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THE CASE OF THE GUILTY GHOST by Amber Kell & R. J. Scott

THE CASE OF THE GUILTY GHOST by Amber Kell & R. J. Scott
The Case of the Guilty Ghost
by Amber Kell, R. J. Scott

Series: End Street Detective Agency #6
Published by Love Lane Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Author

The vampire realm is in chaos.  Their king, Ettore sacrificed himself for his brother.  As Bob mourns the loss of Ettore in private his soul mate Sam Enderson is dealing with a lonely existence without his lover for the first time since they met.


Meanwhile the vampire god Aset Ka is giving his newest subject an unbreakable command.  Ettore will be sent back to the land of the living for seven days.  He must return balance to the realms.  That’s his only clue.  If Ettore is unsuccessful in his mission there will be dire consequences.


The youngest Prince Radim appears to claim the throne which cannot be allowed.  He has embraced the dark arts and become pure evil.  Love, hate, and the mystery of balance must be reclaimed for the realms to regain peace.


It’s all in a day’s work for Sam Enderson and company.  No problem. Easily solved. Right.


Fans of the End Street Detective Agency will cheer as the latest story is released.  The Case of the Guilty Ghost unfolds with an intricate plotline, fast pacing, and complex characterizations.  This story begins immediately after the last book finished so it might take a moment to get back into the rhythm of this drama.  Having said that it doesn’t take long to sink back into their world.  The imaginative storyline gives Sam and Bob another wild adventure to tame and enemies to overcome. And luckily for us, The Case of the Guilty Ghost gives readers another enthralling story to embrace.

THE CODE by R. J. Scott

THE CODE by R. J. Scott
The Code
by R. J. Scott

Series: Ice Dragons Hockey #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Sports
Source: Author

Kathryn “Kat” Lecour and her brother lost their parents when they were young and Nicholas has been a good brother but he can also be a little on the overprotective side. After being held at gunpoint while paying for gas there is only two people she can call but her brother just had surgery so Ryan Flynn is her call to come get her at the police station. Ryan’s comfort is just what she needs at the moment but after one kiss she doesn’t know if things will go back to normal between them, after all she grew up with him, but when her feelings are returned she wonders if they can make their growing relationship last.


Ryan Flynn is a defense man in the NHL and lives and breathes the codes of hockey on and off the ice. One rule is you don’t mess with your best friends sister who is pretty much like family but Ryan hasn’t seen Kat like that in a long time. Ryan knows he is going down a slippery slope with Kat but these feelings he has had for her were put in motion a long time ago. As their relationship grows he wonders how he is going to tell his best friend that he broke his promise on keeping his sister away from jocks when he has already fallen for her. Will Ryan have to choose the love of his life or his best friend?


When I saw The Code of course I wanted to read it because it was sports romance and I just love that genre. The Code also happens to be my first book by R.J. Scott and I wasn’t sure what to expect going to in but in the end I was glad I decided to read it. One of the issues I had was the trope, yes it’s been done so many times, but for some reason The Code really didn’t have anything extra special to make it stand out and make me say I will always remember these characters.


The romance between Kat and Ryan felt like it started before this book so at times I felt a little out of the loop, while some things are mentioned about their past it wasn’t enough for me. I didn’t really feel a strong connection when the two of them are together and the love scenes were rushed and mostly fade to black. Now I wasn’t expecting anything too erotic but I just had a difficult time putting them together as a long lasting couple.


Ryan had a little bit of an anger management problem at times yet I could see he held Kat in a special place. I did like that he felt guilty about being with Kat and not telling her brother/ his best friend but it only got harder with the more time that past. I mean will Nicholas be upset? Probably, but I think I just wanted and expected a little more from them.


It took a while to really get engaged in the story and the characters, but did seem to pick up and start to really develop around the middle. The ending of The Code was a bit on the rushed side and I felt there could have been more added in to make it a little smoother. Will we be hearing about Ryan and Kat in the future, I guess I will have to wait and see?

THE CASE OF THE SINFUL SANTA by Amber Kell & R. J. Scott

THE CASE OF THE SINFUL SANTA by Amber Kell & R. J. Scott
The Case of the Sinful Santa
by Amber Kell, R. J. Scott

Series: End Street Detective Agency #4
Published by Totally Bound Genres: Gay, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

It appears that zombies have taken over the basement of the girl’s school where Sam Enderson, a human, and vampire Bob’s daughter Mal, also a vampire, attends.  They aren’t quite sure what to do so they summon help.

Zephariel, Angel of Vengeance is in town looking for his demon cousin whose recent use of brimstone has landed Danjal in hot water.  His search is interrupted when he is summoned to a local school.

At the same time Nick Klauson, one of Santa’s many nephews is investigating a rather large area of darkness he senses somewhere nearby.  Nick’s gift is used to keep Santa away from bad places on the big night.

For some time Sam and Bob have been tracking and destroying evil so perhaps if Zephariel and Nick lend a hand they can take out this darkness once and for all.  Well, the newcomers could possibly help, if they’d concentrate on the problem instead of mentally stripping each other every chance they get.

