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HANGING THE STARS by Rhys FordHanging the Stars by Rhys Ford
Series: Half Moon Bay #2
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Angel Daniels never had a conventional childhood.  The grifter’s son was used frequently by his father as a means to cheat people out of their money.  If not for the kindness of an elderly woman Angel never would’ve had a chance at a normal life.  He honors the lady’s wishes by helping people and running a small, popular bakery in Half Moon Bay.


A few years ago his father stopped by long enough to drop off a previously unknown little brother.  At eleven Roman is a handful, constantly fearing his big brother will also abandon him.  Angel does his best raising Roman and keeping the bakery busy.


Inheriting wealth from cold as ice parents West Harris has greatly increased the family’s coffers with his own clever skills.  West’s twin brother Lang chose another route and prefers a quieter life with his husband and daughter.


Years ago, one hot summer Angel and West met at the beach and fell in love.  They were ripped apart by family but ultimately blamed each other for their broken hearts.


A current business deal has Angel and West at loggerheads.  Old hurts and memories haven’t dulled apparently, but that’s nothing compared to the danger that surrounds them.  Someone is intent on killing them and clues are scarce.  Whatever it is involves them both.  The question is why.


Hanging the Stars breathes life into a complex character driven drama.  Witty, fast paced dialogue keeps the intense plotline moving briskly along.  The business man and the bakery owner lock heads and battered hearts in the suspenseful mystery.  Roman and a young niece add another interesting layer to Hanging the Stars.  Bittersweet and sweet intentions flavor this winning story.


MAD LIZARD MAMBO by Rhys FordMad Lizard Mambo by Rhys Ford
Series: Kai Gracen #2
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by DSP Publications

The earth has been thrown into turmoil ever since the human world and Underhill, the home of the light and dark sidhe, Merged.  Monsters and creatures of myth raise havoc which requires licensed Stalkers to handle the situation.  A grizzled Stalker named Dempsey unwittingly saves the life of an elfin slave won in a game of chance.


The elfin Kai Gracen is called a Chimera by both sidhe factions.  Neither light nor dark Kai was made by his sire, an extremely powerful Master of the Hunt who used and tortured his son for as long as Kai could remember.


Recent events have led a light sidhe lord to establish a foothold in San Diego.  He is High Lord Ryder of the Southern Rise Court.  And he has claimed Kai as his responsibility.


As a licensed Stalker Kai manages to make a decent living, but when he learns that Dempsey is dying and needs specialized medical care the elfin breaks his own oath and agrees to work with Ryder on a dangerous job in order to pay his aged mentor’s bills.


Their trip to the Nevada desert to hunt for Sidhe fertility rite information becomes a deadly mission when the human professor in charge is murdered and Kai is almost blown up.  At this rate they won’t even make it out of San Diego alive.


Adventure, life and death drama, and chilling mysteries arise in Mad Lizard Mambo.  Chimera Kai and Lord Ryder tip toe around their hidden desires as they journey to save the sidhe race.  It hard to tell friend from foe as the bodies begin to stack up.  An addictive tale from start to finish Mad Lizard Mambo thoroughly engages the reader.  A glossary is provided to clear up sidhe/human confusion in the storyline.  One warning: there is no sex at all and while Kai and Ryder definitely feel something for each other nothing is accomplished in this book.  Having said that their story in Mad Lizard Mambo is riveting.  Fun, scary, and full of mystery.  Enjoy.


ABSINTHE OF MALICE by Rhys FordAbsinthe of Malice by Rhys Ford
Series: Sinners #5
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

At one time Miki St. John and Damien Mitchell were part of the hottest, award winning band on the planet, but their lives and two band mates died in a car accident.  Rafe Andrade also has memories of the big time before drugs and alcohol nearly destroyed him.  As for Forest Ackermann, his childhood was a nightmare until an old man saved him and later gave him purpose as a backup studio drummer.


These four men are brought together by fate and their lovers, who inspired them to pursue their passion once more.


It’s Damien’s idea to bring Crossroads Gin to the public the way they originally started out.  He’s booked them in small bars and dives across the country believing it’s the best way for them to bond as a band.


Along the way they will grow to know each other better, become stronger and lean on each other when bad dreams knock them down.  Perhaps to lay old ghosts to rest and share their music with as many people as possible.  Through success and dangerous situations Miki, Damien, Rafe, and Forest will confirm their resilience and ultimately accept that loving their Irishmen is more important than all the rest.


Absinthe of Malice reaches for the stars and touches the heavens.  Author Rhys Ford holds true to her great characters with charm, heart, heat, and passion.  Each couple in the series is brought together for this emotional, dramatic affirmation of love.  Threads of plotline from each couple, as well as a gripping subplot are beautifully brought together in Absinthe of Malice.  Fans of this series are most definitely going to love this standalone new story.  This large cast absolutely holds the reader from the first page to the last.  Heart and soul, Absinthe of Malice is a masterful tale.

