Author: Maisey Yates

TOUGH LUCK HERO by Maisey Yates

TOUGH LUCK HERO by Maisey Yates

TOUGH LUCK HERO by Maisey YatesTough Luck Hero by Maisey Yates
Series: Cooper Ridge
Published by HQN Books Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher


Colton West never expected his bridezilla fiancé to leave him at the altar. That’s how he finds himself drunk and married in Vegas to Lydia Carpenter. Lydia has been running for mayor of Cooper Ridge, so when she wakes up married to her best friend’s ex fiancé, she knows that if she want to win her election, she needs to stay married. Colton agrees to help Lydia by staying married. Neither can admit that the real reason they got married isn’t so much because of how drunk they were but rather that they have been attracted to each other for a very long time. Will they admit how they feel and stay together after the election is over?


I’m hooked on Cooper Ridge and Tough Luck Hero may be my favorite story yet! I’ve been waiting and hoping that something would happen to stop Colton from the terrible marriage he had planned to a “suitable” woman. I could see the sparks between Lydia and Colton and was intrigued! Maisey Yates didn’t disappoint me! I loved every minute of Tough Luck Hero and can’t wait to see what is coming next in Cooper Ridge!


ONE NIGHT CHARMER by Maisey YatesOne Night Charmer by Maisey Yates
Series: Cooper Ridge
Published by HQN Books Source: Publisher


Everything Sierra West thought about her family turned out to be a lie and her father is not the man she always thought he was. Now she is determined to stay away from her family and leave the family business. Only now her problem is finding a job to support herself since the family business is all she knows. Ace Thompson is just doing a favor for a friend when he gives Sierra a job waitressing in his bar. The prissy princess is not the type of woman he finds attractive or so he keeps telling himself. Sierra has no time for men right now, not when she’s trying to put her life back together but she can’t seem to stop herself from wanting Ace. Though both of them are fighting it they still end up spending a passionate night together but they are both resolved that it won’t happen again. When their night together has consequences they are forced to find a way to work together for their child. Sierra and Ace have feelings that cannot be denied but they are unsure they should give into them.


I picked up One Night Charmer on a whim and found myself hooked. I could feel Sierra’s anger and frustration with her family along with her desire for Ace. Ace has the added pressure of running a bar in a town where is father is a preacher. They are both faced with family issues and the added problems of an unexpected child and not knowing how to handle their relationship. I’ve been missing out on the Cooper Ridge series but the good news is now I get to gorge myself on the other books in the series! All night reading, here I come!!



BOUND TO THE WARRIOR KING by Maisey YatesBound to the Warrior King by Maisey Yates
Published by Harlequin Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher


Tarek al-Khalij has inherited the title of King—a title he had no wish to hold, and one that the warrior is ill equipped to handle.  He has lived his life as a sword, and he doesn’t really do emotions.  Tarek is blunt and to the point; he can’t fully handle the position of title on his own.


Pale innocent-looking Dowager Queen Olivia longs to be of some use to her in-laws’ family as she has nowhere to go.  Hating to be alone, she presents herself for a possible political alliance with Tarek.  She believes she can smooth the sharp edges of the weapon known as Tarek.  However, she never dreamed the hold that Tarek has on himself, let alone the past that shaped him into the warrior he has become.  Will these two unravel that which hinders them in their growth, or will they tear one another apart?


Maisey Yates has written a sizzling, chemistry-laden tale of romance that starts your pulse racing and your heart aching!


Bound to the Warrior King explores depths and character traits that all heroes should have ingrained within them.  Tarek was all that and that proverbial bag of chips!  I found myself slightly jealous of Olivia, even though I have to admit she was perfectly matched to the warrior.  Olivia was the only one that could temper him, and round Tarek as she did in Bound to the Warrior.


Tarek and Olivia both suffered from similar pasts, but in different ways.   Olivia had settled for so much less in her first marriage in order to keep that one piece safe, but with Tarek, she would open up more in Bound to the Warrior King.  She was willing to risk herself for him because of the way he looked at her in Bound to the Warrior King.


Tarek was a refreshing change from the everyday HP playboy who has become somewhat of a doorknob—everyone gets a turn! He has control of himself in Bound to the Warrior King, but Olivia tests his control, and he finds that being with her isn’t really a duty at all.  Olivia brings this warrior to his knees, and that is something to show the depth of this man’s emotions, emotions that he didn’t think he was capable of in Bound to the Warrior King.


I found Tarek and Olivia’s love story incredibly romantic, moving, and just plain fun to read, so I therefore Joyfully Recommend Bound to the Warrior King.


