Author: Shannon Stacey

CONTROLLED BURN by Shannon Stacey

CONTROLLED BURN by Shannon StaceyControlled Burn by Shannon Stacey
Series: Boston Fire #2
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Carina Press


Rick Gullotti is a lieutenant with the Boston Fire Department and loves his job. He’s been renting the third floor of the Broussard’s home for years since their son left and never returned. When Mr. Broussard takes a fall Rick goes to the hospital to help out in any way he can because their son won’t be coming home. Rick has always wanted someone special but so far he has had no luck. When the Broussard’s long lost granddaughter shows up to help out, Rick realizes right away that he is attracted to her but the question is can he trust her?


Jessica Broussard is the VP of her father’s company out in California. When she takes the phone call that informs her that her grandparents need help she heads to Boston to meet the grandparents she never met. She never expected them to be so welcoming from the stories her father has shared with her, but while she is there and getting to know them she sees a different side to them. When she firsts meet Rick she knows she is attracted to him but also aware that nothing can happen between them. But when her grandmother starts inviting Rick to dinners and breakfast, forcing them to spend time with one another, Jessica can’t help but be aware of him. After just a few kisses Jessica is going up in flames but can she hold on to what they are building or will California always be her home?


Controlled Burn was a cute romantic read that had me wanting more. I loved Rick and thought he was smart, funny and had a good head on his strong shoulders. He went from dating a lot to wanting a strong connection with a woman in a blink of an eye which I just loved. While Jessica and Rick’s romance takes center stage in Controlled Burn I really liked that Shannon Stacey also centered Controlled Burn around family, biological or made with friends and teammates.

Rick and Jessica start off having a friendship which I was grateful for, their relationship went slow and had me anticipating when they would actually move on to the next stage. At first they are both leery of one another’s motives when it comes to the Broussard’s well-being and if they should sell their house or not.

Readers who loved the previous book will enjoy the journey of Rick and Jessica navigating family and love. Ms. Stacey made me laugh, think, and appreciate her writing. In the end I really loved Controlled Burn but I did feel it ended a little abruptly. With that being said it didn’t take away from story. The Boston Fire series is really growing on me one book at a time and already I am looking for the next one.

UNDER THE LIGHTS by Shannon Stacey

UNDER THE LIGHTS by Shannon StaceyUnder the Lights by Shannon Stacey
Series: The Boys of Fall
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Jove


Kelly McDonnell is going to do whatever it takes to save her local high school football program. The program that her father has coached since it began. To do that she’s recruited local football legends to return home and help fundraise. With the way his life has been going the last thing Chase Sanders needs is to return to Stewart Mills and fundraise. But he can’t say no to Coach’s daughter, not after she reminds him of all the times Coach helped him. And so he finds himself staying in Coach’s house, helping try to save the team and most surprisingly of all, falling for Coach’s daughter. Maybe Stewart Mills is just what he needs after all?


Kelly and Chase are both carrying baggage and both are sure that a new relationship is the last thing they need. That doesn’t stop them from falling in love. I found myself becoming involved in Stewart Mills and I can’t wait for the next book!  I’ve never read a Shannon Stacey book that I haven’t loved and Under the Lights is a wonderful example of why I always pick her books up. What a delightful start a new series!

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