Author: Rachel Vincent

BLIND TIGER by Rachel Vincent

BLIND TIGER by Rachel Vincent

BLIND TIGER by Rachel VincentBlind Tiger by Rachel Vincent
Series: Wildcats #2
Genres: Paranormal
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Robyn Sheffield is thrown into a world she doesn’t understand and forced to live her life based on the wants and needs of those around her. Robyn is a warrior determined to fight for herself and willing to do whatever it takes to regain her freedom and the right to go where she wants, do what she wants and love who she wants! Her resolve leads her into the arms of the feline stray Alpha.


Alpha Titus Alexander is in pursuit of legitimacy for his Pride and all strays in the U.S. from the feline shifters council which has up unto this point either banished or executed strays.  His attempt to persuade the council of the benefits of formally recognizing his Pride go from bad to worse as he discovers one of the feline shifters council’s precious tabbies in the trunk of his car.  Female feline shifters are rare and fiercely fought over among the council. Titus knows if he doesn’t take Robyn back to them he could lose any chance he has at legitimacy for his Pride and possibly start a war.


Sparks fly and neither Titus nor Robyn can deny the heat between them.  Now Robyn and Titus must decide if their love is worth starting a war over.


Rachel Vincent combines humor, suspense and stirring romance to create one hell of an adventure in Blind Tiger.  This book is so much fun! The characters are sweet, sexy and full of fight.  There is nothing more thrilling than strong characters willing to fight for themselves and others. Robyn and Titus go to exciting extremes to protect the people they care about. Following them on their journey is thoroughly entertaining!


Vincent’s worldbuilding is spellbinding. I cannot get enough of her Wildcats series!  I love immersing myself in this world. For a little while I can get lost with friends that I love!  Robyn is an excellent addition to the series. She is a character you can root for.  It’s easy to get attached to both Robyn and Titus.


Blind Tiger is an irresistible sensual romance brimming with all the things guaranteed to make the reader swoon.  I’m addicted to this series and I hope that there will be another book ASAP because I already miss the captivating characters. I highly recommend the Wildcats series to any lover of paranormal romance. Vincent’s breathtaking characters will make you laugh, cry and fall in love right along with them.

LION’S SHARE by Rachel Vincent

LION’S SHARE by Rachel Vincent

LION’S SHARE by Rachel VincentLion's Share by Rachel Vincent
Series: Wildcats #1
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Reviewer
Published by Self Published


Wow! I’m not sure where to begin! In the last 12 hours, I managed to devour the first two books in Rachel Vincent’s Wildcats series.  It is a very happy surprise that I stumbled upon Lion’s Share while browsing Amazon.  In 2010 I was among the masses that were so sad to see Ms. Vincent’s Shifters series end.  Therefore, when I discovered that Wildcats is a spinoff from that series I could not resist the temptation! I needed to see if Ms. Vincent could duplicate her success with the Shifters series and create the heady excitement I felt all those years ago. Let’s take a trip back into the world of sexy shifters, Pride politics, intrigue and most importantly love.


Abigail Wade is about to enter her final semester of college when her life grinds to a halt as she is thrown into a murder investigation.  Abby is a commodity among the feline shifters.  Since birth Abby has known that she is greatly needed to ensure the continuation of the feline shifter species.  As a freshman in college Abby learned the hard way how cruel life can be especially to feline shifters.  During her short life Abby has been a possession, a victim, a fiancé and a murderer but none of that prepared her for the hurdles headed her way the largest being Alpha Jace Hammond.


Jace is Alpha of the Appalachian Territory and the youngest Alpha in the world.  He’s faced many challenges since his reign began but none will be as tough as figuring out the alluring and tenacious Abigail Wade. There is a killer on the loose and the feline shifters are afraid of the world finding out about their existence.  Jace and his enforcers are determined to find the culprit before that happens and Abby is bent on helping them whether they like it or not.


The murder investigation takes on new urgency as they discover the killer could be closer than they think and Abby insists on becoming one of Jace’s enforcers.  The last thing Jace wants is to see Abby is danger ever again but he has a very difficult time standing firm when it comes to the sweet and sassy Abby.  An attraction burns bright between them.  However, with so many obstacles in their way is it possible for them to find a happily-ever-after?


Wildcats are my new favorite obsession!  I’m not sure I can find the adequate words to express how excited I am about this new series and Lion’s Share but I’m definitely going to give it a try. 😉


While it may have been almost seven years since I read the last Shifter novel as I started Lion’s Share I felt like it was yesterday.  Ms. Vincent completely immerses her readers in the Shifters/Wildcats world.  It was like I could see my old friends and fall in love all over again. Ms. Vincent is one of the first author’s that took me into the world of the paranormal and she made me love it all over again!


It’s not necessary to have read the Shifters series before Wildcats but it does make things more exciting because you already have a connection to many of the characters featured.  It would be impossible to come away from the Shifters series without forming an attachment to Jace Hammond!


Jace is as sexy and irresistible as ever in Lion’s Share!  The connection between Abby and Jace is palpable.  It was amusing to watch these two fight their attraction and to see Abby truly come into her own.  Abby is a strong, willful woman desperate to help the people she loves.   Jace is also out to help the people he loves. It’s beautiful to watch as Abby peels back the layers of his hardened heart.  One of the many things that I love about Jace and Abby is their passion: their passion for life, their passionate fight for justice and most importantly their passion for loving each other and those close to them.


Rachel Vincent strikes again reigniting the flames of magic and fierce yearning for paranormal fans everywhere with Lion’s Share! Readers should expect to be taken on a wild thrilling ride with Jace and Abby in Lion’s Share! Lion’s Share is one ride you will not be able to stop until you’ve read the last stunning word.  I was so enthralled by Lion’s Share that I didn’t want it to end so I did the only logical thing any serious reader would do…buy the next book in the series Blind Tiger!

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