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Dragon’s Hoard by M. A. Church

Dragon’s Hoard by M. A. ChurchDragon's Hoard by M. A. Church
Genres: MM, Urban Fantasy
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

A recession, poor stock choices and a lack of curtailing spending habits led Alpha Montgomery to the doors of dragon shifter Warwick Ehecatl, a powerful paranormal money lender.  Unfortunately, the only worthwhile collateral is his people’s pack lands. 

One hundred years have passed.   Tonight, Alpha Montgomery and his pack are celebrating his son Avery’s coming of age.  After four daughters the alpha had hoped for an Alpha son, he’d gotten an Omega who will never be able to lead the pack.  

As the party nears midnight an unwanted guest arrives.  It is Warwick. The payment is due in full and the werewolf doesn’t have it.

Fate has delivered the ultimate twist as Warwick realizes the young shifter is his destined mate.  It’s hard to decide who wants the omega more, his human side or his very possessive dragon side. Luckily Avery is just as enamored with the ancient dragon.  The Alpha will be paying up in ways he never imagined.
A most unusual, delightful romance unfolds in Dragon’s Hoard.  Distrust and anger become something much more positive, an eternal love between unlikely shifters.  Avery is something so much more than anyone gives him credit for while Warwick’s dour demeanor hides a tender heart.  Dragon’s Hoard offers a perfect match and a lovely romance.  Set aside some time and curl up with Dragon’s Hoard.

IN ENEMY HANDS by M. A. Church

IN ENEMY HANDS by M. A. ChurchIn Enemy Hands by M. A. Church
Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Starship captain Varo Kutchif, also known as Prince Varo, third son of the ruler of the planet Yesri is caught between a rock and hard place.  The king, his father, has ordered Varo to somehow land on Helkan and murder the royal brothers ruling that planet. Then, amid the chaos, he’s supposed to steal Black Phospolrock, a highly valuable mineral.  It’s utter madness.  If Varo refuses the King will see to it that the crew of his ship and their relatives will be put to death.  The incentive set forth by a madman.


Every planet in their system is well aware that the Helkan world prefers to keep to themselves.  Their people rarely venture off planet and visitors are not welcome.  Anyone who lands there without authorization becomes their prisoner and is never heard from again.  This is what Prince Varo faces.


Talks with the intriguing Prince Adlar, leader of the D’noir, the King’s assassin squad, about a proposition to obtain the mineral break down/ Varo knows he’s been left with one choice.  He can only hope that when his shuttle crashes his death is quick and relatively painless.


The very last thing Varo expects is to survive the crash landing.  Prince Adlar is sent to the site and begins hunting his prey.  Varo has no idea of what he’s set in motion.  Becoming Prince Adlar’s prisoner is just the beginning.


A treat for the senses, In Enemy Hands is a deliciously dark thrill ride.  Clashing personalities showcase fascinating, complex characters In Enemy Hands.  Varo and Adlar couldn’t be more unalike; watching them come to terms with the changes they’ve brought to each other is pure fun.  It may be difficult to understand how the starship captain could become so comfortably submissive to the Helkan prince, but clues to an abusive past are the answer.  Trust becomes the issue for two princes in this unique character driven story.  In Enemy Hands absolutely captures the reader and doesn’t let go.  This intense romance will leave you clamoring for more.


IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO by M. A. ChurchIt Takes Two to Tango by M. A. Church
Series: ,
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

The West Falls Clowder, a werecat clan, is about to begin a major transition.  Heir apparent Alpha Dolf Hoyer will soon be taking over the reins of the clowder from his Alpha father.  Dolf has a unique situation at home as he has two mates and one is human.  Another of the inner circle also recently mated a human.  Adding the unknown like humans to the clowder is causing some issues, especially for the elders.


Their latest ripple happened at a Thanksgiving celebration where Beta Remi Ginn found his mate – a Vetala, which is a non-shifting paranormal who drinks blood to survive.  Marshell Foles is a very large African American which isn’t a problem, though it would be easier if he was a werecat instead of a Vetala.  What will be an issue is that Marshell is more powerful than the Alpha and his son combined.  Dolf can handle the Vetala’s paranormal strength, others not so much.  And now the elders are hearing that some of the women want to hold management jobs.


