Author: Sean Michael

THREE WISHES by Sean Michael

THREE WISHES by Sean Michael
Three Wishes
by Sean Michael

Series: Rainbow Island #1
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

James, Guard, and Damien run a luxurious retreat where BDSM scenes flavor their guests’ vacation.  The clients request a fantasy and the trio set out to ensure every requirement is met.  At one time the threesome were lovers, but that was before a horrible accident left James in a wheelchair and Damien wracked with guilt.  Their love is longer a factor as far as James is concerned.  The other two are desperate to repair the damage if only they could.  Nowadays Rainbow Island is simply business, nothing more.


The first client they are expecting is Benji who’s been modeling since childhood.  Desperate to break free and start a fresh life Benji requests a master at tattoo and piercing to take control.  Simple if the master is strong enough to crack the stubborn shell the submissive has built.


As for the second fantasy Quinn secretly yearns to be dominated in a medical setting.  Ironically his partner Pierce is a doctor, but Quinn fears that his lover would be disgusted by his fetish.  Quinn is hoping to get the kink out of his system – with a stranger.


Finally, there is Alan and his longtime Dom Roman who has set up five specific scenes for the feisty submissive.  The scenes are geared for Alan’s pleasure.  Surely nothing can go wrong with the lovers exacting wishes.


The first book in the Rainbow Island series is a well crafted, intensely sensual storyline.  Three Wishes offers three stimulating fantasies and a snarled threesome relationship.  A clever mix of erotic BDSM and love wrapped up in Three Wishes.  All the hiccups, miscommunication, and romance lovers could desire.  Painful revelations and eye opening possibilities abound in Three Wishes.

INHERITANCE by Sean Michael

INHERITANCE by Sean Michael
by Sean Michael

Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

One minute Texas ranch owner Cash McCord is dancing with a cowboy contemplating the night to come, the next he’s getting a phone call letting him know his beloved older brother Jack and wife Val have died in an accident.  Jack basically raised Cash after their parents died and he can’t imagine life without his big brother.  The rancher is devastated, but he doesn’t have time to grieve for long as it seems Cash and Val’s brother have been left in charge of their six nephews and nieces.


Traveling back East for the funeral Cash locks horns with the other uncle, Brad Rafferty, who wants to raise the kids there.  The rancher was planning on taking the children back to Texas once school finished for the semester, but Brad is against the plan.  They can’t seem to agree on anything.  Adding to the pressure is Brad’s uppity mother who also wants them and has a nanny on speed dial.   With everyone fighting no one is taking the children’s sorrow into account.


Between traumatized children and clashing adults nothing is getting accomplished.  Cash and Brad may need an act of God to get their act together at this rate.


Inheritance is impossible to resist.  This is a realistic look at a difficult situation that no one can easily handle.  Cash and Brad fumble and stumble at first. In the end they are impossible to resist and smoking hot.  A common foe makes the characters see the light and turns Inheritance into a feel good, heartwarming tale.   Follow along as the guys eventually get it right in this charming storyline.

THE CLOSET RIDE by Sean Michael

THE CLOSET RIDE by Sean Michael
The Closet Boy
by Sean Michael

Series: Iron Eagle Gym #4
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Life hasn’t dealt Way’ra Bernard a fair hand.  Raised in a deeply religious household Way was attending a Christian college when he was caught in a compromising situation with another student.  He shouldered the blame and lost everything.  He was dropped from school and kicked out of his home without a chance to even gather his belongings.


Without any skills Way felt lucky to get a janitor job at Iron Eagle Gym.  Penniless he quietly cleared out a third-floor closet as a place to sleep and survived on one tiny meal a day.  Way planned to save up his meager paycheck for an apartment of his own.


Successful jewelry maker Neal McPherson visits the Iron Eagle Gym on a regular basis to keep in great shape and lately to take a peek at the cute little janitor.  Any attempts he’s made to ask Way out have been firmly rebuffed.  When he does finally get Way to meet him for coffee Neal is even more enchanted.  The Dom is certain that Way is the submissive he’s been searching for.  An innocent comment at another coffee date spooks Way and leaves Neal completely baffled.  Patient in his career Neal intends to use every ounce of calm he possesses to get Way to open up.  He’s not going to give up on the one meant for him.