The boys from the End Street Detective Agency are back on the job.  Infectious and enchanting The Case of the Sinful Santa fights evil, charms, and captivates.  This storyline blends a suspenseful drama with witty, sometimes deadpan dialogue.  Everyone in the large cast has their moment to shine, from Sam and Bob to an avenging angel and a downtrodden half elf.  The Case of the Sinful Santa will keep readers glued to the plotline and laughing at the characters antics.  Hopefully this series has more books to come.


The Warlock's Secret
by R. J. Scott

Series: Supernatural Bounty Hunters #3
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: Gay, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

The Underground, led by vampire Joseph Jamieson, is beginning to gain ground.  Corrupt leaders of Glitnir send out teams to capture members of the resistance, but luckily for the Underground, the teams turn their back on the government.

Joseph is hunted because he’s has powerful magical abilities that are outlawed in Glitnir.  He is frantically searching for a book with information that should turn the tide once and for all. 

Saving others from capture, the vampire is caught, beaten and tortured repeatedly.  The only one who can save him now is the son of the Elf King, Orophin ‘Phin’ Tiwele, and Joseph’s longtime lover.  Phin is on the run from his own people, but he will do anything to save the man he loves.  No matter the cost Phin will rescue him.  The Underground needs Joseph, Phin needs him more.

Author R.J. Scott creates an intricate world within The Warlock’s Secret where friends and foes unknowingly stand side by side.  In a place filled with every kind of being there are life threatening decisions to make, suspenseful moments, and mysteries to solve.  The Supernatural Bounty Hunter series is fascinating with its intricate storyline, however it must be read in order because there are too many characters and subplots.  A taut drama and fast paced plotline, The Warlock’s Secret challenges and thrills.

THE CASE OF THE WICKED WOLF by Amber Kell & R. J. Scott

THE CASE OF THE WICKED WOLF by Amber Kell & R. J. Scott
The Case of the Wicked Wolf
by Amber Kell, R. J. Scott

Series: End Street Detective Agency #2
Published by Totally Bound Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

The more P.I. Sam Enderson tries to steer clear of the paranormal community the more he seems to get sucked into their troubles.  He’s been hired by Alpha Hartman Hunter to find his missing daughter Shelby.  While digging for information Sam and his vampire lover Bob discover that a whole slew of paranormal children are also missing. 

Frantic over Shelby’s disappearance, Hartman swallows his pride and asks the one man he’d vowed never to seek out again, demon Danjal Naamah, his ex-lover and mate.  The Alpha turned his back on Dan for the sake of his pack long ago. Now, he’ll do anything, including asking his mate to use his magic to find Shelby.

Old promises, a broken heart, nothing matters anymore except finding the kidnapped children.  Sam and Bob are combing the streets for answers while Hart and Dan use magical means to locate them.  They will save the children, no matter the cost.

A well written mystery with layers of suspense and drama, The Case of the Wicked Wolf triumphs.  The characters draw the reader into the story where paranormals and humans happily (for the most part) co-exist and capture our imagination.  Easily understood as a standalone tale this plotline thoroughly engages the reader as well.   The Case of the Wicked Wolf features intelligent dialogue, realistic tension, and complicated romances.  You will be sorry to see the last page in this thrilling tale.


Hunting down rogue werewolf shifter Connor Strand and the vampire he’s traveling with is Retriever Declan Finlay’s responsibility.  It is a more difficult situation for Declan because at one time Connor was his Alpha and mentor.  Another headache for Declan is the Fae Alliance’s insistence that incubus assassin Levi Tiernan accompany him on the hunt. Continue Reading

THE CASE OF THE CUPID CURSE by Amber Kell & R. J. Scott

Inheriting his uncle’s P.I. business and building feels like providence for librarian Sam Enderson.  Taking an online course and quitting his current job Sam plans to take over the business with one big difference, human Sam intends to have nothing to do with the paranormal world all around him. Unfortunately for Sam the more heContinue Reading


The Glitnir Court has authorized Senior Retriever wolf shifter Connor Strand with recovering one Micah Jamieson, a vampire convicted of killing his human husband.  Considered one of the best at his job Connor is able to hunt down Micah, but the vampire proves more wily than expected and manages to get away from the hunter.Continue Reading

THE NEW WOLF by R. J. Scott

Longtime lovers Connor Vincent and Josh Nolan make the decision to leave the big city and move to Black Creek, Vermont on the edge of Adirondack Park.  Josh will take over his recently deceased grandfather’s veterinary practice and Connor is joining the local sheriff’s department.  On a call in the woods with another deputy ConnorContinue Reading


Ambassador Simeon Blue, brother to the leader of the Feline Guild, reluctantly agrees to accompany elven Prince Orophin home to the Second Kingdom.  The mountain lion shifter detests the politics which treat the blood demon population as slaves.  In truth it was the reason Phin left, but word has reached him that his father theContinue Reading

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