Author: Maya Banks

JUST ONE TOUCH by Maya Banks

JUST ONE TOUCH by Maya BanksJust One Touch by Maya Banks
Series: Slow Burn #5
Published by Avon Genres: Suspense
Source: Publisher


Jenna risks her very life in taking her chance to escape the religious cult that has owned her for the majority of her life.  It doesn’t matter to her that she is in rags and has no shoes, Jenna just knows that if she doesn’t escape now then her life really will be in worse danger and maybe even over.  Strong determination is the only thing forcing Jenna’s run to freedom.  It appears that the fates or God is with her when she not only escapes, but finds a way into the city.  However, Jenna knows that she has to find a way to get even farther away from the cult before she can risk relaxing or feeling in any way safe, but fate steps in once again and all but steals her chance to safely escape.


Isaac Washington is one of the long-time agents with Devereaux Security.  On the fateful day he meets Jenna, he discovers her trying to figure out how to steal his company SUV.  However, before he can capture the kid trying to take his vehicle, bullets begin to fly, and Isaac is hit hard.  Isaac can feel his body shutting down and dying when to his surprise, the woman (Jenna) touches him and heals not only his bleeding wounds, but also lightens his very soul.  Isaac has no idea who this woman is, but he knows that she just saved his life and gave up her only chance at escaping the people who are firing bullets.  Isaac convinces Jenna to take his SUV and run; It might seem odd, but Isaac knows that he can find his “angel” once back-up has arrived.


Jenna is in shock when Isaac tells her that he is going to protect her no matter what and stop the danger she is running from. Jenna can’t remember the last time anyone was nice or, heck, even thoughtful to her.  Isaac has instantly fallen for the beauty that Jenna has both on the inside and the outside, and now he faces the tough challenge of not only destroying the danger trying to take her, but also convincing Jenna that she can believe in his love.  Isaac is prepared to go lone wolf to make Jenna safe, but all of Deveraux Security is determined to help Isaac and put all of their resources behind making Jenna safe and protected.  As the truth about Jenna’s past slowly comes out, Isaac and the members of the team deal with their rage and disgust of how Jenna has been raised and abused. Once the team learns just who is behind this last ditch attempt to kidnap Jenna, Isaac and the entire team know just how deadly the danger really is.  Jenna has a hard time trusting anyone or anything after so many years of barely surviving. It seems that the fates aren’t quite done messing with Jenna or Isaac quite yet, but just when the chips are down, both of them learn just how much support and backing they really have.  When the dust settles, will Jenna and Isaac have the chance to explore their love, or will fate have dealt them a final and bitter blow that will separate them forever?


A man on a coffee run meets a desperate woman on the run just as danger explodes around them in Just One Touch.  I have often wondered when Isaac would get his story and just what type of extraordinary woman he would be matched up with.  By the end of their story, I felt that Jenna was the perfect match for Isaac.  However, I will say that as Jenna’s story and reactions unraveled, there were several times that I wasn’t sure if she would be a good match to Isaac.  I really enjoyed watching as not only Isaac, but the entire team, worked hard to show Jenna just how the world should function and that abuse was not the norm. I also enjoyed watching as Jenna began to accept that she was worthy of love and friendship.  The ending of the final battle is just icing on the cupcake of Jenna and Isaac’s journey—and one that I felt was very fitting.  I also enjoyed the brief glimpse of their future.  Just One Touch is full of the dynamic suspense that I have come to expect with the Slow Burn series, full of spine tingling danger, friends that have your back—no matter what and lots of soft passion.

KEPT by Maya Banks

KEPT by Maya BanksKept by Maya Banks
Series: Enforcers #3
Published by Berkley Publishing Group Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Source: Publisher


Hayley Winthrop is more than a struggling artist.  She is in New York and trying to fulfill her father’s last wish of her attending a prestigious music school.  While it was also her dream, Hayley never expected to fulfill this dream.  Hayley is struggling and working two jobs to pay the bills, because her father was taken-in by a life insurance salesman, and the money was all but nothing when Hayley went to claim the insurance policy.  Hayley has been house-sitting, but now is hunting for a decent apartment that she can afford.  In New York, that is all but impossible.  When the last lead she had turned out to be a bust, Hayley left the building and went to head home only to be stopped by the manager with news that there was an unexpected opening that she could afford.  Shocked, but so happy, Hayley snapped it up.


