Author: Nikki Duncan

HER MIRACLE MAN by Nikki Duncan

HER MIRACLE MAN by Nikki Duncan

HER MIRACLE MAN by Nikki DuncanHer Miracle Man by Nikki Duncan
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Contemporary, Military
Source: Author

Jennalyn James is submerged in grief.  A year ago, she lost her parents to a horrific car accident.  She watched her beloved younger sister, Sabrina, die from complications of a traumatic brain injury that she sustained in the same car accident that killed their parents.  And, to top it off, a week before her sister dies, Jennalyn’s fiancé broke off their engagement.


It has been almost a year since Children’s Hospital administrator Ryland Davids has seen Jennalyn James.  She touched him deeply during her time at the hospital.  He was right by Jennalyn’s side when her sister Sabrina took her last breath.  Due to her fragile state and his own past emotional scars, Ryland decides not to pursue Jennalyn romantically.  That is until they begin to spend time together granting Sabrina’s last wish – planning A Month of Miracles during the Christmas season for recovering children in the hospital.


Her Miracle Man is an emotional and touching tale that will pull heavily at your heartstrings.  Grief is such a difficult topic to deal with.  You will learn that despite sorrow; life does go on.  The key is having the wiliness to accept emotional support as time moves forward.  While, the internal pain never really goes away, time does diminish the aching heart.  This is definitely a fact for Jennalyn.  With the joyous feelings expressed from the children receiving the month of miracles and the infinite support from Ryland, Jennalyn is able to rebound from her grief and in the process finds true love with Ryland.  Just as the title suggests, Ryland is a ‘miracle man’ for Jennalyn.  He is compassionate, patient, smart, and sincere.  Her Miracle Man is one story that I will not easily forget.  I Joyfully Recommend Her Miracle Man as must read!  This is one story not to be missed.


ILLICIT INTUITIONS by Nikki DuncanIllicit Intuitions by Nikki Duncan
Series: Sensory Ops #3
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Suspense
Source: Publisher


Ava Malia is a new agent with the Specialized Crimes Unit and, while she isn’t comfortable with her new team quite yet, she knows it will come.  But Ava’s first priority is to complete her first case, which actually has ties to her prior professional life. It seems that everyone is hunting for a new technology that might not even be valid, and yet the creator has been murdered for it.  Following her best lead, Ava is now fighting an attraction to her person of interest in this case.


Dr. H escaped the hell that he and his sister were in for many years.  Now they are running a psychic center that will hopefully help protect and teach others with abilities and not allow them to be caught up and tortured like he and his sister were.  Dr. H can usually pick out , government agents as soon as they approach him and since the murder of a friend that he had been working on project with, many have approached him.  The thing bugging Dr. H right now is the woman who is auditing one of his psychic study groups; the instant attraction is almost more then he can deal with.


Ava went in to this case with a clear objective, but now those objectives are a bit blurry as she fights the attraction she feels for Dr. H. Because, how can you get close to someone when you met on a lie?  When the danger threatens both of them and then Ava is hurt, the case changes yet again as new, hidden abilities appear in Ava.  With these abilities, she will need Dr. H’s help with to survive and now that he knows she is more than an auditor, how can he trust her enough to help her?  Both Ava and Dr. H soon learn that they really can’t say no to fate, but can they overcome the trust issue and the lie that they first met under in order to let their passion have a chance at forever?


When a man and a woman, who both have hidden secrets, meet under false pretenses, can love have a chance?  Dr. H and Ava will have to discover that answer in Illicit Intuitions.  Wow! When you begin a suspense, you know that at least one of the main characters will have a secret, but in this case, I found that they both did, and it turned out that there was more than one.  I really loved watching as Ava and Dr. H struggled with their mutual attraction and to find a way to win against the danger that was threatening them.  There was at least once when I truly was not sure if they would come out at the end together.  The many twists and turns that I went through with Ava and Dr. H just added to both their romance and to the suspense of their story.  I will admit to reading this series out of order, and I was more than ready to discover just how Ava and Dr. H met, and it was worth backtracking to find their story. Illicit Intuitions is a combo of romance and suspense and, of course, a touch of psychic abilities that combine into a wonderful ending where the romance wins, of course.


