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AT LAST by Melissa Schroeder

AT LAST by Melissa SchroederAt Last by Melissa Schroeder
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
Source: Author


Honestly, it’s been a long time since I have read a book by Melissa Schroeder and it looks like I have been missing out completely. At Last is the first book in a brand new series and one I just simply couldn’t put down.


Aeden Fitzpatrick has had a thing for his sister’s best friend, Wendy, for a long time but was really confused on what it was. All he knew was that he hated seeing her date other guys. On the night of his sister’s wedding they share more than a kiss but Aeden has no idea where he stands with her since she is just about as good at relationships as he is, which is not at all. All Aeden knows is that he wants to explore where it will go but Wendy is headed to Africa for 6 months. When she returns will she finally be his?


Wendy was half in love with Aeden before she left for Africa and while she was gone they spoke…just not about what would happen when she returned. After all they put their relationship on hold and have no idea where it will go. When Aeden shows up after his shift at the firehouse she knows then they are picking up where they left off. It’s only been a week and everything is going well until a threatening note is found on her car. Wendy has no idea who it could be from but Aeden is not leaving her side until this person is caught. The days are long and the nights steamy but Aeden is here to stay.


At Last was a sweet romantic read. I have always loved stories about big families and them finding their HEA. The story starts off with Aeden rushing to see if Wendy feels what he felt after their night together after they’ve been on hold until she returned which I found cute. The only thing that really bothered me was the simple fact that I had no idea what happened that night. I would have liked a little more background and maybe some details even if it was just simple glimpses into their memories.


Aeden was sweet, caring, and so thoughtful. If Wendy wanted nothing to do with him I would have gladly taken him off her hands in a heartbeat. Wendy was a little bit harder to read at first because of her past. Her parents weren’t the loving and caring type so she didn’t really have anyone to depend on but herself so she was convinced she didn’t deserve a HEA. But once she started to see how Aeden really felt I could see her character starting to open up little by little and let him in a little more. Their interactions and the time they spent together really showed how well they were matched and in the end I knew she was going to get him so I started rooting for them.


At Last wasn’t overly dramatic and really did focus on the relationship of this couple which was a plus. I did enjoy the whole stalker plot and trying to guess who it was and I have to say it wasn’t who I was expecting at all. I really did love At Last and enjoyed every single one of the characters. This family were close and has me already anticipating the next book in this series. In fact before I was even done I was on Goodreads looking for the next book in the series to be added to my list but sadly there was no info on it at this time. I might have not read Ms. Schroeder in a while but now I will be stalking her book information more closely. Trust me you won’t want to miss At Last!

THE ALPHA’S SAVING GRACE by Melissa Schroeder

THE ALPHA’S SAVING GRACE by Melissa SchroederThe Alpha's Saving Grace by Melissa Schroeder
Series: Lonestar Wolf Pack #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal
Source: Author


Jacob Sanderson has some heavy weight responsibilties as the alpha of the Lonestar Wolf Pack and also the mayor of their little town in Texas.  Usually, it’s only normal everyday issues that Jacob is confronted with, but here lately there is one issue that is almost more than Jacob wants to confront, and he actually brought it on himself in one way.  The sexy new sheriff pulls at him and right now Jacob isn’t sure what he wants to do more now:  kiss her senseless or send her on a mission that will take her out of his view for a while.


Alexandra Littlefoot is the new sheriff in a small and seemingly sleepy town in Texas, which is a huge change from her past job.  However, after an incident harmed her and showed Alexandra what her fellow officers thought of her, she was only too happy to move and start this new adventure.  Alexandra knows there is something odd about the town, but the only thing that really irritates her is the mayor and her attraction to him.


Alexandra and Jacob have to work together when some seemingly unrelated murders connect to the town.  During the investigation, Alexandra learns about the secret of the town and most of its residents.  She and Jacob also learn along the way that there is more in Alexandra’s unknown past that will also affect the wolf pack in a very good way.  Finally, they are unable to ignore the attraction between them, and soon it becomes a fiery passion and Jacob discovers exactly what Alexandra is to him.  Danger comes close to home when the final clues are answered, and the murderer is discovered and captured.  The only question is, can Alexandra and Jacob capture the murderer before anyone else is harmed?


