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WOLF IN HIS HEART by N. J. Walters

WOLF IN HIS HEART by N. J. WaltersWolf in His Heart by N. J. Walters
Series: Salvation Pack #7
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Paranormal
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Sage Gallagher is all grown up and a fierce member of the Salvation Pack.  He is now an organic farmer and a man who helps defend his pack.  Sage might only be a half-breed and one that can’t shift, but inside, he is all wolf.  Sage was a teen when he, his uncle, and his twin became members of the pack and although it took a while, Sage knows now that there is no other place he would want to be.


Rina Matheson is a full wolf on the run.  Rina comes from an old fashioned pack, and when she refused to mate with the man her parents selected for her, she was forced out of the pack.  Now several years later, Rina is traveling for safety, and she is headed to a pack she has heard might be willing to accept her and keep her safe because of their forward-thinking attitudes, especially now that there is a man who knows about her secret and has decided she will make a great wolf skin rug.


When Sage meets Rina, he instantly knows that she could be his mate and that she is way too scared.  His wolf wants to protect her, and Sage is in full agreement, however, Rina isn’t too sure about Sage after learning he is a half-breed because, in her old pack, he would have been killed just for being.  Sage finally gets Rina to the pack and while he knows she will be accepted, especially because of who she is to him, but she is afraid to accept the easy acceptance with the threat she brings with her.  Sage, through his quiet strength and passion, proves to Rina that his love and ability to protect is just as powerful as a full-blooded wolf and that his pack is more than willing to accept her.  With the help of his pack, Sage and Rina take care of the threat to Rina.  Now the way is clear for the love, if only Sage can convince Rina that she can finally stop running and feel safe and loved.


A scared wolf on the run meets a half-breed wolf who can’t shift and together they learn the truth about strength, love, and pack in Wolf in His Heart.  I was worried that Sage would be left out in the dark without a mate after meeting him as a teen, and I was so happy to see him not only find a great mate, but one that really understood him.  I was worried that Rina had been too hurt and scared to accept what Sage and the rest of the Salvation Pack offered her, but I loved watching as she slowly opened up and accepted what was offered.  The danger was strong, but I love how each and every pack member stepped up to keep everyone safe and to eliminate this latest threat.  I also loved how Sage’s twin, Reece, came back when he was needed and how fast he was to accept Rina as Sage’s mate and not a person who could come between them.  Now I really want Reece to find his mate and come home.  Wolf in His Heart takes love and danger and twists them together with touches of humor and passion to make one satisfying story of love, even when the odds are against you.


WOLF ON A MISSION by N. J. Walters

WOLF ON A MISSION by N. J. WaltersWolf on a Mission by N. J. Walters
Series: Salvation Pack #6
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Sue Walsh has been kicked by life too many times to count, including the sudden disappearance of her best friend.  Now, Sue just wants to keep a roof over her and her son’s heads and be left alone.  Sue recently moved into her friend’s cabin, and she now works at a restaurant in town as a waitress.  Now, Sue has learned that her ex-husband is going to try and gain custody of their son.  Over Sue’s dead body.


Elias Gallagher is a full-blooded wolf who left his pack in Alaska years ago with his brother when his brother fell in love and mated with a half-breed.  They all lived together happily, especially when his nephews were born.  Now, because of an unexpected tragedy, Elias is the guardian of his nephews and the Alpha of their small family pack.  Elias knows that he needs to find a safe place to finish raising his teen nephews, and he has heard of a small, but unusual, pack in Salvation that might accept them, even with two half-breeds.


Elias and his nephews arrive in Salvation, and Elias decides to camp out while he checks out the pack before risking his nephews to a possible automatic death just for being half-breeds.  That first night, his nephews run into Sue while they’re on a run—one as a wolf and one human—and Elias has to come up with a quick explanation.  Sue isn’t sure about the three new arrivals in town, but she is attracted to Elias.  One day, when Sue hears a plan to harm wolves in a private area outside of town, she knows that she has to say something to the property owner.  That decision puts Sue and her son into deadly danger and gives Elias a reason to keep close to Sue—his human mate.  As Elias and Sue begin to explore their attraction, it becomes very clear that in order to keep Sue and her son safe, he will have to tell her the secret of the Salvation Pack and that her missing friend is alive and well and closer than she ever imagined.  Sue and Elias have a special love, but will they, Elias’ nephews, and Sue’s son all be welcomed into the Salvation Pack, or will they have to strike out to form their own pack somewhere else?


