Author: Moira Rogers

IMPULSE by Moira Rogers

IMPULSE by Moira RogersImpulse by Moira Rogers
Series: Southern Arcana #5
Published by Self Published Genres: BDSM, Paranormal
Source: Author


Julio Mendoza is an Alpha wolf and he’s earned a place on the Southeast Council.  Recently, Julio experienced torture at the hands of madmen and he’s not yet over it.  His therapist suggests a vacation but how can the man in charge leave all the people that rely on him and take a vacation.


Sera Sinclaire is a submissive empathetic coyote.  She landed in New Orleans after leaving her bastard husband and she’s decided to stay even though the town is overrun with dominant shifters.  There is one shifter Sera would love to get closer to…Julio.


When Sera’s ex comes back to town to force her home her new friends quickly show him the door. However, fearing this may not be enough Julio decides it’s time to take Sera on a vacation.  What will happen when an Alpha wolf and a submissive coyote go on a road trip?


Lust and desire ignite Impulse.  Julio and Sera make magic together.  I absolutely love this couple.  There are so many powerful emotions strumming between them.  Both of them have deep issues in need of healing.  Their trip allows them to truly get to know one another away from the prying eyes of the shifter community and gives them time to heal their souls together.


Impulse is entertaining! A vacation is definitely what the doctor ordered for Julio and Sera.  There are just as many fun moments as passionate ones.  The Southern Arcana series just keeps getting better and better as the authors dig deeper into the characters stories and their world.  I look forward to finding out what happens next in this exciting world.

CIPHER by Moira Rogers

CIPHER by Moira RogersCipher by Moira Rogers
Series: Southern Arcana #4
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal, Suspense
Source: Author


Fourteen months ago Kat Gabriel lost the man she’s always loved.  Andrew didn’t die, Kat saved him, but he was forever changed. Learning to live without Andrew in her life has been tougher than she ever imagined, but she did it.  She pulled herself together and has been learning to manage her lethal emphatic gift while learning self defense as well.  What Kat wants to learn next is the truth about her family’s past.  Her mother was harboring a dark secret when she died and Kat aims to find out what it was.


Andrew Callaghan lost his humanity fourteen months ago and gained a wolf.  Since the horrible attack that left him changed he has had to learn to live as a shape shifter.  Managing his emotions and his instincts is much harder than he ever imagined.  There is nothing he would love more than to claim Kat but his fear of hurting her has kept him away.  However, when Kat places herself in danger Andrew will do whatever it takes to keep her safe and decimate whoever is out to harm her.  Will the latest threat drive these two into each other’s arms, where they’ve always wanted to be or will it tear them apart forever?


Kat and Andrew have one of those unforgettable love stories.  I have been waiting with bated breath for Cipher and I was not disappointed.  Kat and Andrew are two strong characters that have been waiting a long time to find happiness.   Moira Rogers gave them the gut-wrenching story they deserved.  Cipher starts off at a rapid pace and doesn’t let up on the exciting adventure until the last page.  Emotions are high and all over the place as Kat and Andrew are forced together and required to face all that lies between them.  These two have been tugging at my heart for what seems like forever, why stop now?  Cipher gave me the satisfying story I wanted for these two and anted up with a killer plot that never failed to shock and awe.  The Southern Arcana series is sublime and I can’t wait for the next installment!

ARCHER’S LADY by Moira Rogers

ARCHER’S LADY by Moira RogersArcher's Lady by Moira Rogers
Series: Bloodhounds #3
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal, Steampunk, Western
Source: Author


Archer is looking for redemption and he’s headed out on another Guild mission to find it.  Crystal Springs is a town that has taken a beating.  Looks like the Vampires and Ghouls keep attacking the town and feasting on its citizens and he’s going to find out why. Unfortunately he keeps getting distracted by a beautiful con artist.


Grace Linwood came to Crystal Springs looking for a respectable life and posing as a sweet schoolmarm seemed like the best way to fit in. However, now that the town has been ravaged by Vampires she is finding it hard to keep her calm schoolmarm face on for the towns remaining citizens.  She’d like nothing better to run but she can’t abandon the people she has grown close to.  When the bloodhound comes to town he appears to have her number dialed in and she can’t resist the attraction between them.


