Author: S.A. McAuley


THE STRENGTH OF THE RISING SUN by S. A. McAuleyStrength of the Rising Sun by S.A. McAuley
Series: Border Wars #5
Genres: MM, Urban Fantasy
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

The Revolution seems certain to finally end the war once and for all.  People throughout what is left of the world are war weary and ready to back the peace that the Revolution offers them.


Pivotal chess pieces of the war are Merq Grayson, Peacemaker, and Armise Darcan, Dark Ops who have fought against and together during the years of these never ending wars.


None of it matters now as Merq races to save Armise who’s lost his arm to their greatest enemy, a man who has held them prisoner.  Getting Armise the medical care he needs to survive is all that Merq can think about.


The battle to save his lover’s life is just the beginning.  Secrets are revealed.  Their worst enemy must be stopped.  When all is said and done can Merq and Armise come to the realization that forgiveness must be sought for their love to flame or will they crash and burn forever.  Walking away is the only way they can make it.  Too bad everyone will try to stop them.


The violent, gritty Borders War series comes to a gut wrenching finish in the emotionally challenging Strength of the Rising Sun.  Book 5 is an all or nothing chilling climax.  Merq and Armise have led a tempestuous journey where love and romance barely survived.  A skillful, harsh blend of dark drama and unflinching faith in each other has kept Strength of the Rising Sun from floundering.  Merq and Armise are one in a million characters who deserve this ending.  This was one wild, exhausting romance.


POWERLESS by S. A. McAuley

POWERLESS by S. A. McAuleyPowerless by S.A. McAuley
Series: Border Wars #3
Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

Peacemaker Merq Grayson and former Dark Ops Armise Darcan follow the Revolution and the will of their leaders.  Months and months of playing hide and seek with members of the Opposition council have ended.  Only the Opposition leader Ahriman Blanc is still alive and kicking, hiding from them.  Blanc is the last one on their list to assassinate.


Back at the Revolution’s underground bunker they suffer devastating loss from a source they mistakenly thought neutral.   Merq sees a shift in those he can trust.  Something is going on.  His inner voice is answered when suddenly Armise voluntarily leaves his side and disappears.  The hardened Peacemaker grows more brutal in the war and shows his grief to no one.


Darcan’s return ravages the Revolution leadership and nearly destroys Merq.  Trusting his lover is something he can’t shake, even after the Dark Ops defection and consequent return.  As Merq wrestles with his feelings he learns the true reason for Armise’s actions.  Not only does the news send the leadership spinning, but a worse threat is revealed to them, courtesy of Armise.


The horrors of war are explicitly told in the third installment in The Borders War series titled Powerless.  Unbelievably barbaric conditions, fancy tech, and a binding love are the focus in this tense, twisty tale.  An action that shakes Merq to his soul involves his lover which stretches their relationship to the brink and shows a necessary emotional edge to Powerless.  A new, worse problem is the tantalizing ending to set readers up for the next story.  Powerless is a powerful cautionary tale with a strong, unshakable bond between the main characters.


ONE BREATH, ONE BULLET by S. A. McAuleyOne Breath, One Bullet by S.A. McAuley
Series: Border Wars #1
Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

In the year 2558 the world is divided into five separate nations.  The population’s been decimated and for the past three hundred years the Borders War has raged.  Soldiers are ironically called Peacemakers.


One such Peacemaker, Merq Grayson named for his past relative who invented the sonic bullet is considered the most skilled assassin in the Continental States.  He lost his parents to the Borders War at five years of age and the government then took charge of him.  They trained Merq to be the perfect weapon by the time he reached his teens.


Lethal Dark Ops assassin Armise Darcan of the People’s Republic of Singapore is Merq’s counterpart in the war.  Perhaps better.  Four years older than Merq, Armise is a solitary killer whereas Merq has always been assigned to a team.


For as long as they can remember Merq and Armise have been enemies, the deadliest of foes which makes their secret even worse.  At each encounter their passion ignites.  If anyone from either side knew what was happening they would be charged with treason, yet Merq and Armise are unable to stop their combustible love making or their emotional attachment.