When an arrogant alpha wolf meets a stubborn female sheriff, the fireworks between them are only part of the danger that will bring them together.  Jacob and Alexandra will find their love and a murderer by teaming up in The Alpha’s Saving Grace.  I loved watching as Alexandra and Jacob discovered a great passion and just who was targeting members of Jacob’s pack and their town.  I also enjoyed watching as Alexandra’s history was uncovered.  Even better was seeing them work together so seamlessly to keep those who depended upon them safe.  Trying to tie all of the clues together before they were revealed had me flipping pages, and I almost had it, but not quite when the killer was taken.  The Alpha’s Saving Grace has it all:  great suspense, hot passion, humor to keep parts light, and a couple you would love to have as friends.  I can’t wait until the next book in this intriguing series comes out.

SNOWBOUND SEDUCTION by Melissa Schroeder

SNOWBOUND SEDUCTION by Melissa SchroederSnowbound Seduction by Melissa Schroeder
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC Genres: Contemporary
Source: Author




Elaine Masterson is a world class pastry chef who has worked extremely hard to gain her reputation.  When her best friend invited Elaine to become one of three partners in a new restaurant, Elaine jumped at it.  After all, it sounded like a dream come true.  And it was, until just after they opened and then the third partner and executive chef began to show his true colors.  Elaine is known for keeping her cool, but she could only put up with so much of Trevor’s taunting, and then she exploded one night.


Trevor MacMillian had the best of everything growing up, and he was not surprised when he became an executive chef at a young age.  The best part was when he joined in with a really good friend and another partner in what is becoming known as “the restaurant” to be seen in and to eat in.  All was great, except the one fly in Trevor’s mist:  the third partner and pastry chef—Elaine.  She has a kind word and smile for everyone but him, it seems, so what does Trevor do but try to pick at her for a reaction.  Reaction is exactly what he gets—in the middle of the kitchen during a busy time.


Both Elaine and Trevor accepted the offer from their friend and other partner, Mick, for a weekend away.  But neither know that Mick has made them both the same offer for the exact same weekend…that is, until they both arrive at the cabin just as a snow storm descends upon them. Now, they have until the storm goes away, and they can leave the cabin to either come to terms with each other or come up with a way to exist together at the restaurant.  Neither expected the third solution that popped up pretty quickly.  But is it a true feeling, or just being snowbound in a cabin together?


Sparks fly when two highly talented people in their restaurant kitchen find themselves alone in a cabin surrounded by snow in Snowbound Seduction.  Elaine and Trevor can’t believe they were set-up by their friend and partner until they are told by him to work it out or face the reality that their fighting is hurting the restaurant they have all worked so hard to create.  I loved how Mick got both Elaine and Trevor in a position so that the feelings they had for each other, and that he could see just below the surface, could flame.  These were two stubborn people who both had secrets in their pasts that affected how they saw the other.  All it took for them to see that it wasn’t dislike, but rather passion sparking between them, was a small cabin in the middle of nowhere and a winter snow storm.  I loved how Trevor put it all on the line to show Elaine that he truly did love her, and that he was so much more than what the rags said he was.  Congrats to Mick for acting, but I think he might want to look over his shoulder for a while because I have a feeling that passion isn’t the only thing Trevor and Elaine will be cooking up.  Snowbound Seduction might be a short story, but it’s packed with fierce feelings and passion that just flies off the page and doesn’t leave you wanting more—except a chance to see how they get back at Mick.

PRELUDE TO A RUMOR, Part 2 by Melissa Schroeder

PRELUDE TO A RUMOR, Part 2 by Melissa SchroederPrelude to a Rumor, Part 2 by Melissa Schroeder
Series: Harmless Preludes #4
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Source: Author


Sean Kaheaku, is a Hawaiian spy who is one of the best at the game and has been burnt by having a romantic relationship with his past partner.  Now Sean is being asked to team up with a new partner—this time a guy fresh out the Navy.  Sean is not so quick to want to team up again, but given the mission, he accepts his new partner as a new work relationship only.  No matter how sexy this new partner is, Sean isn’t sure he is willing to risk his heart again.


