Author: Megan Slayer


Rainbow over Cedarwood
by Megan Slayer

Series: Single Father Society #3
Published by Loose Id Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Born and raised in Cedarwood Ashley Willis has had his full share of heartache.   Dad walked out years ago and his mother refused to accept his sexuality.  As an adult Ash was able to get his teaching degree and had a child with his lesbian best friend.  Wyatt was a joy to both of them.  Life was finally running smoothly until Danica was diagnosed with cancer and lost her battle far too soon.  Too make matters worse his boyfriend Lane refused to help the grieving single father and abandoned him.


Living in a small apartment with a six year old isn’t ideal, but it’s the best Ash can do on an art teacher’s salary.  A sudden shift in his mother’s attitude is the start of better things for both Ash and Wyatt.  She insists on making amends for her past behavior.


Another change occurs when the owner of Cedarwood Diner makes a move on Ash.  Extremely gun shy after being burned so badly by Lane, he backs off from Colt Harrison’s advances.  It’s a good thing Colt is willing to go that extra mile for the timid teacher and his cute son because there’s definite chemistry once Ash is willing to let loose.


Their relationship has barely started when a group of town bigots target Colt and cause trouble at the diner.  It’s time for Ash to decide what he wants in life.  To make a stand for the man who’s opened his heart.


A pleasant blend of drama and sensuality, Rainbow Over Cedarwood is a charming romance with a sexual kick.  Emotional angst binds Ash and Colt in the beginning, but healing love flows as Rainbow Over Cedarwood evolves.  The characters are engaging and well written, their issues realistic, and as for the bigots they add another layer to the story, albeit an obnoxious addition. A slice of normal life.

FORGIVEN by Megan Slayer

FORGIVEN by Megan Slayer
by Megan Slayer

Series: Haven House Vampires #3
Published by Changeling Press Genres: Gay, Menage, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Acknowledgement of the existence of vampires brings about more danger for the human population than anyone imagined possible.  It isn’t until Andreas is defeated and Julian takes control that the threat lessens.  The vampires of Haven House are given strict orders to not kill their food source.


Vampire partners Micah and Ivan chafe at the restrictions, yet manage to abide by the new rules.  Especially when the human Landon is willing to do anything they want.  Landon has no sense of self worth at the best of times.


Even other vampires steer clear of Terrance who doesn’t abide by the new edicts.  He flaunts his vicious nature whenever Julian is away.  His interests in Landon will prove deadly unless Micah and Ivan are willing to intervene.  A tug of war between three vampires is not a place for a self destructive human to be.


The world is a scary place for humans in the latest Haven House Vampire story of Forgiven.  Self loathing has led Landon spiraling down so far there’s barely a chance at redemption.  Explicit interactions and a very bad vampire color Forgiven with darkness.  Only a bit of back story explains the current situation the threesome find themselves in.  A great deal of chills and thrills before Forgiven ends.

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