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HIDING FROM TWO by Morticia Knight

HIDING FROM TWO by Morticia KnightHiding From Two by Morticia Knight
Series: Soul Match #3
Genres: Gay, Menage, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

In the aftermath of the Alasharian invasion, the civilizations of Earth stand in ruins. Those who survived are made slaves to the alien invaders either for domestic duties or to be used as sexual conquests.


Morgan was caught alongside his cousin Chris who soul bonded with two Alasharian warriors.  It is unheard of for two to become three and with an alien at that. Therefore Chris and his warriors Nary and Lasar have chosen to keep their bond a secret from their leader, the Supreme Commander.  In the meantime, the soul mates have promised to keep Morgan safe as long as they are able.


Time is up for Morgan to be given to the warrior Rama.  Terrified of what will happen to him the human is extremely puzzled by his reaction to meeting the Alasharian advisor Hallosh.  Somehow Morgan is also able to soul bond with two Alasharians.  Whatever is happening will change the future of the alien and human interactions.  The soul mates know that the Supreme Commander has been taken over by evil, but somehow forces are maneuvering to give both species a chance to triumph if and only if they can survive what happens next…


Hiding From Two is an intricately woven tale packed with high tension and a tentative romance.  Intrigue and danger is around every corner it seems as Morgan and his cousin Chris deal with Alasharian warriors and the love they offer.  This original storyline keeps readers on the edge of their seats from the first page to the last.  Proving that love comes in many forms Hiding From Two delivers on all counts.  This series gets better and better with each new book.

CHERISHED BY TWO by Morticia Knight

CHERISHED BY TWO by Morticia KnightCherished by Two by Morticia Knight
Series: Soul Match #2
Genres: Futuristic, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

The alien invasion is a complete success with human populations decimated and most major cities are no longer in existence around the world.  It is now simply a matter of rounding up the survivors hiding in the rubble or the wilderness.  Alasharian warriors have done their job to perfection.  Some warriors however are beginning to realize they weren’t told the truth about the humans.  Unfortunately thus far, too few are concerned.


A visit from the Supreme Soul Healer confirms the impossible.  The human Chris is a soul match to the Alasharian warriors Lasar and Nary.  Their Nasha or submissive and their Ahna or Dominant relationship has brought Chris into their bond.  This is the first trio soul match and between two different species.  But they are cautioned to keep the bond to themselves, at least for the time being.  The Alasharian leader has given into darkness, to an evil spreading among their leadership.


Chris is trying to get his cousin Morgan to calm down and at least pretend to go along with the Alasharians.  His cousin is justifiably terrified, but he’s got to get it together or something worse could happen to him.  Chirs is frantic, as well, to know what’s happened to his mother and little sisters.  Lasar has sworn to find them no matter how long it takes, yet he can’t appear to favor any humans.  And lastly, what will happen at the party the leader insists the warriors attend with their sex slaves Chris and Morgan.


The Soul Match series stirs up more mayhem and love with Cherished by Two, book two in the passionate, tension filled drama.  Fascinating characters, human and Alasharian, set onto an adventure that will test them all.  Readers are drawn into a web of intrigue, into another world commanding the human world.  Nothing is safe for Chris and his soul matches Nary and Lasar.  This thrilling series continues to evolve into something incredible.  Enjoy Cherished by Two, readers will eagerly look forward to the next book.

HONEYMOON THEIR WAY by Morticia Knight

HONEYMOON THEIR WAY by Morticia KnightHoneymoon Their Way by Morticia Knight
Series: States of Love
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

It’s official.  The pre-wedding week at Lake Tahoe is going to be the death of Chad.  Somehow his loving sister Lindsey has turned into a crazed bridezilla.  She’s the one who insisted on this family get together.  The final blow to Chad’s peace of mind is learning that Lindsey’s long time friend Raudel Cruz is able to make the wedding and the Lake Tahoe madness.  The same Raudel who Chad secretly lusted after all through high school and one night saw Chad do something he can never, ever live down.


Ironically, as much as Chad was embarrassed to see Raudel again the opposite is true for Lindsey’s BFF.  He’s thrilled to see Chad, all grown up, no longer a boy forbidden to him.


As the get together devolves into a daily nightmare the one consolation is putting the past to rest, allowing Chad and Raudel the time to discover what the future could hold.  If they survive till the wedding ceremony it’s going to be a miracle.  Getting Lindsey to the alter is the insurmountable goal.  Finding love is a wonderful bonus.


