Author: Leska Beirkcher

THE SECOND WAVE by Leska Beirkircher

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
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THE SECOND WAVE by Leska BeirkircherThe Second Wave by Leska Beirkcher
Published by JMS Books LLC Genres: Gay, Science Fiction
Reviewed by Lisa

Earth is dying.  The cities are domed to protect the population from the deadly environment, but the power feeding the domes is fading.  A wormhole to another world where habitation is possible is the only answer for survival.  On the 183rd  day after the first wave of settlers were sent through something went wrong.  What, they don’t know.  When the wormhole opens again the settlers are gone.  Even knowing of the danger a second wave is assembled and sent to the place dubbed ‘Alterneath’.

Scientists and specialist of every variety are sent with the second wave. Among the group is geologist Dr. Peter Wagner, a man still grieving for the loss of his husband.  By destiny or fate his husband’s ticket ends up in the hands of John, a criminal who knows Peter from their college days. 

What the second wave does find is a young woman who doesn’t speak and can’t explain where she comes from.  Something strange is going on in Alterneath.  Things on Earth are so bad however that it doesn’t matter.  It should matter, it truly should.

An original through and through.  The Second Wave ramps up the tension and the mysteries from the very start.  There is a large cast of characters to keep track of though it’s soon apparent that John and the woman play pivotal roles.  A poignant relationship is the only deep relationship, others love but theirs is the important one.  More of a science fiction story than a romance The Second Wave has heart and lots of mysteries, some are even creepy.

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