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HEAT OF THE MOMENT by Lori Handeland

HEAT OF THE MOMENT by Lori HandelandHeat of the Moment by Lori Handeland
Series: Sisters of the Craft #2
Published by St. Martin's Press Genres: Fantasy, Time Travel
Source: Publisher


Becca Carstairs is doing exactly what she always knew she had to do—being a veterinarian.  Since she was a small child, Becca has always connected with animals, which her entire family also knew.  But what Becca has always hidden is the fact she can hear the animals’ voices, and they can tell her what is going on, which helps her heal them.  This is a secret that Becca never imagined revealing, until she was asked to investigate a vacant home in which a bunch of dead animals were found.  What Becca found was a lot more than animal cruelty.  She also found the only boy she ever loved and who had left her years ago.


Owen McAllister went into the military and became a K-9 handler.  After several successful years in a job he loved, Owen is home with his dog where they are both recovering from serious injuries they received in Afghanistan.  Owen expected to come home to a vacant house needing to be cleaned up, but he didn’t expect to find a bunch of dead animals used for who knows what and the girl he left ten years ago all grown up checking it out.


Becca was surprised to see Owen, even if it was his house, because she never expected to see him in Three Harbors again.  It was obvious that the dead animals had been used in some type of ritual.  It was very strange, but it could have been kids.  Or at least, that was the thought until Becca is targeted with violence.  Owen might have left Becca once, but he was home, and the feelings they had were as strong as ever.  Becca and Owen team-up to figure out what is going on and along the way, they learn the deep secret that Becca’s parents had been hiding from her.  Passion and danger would have been enough, but when you throw in deep past and more current secrets, things get really crazy for a while.  The truth is coming out at every angle now, and Owen knows that Becca’s very life could depend on his skills if they are going to have a chance at their re-blooming love.  When the dust clears, will Becca and Owen have overcome the threat to Becca, or will those deadly past secrets have won the day instead?


A young love torn apart is given a second chance when a military veteran and a veterinarian reunite in Heat of the Moment.  Becca never knew exactly why Owen left her and joined the military ten years ago, but it seems he is back now while recovering from bad wounds.  I found that their feelings had just been waiting for the chance to flair back up, and they did so pretty fast.  However, what really drove their romance along was the mystery of what killed those animals in Owen’s house.


Then the focus turned to Becca, along with several secrets concerning Becca’s past coming to light, which she didn’t know about until it was almost too late.  I loved seeing how Becca and Owen just matched up again almost as if they had never been apart.  I also enjoyed watching as they unraveled each clue, and then stood together as they uncovered truths and danger that went back far longer than either would have imagined and how those truths would affect their present lives together.  Heat of the Moment has equal parts of suspense and magic swirling around a couple who is given the chance to find the love that had been waiting for them.  It’s also a great story where the first two sisters discover each other. It also put another “X” in the loss column for the madman hunting the sisters.  I can’t wait to meet the third sister now.

IN THE AIR TONIGHT by Lori Handeland

IN THE AIR TONIGHT by Lori HandelandIn the Air Tonight by Lori Handeland
Series: Sisters of the Craft #1
Published by St. Martin's Press Genres: Fantasy, Time Travel
Source: Publisher


Rachel Larsen is a school teacher who always knew she was adopted.  After all, being the only dark-haired person in her small Scandinavian area of New Bergin, Wisconsin was a dead giveaway.  Rachel has also always known that she is different in a couple of other ways, and she has worked hard to disguise those.  Seeing ghosts is bad enough, but when she forgets and gets caught talking with them from time to time, Rachel keeps hoping she can pull off “normal” well enough not to lose everything she has.


Bobby Doucet is a homicide detective from New Orleans who is trying to solve some murders in his area when he sees a bulletin of a very similar murder in a small berg in Wisconsin.  The next place this very Creole detective finds himself is in a community where a polar bear would be at home.  The other thing that Bobby realizes is that the only other person in town with dark hair is a woman who is acting strange and who found the murder victim.


Rachel realizes that her gifts are getting worse or better, totally depending on how you look at it, when she finds a murdered woman.  Once Bobby hits town, circumstances throw him and Rachel together immediately.  Rachel is trying her best to keep her gifts a secret from Bobby yet, as they work together to follow clues that prove this is no normal serial killer, Bobby and Rachel quickly realize that Rachel appears to be on the hit list.  As the clues come together, Rachel knows she will have to trust Bobby with her secrets and hope that they can bring down a killer and that she won’t lose the love that has also sprung up between them.  Rachel also knows that before she and Bobby will have a chance for a future together, she will have to make him make peace with his past.  The danger is getting way too close when Bobby and Rachel confront the evil that could end their future before it begins.