The Closet Boy alternates between tugging your heartstrings and smoldering with quietly leashed passion.  The characters are brimming with life, from Way’s pure heart, innocent and lost to Neal’s straightforward, honesty.  Their love story is a testament to author Sean Michael’s skill at writing.  A clever dance between Dom and sub is played out in the pages of The Closet Boy.  Enjoy their journey as heat and heart entwine.


The Luckiest Master
by Sean Michael

Series: Iron Eagle Gym #3
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher


At one time Sawyer ‘Saw’ Whitehead was a devoted lifestyle slave to his Master.  A tragic car accident took the master who ruled his life and left Saw adrift.  Afterward, one disaster after another convinced the submissive he was cursed; a danger to anyone who tried to get close.


When the new front desk manager at the Iron Eagle Gym approached Saw about an assistant position the sub agreed to help, but only until someone else was found.  As the months slowly roll by Saw makes the job his own and falls under the spell of Master Damian ‘Day’ Richardson.  His sensual, patient manner pulls the withdrawn sub out of his shell.


Together one evening as danger erupts Saw is reminded of his self inflicted curse and it sets Day back in achieving his claim on the sub as his very own.  Terrified something will happen to the man he secretly loves Saw retreats.  Master Day will have to tear down the submissive’s wall once and for all.  The faster Saw builds the tougher Day will be tearing it down and loving his sub forever.


The Luckiest Master showcases a poignant character driven tale of self discovery and forgiveness.  The dynamics between Saw and Day are so enlightened and true.  Brick by brick Day takes down the wall with charm, tenderness, and patience.  This Iron Eagle Gym novel is much more than a boy meets boy story.  It’s magic.

RECLAIMING by Sean Michael

RECLAIMING by Sean Michael
by Sean Michael

Series: Immortal Ink #1
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Less than a year ago vampire Master Beaudelaire Delacourte offered his human boyfriend the gift of immortality.  Heartbroken when his sub Aaron turned him down Beau retreated into his work as a tattoo artist for human and paranormal clients alike as Aaron walked away.


Closing up the shop before the morning sun’s arrival Beau is stunned to find Aaron on his doorstep.  The vampire immediately realizes that his onetime sub has been turned and Aaron looks like hell.  Emaciated, white as a sheet and barely standing Aaron tells his old Master that he was forcibly turned, his fangs broken and tossed away to die by his Master Stephan.


Still hurting from Aaron’s rejection Beau nonetheless takes in the fledgling vampire and vows to hunt his rival down until his own sire intervenes.  There are rumors that Stephan is creating an army of baby vampires which needs to be checked out. Tasked with gathering information rumor becomes fact.  Suddenly personal vengeance isn’t as important as saving their town from a power hungry vampire.


Emotional issues, vampire politics, and blow your mind sexual scenes all play important roles in the brand new Immortal Ink series.  Reclaiming deals with painful feelings of abandonment and trust, as well as trying to reconnect.  Truly inventive D/s scenes will require cold showers after reading Reclaiming.  A great BDSM relationship, suspense and more, Reclaiming satisfies on every count.

THE BIKER’S DOM by Sean Michael

Each year Trig Magnussen looks forward to attending the Gay Rider’s Carnival where he’s free to be himself without fear of retribution from bigots and the like.  Plus, it’s an opportunity to visit with friends he’s made there.  Trig has had a run of bad luck with submissives this past year, never finding anyone whoContinue Reading

FADING by Sean Michael

Feline shifter Jag is called to the Old Tavern Club by his brother Pirou to aid in rehabilitating a pair of lynx shifters who were recently rescued from a circus.   Hill and Cather were performers in the circus, following the instructions of tiger shifter Darri.  A terrible tragedy ends Darri’s life and the twoContinue Reading