Silas Goodnight knows that he isn’t a good man by most definitions even though he is very good at his job as an enforcer for his boss.  Silas’ background has left him very cynical and distrusting of most of the world, yet when he sees a beautiful young woman leave his building all but in tears, his first impulse is to call the manager and find out what was the deal.  Then in an act that shocked not only his manager but also Silas, he quickly made an apartment available in his building and right next to his at an unbelievable rent.  Silas has lived pretty much alone and with no one around him, yet there was something about that woman that pulled at him and made him want to provide for and protect her.


Hayley learned that she had her neighbor and the owner of the building to thank for her new apartment, and she thanked him by baking for him.  What Hayley didn’t know was that every night when she practiced, she gave Silas a thank you in the gift of her music.  Silas and Hayley are slowly falling into a relationship and as Silas learns of why Hayley is working two jobs and is later hurt coming home one night, he makes sure that Hayley is not only made safe, but that she receives what should have always been hers.  However, Silas’ dark and dangerous job threatens to destroy everything when Hayley is targeted.  In order to keep her safe, Silas does something that could destroy Hayley and their love faster than any enemy.  Can Silas realize what he has done and find a way to fix it and keep Hayley safe before she gives up on her dark and dangerous lover and leaves him forever?


A sweet young woman in over her head meets a man just on this side of the underworld, and an unexpected romance is the result in Kept.  My heart went out to Hayley as her circumstances came clear, and I was hoping that she could find a way to continue with her dream.  I knew that Silas had a warm heart, even if it was dented all to heck and back from the previous books in this series.  I wasn’t surprised to see Silas turn his world upside down when she first sees Hayley and responds so harshly to her.  I really loved watching as Silas and Hayley fell in love and worked around the barriers between them.  The entire time I was wondering when and how Silas was going to tell Hayley about his job.  What I have to admit was how Silas handled the threat to Hayley from his enemy because of what he had seen happen in that exact same situation.  I was really happy to see that once again this group of dark, dangerous, yet lovable men, grouped together to keep a much loved woman safe and to bring their “brother” to his senses.  Kept is a wonderful contemporary suspense with a touch of the darker side of New York.




WITH EVERY BREATH by Maya BanksWith Every Breath by Maya Banks
Series: Slow Burn #4
Published by Avon Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Source: Publisher



Eliza Cummings loves her job with Devereaux Security Services (DSS) and the men she works with and, lately, she has even come to love the women some of those men have married.  But Eliza has been hiding a big secret that made her the woman that she is.  An unexpected phone call tells Eliza that her time with this secret is now over and, to keep those she loves safe, Eliza will have to say goodbye to all she knows and take actions that will either get her killed or jailed for life.


Wade Sterling is a man who knows all about secrets and walking the line.  While some of Wade’s business is above the board and very public, there is also certain areas that Wade keeps in the dark and very secret.  Just lately, Wade has had dealings with DSS and, while he generally likes all of those he has met, there is one agent who lives to drive him up the wall.  Wade knows what is causing the friction, but for now he hasn’t had a way to get Eliza to be in the same room with him long enough for them to clear the air and admit to the real reason.


Eliza hates lying to her bosses, partner, and co-workers, but she does so willingly to keep them safe and to get her away on her mission before they can figure out something is seriously wrong.  What she doesn’t know is that she hasn’t been as convincing as she believes, and now Wade is on her tail.  It’s only days until Eliza will be face-to-face with part of her past that destroyed so many and will need to enact her plans.  The last thing she expects is to find herself kidnapped by Wade and taken to a stronghold.  Wade is determined to find out just what is going on and whatever it is, is all but killing Eliza by the looks of her.  When Eliza finally breaks down and tells all, Wade is just as determined to keep her safe and will pull out any stops needed to do so—including pulling in the DSS team.  Eliza has tried to tell everyone about the monster about to be freed, and even with them all saying they understand, she knows that they don’t understand the full extent of it.  Just as the plans are put into action, Eliza realizes from another phone call that they have all underestimated the acts of a madman, and she has to put it on the line to save an innocent.  The question is, will Wade and the DSS team learn about what has happened before it’s too late to save Eliza?