Hilarious pre-wedding jitters, a scary bridezilla, and so much more are rolled into the wild tale Honeymoon Their Way.  Readers are given a bird’s eye view to all the chaos.  The storyline merrily bumps along, balancing the zany family actions with a newfound love.   Chad tries to keep everything moving forward.  Meanwhile Raudel shows them the patience of a saint.  Honeymoon Their Way is crazy fun.

SLAVE FOR TWO by Morticia Knight

SLAVE FOR TWO by Morticia KnightSlave for Two by Morticia Knight
Series: Soul Match #1
Genres: Menage, MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

Earth’s alien invasion was worse than people once fearfully imagined it could be.  It wasn’t a blockbuster movie with great special effects.  Rather, it was the destruction of major cities and deaths beyond thousands.


As Chris and his family watched from their little town nestled in the California mountain foothills the whole thing seems unreal.  After clearing the cities the alien forces began targeting smaller population areas.  Any sign of fighting meant certain death.  It also became clear that small framed young men were being singled out and taken by the aliens for some unknown purpose.


The people of Alashar were compelled to abandon their planet when it became clear that their home would be taken into the void.  Scout ships found a new planet in Earth.  Told that the population was vicious and not worth saving the Alashar warriors decimated the human cities and then began destroying smaller populations.  They did however cull the males who would be well suited as sex slaves.


Chris and his younger cousin Morgan were captured when foraging for supplies at a tourist site.  Forced into cages Chris was about to be abused by an Alashar slave master when fate intervened in the form of another warrior intent on claiming the human.


Alashar warriors Lasar and Nary are soul match bonded.  As the dominant Lasar is titled the Ahna while Nary is the submissive Nasha in their pairing.  A visit to pick out a sex slave has unexpected results as Nary intuitively knows that Chris must be their own.  Something unimaginable occurs when Chris is brought into Lasar and Nary’s bed.  The human’s reaction to them cannot be.  Shaken and worried they will need answers before anyone else finds out what Chris means to their soul matched Alashar bond.


A clever blend of action, drama, and sensuality Slave For Two weaves a heart pounding, chilling tale. The world collapses and humanity perishes under the rubble in the first Soul Match book. Fighting for survival the characters shine in the tense storyline.  Riveting twists and turns in Slave For Two are certain to keep readers completely engrossed in this book.  Slave For Two is an addicting page turner and book two can’t come soon enough.


SEARCHING FOR SHELTER by Morticia KnightSearching for Shelter by Morticia Knight
Series: Sin City Uniforms #6
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing



Between his shifts at The Lucky Cup where he works and the long hours he volunteers at the teen LGBTQ shelter he helped set up Rich barely has any free time.  There’s also the house he rents with two other guys where Rich knows he’s wasting time cleaning in an effort to keep the health department from their door.  Whatever precious time Rich had free was spent going on blind dates which have proved to be a bust.


A regular at The Lucky Cup because of the hot barista rather than the coffee, Diego Espinoza is part of the Las Vegas Search and Rescue team.  When he’s not on the job Diego spends his free time checking out places to rock climb.  Overhearing Rich talking about a bad date with a co-worker Diego swallows his pride and asks the barista out.


It has been a weird week for Rich, he’s had a lame date and later while driving home witnesses an accident involving a dead woman thrown from a limo.  After talking to the cops Rich puts the whole thing behind him.


Everything is going well on his dinner date until Diego is called away for a Search and Rescue operation.  Rich is contemplating their next time together when he barely survives an accident.  The experience brings them closer, but it doesn’t explain the danger.  Definitely isn’t the easiest way to fall in love.


Searching for Shelter combines a suspenseful plotline with great characters to give readers the story they’re expecting.  Sparks fly between Rich and Diego as they unravel a deadly mystery.  The drama takes second place however to the solid characterization.  Readers will be rooting for Rich and Diego as they uncover the truth in Searching for Shelter. Fans of this series will enjoy this book, as well as hearing from previous characters.  This standalone tale is sure to attract new readers too. A delightfully spicy romance.


MASTERING LOVE by Morticia Knight

Mastering Love by Morticia Knight Series: Hampton Road Club #4 Genres: BDSM, Historical, MM Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Pride Publishing Nestled in a Los Angeles suburb, the exclusive Hampton Road Club thrives.  It is a place where consenting adults can explore their Dominant and submissive personalities without censure.  Rich and powerful in the public eye, discretionContinue Reading

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