Suddenly everything changes when a ceasefire is called.  Leaders from each side chose the Olympics as a way of healing.  Both Merq and Armise are expected to attend and compete in the rifle competitions.  They both know that nobody is to be trusted.  It may be a time to bring people together.  But for what?


A highly absorbing drama, One Breath, One Bullet brings a scary, deadly future to life. This thought provoking character story pits two emotionless killers against each other and sparks fly.  Dark and dangerous from beginning to end One Breath, One Bullet is a riveting story.  Love is not allowed for Peacemakers, so Merq and Armise make each moment count. For them, a moment must last a lifetime in One Breath, One Bullet.  Book one is a bull’s eye for forbidden love.


FALLING, ONE BY ONE by S. A. McAuleyFalling, One by One by S.A. McAuley
Series: Border Wars #4
Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

The death of President Wensen Kersch has thrown the Revolution into turmoil.  The leadership must take immediate steps to let their people know that everything will be running smoothly without any interruptions.  Merq’s childhood friend Ricor Simion is the man Kersch trusted to take over.  A much bigger worry is knowing that their assassinated leader was completely compromised.


It will be up to Peacemaker Merq Grayson and Dark Ops Armise Darcan to infiltrate and destroy the hybrid camps.  Knowing that these hybrids were once innocent children of the jacquerie is destroying what little humanity the two assassins had left.  They’ve also come to realize that the PsychHAgs who almost destroyed Merq as a teen are involved in this web of experimentation.


With success comes one tragedy after another until finally the enemy is within reach.  Merq and Armise are tested beyond human limit in their efforts to save the children and discover whether they too are compromised and don’t realize it.  Giving up on each other is not an option on this journey through a living hell.


Pulling out all the stops in book four of The Borders War series, Falling, One by One takes the characters to their physical and emotional breaking point.  Uncompromisingly raw and painful to witness, Merq and Armise suffer in this war torn drama.  Falling, One by One isn’t a typical romance, their love is brutal and unflinchingly harsh, yet their bond is real and speaks to the reader.  This is not a future anyone would want, but this is definitely an addictive series to embrace.


DOMINANT PREDATOR by S. A. McAuleyDominant Predator by S.A. McAuley
Series: Border Wars #2
Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

The war had ended.  Everyone had finally laid down their weapons.  For the first time in centuries the Olympics were being held again.  No one could imagine the Olympics would be used as a cover.


It all comes crashing down around them as Peacemaker Merq Grayson’s ceremonial shot intentionally assassinates the Premier of Singapore, leader of the Opposition.  Secretly the Opposition believed they’d turned Merq a traitor to President Wensen Kersch.  He wasn’t.


As Merq fired the shot he fully expected to die.  It wasn’t until that next moment he realized that his most hated counterpart, Opposition Dark Ops assassin Armise Darcan, had turned traitor to his own side and saved Merq.


The war is on – it’s now called the Revolution.  President Kersh gives the pair an important assignment.  They are to hunt down and assassinate all members of the Opposition leadership.  No matter where it takes them or how long.  First, however Merq and Armise are to save a couple believed dead for decades.  Merq’s parents.  Only their skills can get these assignments done.  No one will be the wiser that they are lovers as they murder their enemies.


A violent, brutal game of survival continues to play out in Dominant Predator, book two in the Border War.  This is a bleak, broken world where life has little meaning to most of the population.  For Merq and Armise to find a connection in the middle of madness is unbelievable.  Dominant Predator is a hard look at mankind at their worst. This character driven tale in the midst of hell is difficult.  Their love definitely is not flowers and poems. Their bond has been forged in blood.

RUIN PORN by S.A. McAuley & S.J.D. Peterson

RUIN PORN by S.A. McAuley & S.J.D. Peterson

Ruin Porn by S.A. McAuley, S.J.D. Peterson Genres: Contemporary, MM Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Dreamspinner Press Indie rock band Resonator also has the catchy nickname of Detroit 3 because the trio grew up together in the crumbling city.  Lead singer Miah Thade, drummer Ritchie Myer, and guitarist Finn Reese have known each other pretty much sinceContinue Reading

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