SINNER’S GIN by Rhys Ford

SINNER’S GIN by Rhys Ford

SINNER’S GIN by Rhys FordSinner's Gin by Rhys Ford
Series: Sinners #1
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

The band mates of Sinner’s Gin were riding high from their sell-out worldwide tour and their spectacular night at the Grammy Awards.  Leaving the ceremony the four young men were on top of the world, right up to the point where their car was struck by another driver.  Only one survived.  Lead singer Mieko ‘Miki’ St. John took his battered, broken body home to San Francisco where he holed up in his warehouse condo.  There Miki hid from everyone as his body tried to mend and his soul withered to dust.


SFPD Inspector Kane Morgan rents space in a local warehouse to relax in his downtime by creating beautiful woodwork pieces.  On this particular day off Kane’s deep into his zone when another tenant’s dog steals an expensive piece of wood from his stash.  Confronting his neighbor Kane is intrigued by the seriously sexy stranger.   And the conversation becomes extremely awkward when the Inspector makes a gruesome discovery – there’s a dead guy sitting in his neighbor’s GTO.


As the investigation gets underway Kane and his reclusive neighbor begin to grow closer.  They have nothing in common except a rising body count of people that once upon a time tormented Miki and a passionate chemistry.  Very quickly Kane is ready to protect the damaged singer from the world at large.  As for Miki, he’s not quite sure how Kane got under his skin, but he did, like a tick, a hot erotic tick.  Someone else, however has entirely different ideas for the singer and neither Kane nor Miki will like the killer’s plans.


Hold onto your seat.  Sinner’s Gin is an original, character driven emotional tsunami with a murderous psychopath for extra kicks.  The powerhouse dramatic storyline features incredibly poignant characters who will absolutely grab the reader’s heart.  Secondary characters such as the Morgan clan are equally important to the story.  Miki and Kane’s decidedly uncomfortable beginning highlights their unusual courtship, which further enriches Sinner’s Gin.  These characters challenge and love each other at every turn of the page.  I must Joyfully recommend Sinner’s Gin.  This one will be read again and again.



TEQUILA MOCKINGBIRD by Rhys FordTequila Mockingbird by Rhys Ford
Series: Sinners #3
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

An informant tip sends the SFPD Swat team to an RV parked outside Marshal’s Amp and Coffee house in Chinatown where they expect to find a large shipment of meth.  What team leader Connor Morgan and his men find instead is the bullet ridden body of Franklin Marshal moments before the RV blows into a million pieces.  After the explosion Connor is there to comfort Marshal’s adopted son, Forest Ackerman.


Childhood was a bitter game of survival for Forest before the day Franklin came into his life.  He spent his early years scrambling for food and shelter while his mother thought nothing of whoring him out for her own needs.  Scrawny and starving Forest’s unlikely savior was an aging hippie who saw something special in the mouthy boy. Eventually Franklin managed to pry the child from his mother and gave him a decent life.  Together they discovered his hidden talent as Forest immediately took to playing the drums.


On the night Forest’s beloved father is found murdered something intangible happens between the drummer and the SWAT officer.  Days pass where neither can forget the comforting arms of the other.  Each time Connor turns up at the coffee shop Forest’s heart beats faster.  As for Connor, he’s becoming increasingly frustrated by his inability to forget the sexy, brown eyed man.  See, Connor Morgan isn’t gay.  Before he can come to grips with the situation however, an attempt is made on Forest’s life.  Connor may be confused about his love life, but he’d make damn sure nobody else touched his drummer.


The Morgan family is back again with another sensuous, dangerous drama.  Passion and murder take readers on a difficult journey in Tequila Mockingbird, book three in the excellent Sinner’s series.  Forest and Connor, as well as the rest of the cast, come alive in this chilling tale of death.  Forest is emotionally scarred, Connor is trying to redefine his sexuality.  Author Rhys Ford takes her characters through hell and back and on top of the world with Tequila Mockingbird.  These incredible characters stay with you long after the last page ends.  I Joyfully recommend Tequila Mockingbird.  This series is one of the best. Ever.



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SLOE RIDE by Rhys Ford

Sloe Ride by Rhys Ford Series: Sinners #4 Genres: Contemporary, MM Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Dreamspinner Press He was like a runaway train in the darkest night speeding towards oblivion.   Fame and fortune in the spotlight; drugs and dependence in the dark. Until the day reality returned and rock god Rafe Andrade fell back to EarthContinue Reading



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