CYBER ILLUSIONS by Nikki DuncanCyber Illusions by Nikki Duncan
Series: Sensory Ops #6
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Suspense
Source: Publisher

Taryn Bellamy is one of the top illusionists right now, and she works very hard on her show to make sure she stays that way.  While her show and her employees are important to her, the most important people in her world are the twins that Taryn has raised since a friend left them to her.  Raising twins, especially super smart ones, has been even more challenging than coming up with her next great illusion for her show.


Tyler Greer is an FBI agent and a tech genius who is part of a very special FBI team—one where the members have psychic abilities that they use to help them close cases.  Tyler has been on the tail of a cyber hacker who has been breaking into his systems to leave the team clues. Now Tyler might have found the person behind it and that person his coming right into his area.  What Tyler thinks will be a takedown of a cyber hacker and maybe a chunk out of an art theft ring turns into a night that will change his life forever.


Taryn learns that one of the twins has not only left town, but has tracked down her father and is attempting to contact him all alone. Time is of the essence as Taryn flies to Miami and comes face-to-face with Tyler, the twins’ father.  Things turn touchy as Taryn tells Tyler that not only is he a father, but that one of his kids is somewhere in Miami all alone.  Things get even touchier when Taryn learns just what the twins have been up to, and to top it off, Taryn is a suspect in an art theft ring that Tyler and his team are trying to bring down. Not a promising start to say the least and then you have an instant attraction between Taryn and Tyler. Taryn and Tyler work to break the art ring and prove her innocence, but will this be the end of their time together or has the illusion of their love become a permanent fact?


An illusionist, an FBI agent, cyber hackers, art thieves, and two really smart teenage twins all come together in Cyber Illusions.  I had to laugh as I saw just what the twins had been doing with Tyler without anyone knowing.  I loved Taryn as I saw just how she cared for the twins and how she was so up front with Tyler when they met. I couldn’t imagine just how shocked Tyler was when he found out that not only did he have kids, but they are twins and just what they were up to.  I loved how Taryn didn’t try to keep the twins from Tyler even as she was proving to him that she was not an art thief.  Watching as all four of them became a family kept me turning the pages. I foresee many loving headaches with Taryn and Tyler as the twins grow up and get into even more mischief.  Cyber Illusions is a great mixture of suspense, passion, and putting the best interest of children in front that makes Taryn and Tyler’s romance a great one.


TASTE ME DEADLY by Nikki Duncan

TASTE ME DEADLY by Nikki DuncanTaste Me Deadly by Nikki Duncan
Series: Sensory Ops #5
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Suspense
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Greycen Craig has been in the Federal Witness Protection program for the last five years and was pretty much a model witness until she heard about attack that injured her sister and placed her in the hospital.  Greycen might have been able to walk away from her sister in order to save her, but there is no way that she won’t go to her sister’s side now—even if it means putting herself in deadly danger by leaving the program.


Liam Burgess is an FBI agent who is known for being the sensible one and all that, but there was one memorable time when Liam not only went crazy, but has spent the last five year trying to find the woman who brought out the unexpected in him: the woman he met and married, and who disappeared all within 24 hours.  When a lead tells him that a recent hit-and-run victim could be just connected to his mystery woman, Liam makes it is mission to go there and wait to see who shows up.


