Author: Missouri Dalton

A CURSE ON THE MOUNTAIN by Missouri Dalton

A CURSE ON THE MOUNTAIN by Missouri Dalton
A Curse on the Mountain
by Missouri Dalton

Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Fantasy, MM
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A curse upon the mountain top kingdom of Eldore has led to a thousand years of rain. The people say the rain are tears caused by the broken heart of the god Cai who dared to love a mortal woman.


The mountain city of Var Eldore sits on top of profitable mines owned by King Iudas.  If not for the various guilds, particularly the Mage guild, nothing would manage to survive the rain in warm weather and the snow in winter.  The stubborn population chooses the yield of the mines over safety and comfortable weather elsewhere.


At one time Myr was a pleasure slave sold to a brothel in Var Eldore as a boy by his own father.  He was saved by Lord Ryall who bought, freed, and then loved him.  A tragic accident killed the lord and condemned the one time slave again.


Myr is ready to die.  He’s heartbroken at the loss of his beloved Ryall.  Ready to embrace death Myr has already tried to end his life, but luckily he’s been unsuccessful.  Soon his life will be turned upside down and nothing will be the same again for Myr, his loved ones, and everyone else in Eldore.  Lovers, a mad king, and a sorrowful god are set on a collision course with too many variables to count.  Only time will tell if the right paths have been chosen.


A truly opulent and original tale is revealed in A Curse on the Mountain.  Readers are treated to a unique, fascinating romantic drama.  Myr is special.  His importance evolves over time as does the lives of several key characters.  There’s a very large cast in A Curse on the Mountain and they do need to be kept track of.  Also, the story is heavy on romance and intrigue, light on sex.  An incredibly rich drama, A Curse on the Mountain offers adventure, action, and satisfaction.  This fantasy has realistic true love.

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