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SHADES OF MIDNIGHT by Lara AdrianShades of Midnight by Lara Adrian
Series: Midnight Breeds #7
Published by Dell Genres: Paranormal, Suspense
Source: Publisher


Kade is originally from a Darkhaven in Alaska but he recently moved to Boston to join the Order and help with their fight.  While joining the Order was his main reason for leaving his home, Kade was also leaving for a very personal reason.  Circumstances are now sending him back to Alaska and Kade knows this is the time to take care of the issues that he left behind also. 

Alex Maguire is a bush pilot who discovers a massacre while delivering to one of her clients.  Stunned, Alex still has enough together to call for help.  Alex has to wait until the help arrives and during that time, she is forced by the reality of what her eyes are telling her to remember something from her past.  Alex might have to remember, but she isn’t going to bring it up to anyone until a stranger arrives who seems to know something about these killings and the past.

Kade has a full plate and needs to keep focused on discovering what attacked that family and taking care of his personal business.  However Alex and their mutual attraction quickly distracts him.  For a small town in Alaska there is a whole lot going on just below the surface.  Alex wants to believe in Kade even when things point towards him being the problem.  The very real danger is coming closer to Alex and Kade.  Can they find the belief in each other to not only overcome their enemy but to realize the love that has sprung up against all odds?

In the land of the midnight sun, a warrior and a pilot discover a passion that rivals that sun’s brilliance.  Shades of Midnight matches two people who have serious personal demons.  Alex and her father moved to Alaska because it was a far away as you could get and still be in the United States.  Kade left Alaska for two very different reasons, now both those reasons have him returning.  I loved watching Alex and Kade find their way to each other and while it wasn’t an easy path, it was very easy to see that it was the right path for them.  I especially liked how neither of them turned away from the danger and did not let it stop them from discovering just what they had between them.  I had to laugh at the end when a single member of the Order pointed it out just how fast they were falling.  That just means more Midnight Breed books that I’m fully in favor of.  Kade and Alex definitely show how to keep warm on a cold winter’s night.  Shades of Midnight is a wonderful romance between two strong characters with a satisfying touch of danger to keep you wondering until the end.



TAKEN BY MIDNIGHT by Lara AdrianTaken by Midnight by Lara Adrian
Series: Midnight Breeds #8
Published by Dell Genres: Paranormal, Suspense
Source: Publisher


Jenna Darrow wakes up in a medical room at the Breed compound, however the only thing normal to her is the face of her best friend, Alex.  Jenna has faced many things that have made it necessary for her to be strong; the loss of her husband and child, the loss of her career as an Alaskan State Trooper and the memory of the creature who broke into her house and assaulted her.  Now she has to face something that just might break her.  Her entire body is changing because of something that ancient being did to her that hellish night. 

Brock is one of the vampire warriors who are known as the Breed.  Each warrior has one special gift and Brock’s is to take away pain.  He has been with Jenna since the night they located the ancient in her house and destroyed him.  No one is quite sure what happened to Jenna, but Brock knows the pain she has gone through intimately as he has been taking it from her. Now she is awake and they have discovered that something strange is happening to her DNA. The time Brock has spent with Jenna gave him a closer relationship then he has allowed with any woman in many years.

Jenna sees major changes in her physical body as the hours go by and while scared, she comes to see that trusting the warriors is her only chance to discover exactly what was done to her.  Brock and Jenna both feel the intensity of the passion that seems to hover around them and it only takes one spark to become much more than feelings.  The danger that always surrounds the Breeds, and their Breedmates, soon includes Jenna, a fact that scares Brock to some point.  Knowing she has to help Brock and the others, Jenna puts her own investigation talents to work.  This leads to completing a mission the Breedmates have been working towards for months but at the same time, it might just rip Brock away from Jenna for the rest of eternity.

When your past suddenly becomes an option for the future, which loses the love—past or current?  Brock and Jenna both find this answer in Taken By Midnight.  I was so happy to see that Jenna seemed to come out of that horrible night okay until I continued to read and saw the truth.  I always thought that Brock was one of the quiet warriors but he had me hands down as I watched him not only lend his strength to Jenna when she needed it, but also helped her be able to find the ability to believe in her own strength.  There were several times that I was cheering for both Jenna and Brock and other times when I wanted to shake them. For me that just meant it was an excellent book.  I loved that Jenna was the most unusual heroine in this series. While she is not a true Breedmate, I found her to be something much more and the relationship between her and Brock to be stronger for it. 

Taken By Midnight captivates and holds you hostage through its strong emotions and stronger passions.  I couldn’t put it down and I bet you won’t be able to either.  To say its Joyfully Recommended isn’t quite enough, but it’s the highest recommendation I can give Jenna and Brock’s story.

**Recommended Read 2010**

HEART OF A HUNTER by Lara Adrian

HEART OF A HUNTER by Lara AdrianHeart of a Hunter by Lara Adrian
Series: Dragon Chalice #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Historical, Paranormal
Source: Author


If the pieces of The Dragon Chalice are united the world will be finished. The duty to protect the Chalice has fallen to a trusted few. Will they prevail or will evil reign?

Ariana of Clairmont is on a mission to save her beloved brother. She knows she is entering dangerous territory but she must save the only family she has left. Ariana hits the first bump in the road when a nefarious man attempts to kidnap her. Thankfully, a man comes to her rescue. Too bad the brute has such an attitude.

Braedon le Chasseur is known as the hunter. He has the gift of finding things. When he comes across a woman in danger he rescues her but he is unable to let her go forward in her journey when he knows she will end up dead. Braedon is haunted by his past and refuses to get close to the beautiful woman he has decided to protect.

Will Ariana and Braedon be able to deny the feelings between them forever? Can they save her brother from people holding him? And more importantly can they keep The Dragon Chalice out of evil hands?