Greycen never forgot those wonderful hours in Liam’s arms and why she had to leave him without word and disappear, but she was totally amazed to find him in her sister’s room. The same shock seems to find Liam, but for a different reason. He thought he could handle what Greycen did to him just by being in the room—a very wrong assumption, he quickly finds out.  Greycen ends up telling Laim everything. Liam offers the help of his team to not only keep her safe, but to end the nightmare once and for all. At first, Greycen declines and lets herself be persuaded to accept the offer instead of trying to protect both her sister and herself alone.  However, when Greycen sees just how full Liam’s life is, she takes an action that will place her in even more danger, unless Liam can get to her first.  The next few hours will decide just what Greycen and Liam’s future will be, and if they will be able to stay together and safe, forever on the run, or forever apart and alone.


Two souls found and recognized each other instantly only to be torn apart by murder. When given a second chance, can that hope of love finally get the chance to happen, or will it be denied forever?  Liam and Greycen will discover this answer and many more in Taste Me Deadly.  Liam and Greycen could not have been more different, and yet it was clear that they were soul mates, and they just needed the chance to fulfill that destiny.  It didn’t surprise me at all that Liam stepped right in to take control of the situation and protect Greycen and her sister.  Greycen might have been a free spirit, but when she loved someone, she would do anything to protect them, even if it meant running from them.  I really enjoyed watching as Liam slowly helped Greycen overcome her fears, and he showed her that they belonged together.  When the final answers came clear, and the entire events of the night that changed Greycen’s life became clear, I discovered that I had figured out part of the answer, but not all of it. I have a feeling that Liam and Greycen’s life will be full of unexpected and wonderful things.  Taste Me Deadly is a great suspense story that proves once again that depending upon those you love is always the best way, even if it’s a recent loved one.


HANDCUFFED IN HOUSEWARES by Nikki DuncanHandcuffed in Housewares by Nikki Duncan
Series: Tulle and Tulips #3
Published by Samhain Publishing on August 20th 2013
Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Miranda

Some couples just click. Others require a hard hat and a stud finder. Tulle and Tulips, Book 3Monday mornings have a reputation for sucking, and today is no different for Burton Anderson. One year ago, his “perfect” life full of prestige, money, success and travel crumbled in the glaring light of betrayal. This morning? This close to making his new construction business a success, a date gone awry has left him handcuffed to a toilet in a housewares store. Naked. And the first customer of the day is coming down his aisle. Planning and shopping for other couples’ Big Day is about as wild and crazy as buttoned-up Leigh Schyuler gets. Until she gets an eyeful of Hearth and Home’s daily special. He’s definitely a “designer” temptation while she’s “off the rack”. But there are risks, and then there are risks. Burton isn’t sure he can once again trust his heart to a woman who holds the power to ruin him. And Leigh discovers too late that indulging in a little no-strings sex is tying her dream of Devoted Love into hopeless knots...Warning: Contains a hard-hatted, hard-bodied hero who’s good with his hands, and a woman who’d like him to build a bridge over her sexual boundaries. Nuts and bolts never had it so good.

Burton Anderson finds himself in a bit of a sticky situation. He awakens handcuffed to a toilet in his current employer’s store.  If he plans to keep his job he must rely on the good will of a beautiful woman.


The last thing Leigh Schyuler expected to find when shopping for another couple’s wedding day was a naked man…a sexy naked man.  Not usually one to indulge in wildness, Burton tempts her to acts of whimsy.  No strings sex is just what the doctor ordered but at the end of the day will these two love and leave or find that happiness begins in housewares?


Nikki Duncan continues her Tulle and Tulips series nicely with Handcuffed in Housewares.  Burton and Leigh have a wonderful chemistry that is not only sexy but fun.  The first books in the series dealt with some heavy issues and it was nice to have some laughs in this installment.  Handcuffed in Housewares still deals with substantial emotions as both Burton and Leigh try to overcome their own issues to find and believe in love but there are plenty of laughs to go around.

A KILLING TOUCH by Nikki Duncan

Journalist Lana Quinn believes she’s found her next big story but she knows she is going to need some help if she plans to ferret out the killer.  Lana reaches out to her friends who know how to use the gifts God gave them. Unfortunately, the person she has to convince is the one personContinue Reading

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