A CHRISTMAS VOW OF SEDUCTION by Maisey YatesA Christmas Vow of Seduction by Maisey Yates
Published by Harlequin Genres: Contemporary, Holidays
Source: Publisher


Prince Andres must marry the re-gifted Princess Zara to appease a sin that he committed against his brother, the King of Petras.  Andres had always felt it was better to push away those that loved him rather than see in their eyes the disappointment they had for him when he continued to fall short in their estimation.  Broaching a marriage like a contract, in which once heirs were provided both parties could seek out others in discreet ways, seemed like a good idea until those three words were mentioned!


Princess Zara had been hidden away and protected by ‘gypsies’ until the new government in her country found that she could be of some use.  Zara had learned to keep others at a distance, but Andres had managed to worm his way into her heart as he tamed her into being a show piece for her new position.  However, Andres pushes her too far, and Zara realizes that there is more to life than constant sorrow.


A Christmas Vow of Seduction was set up as an archaic tale that offered no true resolution for either party than to see how they could work together to attain their goals.  Andres was really a good guy, but he went about things the wrong way in A Christmas Vow of Seduction in order to protect his feelings.  Zara seemed like a different side to the same coin, as she also wanted to protect her own heart.  However, Zara seemed eons ahead of Andres in maturity in A Christmas Vow of Seduction and her clever telling of this was spot on!


A Christmas Vow of Seduction was an entertaining read with a few sprinkles of humorous dialogue tossed in for good measure!  The characters of Andres and Zara were well-formed and seemed to be good together as the navigated their new found circumstances in A Christmas Vow of Seduction.  I also found that A Christmas Vow of Seduction sparked my curiosity with Andres’ brother and sister-in-law’s story.



HEIR TO A DESERT LEGACY by Maisey YatesHeir to a Desert Legacy by Maisey Yates
Published by Harlequin on 2013-04-01
Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Vanessa

Sayid al Kadar was trained from childhood to be a warrior. He's fought, he's conquered—but was never meant to rule…Thrust reluctantly to the throne, Sheikh Sayid is shocked to discover a child who is his country's true heir, and he'll do anything to protect him, even if it means taking on the child's aunt!Chloe James might behave like a tigress protecting her cub, but this trained soldier can see her weak spot. Taking Chloe as his bride would appease the people of his kingdom, and provide the perfect outlet for the blistering chemistry between them….


Warrior, Sayid al Kadar has recently lost his brother who ruled their country of Attar.  Sayid has never been trained to be a sheikh.  He was taught the life of a warrior and to dispense with emotions and diplomacy from a young age.  Being thrust into a position that he wasn’t raised to hold, Sayid is uncomfortable to say the least.  He soon finds that his brother hid a secret, and Sayid will do anything to protect that secret for his country including taking on the woman that holds the answers!

Chloe James longed for the ties of family and understanding the tangible since she can’t quite grasp people.  Studying for her doctoral, she takes on something that she believes she can handle, but soon realizes that the emotions she fought so hard to repress are beginning to show themselves again.  Chloe will cling to that which she now holds dear, and place her dreams on hold as new ones reveal themselves to her.  She maintains that she will cling to that even at the cost of joining her life to the cold, robotic-like man who has come to her door to claim that secret heir!   

Heir to a Desert Legacy… Oh. My. Gawd! This book was amazingly enjoyable!  Heir to a Desert Legacy had it all.  Passion, humor, chemistry, a dark troubled hero and a heroine who had her own legacy of pain, but in the end it was completely romantic when they learned to trust in love!  I adored Sayid and enjoyed when he and Chloe realized that you gained more from love than shutting themselves off and watching things transpire in Heir to a Desert Legacy

I loved the deeper layers of both Sayid and Chloe in Heir to a Desert Legacy, and I found myself quickly turning the pages of the story.  I never felt like Sayid was one of those alpha revenge seeking guys that populate the HPs of late, but he was a warrior and he acted like one as well.  He thought in strategy and precision.  He saw a problem and the best outcome for all parties participating and worked to see it out to the end in Heir to a Desert Legacy.  He didn’t sugar coat things in lies and innuendo, but spoke the truth even if it wasn’t always diplomatic and polite.  Sayid wasn’t out to gain for himself in Heir to a Desert Legacy, but to sacrifice himself for others.  Chloe on the other hand was more scientific in her interactions with others.  She hoped to observe, propose, and test theories to arrive at a clear concise conclusion for the explanations as to why things occurred the way they did in Heir to a Desert Legacy.  Both Sayid and Chloe had baggage and learned that the healing process begins with what they are afraid to experience in Heir to a Desert Legacy.  They began near the same emotional level and grew together in those emotions as well as feelings towards one another.  Because I had such a fabulously engaging time reading Heir to a Desert Legacy, I am Joyfully Recommending it for April 2013, and I eagerly look forward to the follow-up book about Sayid’s friend. 

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