A woman with a dark secret in her past ends up teaming up with a man well accustomed to working with the dark and the secret.  Eliza and Wade have to come to terms with not only the threat to Eliza, but also their attraction and the passion that arises from it in With Every Breath.  I have wondered about Eliza’s background since the series started and what I discovered as I read had me even more impressed with the woman she is.  I knew that something was up with Wade from the moment he first appeared, because he had shadows all over him, and I loved how easily he promised to put it all aside for Eliza’s love.  Being the strong man that he is, I have no doubt that he will take care of the darkness around him so nothing affects Eliza and their life together.


I absolutely loved how fast the DSS team came once they understood what was wrong with Eliza and how they fought to keep her safe from the nightmare come true that threatened her.  I found the suspense kept me flipping the pages to see what would happen next, and the passion between Eliza and Wade was hot enough for steam to rise off the pages when let free.  There are many types of love, and I believe that most of them are seen in Eliza and Wade’s journey from friend-enemies to lovers in With Every Breath.  There was little question in my mind as I closed the last page that I would be Joyfully Recommending Wade and Eliza’s story.  While I would recommend you read the series in order, I believe that you could easily read this book out of order.

DOMINATED by Maya Banks

DOMINATED by Maya BanksDominated by Maya Banks
Series: Enforcers #2
Published by Berkley Publishing Group Genres: BDSM, Contemporary
Source: Publisher


Evangeline Hawthorn was living her dream when it was brutally taken from her by the very man who had given it to her—Drake.  Evangeline left their apartment after that horrible night a very broken and heartsick woman with nothing but the clothes on her back.


Drake Donovan knew he had hurt Evangeline with the things he said, but he felt that was the only way to keep her safe.  Now, all he wants is to find his angel and bring her back to his home and his bed.  However, it seems like she has just vanished with no trace.  Weeks go by, and finally Drake gets a break and goes to hopefully bring her back home.


Evangeline agrees to give Drake another chance, even if she still doesn’t understand why he said what he did.  Evangeline knows that she should ask Drake exactly what all his business entails, but she really doesn’t want to know if it might end the happiness she is finding with Drake again.  With the holidays just around the corner, Drake and Evangeline’s relationship can’t seem to get any better.  Yet, when Drake’s business brings the cops calling on Evangeline, it might be the beginning of the end.  The New Year is about to begin, and it’s one in which Evangeline is going to get her biggest dream come true, but all-hell comes calling instead. Once again, Drake reacts and Evangeline is out in the cold with nothing and no one.  Things aren’t as they appear, but the question is, can Drake figure this out in time to beg Evangeline’s forgiveness once again, or has he destroyed the love she has always given him?


A wealthy man with a shady professional life and an innocent woman who only wants to live her life with her love, will find out just how strong love really is in Dominated.  Right off I’m going to say this is one intense book that kept me wondering with each turn of the page.  I could see why Evangeline could forgive Drake the first time and believe in their love that became even stronger this time, yet I to admit I don’t think I could have forgiven Drake the second time under the same circumstances.  The secrets being kept by Drake were too big and too dark, and yet I could understand why Evangeline kept her head in the sand intentionally.  I loved how Drake’s men loved Evangeline in their own way and how she spoiled them.  I found the writing very intense and well done.  There were large areas of lightness, humor, and passion that sparked off the pages.  Love won the day, and I truly hope for Evangeline’s sake that Drake finally learned just what true love means.  If you wonder what I’m talking about, pick up the book and give it a read.  Dominated is the continuation of Mastered, which is the beginning of Drake and Evangeline’s story and if you read Mastered, then I truly think you should see just how the story ends.  Ms. Banks has given us a very intense book full of things we have come to expect from her.


