Author: Lynsay Sands


FALLING FOR THE HIGHLANDER by Lynsay SandsFalling for the Highlander by Lynsay Sands
Series: Highlander #4
Published by Avon Genres: Historical
Source: Publisher


Lady Murine Carmichael seems to attract bad luck, and she is tired of letting others control her fate.  Discovering that a family member seeks to sell her in exchange for horses, Lady Murine Carmichael determines to venture out alone in the harsh country for sanctuary with a dear friend.  Not worried about what or whom she may come across Murine feels that the outside world cannot be any worse than what she has endured at home.

Dougall Buchanan comes across a comely lass in need of escort in the wilds of the countryside and, being the gentleman that he is, he steps up to provide for her, since Dougall has just dealt with the treacherous individual who was willing to sell her for some prime horses!  During their journey, Dougall discovers more than he thought he would, and now he finds that he can’t part with Lady Murine Carmichael.  However, someone is willing to see that young lass depart more than just the company of the Highlander.

Falling for the Highlander is a sweet, charming tale.  However, I felt that Murine wasn’t as smart as everyone in Falling for the Highlander seemed to believe.  She seemed rather naïve and couldn’t seem to think beyond what is clearly evident to all others in Falling for the Highlander.  I found her weakness rather annoying, and I wondered why all the characters claimed she was so brilliant when some of the things she came up with seemed like common sense.  I did enjoy the chemistry between Dougall and Murine in Falling for the Highlander, but I don’t think I’ll reread this story.


IMMORTAL UNCHAINED by Lynsay SandsImmortal Unchained by Lynsay Sands
Series: Argeneau Vampires #25
Published by Avon Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Twenty five books in to the Argeneau series and it doesn’t looking like Lynsay Sands will be stopping any time soon. If you have followed the series religiously like I have you know the past few books in the series had the focus on immortals that were being kidnapped and the rogue hunters are getting to the bottom of where their people are disappearing to. Immortal Unchained picks up with that plot but now the rogue hunters are disappearing one by one while searching for the missing immortals and the counsel not only wants to rescue their own but put a stop to what else is about to come.


Domitian Argenis is heading undercover as a personal chef to find the missing rogue hunters when he is kidnapped. The evil doctor has plans for him but he has no idea what to expect when he finds himself chained up naked in the basement of a house on a deserted island. The only good thing about this turn of unexpected events is that his life mate is stranded with him. He has been waiting since Sarita was 13 years old to claim his mate but of course he wanted her to live her life, grow up and experience the human side of the world before he introduced himself. Now that his plans have moved up not only does he want to claim her as his but also make sure she stays safe. Sarita might be a police officer and can handle herself but she is in his world now and it’s about to get dangerous and more interesting.


Sarita has been in Venezuela for 3 days and has yet to lay eyes on her grandmother which is the only reason she has returned bringing back the bad memories of her mother’s kidnapping and death. After receiving a call that her grandmother took a fall she rushed to help her. While checking out the grounds she is currently staying on she comes across a lab where she finds out vampires are real but before she can ask more questions she is knocked out and wakes up alone in a house with no way out. She comes across a vampire all chained up and even though she might not understand them she knows she has to help him get free and find out what really happened to her grandmother. It’s not going to be easy but with Domitian at her side she feels they have a chance. Will they make it out of Venezuela alive and will the people they love be rescued or will they fall victim to the evil doctor that has them cornered?


Immortal Unchained was a delightful yet darker read from the previous books in this series. Ms. Sands usually brings plenty of humor to each story yet this one was missing that and to be honest I really missed her sense of humor. I did enjoy revisiting with some of my favorite characters such as Bricker and Lucian while they were out to find their family and friends. As far as the romance went, it was a little fast for my taste, and I thought Sarita would have put up a little more resistance on being a life mate to an immortal but she really took everything in her stride.