Lara Adrian’s Heart of the Hunter features a thrilling plot with exciting action and fiery passion. Ariana and Braedon are addictive. You can’t miss the heat between these two. Ariana’s fierce determination drives this novel. I love it when she stands up to Braedon. Of course, he is right about the danger to her but she will not be deterred from saving her brother. Braedon’s character is so complex and interesting. He has been through so much the emotion in him is palpable. Ariana is a natural healer and she is the perfect person to heal Braedon’s heart. Heart of the Hunter is full of great scenes between these two. This historical is fast-paced and teeming with inspiring romance.


MIDNIGHT AWAKENING by Lara AdrianMidnight Awakening by Lara Adrian
Series: Midnight Breeds #3
Published by Tantor Audio Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Darkhaven beauty Elise Chase is back in Midnight Awakening. We last saw her suffering the horrific loss of her son, on the heels of her husband’s death.  Now she is living among humans and out of Darkhaven’s safety, even though it is hard it is on her psychic senses.  Elise made a promise to her son that she would make those in Boston who played a part in his death pay.  Now she is on a one-woman mission to help rid the area of “Minions,” those brutal human slaves that belong only to the strongest vampires, who turn the Minions into evil one-track mind beings.  The one thing she doesn’t count on is ever running into Tegan again. 

Tegan is a member of “the Order,” a warrior class of the “Breeds,” meaning he is one seriously alpha male and a vampire to boot.  Elise is surprised when she ends up getting caught by rogue vampires and Tegan swoops in to save her.  She is really surprised when he cares for her tenderly while appearing to have no emotion.

Neither can seem to get the other out of their minds and when Elise is in danger suddenly Tegan is also there. Can Elise crack that brick wall Tegan has built up around his emotions?  And will they both live long enough for her to even try?

I admit that I am hooked on Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed Series.  I love how in Midnight Awakening Ms. Adrian has made probably the roughest of her warriors deal with not only a stubborn female, but one that he can’t seem to ignore.  Though I do think he walks over Elise a bit and is a little rougher than he needed to be, you can see that someone who is a few hundred years old would have a different point of reference.  If you enjoy the vampire genre then you will definitely enjoy the twists that Ms. Adrian has put in her version and should pick up Midnight Awakening as well as the rest of the books in the Midnight Breed series. Since the audio books seem to be lagging a few years behind the original print release, I know there are a number more to look forward to listening to in the future; I just wish the future was now.


KISS OF MIDNIGHT by Lara AdrianKiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian
Series: Midnight Breeds #1
Published by Dell Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Annmarie

Photographer Gabrielle Maxwell witnesses a murder outside a  nightclub. Suddenly she is plunged into a dark world that she never  imagined existed. A world of vampires and blood wars and deadly  danger.

Lucan Thorne is a vampire. And he’s not just a vampire, he’s a Breed  warrior. As a Breed warrior, Lucan is charged with the duty to  protect other vampires, and any humans that get in the way, from the  Rogues.

When the Rogues target Gabrielle, Lucan must protect her. Although  the urge to bind himself to her is strong, Lucan fights against his  desire. But the one thing Lucan can’t fight is his destiny.

When I first saw mention of this series in the blogsphere, I knew I  just HAD to read this book. I love strong Alpha heroes and adore  paranormals. So to say I have been a little impatient waiting to  have Kiss of Midnight in my hot little hands, is a real  understatement. And Lara Adrian did not let me down! I adored Kiss of Midnight!

I wanted to tackle Lucan and lick him all over and I lust for the Breed warriors. But it was more than just the Breed warriors and my complete adoration of Lucan that kept me enthralled; the plot, the romance and the paranormal world held me spell bound. I loved this book and I know other readers will too!


Corinne Bishop has been held captive by the evil Dragos for many years. She has been tortured, forced to endure unspeakable torment, turned into a breeder for the evil vampire. Corinne and many others were rescued by the Order, a group that fights the evil among vampires, protecting the innocent. Now she must find aContinue Reading

KISS OF CRIMSON by Lara Adrian

Tess has always known she is a little different but does what she must to survive. She has started over after a traumatic childhood and is now a successful veterinarian, though she some days wishes she had stuck to sculpting, as it seemed to relax her more. When she helps a gravely injured man oneContinue Reading


Nikolai is a breed warrior, part of the Order, who has been sent to Montreal in search of a Gen One, Sergei Yakut.  Someone is murdering Gen One’s and finding Sergei is a two-fold mission.  One to warn him of what is happening and the other to see if he can be of any help. Continue Reading


Lazaro Archer has been working non-stop for the Order since the night his entire family was massacred, except for the one member who was with him and away from the family home at the time. Even Lazaro’s Breedmate was brutally murdered.  Now Lazaro is trying to help the Order make a political alliance with oneContinue Reading

CRAVE THE NIGHT by Lara Adrian

CRAVE THE NIGHT by Lara Adrian

Nathan was born to be not only a Breed, but one of the strongest and swiftest killers around being one of the Breeds that were created in a lab and only trained to not feel anything or risk intense pain.  Once Nathan was saved from the lab by his mother and her mate, he beganContinue Reading

EDGE OF DAWN by Lara Adrian

EDGE OF DAWN by Lara Adrian

Mira is much more than a breed mate.  She is also a warrior who was raised within the Order from the time she was a young child.  Now after a lot of hard work, Mira is the captain of her own squad.  On a night that was to have been for celebration, Mira sees the human who sheContinue Reading



Tavia Fairchild works for a US Senator, which she enjoys until the night that a man comes into one of the Senator’s parties and starts shooting.  That night will turn Tavia’s life upside down, but not in a way any one would suspect.  What Tavia learns is that her entire life has been a lie and herContinue Reading

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