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SCANDAL NEVER SLEEPS by Shayla Black & Lexi Blake

by Shayla Black & Lexi Blake

SCANDAL NEVER SLEEPS by Shayla Black & Lexi BlakeScandal Never Sleeps by Lexi Blake, Shayla Black
Series: Perfect Gentlemen #1
Published by Penguin Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Suspense
Source: Author


Six young men went to the same Academy school together, called themselves the Perfect Gentlemen, and has remained friends into adulthood: Gabe, Dax, Connor, Zach, Roman, and Mad.


This is Gabe’s story…


Everly Parker is heartbroken over the death of her boss, Maddox “Mad” Crawford.  She is in conflict with some of her colleagues because they feel that she does not deserve her position even though she is more that qualified.  This becomes more evident after Mad’s death and the spearhead leading the group is none other than Gabriel Bond…one of Mad’s best friends.


Grieving over the death of one of his oldest, dearest friends, Gabriel “Gabe” Bond is determined to uncover just what Mad was into before his death.  An unexpected coping mechanism leads to a spectacular one night stand with Eve on the night of his memorial service.  Afterwards it turns out that Eve is none other than Everly Parker.  The woman whom Gabe thinks the only reason she got her job was by sleeping with Mad.


A battle of the wills between Everly and Gabe brings forth more than just sexual tension.  Murder and mayhem raise their ugly heads and are persistent in claiming them as their next victims.  Will Everly and Gabe be able to escape their evil clutches before it is too late?


Scandal Never Sleeps is an awesome romantic suspense that will have you hanging on the edge of your sit with spine-tingling excitement.  Readers, you are in for a treat with this novel.  The plot is filled with trickery, naughty sexual encounters, rich playboys, secrets, lies, powerful friendships, strong personalities, mystery, jaw-dropping moments, and scandal…all the makings of extraordinary novel.


I really like Everly’s character.  She is smart, sassy, and very strong-willed.  She knows her worth and she refuses to allow Gabe and his friends to man-handle her.  Which makes her the perfect match for Gabe because he is a true alpha male to the core with “follow my order” qualities.  I also appreciated the interactions and loyalty with Gabe and his friends.  I found them to be a fascinating group of men.  I anxiously await for each of the men’s individual stories.


On the whole, Scandal Never Sleeps is one thrilling novel not to be missed!  This breathtaking pag-turner had me hooked from page one.  I found myself reading well into the night eager to discover all the deep, dark secrets and how the storyline would unfold.  I am honored to bestow Scandal Never Sleeps a Joyfully Reviewed Recommended Read!

THEIR VIRGIN’S SECRET by Shayla Black & Lexi Blake

THEIR VIRGIN’S SECRET by Shayla Black & Lexi BlakeTheir Virgin's Secret by Lexi Blake, Shayla Black
Series: Masters of Menage #2
Published by Self Published Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, Menage
Source: Author


A year ago Burke and Cole Lennox left the woman they loved for a mission to save a young girl.  When they arrived home it was to discover that Jessa, the woman they both love has married someone else.  This crushing blow threw the brothers into chaos.  They headed back into the action saving as many women as possible from sexual slavery.


Jessa Wade threw caution to the wind to indulge in a week of bliss with Burke and Cole.  She was devastated when they left and never returned.  They told her they loved her.  She has never gotten over Burke and Cole’s desertion.  When they come speeding back into her life full steam claiming she is in danger Jessa has no choice but to believe them and give them one heck of a surprise.


Can Burke and Cole protect the woman they love and win her heart again?


Their Virgin’s Secret is a pulse-pounding lust filled romance.  Their Virgin’s Secret starts off with a bang.  The excitement and yearning is totally enthralling.  I’m not a huge fan of telling a story in flashback fashion but it works here.  I really like Jessa and her adamant denial of her feelings for Burke and Cole.  She is so certain she is done with the men that left her but she can’t fight the heat that engulfs them all when together.  Their Virgin’s Secret is an erotic romantic feast with a splash of suspense.

THEIR VIRGIN CAPTIVE by Shayla Black & Lexi Blake

THEIR VIRGIN CAPTIVE by Shayla Black & Lexi BlakeTheir Virgin Captive by Lexi Blake, Shayla Black
Series: Masters of Menage #1
Published by Self Published Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, Menage
Source: Author


Gavin James is the CEO of Black Oak Oil, his family’s company.  He just happens to be in love with his admin Hannah but afraid to acknowledge his feelings because of a dark secret from his past.  It just so happens that Gavin’s brothers Slade and Dex also share deep feelings for Hannah.  Slade and Dex are used to indulging in the more risqué in life.  They are ready to move on their feelings for Hannah. They want Gavin to be a part of the relationship with Hannah but are worried about convincing him to let go of the past.


Hannah Craig left her West Texas town to find a better life and she lucked up with her job at Black Oak Oil.  A job that at the time she was totally not qualified for.  She can’t deny the feelings she harbors for her three bosses but she refuses to act on them.  Unfortunately, Hannah has a stalker.  Someone has been leaving her nasty notes and now her cat has gone missing.  She called the police but they can’t do anything.  She never intended for Gavin, Slade and Dex to find out about her stalker, it is something she wants to take care of herself.


It couldn’t stay a secret forever. Now that they know the domineering brothers have taken over her life and kidnapped her!  Well they have another thing coming if they think she will obey their every command. Who will win this battle of wills; the gutsy Hannah or the sexy brothers?  Can Gavin overcome his past to see the possible future with Hannah?  Can they figure out who is stalking Hannah before it’s too late?


Shayla Black and Lexi Blake knock it out of the park with Their Virgin Captive!  Emotion, danger and domination take center stage in Their Virgin Captive!  Hannah makes a sensuous and endearing heroine to Gavin, Slade and Dex’s hard-edged heroes.  There are many things going on in this novel besides your standard stalker storyline.  While the suspense part of the story is very good, it is the emotional part that strikes a chord.  Gavin with his guilt captured my heart.  Dex the long lost brother was found at the age of seventeen by Gavin and Slade.  He has plenty of issues regarding his parentage and the way he grew up.  I love that Slade is the glue holding these two brothers together.  Always the peacemaker, he is determined to bring Gavin and Dex together and bring Hannah into the family as well.  Their Virgin Captive is blistering hot, overflowing with passion and romance.

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