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WOLF HUNT by Paige Tyler

WOLF HUNT by Paige TylerWolf Hunt by Paige Tyler
Series: SWAT #6
Published by Sourcebooks Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Dallas werewolf and SWAT officer Remy Boudreaux is back in his hometown of New Orleans for a week of training.  While showing his teammates around the French Quarter Remy smells the most tantalizing scent.  Resisting his primal urge to find the owner of the scent is futile.  He’s stunned to discover the owner is none other than his High School crush!

Triana Bellamy is shocked to run into Remy in a night club.  It’s a surprise she’s happy to explore.  Triana never expected to find trouble on her doorstep.  Triana is determined to discover the secret behind a wolf pendant that has landed her family in hot water.

Remy will do whatever it takes to protect Triana from the danger at her door.  Together they race against time to find the truth behind the pendant.  Will they find a lasting love in the process or will Triana run when she discovers Remy’s true nature?

Paige Tyler’s Wolf Hunt cranks out the sizzling suspense.

Remy and Triana scorch the pages with their undeniable attraction.  Wolf Hunt takes the reader out of Dallas and straight to NOLA.  It was so exciting to see our favorite characters maneuver in a city where they weren’t in charge.  I felt like I was back in NOLA while reading Tyler’s excellent depictions of the city.  It was such a treat.

Ms. Tyler manages to keep both of her shifter series innovative with riveting characters.  Remy and Triana manage to pull your heartstrings from page one.  Remy has a lot to overcome if he wants lasting love with Triana.  His emotional journey was beautiful.

I can’t get enough of Tyler’s SWAT and X-Ops series’! Keep them coming Ms. Tyler!

HER DARK HALF by Paige Tyler

HER DARK HALF by Paige TylerHer Dark Half by Paige Tyler
Series: X-Ops #7
Published by Sourcebooks Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Her Dark Half is another game changer for Author Paige Tyler’s X-Ops series.

Ex-CIA Agent Alina Bosch has made a career of ferreting out crooked agents.  A tragedy hardened Alina and turned her into a skeptical person.  Alina’s new job at the Department of Covert Operations is much the same.  Her boss wants her to spy on her new partner.  Coyote shifter Trevor Maxwell is on the hunt for a killer.  A killer within the DCO’s upper echelon.  The last complication he needs is a new partner.

Her Dark Half is an exciting paranormal romance.  Trevor and Alina are filled with doubts but they are soon overtaken by their heady attraction.  As the X-Ops world gets bigger and more complex it makes the characters more tightknit.  Tyler keeps the story strong by including most of the previous characters in current storylines.  I like getting a front row seat in the lives of my favorite characters.  Tyler is amazing at keeping these past characters carefully woven into the current storyline.  Whereas, in most novels past characters pop in with simple updates but Tyler keeps her characters in the middle of the action.  The X-Ops characters are always intriguing, multi-layered, humorous and oh so sexy! Her Dark Half is a fast-paced thrill ride.  It left me breathless from the beginning.  I love that Alina is such a badass character.  Her serious demeanor is the perfect pairing with Trevor’s devil-may-care attitude.

HER TRUE MATCH by Paige Tyler

HER TRUE MATCH by Paige TylerHer True Match by Paige Tyler
Series: X-Ops #6
Published by Sourcebooks Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher



Master thief Dreya Clark has landed in a mess she may not be able to get out of.  Instead of dealing with her usual sexy detective she is thrust into a world that might just get her killed.  But if she wants to remain “free” she must use her talents as an agent for the Department of Covert Operations.

Detective Braden Hayes has been chasing Dreya’s tail for a while now and he isn’t going to let her slip through his fingers.  He’s not about to let two goons he doesn’t trust take her from him.  What Braden doesn’t realize is Dreya’s a feline shifter and his world is about to get much bigger and scarier.  Braden soon finds himself a member of the DCO and partnered with Dreya.  Will the former enemies find a way to work together before the danger lurking in the shadows finds them?

Her True Match can be read as a standalone but I recommend reading the series in order for maximum enjoyment.

Dreya and Braden first appear in Her Rogue Alpha.  I completely fell in love with them both while reading that story.  It’s impossible not to fall for spunky thief Dreya as she steals something precious from the evil Thomas Thorn or the tenacious Detective Hayes as he hunts her down.

The conspiracies grow as Author Paige Tyler takes us back into the X-Ops world with Her True Match.

Tyler continues to give her readers impressive characters to love and root for.  Dreya and Braden are the first couple that has been pulled into the DCO.  In previous books one of the characters is usually already affiliated with the DCO.  I enjoyed this fresh change in dynamics.  Both characters were forced to learn everything about each other and their new world together.  I love how Dreya and Braden support each other as they maneuver their new world.

Tyler gives us another strong story featuring intense action and compelling characters…oh and she brings the sizzle as always.  Ms. Tyler is lucky I love Dreya and Braden so much that I’m willing to forgive her for the OMG cliffhanger at the end!  It’s a doozy folks you’ve been forewarned.

If you love exceptional paranormal romance then Tyler’s Her True Match is for you.

