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WHISKEY SHARP by Lauren Dane

WHISKEY SHARP by Lauren DaneWhiskey Sharp: Unraveled by Lauren Dane
Series: Whiskey Sharp #1
Published by HQN Books Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher


Maybe Dolan moved to Seattle in order to help her older sister recover from a job-related event that changed her life.  Maybe left her family to go and live with her aunt and uncle as soon as she possibly could.  That move gave Maybe the chance to grow into the person she was always meant to be.  To say that her relationship with her parents is strained just doesn’t cover it, yet Maybe is willing to put up with her parents for her sister.


Alexsei Petrov is part of a very close Russian family in Seattle.  Alexsei owns a barber shop that is building a great reputation, so when a woman appears saying she was sent by his aunt and that she wants a job as a barber in his shop, he knows that if nothing else, he has to give her a try.  That was one of his better decisions as Maybe is now one of his shops favorite barbers—heck, he even insists she does his cuts and shaves.


Maybe was attracted to Alexsei from the beginning, but when his move came, it kind of surprised her at first.  Alexsei soon learns that while Maybe is confident in her abilities as a barber, she has very little confidence in other areas of her life.  Alexsei also learns just what Maybe has overcome as their passion moves forward.  While his family loves her for just being her funky self, it is very clear that her parents not only don’t love her, but actively seek to undermine her.  Maybe is willing to put up with her parents’ abuse in order to let her sister grow and heal, but even she has a limit, and when that is hit, Maybe learns just how much Alexsei loves her and how many other people love her just as she is.


When love comes knocking, sometimes you need to kick the door down instead of waiting for it to be answered.  Alexsei learns this as he begins his journey to love with Maybe in Whiskey Sharp: Unraveled.  There were many places that I just wanted to reach out and hug both Maybe and Alexsei.  I loved watching as they went from friends to lovers while keeping a working relationship during it all.  I also loved Alexsei even more as he showed Maybe just what love means as he uncovered just what she had grown up with.  Maybe is no shrinking violet, but after years of doubting herself, it was great to see her bloom even more and stand up for herself.  Even the secondary characters had me engaged, although it was the relationship between Maybe and Alexsei that had me from their first meeting.  Whiskey Sharp: Unraveled is no light read for sure, but there is so much texture and feeling in the relationship between Maybe and Alexsei that even when it hurts, you just want to turn the page to see what happens next. This is a great start to a new series, and I can’t wait to see the next peek into this world.


GIVING CHASE by Lauren Dane

GIVING CHASE by Lauren DaneGiving Chase by Lauren Dane
Series: Chase Brothers #1
Published by Carina Press Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher


Maggie has always been the overlooked Wright sister.  All through high school and beyond, her beautiful sister had overshadowed her, making her feel invisible.  She’s stunned when Sheriff Shane Chase, one of the four gorgeous Chase brothers, takes an interest in her and asks her out.  But Shane has issues from the devastating blow dealt to him by his ex-fiancé, so when he realizes that Maggie is someone he could come to truly care for he dumps her as quickly and as coldly as he can manage.  Shane’s mistake is just the opportunity his brother Kyle has been waiting for.  When Kyle realizes that Shane is not going to apologize or try to make things right with Maggie, he quickly seizes his chance.  He has wanted Maggie from the start but had been willing to step aside because he thought that Maggie would be what Shane’s wounded heart needed.  Now that Shane’s messed up, he’s decided to go after what he’s wanted.  Maggie’s hesitant to go out with Shane’s brother, not to mention a little shocked that another Chase brother is interested in her but decides to give him a chance.  As time passes Maggie discovers that she was dating the wrong Chase brother the first time around.  Maggie and Kyle’s relationship deepens and they begin to fall in love.  But another man is obsessed with Maggie and his anger has slowly built from watching her date Shane and when he sees that she and Kyle are getting serious, his rage explodes.  Can Kyle protect the woman he’s come to love?
I’ve long been a fan of Lauren Dane, grabbing whatever she writes as quickly as I can.  In my opinion Giving Chase has to be the absolute best book she has ever written.  Maggie is a heroine who is spunky and independent while Kyle is just the kind of to-die-for hero that I love to read about.  Lauren Dane has crafted not only the sensuous passion between them, but also the deepening emotional bonds, in such a way that I became enthralled.  Add to this the knowledge that each of Kyle’s three yummy brothers are slated to have books of their own and Giving Chase is a book that should be on the top of every romance lovers list.