It is time for Remi to make his decision- whether to stand beside his mate or his clowder.  At the same time, Hunters have come to town with murderous intent.  And it seems a werewolf stalker is making a play for Marshell and causing trouble for anyone who comes near what he perceives as his.  Remi’s decision is easy in the end.  Putting it into effect may be more dangerous than anyone imagined.


It Takes Two to Tango shakes up an entire clowder of werecats with challenging and powerful results.  Changing leadership, human mates, and a Vetala mate brings chaos and spirited reactions to a whole lot of paranormals in this wild toss up.  Book three in the Fur, Fangs and Felines series begins almost exactly where the previous book left off so it’s a bit of catch up with the characters before everything slides into place and the pace takes off in this riveting storyline.  Engaging characters, sizzling hot encounters, and a breathless plot keep readers completely within It Takes Two to Tango.  The ending will leave you clamoring for more.

JOURNEY’S END by M. A. Church

JOURNEY’S END by M. A. Church

JOURNEY’S END by M. A. ChurchJourney's End by M. A. Church
Series: The Harvest #2
Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Self Published


The Earth trembled the day their skies were filled with Tah’Narian starships.  Dialogue between the human race and the aliens eventually hashed out an agreement.  We will supply young adult males for several years consecutively to become mates to the Tah’Narians.  After they have completed their harvest the aliens will leave Earth alone.


As usual, what typically happens to those taken in the human harvest doesn’t ring true for Dale who’s mated to starship Captain Keyno Shou.  On the way back to his new home Dale goes into estrus weeks early to experience the joy and suffering of his body, readying itself for a possible pregnancy.


Going through a male pregnancy is something Dale never, ever in his wildest dreams imagined experiencing.  Of course neither did he expect to end up living on another planet mated to a Tah’Narian and loving him.  But facts are facts, especially when Dale starts waddling.  His human and alien friends are also about to deal with the same issues.  Gearing up for parenthood Dale discovers that the adventures, whether scary or fun, are far from over for them all.


Author M.A. Church wraps The Harvest story with another winner in Journey’s End.  Incredibly warm, generous, steady Dale handles otherworldly life experiences with aplomb, humor, and strength.  The characters as a whole are engaging, alarming, and believable.  From chaotic situations to deadly dealings to utter craziness Journey’s End is a powerful tale. Journey’s End is the perfect escape ride. Male alien pregnancies are never the same once this motley crew is done. And, the author is able to make it a believable plot point rather than a gimmick.  I Joyfully recommend Journey’s End.  So good.

TAKEN by M. A. Church

TAKEN by M. A. ChurchTaken by M. A. Church
Series: The Harvest #1
Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Storm Moon Press


In the year 2050 Earth is made cruelly aware of intelligent life among the stars after Tah’Narian starships enter the atmosphere.  Their race is dying after chemical warfare was used by another warrior planet.  They make a bargain with the leaders of Earth for young males to use for breeding purposes.  A lottery is set up that will last for seven years and then the aliens will leave forever.


Dale Michaels knows that he is lucky because his age doesn’t fit the criteria for the international lottery.  It was traumatic enough to watch as his best friend Chad was dragged off in front of him and there was nothing he could do to stop it from happening.


There is no way for Dale to comprehend what’s happening when he is dragged from his home shouting and pleading a mistake’s been made as his parents did the same.  Dale is taken for a medical exam where his pleas are still ignored. Becoming too hysterical he’s drugged and then wakes in a bed aboard a Tah’Narian ship.


A new life begins as the mate of Keyno Landium Shou, the ship’s captain.  It’s a heartbreaking start for their relationship, one that Dale thought he was safe from even imagining.  Dale plans to use stubborn pride and anger to keep Keyno at arm’s length, yet his mate’s gentle kindness and primal sensuality slowly crumble the wall around Dale’s heart.  The young human is about to experience the adventures of a lifetime.


The foundation is laid for a riveting adventure in Taken, the first book in The Harvest series.  Dale thought he was safe though he mourned the loss of his best friend.  High emotions of sorrow turn to terror when he is Taken.  Acclimating to something you’re fighting against doesn’t work.  In the end acceptance is the only answer.  Dale’s new life is filled with love and drama, excitement and romance.  It’s a wild time for a young human in Taken.  Addictive entertainment.  Can’t wait to see what happens next!


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LUST AND ICE by M. A. Church

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