TO LOVE A WOLF by Paige Tyler

TO LOVE A WOLF by Paige TylerTo Love A Wolf by Paige Tyler
Series: SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team #4
Published by Sourcebooks Genres: Paranormal, Suspense
Source: Publisher


He's a werewolf
She's his mate
Her family would kill to keep them apart

A wolf in Landry Cooper's position doesn't really do the dating scene-there's simply no time when he's taking out bad guys practically every day of the week. But when he meets beautiful Everly Danu during a bank robbery, he's sure she's The One for him. The problem: she has no idea what Cooper really is...until his secret is exposed and she discovers the man she thought she knew is a monster in disguise.

Paige Tyler’s To Love A Wolf is sensational!  I’m totally in love with Landry and Everly!  Being in the wrong place at the wrong time turns out oh so right for Landry and Everly.  While I wouldn’t choose to meet “The One” during a bank robbery it couldn’t be hotter for these two.  It’s obvious Everly and Landry are soulmates from the moment they meet.  Their chemistry flies off the pages.  It’s too bad for them they have so many obstacles in their way.  However, it makes for excellent reading.


I have been excited to learn more about S.W.A.T. officer Landry Cooper for a while now and I was not disappointed.  He is such a sexy and honorable character which makes him the perfect man for artist Everly Danu.  I love Tyler’s use of suspense in her novels. You would think that after starting with a jarring prologue and a bank robbery things would then slow down but no way! The heat rises in Dallas as we discover there is a bomber on the loose.


Wait…that’s not all! There is plenty more drama in store for this couple as they deal with a disapproving family and friends in need.  To Love A Wolf packs a punch!  I couldn’t get enough of it!


Tyler’s S.W.A.T.: Special Wolf Alpha Team series only gets hotter with To Love A Wolf.



HER FIERCE WARRIOR by Paige TylerHer Fierce Warrior by Paige Tyler
Series: X-OPS #4
Published by Sourcebooks Genres: Paranormal, Suspense
Source: Publisher


Minka Pajari is running for her life. She doesn’t know where she is or where to go.  She’s scared of everyone and herself because now she is different.  Scientists have done something to her and she cannot control it.


Angelo Rios and his team of Special Forces soldiers come across a fracas and discover a mysterious woman with animal life features defending herself.  Angelo shares an immediate connection with her and it turns out he is the only one that can calm Minka.

Angelo recognizes what is going on with Minka and knows who to call.  As the Department of Covert Operations and Angelo try to help Minka danger stalks closely. Can Minka learn to live and adapt to her new life or will she succumb to the menace surrounding her?


Her Fierce Warrior is Freaking Awesome!  I love, love, love this couple and the storyline.  Paige Tyler is a master at paranormal suspense! Her werewolves are simply irresistible. Minka Pajari has been through hell but she has finally found a safe haven in the arms of Special Forces soldier Angelo Rios. Phew…Angelo is my kind of man!  He is the perfect hero for Minka.  Her journey throughout the novel is powerful and thrilling.


While Her Fierce Warrior can be read as a stand-alone novel I don’t recommend it.  Tyler’s X-OPS series so exciting and the amazing world building continues in all of the books.  For instance some of Minka’s story is tied to things that happened in book one, Her Perfect Mate.  This is one of the things that I really love about Her Fierce Warrior and the series.  I just adore when more secrets are spilled J


Her Fierce Warrior is overflowing with sublime passion and gritty suspense. The only downside is the fact that it was over too soon and now I’m forced to wait for the next book in the X-OPS series.


Paige Tyler continues her SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team series with sassy style in book three In the Company of Wolves.  Eric Becker and Jayna Winston steam up the pages like you wouldn’t believe.  This couple takes passion to a new level as they dance around their attraction. Ms. Tyler also amps up the suspenseContinue Reading

WOLF TROUBLE by Paige Tyler

WOLF TROUBLE by Paige Tyler

Officer Khaki Blake was left out in the cold by her fellow officers, wounded in the line of duty and pissed off by her ex.  However, that doesn’t compare to finding out she is more wolf than human.  When Khaki is offered the position of a lifetime with the country’s elite SWAT team she neverContinue Reading

HER WILD HERO by Paige Tyler

HER WILD HERO by Paige Tyler

Declan McBride is a bear shifter that has yet to embrace his shifter side.  He works for the Department of Covert Ops using his skills to serve the government.  His latest mission takes him and a team to the jungle of Costa Rica.  Declan didn’t count on one of his teammates being the beautiful KendraContinue Reading


The Dallas SWAT team is famous for their high success record.  They are considered the elite and all other SWAT teams try to live up to them.  There is one investigative journalist that finds their success suspect and is determined to discover their secrets.  Mackenzie Stone needs a hot story and she believes that spendingContinue Reading


The Director of Covert Operations John Loughlin is trying to recruit operatives for his top secret covert unit.  John has been looking to recruit the foxy Cree Forest. He is supposed to remain detached but he can’t seem to stop the urge to keep his eyes on Cree 24/7.   Things are never truly asContinue Reading

HER LONE WOLF by Paige Tyler

HER LONE WOLF by Paige Tyler

FBI Special Agent Danica Beckett walked away from the man she loved years ago to save his life.  She comforts herself in her work but has been unable to move on.  When grisly murders land in her territory she must reach out for help from her old boss.  Danica’s history with shifters tells her theContinue Reading



Special Forces Captain Landon Donovan isn’t exactly happy when he is pulled away from his team in the middle of a mission for a secret assignment.  When he learns he is to be teamed up with a woman he finds sexy as sin, he feels a little better about this assignment. After seeing the beautyContinue Reading

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