WHISKEY SHARP: UNRAVELED by Lauren DaneWhiskey Sharp: Unraveled by Lauren Dane
Series: Whiskey Sharp #1
Published by HQN Books Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher

The sharpest ache comes from wanting what you think you can’t have…

Maybe Dolan has lived independent, free-spirited and unattached since leaving home at sixteen. Whiskey Sharp, Seattle’s sexy vintage-styled barbershop and whiskey bar, gave her a job—and a reason to put down roots. Cutting hair by day, losing herself drumming in a punk rock band by night, she’s got it good.

But a longtime crush that turns into a hot, edgy night with brooding and bearded Alexsei Petrov makes it a hell of a lot better.

Maybe’s blunt attitude and carnal smile hooked Alexsei from the start. Protecting people is part of his nature and Maybe is meant to be his…even if she doesn’t know it. Yet. He can’t help himself from wanting to protect and care for her.

But Maybe’s fiery independent spirit means pushing back when Alexsei goes too far. Still, he’s not afraid to do a little pushing of his own to get what he wants—her in his life, and his bed, for good. Maybe’s more intoxicating than all the liquor on his shelf…and he’s not afraid to ride the blade’s edge to bind her to him.

Maybe Dolan talks a mile a minute, looks like a punk rocker and takes on the role of protector and caretaker for those she loves.  Aleksei Petrov is a gruff Russian and barber.  He owns Whiskey Sharp the only place in Seattle you can get drink while you get your hair cut.

Maybe has lusted after Aleksei for two years.  Aleksei has finally opened his eyes to the woman right in front of him. He’s determined to win Maybe’s heart and rule her body.  The past has come back to haunt Maybe and it may ruin the life she has carved out for herself and her sister in Seattle.  However, Aleksei is determined to keep his woman safe and happy right where she is. Can he succeed?

Ms. Dane has created a unique setting for her latest series.  Whiskey Sharp is a barber shop that features a bar where patrons can enjoy spirits.  I really enjoyed Maybe’s exuberant personality.  She really is the perfect match for Aleksei.  He is a sexy alpha male with an attractive dominant personality.  Maybe is a force to be reckoned with.  I just loved it when she flustered Aleksei and how she dealt with Aleksei’s ex-fiancé.

Maybe and Aleksei’s relationship is super hot and emotional.  Maybe’s sister and family take on a crucial role in Whiskey Sharp: Unraveled.  Many times, I found my eyes misty and heart aching with worry for these characters.  Aleksei’s family is the perfect balance to Maybe’s.  I absolutely loved them.  Ms. Dane did an excellent job creating the family bond.

Whiskey Sharp: Unraveled is a great contemporary read.  Fans of Author Lauren Dane will be running to the bookstore to add this to their collection.

SWORN TO THE WOLF by Lauren Dane

SWORN TO THE WOLF by Lauren DaneSworn to the Wolf by Lauren Dane
Series: Cherchez Wolf Pack #2
Published by Carina Press Genres: Paranormal
Source: Reviewer


Rain Foster is a part-time painter and a part-time waitress so she can pay her bills and buy art supplies while hoping to get that one chance to prove how good her art is.  Rain is also on the run from a violent family past and has tried to keep clear of anything that might point to where she is now.  Rain’s life turns upside down one morning when a tall, dark, and beyond sexy man walks into the cafe where she works.  Rain really has no interest in working on a relationship right now, but Laurent is a true force when he wants something, and Rain is unable to say no.


Laurent Cole is a natural born werewolf and the second in the Cherchez pack.  Laurent has been searching and hoping to find his mate for years now, and he never expected to find a spunky human waitress who made his wolf stand up and howl.  Once he knows just who Rain could be for him, Laurent wastes no time in getting a date and, hopefully, the mate he has yearned for.