When a full-blooded werewolf comes to Salvation with his half-breed nephews in hopes of being accepted, he knows he is putting all their lives in danger, then throw in meeting his mate, a human woman, and you have just a part of what happens in Wolf on a Mission.  I could tell right off that Elias was an awesome man as I learned just what he had done and was doing for the love of his family.  I just wanted to give Sue a hug as I learned everything she had happen to her in two short years.  I was more than rooting for Elias and his two nephews to find a home in Salvation.  Those cheers became louder as I watched Elias and Sue find their footing amid a surprising passion that sprang up between them.  I have always known that the members of the Salvation Pack were special and they proved it by accepting this very unusual family.  Wolf on a Mission proves that you really can have a second chance by just reaching out, even if that reach is surrounded by danger and the day to day dramas.

WOLF ON THE HUNT by N. J. Walters

WOLF ON THE HUNT by N. J. WaltersWolf on the Hunt by N. J. Walters
Series: Salvation Pack #5
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Gray Everson is a painter just looking for a peaceful place to live and create her art.  When she found a small cabin in the woods that she could rent, Gray jumped on it, even when she was told that the current owner of the cabin had been attacked by a wolf.  After all, how often could that happen? Maybe that shouldn’t have been a question asked.


Louis LaForge is a werewolf and the brother to the Alpha of the Salvation Pack.  Louis has slowly watched each member of his pack find their mates and has overseen their pack grow with each mating.  Louis has just about given up hope of ever finding his mate, so he has put all of his strength into protecting his pack.  Right now all of the men are waiting for the next shoe to drop, because it’s just been too quiet, and they all know that their old Alpha, Louis’ father, has not given up on his quest to destroy Salvation.


While out on routine security rounds, Louis decides to check a pack member’s cabin.  It’s a fateful decision.  Not only does Louis meet Gray, but he is also shot and injured by some local hunters.  Gray is worried when she hears the gunshots and mad when she finds the shot wolf.  Once Gary gets Louis to her cabin, she gets rid of the hunters and then discovers that her “wolf” is a very special man.  Louise realizes immediately that Gray is his mate, now he just needs to convince her and show her that taking a chance on him and their mating will lead to a passion-filled future.  But, of course, during this time, his father decides to mount an attack meant to take out all the members of the Salvation Pack.  Hidden allies are going to have to make choices that can never be changed.  When the dust settles, has the Salvation Pack survived to live another day?  And even with the danger, has Louis shown Gray that she will never regret giving their mating a chance?


When the last unmated member of the Salvation Pack meets the new artist renting a pack member’s cabin, passion is instant and love is right around the corner in Wolf on the Hunt.  Louis and Gray have the odds against them as they begin their journey towards their forever love.  Louis knows it’s hard enough to convince a human to take a chance on a werewolf, and now with the danger involved, it’s even longer odds, or so Louis believes.  Gray might not have expected the wolf she saved to become a sexy man but she could not deny the passion between them once she discovers Louis’ secret.  I enjoyed watching as Louis and Gray not only grabbed at their chance for love, but also helped the rest of the pack when the danger was at its highest.  What I really loved was that after the dust had settled, the outcome of the battle had several members of the Salvation Pack gaining something they never thought would happen.  Wolf on the Hunt is full of suspense-filled danger mixed with passion and the fellowship of family—both blood and dear friends.  It’s a great continuation of a series I have loved from the beginning.


WOLF FROM THE PAST by N. J. WaltersWolf from the Past by N. J. Walters
Series: Salvation Pack #4
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Gator Rollins, along with his friends, left their old pack and its abusive Alpha and rules. Now, they have their own pack, Salvation, but they are still always on the watch for danger, because no one ever leaves their old pack and because they have not only left, but are starting new and fulfilling lives.  Gator has watched as three of his friends have found and mated with women they love.  While he is very happy for them, Gator feels the same heartache he has felt since he loved a woman who died.


Sylvie LaForge Dubois is a dead woman, well as far as the majority of her old pack is concerned.  Actually, she is an abused woman who got away from her mate, because she was thought to be dead, and she ran.  Now, Sylvie is tired of running and after being told about the Salvation Pack and who they are, she is reaching out to see if maybe, just maybe, she could find a spot there where she won’t have to worry day in and day out.  Sylvie knows that it won’t be easy coming back from the dead and that it could truly mean her death.