DARKEST BEFORE DAWN by Maya BanksDarkest Before Dawn by Maya Banks
Series: KGI #10
Published by Berkley Publishing Group Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Source: Publisher


Honor Cambridge has gone to a war torn province in order to give medical aid and relief to the people who need it so badly.  In doing so, she has put herself in danger and there is a price on her head by none other than Maksimov, an uber bad guy who wants to make Honor suffer because of her family.  When Honor’s medical facility is bombed by ANE and she is able to translate that the terrorists are looking for her ‘dead’ body, she knows she has got to somehow get to the border and safety.  Hurt and alone, she does her best to blend into her surroundings, but it’s a no go.  She is recognized and without the help of her rescuer Hancock, she would be a sitting dead duck.


Hancock has more than rescue on his mind when he takes the job of finding and turning Honor Cambridge over to Maksimov. He is getting closer to taking Maksimov out and refuses to let anything stop him from reaching this goal…even if he has to turn over the only woman who makes him stop and think about forever.


Hancock and Honor play a game of cat and mouse that ultimately leads to a stolen night together.  Heartache, betrayal, and a lot of soul searching lead them back to each other and I was thrilled.


Anyone who has read the last few installments of Ms.Banks KGI series should be familiar with Hancock.  He is the man we love to hate – the man who is sitting on the fence.  Is he evil or a good guy? No one knows, but let me tell you, this girl was really apprehensive about reading his story.  He made me crazy in previous installments and I just couldn’t figure him out.  Evidently I was not as smart as Honor Cambridge because it took until the very end for me to stop being angry with him, but I am now happy to say that I kinda like him.  So to me, Darkest Before Dawn is a winner! I can’t wait for the next story.

SAFE AT LAST by Maya Banks

SAFE AT LAST by Maya Banks

Zack Covington was briefly an NFL player when an accident had him walking away from the game. It wasn’t that he couldn’t play; it just wasn’t in his heart to continue. Now he is an employee for Deveraux Security, and he spends his time protecting people.  Part of his dedication to his job is becauseContinue Reading

KEEP ME SAFE by Maya Banks

Caleb Devereaux will do anything for his family.  When his sister is taken, he searches out Ramie St. Claire to find her.  However, Caleb never realized what toll Ramie’s gift takes on her when she helps others.  Caleb believes Ramie is hiding, because she is being selfish and no longer wants to help people inContinue Reading

IN HIS KEEPING by Maya Banks

IN HIS KEEPING by Maya Banks

Arial Rochester has known she was different since she was a small child and has tried her entire life to keep her differences a closely-held secret.  Arial is one of the people who was born with extremely strong psychic abilities.  As the only child of a very wealthy couple, Arial knows that she has aContinue Reading

TAKING IT ALL by Maya Banks

Chessy Morgan and her husband Tate have practiced Dominance and submission for years.  Well, at least they used to before Chessy’s husband let work interfere with their day to day lives.  Chessy has hopes though that her husband loves her as much as she loves him, especially since it is their anniversary.  She needs herContinue Reading


Kelly Christian thought all her dreams had come true when she not only met and fell in love with Ryan but when she discovered she was having their child all she could think of was to tell him. However, instead of being a day of celebration, it became the day her world fell apart when RyanContinue Reading



The last year has been hell for Genevieve McInnes. She was taken by a madman and abused at his every whim. She thinks things may be looking up when her captor is killed by a rival clan. She may finally be free from the daily torture. Perhaps she can live out her days as anContinue Reading



Nathan Kelly is about to give up when an angel whispers in his mind. At first he believes the hours of torture have finally cracked him, but the woman soothing his aches and pain from afar slowly makes him a believer in higher power. He knows his time may be short among these Afghani terrorists.Continue Reading


Rachel Kelly has come a long way since her plight with her husband Ethan in The Darkest Hour.  Rachel has done a lot of healing and is finally having a semblance of a normal life with her hero husband, Ethan.  They are moving into the Kelly compound and she can shed the last remnants ofContinue Reading

SHADES OF GRAY by Maya Banks

PJ and Cole are members of KGI.  They are used to running towards danger.  However, they are also used to running from their feelings for each other.  When Cole has enough running, he forces PJ to face her true feelings for him.  Unfortunately, tragedy strikes and forces them apart.  PJ is headed towards a darkContinue Reading

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