Archer and Grace hunt for clues surrounding the Vampires obsession with Crystal Springs and they may not like what they find. Will they survive the evil that’s coming for them?


Archer’s Lady is another sexy hot steampunk western from Moira Rogers.  The Bloodhounds story continues to unfold as they discover more about their origins.  Archer and Grace are two characters looking for the same things and see them in each other. They are two people striving to be better, do better in a place and time where that is very difficult.  They have sizzling chemistry and the scenes where they work together are great!  The Bloodhounds steampunk world keeps getting more interesting and cool as this series develops.  The awesome inventions and great characters keep the reader riveted.  Archer’s Lady is an exciting read will a stirring plot.

HUNTER’S PREY by Moira Rogers

HUNTER’S PREY by Moira RogersHunter's Prey by Moira Rogers
Series: Bloodhounds #2
Published by Self Published Genres: Erotic, Paranormal, Western
Source: Author


Hunter was savagely turned into a bloodhound.  He barely survived his first full moon without going insane and now it’s time for the new moon to rise.  Bloodhounds are required to indulge in violence or sex during the new moon to keep them sane.  There is only one woman Hunter can think about having sex with but he is terrified of hurting her.


Ophelia is a retired prostitute.  She now keeps the bloodhound home running.  Ophelia feels a strong connection to Hunter but doesn’t think he feels the same.  When she offers herself to him for the new moon and he declines she is crushed.  He is clear that he cares for her but he is unwilling to indulge in anything more intimate.


The new moon rises and Hunter’s hound has other idea’s he wants Ophelia and no one else.  After their sexual fervor is over he remembers little while Ophelia cherishes the memories she holds.  Hunter is disturbed by his actions and attempts to distance himself from Ophelia but when danger comes to town Hunter must face his true feelings.  Will it be too late?


Hunter’s Prey is full of hot-blooded passion and high-stakes action.  Ophelia and Hunter turn up the heat way up during the new moon but it is their emotion that makes Hunter’s Prey an excellent story.  It is great that Hunter’s Prey features so much of the characters from the first Bloodhound book.  The reader learns many new things during Hunter’s Prey that expound this thrilling series.

WILDER’S MATE by Moira Rogers

WILDER’S MATE by Moira RogersWilder's Mate by Moira Rogers
Series: Bloodhounds #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal, Steampunk, Western
Source: Author


Wilder Harding is a bloodhound.  His job is to hunt vampires and protect people from them.  He is governed by the Guild.  He has enhanced abilities and rumors abound that on the full moon bloodhounds become savage creatures who can only be satisfied in the bedroom.  Wilder’s most recent assignment finds him searching the frontier for a famous weapons inventor.  There’s only one thing he couldn’t plan for: Satira the inventor’s lovely assistant.


Satira is fine with navigating a man’s world.  She prefers pants to dresses any day.  She lives to learn everything she can from her mentor Nathanial.  When he is kidnapped by vampires, her world is turned upside down.  Satira cannot stand the thought of losing the person who has been like a father to her.


Satira forces the sexy bloodhound to take her on his search for Nathanial.  She is determined to prove her worth on the journey, while Wilder tries to keep his paws off of the beautiful yet stubborn woman.  Wilder and Satira are headed for a thrilling edge-of-your-seat adventure.  What happens when the moon comes if they are still together? Will Satira only slake his lust or will they mate for life?


Wilder’s Mate is an exciting pulse pounding story.  Wilder and Satira are fantastic together!  When they fight it’s hot and when they make up its hotter.  I love how Satira is strong in so many ways yet unsure of her feminine side.  It is obvious how she perplexes Wilder.   Wilder and Satira definitely sizzle, but the story is blazing as well.  Moira Rogers has created stunning visuals that propel this fantastical story forward.  The inventions are out-of-this-world cool.  The society in which the story takes place is somewhere between western and steampunk.  It is truly eclectic and fascinating.  Wilder’s Mate is a one of a kind story destined to be a hit.

DEADLOCK by Moira Rogers

DEADLOCK by Moira Rogers

Alec Jacobson is an Alpha wolf and the unofficial head honcho of New Orleans even if he won’t claim a title of authority for himself. Anything happens in the Shifter community and everyone turns to Alec or runs away from him as fast as they can. Alec is most commonly referred to as a jerk,Continue Reading

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