Immortal Unchained was dark, fast paced and kept me invested all the way through. In the end I felt the story was going to be wrapped up but it looks like Ms. Sands is sending her readers on another journey soon and for that I am grateful. While Immortal Unchained could be read as a standalone, I wouldn’t suggest reading it unless you’ve read the prior three books where the mystery behind the immortal disappearances start. And if you have yet to meet the Argeneau family you are missing out on really amazing characters that will surely capture your interest from the beginning.


RUNAWAY VAMPIRE by Lynsay SandsRunaway Vampire by Lynsay Sands
Series: Argeneau #23
Published by Avon Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Mary Winslow is a sixty-something widow making her normal annual trip from her home in Canada to the U.S. and back again.  This is the first time she has made this trip without her husband of many years.  Mary is on the last segment of her trip and just thinking of making it to the campground she normally stops at on this route when her RV is rocked by hitting something—a something that turns into a someone.


Dante Notte is a vampire on the run from kidnappers who had taken his twin and himself.  After days of capture and torture, Dante was able to escape, but circumstances made it so only Dante could get out and run for help before his brother disappeared by the “doctors” who had captured them.  What Dante didn’t expect was to run into a RV and to be knocked out or that the woman driving would turn out to be his mate.


Mary knows that something is off with Dante once she gets him into her RV and cleans him up, but she can’t figure out why she is so attracted to such a younger man.  That is not like her at all.  Dante figures out pretty quickly that Mary is his mate, but he is torn in two ways—one is wanting to just explore and show Mary what they can have as a life together and the second is to contact the Argeneaus and get a rescue party put together for his brother.  When Dante finally tells Mary not only what he is but how old he is, Mary has to make some very hard decisions on both of their futures, especially when learning about the restrictions that will be placed on her if she steps into that future with Dante.  Dante knows his family is behind him and will do everything possible to find and rescue his brother, but are they behind Mary being his mate or setting her up for a fall?


A woman in the second part of her life meets a sexy man, okay vampire, and sparks fly in Runaway Vampire.  I’ve heard of May/December relationships, but Mary and Dante’s was a very unusual one.  I could feel the pull that both Dante and Mary felt at the same time I watched as they both fought it at first, for every different reasons.  As I learned that Mary’s first marriage hadn’t been so good, I was really hoping that she and Dante could find a way for their mating to happen and give them that happy ever after.  At the same time, the suspense surrounding the capture of Dante and his twin kept me flipping the pages to see what clues would turn up next.  I have to admit that in a couple points I wasn’t sure if Dante’s family was trying to help him and Mary or find reasons why Mary couldn’t be accepted.  In the end, I learned even more about his interesting family the Argeneaus.  Of course, Dante and Mary were able to grab their golden ring.  Now to wait and see if Dante’s brother will have that same chance.  Runaway Vampire is full of second chances at love, suspense, and passion—a perfect trio.


THE HIGHLANDER TAKES A BRIDE by Lynsay SandsThe Highlander Takes a Bride by Lynsay Sands
Series: Highlander #3
Published by Avon Genres: Historical
Source: Publisher

With seven wild brothers, it’s no wonder that Saidh Buchanan can ride and fight. She has no intention of tying herself down with a husband, until she meets Greer.  Since the death of his cousin, Greer has just been named the new Laird MacDonnell, a role he never wanted. Once Greer meets Saidh he knows he intends to wed her. But there is someone who is less than happy with this decision and sets out to eliminate Saidh. Can Greer figure out who their enemy is and protect Saidh?


Lynsay Sand’s books always leave me lighthearted! Both Greer and Saidh make me giggle at the same time I was absorbed with their romance. And I found myself hoping that Ms. Sands intends to write about Saidh’s seven brothers in the future. The Highlander Takes a Bride is a romance that just plain leaves you feeling good at the end!  I can’t ever read enough of Lynsay Sands!