Randy Young is a retired Navy SEAL turned independent contractor.  He is being asked to work a dangerous mission with a man who has a great work reputation and one who was hurt by his last partner.  However, the money for this mission is extreme and impossible to say no to, and if he needs to partner-up with Sean, then a partnership it will be.


Sean and Randy are just supposed to go and see what is going on in a foreign country and then get the heck out of Dodge.  Sounds like an easy mission.  After all, they don’t need to even try and smuggle anything in or out this time.  Yet, things go south from the minute the mission begins, and it takes all of Sean’s wits and Randy’s SEAL know-how to get them both out and to safety.  Both had an attraction to the other from their first meeting and when the danger is at its highest, that attraction turns into passion.  Neither went into this mission or partnership looking for a romance, and yet that passion and determination just might be what it takes to get them both to safety.


Two American spies learn the hard way that even when you are not looking for love, it sometimes is what you need to make it to another day.  Randy and Sean learn this and other things in Prelude to a Rumor, Part 2.  I was pretty sure that Sean would not allow himself to find romance with another partner after being burned so badly, yet I could see exactly why he fell for Randy.  Randy was a surprise to me all the way through this book, and yet I came to love him as much as Sean by the time I turned the last page.  The danger put everything on a rough edge, and yet I saw how Sean and Randy’s passion helped smooth out all the edges and gave them a future to fight for.  As I said goodbye to Sean and Randy, I hoped that I would find a wonderful future for them somewhere down the road.  Prelude to a Rumor, Part 2 takes suspenseful danger almost to its limits, while bringing in a passion to deliver Sean and Randy to a safe and happy ending.

PRELUDE TO A RUMOR, Part 1 by Melissa Schroeder

PRELUDE TO A RUMOR, Part 1 by Melissa SchroederPrelude to a Rumor, Part 1 by Melissa Schroeder
Series: Harmless Preludes #3
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Source: Author


Sean Kaheaku is a Hawaiian spy who is one of the best at the game.  He is also an independent contractor who works for several people.  When Sean is approached for a new job, he is also given a new partner— actually, since Sean normally works alone—a partner.  She is one sexy British spy.  Sean happens to be bi-sexual and while he is more than willing to play with his new partner, first they have a job to finish, and it is a gutsy one.


Jamie Alexander has heard a lot about Sean and his reputation, both as a spy and as a lover.  She is a bit worried at first about his laid-back attitude, however, she is willing to partner with Sean on this mission.  If their instant attraction becomes anything more than a feeling, well, she will deal with that then.


Sean and Jamie have to put a listening device into the office of a private home, one that is owned by a suspected mastermind and a killer.  Both know that if they are caught, their lives will be forfeited.  Their preparation is done and tonight is the night.  They will either have the chance to explore the passion that is just simmering around them, or they will die tonight.  The question is which way will it go and just how close to the wire are they willing to go to accomplish their mission?


Two contract spies learn the lesson of passion and partnership in Prelude to a Rumor, Part 1.  Seeing Sean and Jamie meet and form their partnership was both suspenseful and sexy.  I could feel their passion just simmering between them as they got ready and then accomplished their mission.  This short story of how they met and became lovers is quick and definitely makes you want to see what happens a few years down the road.  Prelude to a Rumor, Part 1 is full of simmering sex and enough suspense to keep you wondering just what happens during their mission.  This is one happy for now that has you begging for more—in a good way.