Rain experiences so many highs and lows right as Laurent comes into her life.  She finally gets a shot at not one, but two shows at a gallery and has great chemistry with a hot guy.  Then when she tries to learn about his family, she learns the truth behind the Cherchez pack and just what she would have to expect if she agrees to be Laurent’s.  Time seems to stand on hold as Rain and Laurent work on just what their future will be.  Just when it seems that happiness is at their fingertips, Rain’s past catches up with her, and she is hurt in a way that affects her, Laurent, and the entire pack.  As time passes, will Rain and Laurent be able to put the deep hurts behind them and grab that bright future that was theirs for such a short time?


A werewolf and a woman on the run find out that love comes with highs and lows that can raise you up or destroy you in Sworn to the Wolf.  I instantly loved both Laurent and Rain and the passion that seemed to roll over them from the first moment they met.  Watching as Rain learned the ins and outs of being a werewolf and pack life with Laurent’s help had me smiling and shaking my head in a few places.  My heart also hurt for them as life turned dark, yet I was cheering all the way through hoping that in the end Laurent and Rain would be victorious and their love would reign.  I have come to love all the members of the Cherchez pack and can’t wait to see which wolf will be next to find his mate and the love that awaits them when they do.  Sworn to the Wolf takes passion on a roll with lots of laughs, sighs, and cries until love wins the day with two special lovers.


DIABLO LAKE: MOONSTRUCK by Lauren DaneDiablo Lake: Moonstruck by Lauren Dane
Series: Diablo Lake #1
Published by Carina Press Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Katie Grady left her hometown of Diablo Lake, Tennessee after being stood up at the altar.  Diablo Lake is a very unusual town in that most of the citizens are either witches, a guardian, or part of one of the two werewolf packs.  Magic is everywhere, and Katie is no exception as a witch.  Katie has just come home, because her father is seriously ill, and she needs to take over the family business.  Katie is ready to move forward with her life, and she isn’t about to let anyone in the town hold her past against her.


Jace Dooley is going to be the next Alpha of his pack when his grandfather finally steps aside.  Jace is one of the town cops right now, so he keeps law and order both in the town and in the pack.  Jace has been in no hurry to find his mate, but when Katie comes home and then moves in across the hall from him, he can’t ignore the feelings she gives him and his wolf.  He knows that Katie is justifiably wary of wolves, but he is determined to show her that he is nothing like her ex.


Katie has always had a crush on Jace, but never expected him to look at her twice, much less want to go out with her.  However, things have changed since Katie came home.  The attraction between them can almost be seen it’s so strong.  There are deep undercurrents in Diablo Lake, so as Katie works to make her family’s business grow and help out with her father’s recovery it seems that not everyone is happy with her and Jace seeing each other.  Past circumstances have put the two wolf packs in charge of the town:  one as the white collar jobs and the other with the blue collar jobs, each to the detriment of the other groups.  The town has been out of balance for too many years, but that all may change very soon with Katie and Jace getting together combined with Jace’s Alpha strength and Katie’s witch powers all coming out just as they officially mate.  With one of the town’s pack trying to tear them apart and the other willing to fight to keep them together, will Jace and Katie have their special day?


A high school crush blossoms into love years later as two strong people have their chance at love in Diablo Lake: Moonstruck.  I will say first off that I absolute love Ms. Dane’s fun and strong heroines, and Katie was definitely one of those.  Jace was the perfect mate for Katie as I got to know them both.  I really hated how they had to deal with all the town’s undercurrents, while trying to just get past the day-to-day hazards of falling in love.  Yet, I loved how well they complemented each other as they kicked ass and took names. I have a feeling that this next generation is going to shake some things up in Diablo Lake, and I can’t wait to see what the next couple does.  Diablo Lake: Moonstruck combines humor and passion with just the perfect touch of suspense, then mixes it all together for great first book in a new series about the citizens in a very unusual town.