THE IMMORTAL WHO LOVED ME by Lynsay SandsThe Immortal Who Loved Me by Lynsay Sands
Series: Argeneau Vampires #21
Published by Avon Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Sherry Carne is working in her office of her kitchen products company when suddenly her door opens and a teenager comes in and literally turns Sherry’s world upside down and inside out. Before she knows it, Sherry is on the run with said teenager, learns that vampires are real, and that she is the life mate of one and will be meeting him immediately. Sherry isn’t sure if she fell asleep at her desk and this is a nightmare, or if she was slipped something or what, but when an extremely sexy man shows up to get her, Sherry might be willing to keep an open mind—Well, on most things anyway.


Basileios Argeneau can’t believe the phone call he received that not only has his life mate been found, but that she is now on the run from a man his entire family is hunting down. Not only that, but she seems to be having a hard time accepting everything going on as reality. Basil knows that until Sherry truly accepts all that happened, she won’t be able to accept herself as his life mate nor the option of his making her just like him and the love that will spring from this.  However, after this many years of searching, Basil is not going to give up without giving his all to convince Sherry that everything is more than real, and that she is his forever love.


Sherry might be willing to accept that vampire exist and that they all are either from Atlantis or were sired by someone from there, but she is having a really hard time with the life mate thing and the passion that seems to come out of nowhere to swamp both her and Basil. Although having a really sexy man to cuddle and kiss is not all bad. As Basil and the Argeneaus try and figure out just who Sherry has gained her ability to shield from, because it has to be an immortal, the answers turn Sherry’s world even more inside out. So many things Sherry has always believed to be truths have turned out to be false. Basil is determined to be by Sherry’s side as the harsh realities come to light, and Sherry discovers just what her past really has been shaped by. Now it’s time to face the future and the love that has come from nowhere the minute Sherry and Basil came face-to-face.  Can Sherry find a way to accept all that has been told to her, and that Basil really can be her forever lover?


A dangerous encounter turns into the passion to last for eons in The Immortal Who Loved Me.  Basil and Sherry might have met under the worst of circumstances, however, neither are letting that stop them from discovering just what true mates really means.  I thought that Sherry took everything she was told and saw pretty well considering, yet I knew that Basil had a long way to go before Sherry would accept her fate as his life mate. I really felt sorry for both Sherry and Basil as clues were followed and answers were located about Sherry’s past. It seemed like every time Basil tried to help Sherry understand something, a new road block would appear. It got to a point where I was wondering if they would even turn out to be friends, much less life mates.  However, I just didn’t count in Sherry’s sense of humor, ability to adjust and accept the impossible when presented to her, and Basil’s determination to keep and save his life mate from harm both from things in her past and that currently around her.  The Immortal Who Loved Me takes several wicked twists and turns as Basil and Sherry travel the path that bring them to the deep loving future that all of the Argeneaus have found with their life mates.


Basha Argeneau has been on the run for the majority of her life and for a vampire full of nanos that’s a really long time.  She even raised a son and kept him safe from her family, which Basha believes has an execution order on her.  Basha has been hiding with the humans for manyContinue Reading

THE LADY IS A VAMP by Lynsay Sands

Jeanne Louise Argeneau is a scientist working on a way to help family members Victor and Vincent’s with their genetic problems.  She is normally nose to the grindstone and is having a pretty normal and ho-hum day for her when suddenly she wakes up and realizes that she was kidnapped on the way home.  SheContinue Reading


Jake Colson is a bodyguard with many secrets.  While on a few days break after completing an assignment, Jake is asked to take on an assignment to protect a woman from what appear to be potentially deadly attacks from her soon to be ex-husband. Jake agrees because this request from an old family friend isContinue Reading


Valerie Moyer is a vet who just escaped a madman’s house in hopes of finding help that will save the rest of the women held in the house.  However, it doesn’t work out quite that way when Valerie passes out weak and hurt from her captivity and escape.  But all might not be lost becauseContinue Reading

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