OUT OF THE PAST by Sean Michael

Ten years ago Steven’s life crashed around him when he found out his lover, Andy, had died in a car crash.  So he is stunned and suspicious when he comes across a man that is eerily familiar and claims to be Andy.  But once he is convinced that this man is his Andy, nothing willContinue Reading

FIRST STEPS by Sean Michael

Peter Boone is a single father of infant twins Daniel and Ellen.  Peter is vacationing in the country with the babies hoping to stay permanently.   Chad Bristow is a ranger who stops by to warn Peter about the dangers of forest fires.  The men hit it off right away and Chad invites them toContinue Reading


Dr. Stephen Grey has been kidnapped and brought to a pirate ship where he is ordered to treat Captain John’s wounds. He treats John, then demands to be set free.  John has other plans for Grey, though.  He gives him a passionate kiss that shocks and confuses Grey, so he pushes John away.  John hasContinue Reading

THE BIKER’S PUP by Sean Michael

The Gay Rider’s Carnival is an annual event Whip always looks forward to attending.  It’s a chance for him to visit with old friends, see what’s new on the BDSM market, and hopefully enjoy a couple of pleasurable hook ups.   Because Whip likes his comforts he’s already reserved a cabin at the far endContinue Reading


  Rye Sommers specializes in long time private protection.  He’s a hardcore bodyguard for those who can afford his skills.  The longer the job the better as far as Rye is concerned.  His latest employer is none other than the Vampire King himself, Lord January.   Well, technically it’s his manager Donna Heard who hiredContinue Reading

THE PIERCER’S GAME by Sean Michael

A traumatic past experience taught Luke to beware trusting anyone in a sexual situation.  Some might think it ironic that he picked such a personal career as a piercer with his aversion to sex, yet Luke manages to keep the two separate and runs a successful tattoo and piercing shop with his best friend.  Continue Reading


Everyone is expected to attend Pack meetings and moon lit runs.  Everyone is expected to show themselves to Alpha Boston and the Alpha mate Lindsay at the meetings.  One young wolf shifter is not acting appropriately.  Trevor is blowing off meetings and runs and good manners towards the Alpha.  He wants nothing to do withContinue Reading

MALTING by Sean Michael

Like clockwork every Thursday evening for three years the sexy little red head comes into Corner Pub and orders his two honey wheat beers, drinks, and leaves.  He doesn’t flirt or even chat with others.  Just drinks his beers and departs.   Intrigued by the stranger’s behavior, pub owner Damon Wattle finally breaks down andContinue Reading

HELPMATE by Sean Michael

Surviving a near fatal accident Knight is finally well enough to return home to his family. Bishop, Rook, and Jason practically fall over each other in their eagerness to take care of their lover.   Slowly but surely Knight’s body is healing.  However, as the days drag on the artist is sinking into a deepContinue Reading

PUSHY BOTTOM by Sean Michael

The Winter Meadow is the hunting grounds for submissives and Dominants alike.  Master Darren Black has his eyes firmly set on one particular submissive called Nikolai.  Darren has watched Nikolai scare off many a Dom with his bratty, pushy attitude.  That won’t happen when Darren gets a hold of Nic and they do a sceneContinue Reading

TENDING TO ROSE by Sean Michael

Their love for each other isn’t the issue; it’s everything else in Rose and Thorne’s lives.  Rose is desperately worried about money because he’s been unable to get another job as a bouncer.  He’s signed up for a body building competition with a large purse. As for Thorne, he’s got an idea in his headContinue Reading

ROYAL FLUSH by Sean Michael

Deep undercover police work in the BDSM community drove a wedge between partners Royal and Mike over three years ago.  Their friendship and working relationship began to falter and eventually they both retired from the force. Nursing a drink in a bar Royal is confronted by the man who helped prepare him for his roleContinue Reading

EN PRISE by Sean Michael

Spending the holidays with the guys is something of a ‘no brainer’ for Jason.  Rook, Knight, and Bishop have come to mean the world to him.  At this point Jason knows he’s falling in love with Rook and his feelings for the other two aren’t far behind. Wonderful munchies, presents and all the holiday trimmingsContinue Reading

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