Kari Warner, a computer programmer, was leaving a nightclub when something attacked her and almost killed her.  At first, Kari isn’t sure what happened, but she knows that something has changed. Kari is just starting to get stronger from the attack when she is taken from the hospital and moved to a private home, okayContinue Reading

AT BLADE’S EDGE by Lauren Dane

Rowan Summerwaite has had a strange life being a vessel and one of the agents for the Hunter Corporation.  But the last few years have been even stranger, if you can believe it.  Rowan has fought for the treaty to protect the humans, and she has just married her vampire boyfriend, a powerful Scion forContinue Reading

COMING BACK by Lauren Dane

Jessi Frankli, costume and wedding dress designer, has recently moved back to Seattle.  There were several reasons Jessi came back, one was to be near her family again and the other is to see if maybe she can reconnect to the men she gave her heart to many years ago.  Jessi and her family areContinue Reading

FALLING UNDER by Lauren Dane

Carmella Rossi has had the hots for her hunky neighbor since they became neighbors, but she knows that he will never be for her.  After all, she is unemployed right now and trying to keep all of her responsibilities under control and not let herself fall under water.  What she didn’t expect was for DukeContinue Reading

OPENING UP by Lauren Dane

OPENING UP by Lauren Dane

PJ Colman (Penelope Jean, if you really want to know) has always been a black sheep in her family.  First off, she drops out of college because PJ knows exactly what she wants to do and college classes won’t set her up for that.  PJ is part of the next generation of Colman Enterprises alongContinue Reading

BACK TO YOU by Lauren Dane

Kelly Hurley was a top model when she met Vaughan Hurley and quickly ended up pregnant and then married to him.  Both of them were pretty young and both were in the public spotlight. Once their daughter was born, Kelly grew up fast so that she could be the mother she never had. Kelly allContinue Reading

BROKEN OPEN by Lauren Dane

Tuesday Eastwood has hit the highs and lows in her life by finding the love of her life in college and marrying him and then losing that same love to a horrible death of cancer. Now she is trying to rebuild her life in an Oregon town with one of her best friends. Tuesday hasContinue Reading

BLADE ON THE HUNT by Lauren Dane

BLADE ON THE HUNT by Lauren Dane

Rowan Summerwaite has finally healed and is ready to begin her hunt for the ancient vampire witch, Enyo, who attacked her when she was unarmed in her childhood home.  It has been weeks of hurry up and wait, and Rowan is beyond ready to get this hunt on.  But before she can gather up theContinue Reading

COUNT ON ME by Lauren Dane

Caroline Mendoza grew up in Petal, Georgia with a normal family until the day her mother was murdered and her father was convicted of it.  Caroline never believed that he did it, unlike some of the other members of her family.  Now, sixteen years later, Caroline is an attorney, and she is back.  Caroline hasContinue Reading



Natalie Clayton was a bit reckless and wild while much younger, but she is now a college graduate, a librarian, and a respected member of her community.  This is something that Natalie has worked really hard to achieve and she isn’t about to let anything interfere with it.  So when she comes face to faceContinue Reading

BLADE TO KEEP by Lauren Dane

BLADE TO KEEP by Lauren Dane

  Rowan Summerwaite has many hats, being a vessel for a Goddess, a protector of humans with the Hunter Corporation and now their liaison, and being thought of as the child of the vampire known as The First and the leader of the Vampire Nation.  Not to mention that her lover is the vampire ScionContinue Reading

NEVER ENOUGH by Lauren Dane

Adrian Brown decided last year to take some down time to spend with his family and friends and to just enjoy life. His life as a famous rock star puts many demands on his time and energy which Adrian loves – don’t think he doesn’t, but he just knew that there was more out thereContinue Reading



Meriel Owen is next in line to run Clan Owen and she is also a very talented attorney.  One of her main jobs is to keep all threats to Clan Owen either contained somehow or to make them disappear and that is on top of what she does in her legal job.  At this point in history,Continue Reading

CAKE by Lauren Dane

Wren Davis is an art student who pays the bills with various jobs but one of those is being a bike messenger.  One of the clients she looks forward to visiting the most is a famous artist who has grabbed the art world.  Wren knows that Gregori is much more than the sneer and tattoosContinue Reading

GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT by Lauren Dane

This night is made for partying for the bride and groom to be.  Lily and Nathan’s wedding is coming soon, of course, their families and friends have planned the best and zaniest bachelorette and bachelor parties for them.  If anyone can put on the best get-togethers to wish Nathan and Lily the best for theirContinue Reading

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