Gator is beyond stunned when that intruder he was tracking turned out be Sylvie, the woman he loved and lost so long ago. She is also the sister of one of his best friends and a member of the new pack. A few misunderstandings almost have Sylvie convinced that she must disappear yet again, but those are quickly over. Now her biggest concern is Gator, the one wolf she is attracted to and partially scared of, having barely survived a strong and dominate werewolf mate before.  Gator is not about to let anyone or anything take Sylvie away from him again, not her brother, not this pack, and certainly not anyone from their old pack.  When yet another threat to the Salvation Pack and Sylvie shows up, Gator is just the man to take care of things.  At last, Gator can show Sylvie how he feels and learns that their passion is mutual.  The future is beginning to look bright for Gator and Sylvie, yet everyone in the Salvation Pack knows that the danger is not over so long as their old pack knows about Sylvie—not counting that the Salvation Pack itself is on the hit list of their old Alpha.  But for now, Gator and Sylvie are the newest mates to be celebrated and welcomed.


A second chance at love and happiness come to two werewolves who both thought they had lost their chances forever in The Wolf from the Past.  I could only cheer as Sylvie’s story came out at how strong she had been to not only overcome the abuse, but to survive on her own for so long.  I always knew that Gator would be a strong lover and mate to the right person. It didn’t take long for me to understand that Sylvie was just that person.  I smiled a few times as the maneuvers happened in the Salvation Pack to embrace Sylvie and Gator having to deal with his best friend and Sylvie’s brother.  I had no doubt that Gator would protect his pack and especially Sylvie when the danger came, and he proved me so right.  I loved it when Gator and Sylvie finally got the chance to experience the love that both were so sure had passed them by.  Wolf from the Past had not only the danger that I have come to expect in Salvation pack stories, but also the passion and, in this case, the best type—a second chance for a pair who had given up hope.  Gator and Sylvie prove that love can triumph over just about anything when given the chance.

WOLF ON THE RUN by N. J. Walters

WOLF ON THE RUN by N. J. WaltersWolf on the Run by N. J. Walters
Series: Salvation Pack #3
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Cherise Michaels and her mother ran from their pack years ago when it was determined that Cherise could not shift into her wolf form. Now, several years later Cherise arrives at the apartment she shares with her mom to discover her murdered by wolves from their old pack. Now, Cherise is alone, scared to death, and on the run for her life when a dream changes her plans and her life.


Cole Blanchard knows he is one mean and strong wolf in his prime. Cole has never regretted leaving his old pack with his friends so they could create the Salvation pack in North Carolina.. To keep his pack and their mates’ safe, Cole will fight to the death, if called for. While on patrol, Cole realizes that there are strange wolves on their land and, even worse, they are hunting/stalking a woman. Not on his watch!


Cherise expects the same type of condemnation from Cole and his pack as she received from hers when she tells them why she was hunted. She never expected to be accepted and even protected by Cole and his pack, even with the threat of more wolves sent to kill her. Cole never expected to find his mate, but when he realizes the Cherise is his one and only, nothing will separate them, if he has anything to do with it.  The problem is, Cherise also feels that Cole is that special one for her, and she wants to protect him by the only way she knows—leaving once again.  When you have two determined wolves out to protect the other, who is going to get their way, or will they both win once the dust settles?


A human wolf scared and alone finds the alpha wolf she was always meant to be with in Wolf on the Run. Cherise and Cole begin their relationship under less than wonderful circumstances, and yet I never doubted that Cole would win the day.  My heart went out to Cherise on why she couldn’t shift and what happened to her family because of it. When Cole discovered Cherise and her situation, I knew she would be safe even before knowing about the mate thing.  Watching Cherise and Cole do their tug-of-war courtship had me laughing at times and shaking my head at times.  Mostly, I just loved watching them fall in love and prove once again that the Salvation pack’s way of living life is the correct one. Wolf on the Run is filled with suspense, fun-filled friendships, and best of all, passion that keeps you intrigued until the last page is turned.  I can’t wait to see which wolf is next to find their mate. I’m personally torn between two on which I want it to be.

WOLF AT THE DOOR by N. J. Walters

Gwendolyn Jones grabbed at the chance to follow her dream and write full time when she inherited a cabin in Tennessee.  Gwen’s dream of writing isn’t what most people would call the great American novel, but her interest in the paranormal or just plain “other” is her subject matter and proving it doesn’t exist.  AContinue Reading

WOLF IN HER BED by N. J. Walters

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