A woman with secret gifts and murky past falls for a homicide detective who really doesn’t want to believe in anything he can’t see or touch in In the Air Tonight.  I couldn’t imagine how difficult it was for Rachel to grow up in a place where she was so different from everyone else.  I had to smile when Rachel and Bobby met and the fireworks started right from the beginning and just got hotter as the case grew more dangerous.  I enjoyed reading as Bobby and Rachel slowly uncovered Rachel’s beginnings while tracking down a serial killer, along with their shared disbelief as the truth all came out with the past and the present slamming together.  I will admit that I had a hard time falling into the story in the beginning, but I found it totally worth the effort to get to the heart of the story.  I really found myself enjoying both the romance and the danger as it ended.  In the Air Tonight has a great mix of magic, passion, suspense, and deadly danger, which will not only keep you wondering until the end, but also wanting to dip immediately into the next book of the series.

SMOKE ON THE WATER by Lori Handeland

SMOKE ON THE WATER by Lori HandelandSmoke on the Water by Lori Handeland
Series: Sisters of the Craft #3
Published by St. Martin's Press Genres: Fantasy, Time Travel
Source: Publisher


Willow Black has never had a family as she was found abandoned as an infant.  Not that there weren’t attempts for her to be adopted, but something within Willow let her see the future and, as a child, it would scare her.  No family was ever able to accept Willow’s actions, and she grew up in the system.  Now an adult, Willow is back in the system, but this time, it’s in a psychiatric ward where they are trying to ‘heal’ her.  Willow has just about accepted that her life is going to be lonely, and she’ll be locked up forever, when she meets one of the other clients, makes her first friend, and she meets the new head doctor—one sexy enough to turn even Willow’s head.


Dr. Sebastian Frasier hasn’t been out of school all that long, and this is his first major position.  Sebastian isn’t about to let anything like his huge size or his unusual looks stop him from caring for the people staying in his hospital.  He has just arrived at the unit when a disturbance has Sebastian stepping in looking like a biker instead of a trained psychiatric doctor.  Sebastian meets Willow and Mary that day.  At first he believes that Willow is another employee trying to help Mary until he learns that not only is Willow one of the patients, but she is also one of his patient’s, and she is way too sexy for his own good.


After meeting Mary, Willow is drawn into the world of Wicca and magic, and she actually begins to understand a bit of what is so different about her.  However, Willow still isn’t sure she is as magical as Mary believes, even if the strangest things keep happening to them while ‘practicing’.  Sebastian is faced with not only his feelings for Willow, which have to be wrong, but also with the fact that she and Mary seem to be at the center of all the weird events that are suddenly happening at the ward.  Mary keeps insisting that Willow is in danger and recent events are proving her correct.  Willow and Sebastian are forced to believe in the unbelievable, when they suddenly disappear and reappear miles away from the ward.  But the truly strange thing is what and who they find as they try to figure out what is going on and why.  Danger surrounds Willow and Sebastian as they are joined by several strangers, many of which seem almost familiar to Willow.   The sisters are together again for the first time since birth as the clock runs out, and they either have to defeat the evil that has been targeting them and those they love or lose forever to that evil.


More than passion is in the air when Willow and Sebastian meet for the first time in Smoke on the Water.  I felt horrible as I learned just what had happened to Willow as she grew up and, yet, I also learned just how strong she was to have dealt with it all and still remain sane.  Sebastian would be my pick for anyone having to deal with mind doctors with his compassion and strength, plus he would be great to just look at.  I loved watching as Willow was trying to cover for herself and Mary and, yet, be so attracted to Sebastian.  I also loved watching as Sebastian was trying to keep his position as professional as possible while falling in love with a woman forbidden to him.  Even better was seeing how they stumbled into the magical war that was being waged against Willow and her family.  I fell for Sebastian as he was determined to help, even while not believing what he was being told and what he was seeing.  When the final showdown came, it was all that it had been built up to be and more.  Smoke on the Water is not only a great adventure and love story, but it is also a wonderful finale to the dangerous journey these three sisters have been on since birth.


I definitely recommend that you read this series in order to understand all of the events as they happen.

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