading


Extreme photographer Lysander Brock is known to take death defying risks to capture the perfect picture and he’s got the awards to prove it.  The adrenaline junkie travels the world seeking landscapes or living images.  Brock has the gift of seeing that breath taking picture in his mind and goes to any length to obtainContinue Reading

DEATHTRAP by L. M. Somerton

The Wyvern Motorcyle Club has a brutal, vicious reputation.  Secretly however their motives are to stop gun running and major drug deals in the Southwest desert region under the directives of ghost handler Mr. Trap.   At one time the men were charged with keeping Orlando de la Pena on ice in an effort toContinue Reading

MANTRAP by L. M. Somerton

Anyone who’s heard of the Wyvern Motorcycle Club believes they are gun runners and drug distributors when in fact they are the opposite.  Members of the Wyvern MC are ex-military, ex-law enforcement who took a wrong turn in their profession and got into trouble of one kind or another with their superiors.  They ended upContinue Reading


Unlawfully confined at the Clinic by his ‘anti-gay’ guardian uncle, Kai Smithson is rescued after becoming acquainted with another trapped patient   Alistair offers Kai a safe haven at The Underground, a premier London BDSM club.  The owner is Alistair’s Dom lover and happy to aid his recovered sub’s new friend.  It’s clear to everyone thereContinue Reading


The Underground offers their clientele a safe place to explore and satisfy their BDSM desires.  It is so popular that owner/manager Carey Hoffman only needs to advertize for wait staff positions once a year.  Carey’s been looking for a submissive of his own for a long time and the moment he set his eyes onContinue Reading

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