A LITTLE HARMLESS RUMOR by Melissa Schroeder

Sean Kaheaku, Jamie Alexander, and Randy Young all have a past together as lovers, spies, and in partnerships—not all together at first, but as couples with Sean.  Then they were torn apart by betrayals and their dangerous profession, and Sean ended up on his own, and Jamie and Randy became a couple.  However, they knewContinue Reading

HOSTILE DESIRES by Melissa Schroeder

Dr. Elle Middleton is an English rose transplanted in Hawaii.  You would think that she would feel out of place, however, Elle has never felt more at home than here in Hawaii and with her new friends.  Yet, Elle has learned that sometimes you can’t trust those you think are friends in the past whenContinue Reading

SEDUCTIVE REASONING by Melissa Schroeder

Emma Taylor has a brain that makes her very unique, both in how she can see things others can’t right away and with her photographic memory.  Emma lives life exactly how she wants, even if she is out of step from most of the people around her.  Emma has lived on her own since sheContinue Reading


Miami based Dillon Securities is run by Maura Dillon after her FBI big brother Conner found love and a new beginning in Hawaii.  Her one time lover Zeke O’Brian and his lover Rory McAllister make up their trio who currently juggle all the balls in a successful firm.   With the Petersen trial coming upContinue Reading

FALLING FOR A SANTINI by Melissa Schroeder

Captain Elena Santini, a Marine Corps Raptor pilot is living the life she’d dreamed of and set her sights on through her own intelligence and hard work.  With five elder brothers, one her twin, Elena has learned how to deal with the fragile male ego in her family and on base.  The only negative inContinue Reading

A LITTLE HARMLESS LIE by Melissa Schroeder

Growing up as the daughter of a powerful businessman pampered Marjorie Rizzoli wanted for nothing.  Everything changed however the night she secretly witnessed her father and older brother torturing and then murdering their bookkeeper.  Running to the police Marjorie is put in witness protection until the trial date.  Again her life goes to hell whenContinue Reading


Maria Callahan is a profiler with the FBI. Maria has grown up in the business of profiling. Her father was Big John Callahan, profiler extraordinaire. Maria has had to work twice as hard to prove that she can live up to her father’s legend. Her big break has finally arrived. There is a serial killerContinue Reading

INFATUATION by Melissa Schroeder

A beautiful wedding brings family and friends together to celebrate. It also provides the perfect opportunity for Shannon Dupree to finally take advantage of the man who has been starring in her fantasies for years. Kade is her brother’s best friend and his Navy Seal teammate. Shannon never wanted to get in between them, butContinue Reading


Conner Dillon is working himself into an early grave. After a recent health scare his sister Maura puts him on a plane to Hawaii for a little R&R. It doesn’t sound like a terrible plan even though Conner does prefer to be in control of his own life. There is nothing he won’t do forContinue Reading

DESIRE BY BLOOD by Melissa Schroeder

DESIRE BY BLOOD by Melissa Schroeder

Five-Hundred year old vampire Nicodemus Blackburn does not care for London’s ton. Unfortunately, he has no choice but to immerse himself within it when a rash of murders looks like the work of a sadistic Made vampire killer. He must find the culprit and put them down before they call too much attention to vampires.Continue Reading

POSSESSION by Melissa Schroeder

Deke Berg has only been in love once and that was with his wife. Too bad they ended up divorced. Deke is a committed military man and unfortunately his wife couldn’t handle the never there lifestyle and when he was there they fought more than made up. Deke would give anything to feel that kindContinue Reading

SURRENDER by Melissa Schroeder

Amanda Forrester is in need of some lovin’ but the one man she wants doesn’t seem to want to take advantage of her as she would like. Well she is ready to push his every button to change his mind. Malachai Dupree is a Navy Seal with an excellent career. His latest assignment has himContinue Reading

CALLUM by Melissa Schroeder

Centuries ago the clan McLennan was cursed by a woman seeking revenge. The clan has lived many lives never changing in body or spirit, forced to watch as the world evolved around them. They now go by the name Lennon as they search the world for a cure to their curse. Laird, Callum Lennon proudlyContinue Reading

INFATUATION by Melissa Schroeder

A beautiful wedding brings family and friends together to celebrate. It also provides the perfect opportunity for Shannon Dupree to finally take advantage of the man who has been starring in her fantasies for years. Kade is her brother’s best friend and his Navy Seal teammate. Shannon never wanted to get in between them, butContinue Reading

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